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The Pizza Girl
Pt. I: First Delivery
by Amy Davis

Sometimes when you need money you would do almost anything. Well that is what happens to me when I bought my new VW bug. I thought my parents would help with some of my bills because I was still living at home while I went to college. But no I had to pay for my own insurance and make the car payments and pay for gas, the whole nine yards. So I took a job that I thought was beneath me. I became a pizza delivery girl. Now Momma's Pizza was considered the best pizza in town. What made momma's different is that it was own by a woman, managed by a woman, and had female pizza delivery people. It was a cool place to work, even for a pizza deliver job.

On my first night Sara, my manager sent me out to deliver six large pizzas to the owner of momma's, Ms Jackson's house. I was pretty excited about meeting the owner and possibly getting a big tip for a large order. When I got to her house I could not believe that she had such a gorgeous house. I was so proud that I was able to carry all six pizzas on one trip. When I rang the bell this woman about 30 answered the door. Hi I am Alice and I have an order for six large pizzas for you.

Well come on in, I am Debbie Jackson, the woman said.

Are you the owner of Momma's Pizza? I asked.

Yes I am I bet you were expecting someone a lot older, didn't you.

Well yes.

Everyone makes that mistake. I started making pizza in college. By the time I had graduated I found myself running my own business, making good money, so I never did perused my degree in nursing. Why don't you put the pizza in the kitchen while I finish setting up for my party?

Oh you're having a party tonight?

Well yes but I have a problem. You see this is lingerie and toy party for women and my model has canceled. So I might have to cancel the party.

Oh that is too bad, I wish I could help but I have a lot of pizzas to deliver tonight. I told her.

You know you are about the right size, you could model for me.

Won't they need me at Momma's? I asked.

I will okay it with Sara. This will be a great help. Now follow me and I will show you what you need to do. Ms Jackson led me into the bedroom where she had three outfits laid out on the bed. A white outfit, a red outfit, and a black one were laid out for me. She told me to put the white one on first and she will come get me when she was ready. I was pretty excited about modeling for her. I was only 5'3" and I knew my chances were pretty small of me being a professional model, but I knew I could do better then a pizza delivery person. The white outfit consisted of a pair of white high heel shoes with 4-inch heels, white stockings that hooked to a white garter belt, White lacey silk panties, and a white bustier.

As I was dressing I heard the doorbell ring and I could hear several woman's voices. When I was finished I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I look sexy and gorgeous. I knew I could be a model if I was a little taller. I heard Ms. Jackson knock on the door and ask if I was ready. She led me out to the living room where five women were sitting in a semi circle. For the first outfit tonight we have young Alice here in the bride's wedding night surprise. It is a special out fit for a young ladies wedding night. As Ms Jackson walked behind me she reached her hand in front of my crotch and pulled open a small slit in the panties, reveling my public hair.

Here is the special surprise. She said. Showing the whole room my privates. This is for easy access for the groom. Ms Jackson pressed her index finger inside the panties and stroked my pussy. Hmm, still dry she whispered. We will need to work on that. Okay Alice model for us, one of the ladies yelled out. I then walked around like I was a model stopping and posing at the end of the room. Turn around and show us your but, another woman shouted. These women were worst then men I thought. I turn around and to give them a thrill I bent over, pushing my firm derriere at them. This brought a room full of whistles.

Okay Alice go change into your next outfit, the red one. Ms Jackson told me. As I was leaving the room Ms Jackson inserted videotape and started to explained how at Woman's Pleasure Company they have the best selection of adult videos. I could not see the picture and all I could hear was some music and a woman's voice screaming, "fuck me fuck me" over and over again.

This brought cheers from the woman in the room. The red outfit was similar to the white outfit except for the color and the red outfit had a pair of red silk boxers. I had never worn a pair of boxers before and they made me feel quit sexy. I could feel my juices starting to flow as I started to get more into my modeling. The way the woman made me feel was great. With each outfit I modeled the woman began to whistle more and give me complements. I was getting so turned on and I think the other women were noticing my erect nipples and the small wet spot on my panties. Between each set of clothes I modeled. The woman were watching previews of porn movies.

They were also getting sexually aroused as the evening progressed. When I was through modeling the last outfit Ms Jackson handed me a large box and told me she wanted me to model a harness. I had no idea what a harness was but was soon to find out. I took the box into the back bedroom and proceeded to undress. As I opened the box I found a small instruction sheet that included pictures. I had heard girls at school talk about dildos but I had never used one nor had I ever even seen one. The picture showed the two dildos, one was about 9" and went away from my body. The other one was about 4" and went into my vagina, according to the instructions.

I was then to fasten the lather straps around my waist and legs. My pussy was already wet from the evening's activities but I still had problems inserting the 4" dildo. I put one foot on the bed and squatted a little opening my pussy enough so I could slid the dildo into me. I then proceeded to strap the harness around me as instructed.

As I walked over to the mirror to see how I looked I could feel the small dildo rub inside me. Also I could feel the lather harness rub against my clit. This was a great feeling. With each stride I took I could feel my pussy drip juice. I walked back into the living room where the women were watching two women on TV fucking another woman. Both woman had harnesses like the one I was wearing and one was fucking the woman in the ass as the other one was pounding her dildo fast and hard into the woman's cunt. Ms Jackson stopped the video when she seen my standing there. The woman turned and looked at the rubber phallus I was wearing.

Wow Alice you look like you need someone to fuck, one woman said. How about it Alice do you want to demonstrate how that thing works? I had never used a dildo on myself before let alone on another woman, but this night I was game for anything. Sure I said with confidence and authority. Who is the first one that wants me to fuck them I told the group. I could not believe I was acting this way, something inside of me was changing or was it the great feeling I was receiving from the dildo that was inside of me.

I'll take you on Alice, one woman said. Mrs. Davis was a kind of plump woman in her mid forties, someone who you would not think of when sex was in the picture. She lifted her skirt and exposed her blue panties. She scooted herself to the edge of the sofa and pulled her panties down to her ankles and kicked off her panties, giving me a great look at her hairy bush. Here is some lube Alice Ms Jackson handed me. Do you know how to use it don't you? I shook my head and told her this was the first dildo I had even seen.

I told her I have been on the receiving end of a boy's cock, but this would be the first time I would be the giver and not the receiver. Mrs. Davis was fingering herself getting ready for 9" dildo I was about to deliver to her waiting pussy. Ms Jackson instructed me to position the head of the dildo at the entrance of Mrs. Davis's wet cunt. Mrs. Davis was holding her pussy lips open for me as I started to insert the dildo. Ms Jackson was standing behind me holding my hips and gave directions. Okay Alice keep pushing she told me as the head of the dildo disappeared.

Okay now Alice no start slowly pull out just a bit and then back in. She held my hips and moved them rhythmically as I began to start my fucking of Mrs. Davis. Inch by inch the dildo went deeper and deeper. I continued this motion and with every stroke I could feel the 4" dildo in me, just as if I was being fucked. Mrs. Davis kept looking me straight in the eyes as I fucked her. Harder Alice, Fuck me harder, she kept saying. I continued my fucking gaining more and more until I could go no further. I had sunk the 9" dildo to the hilt. The rubber balls of the fake dick were now slapping Mrs. Davis's ass as I did exactly as she wanted, fucking her harder and harder, until I felt her body start to tense up and started to shake.

Alice, I am Cumming, you are making me cum, she said. At that point her body began to twitch and she screamed out as she shot liquid from her pussy. "Look" one of the women in the crowd, shouted, "we have a squirter." I have read that some woman are able to ejaculate just like a man when they but could not believe that the first woman I fucked would be a squirter. Her hot cum squirted all over my belly and dripped onto the floor. Then another squirt and then another.

She squirted her hot juice five times until she collapsed into a semi unconsciousness state. Wow, Alice you are a great fucker, I think you may have a new career ahead of you. Ms Jackson said. Yea, I said I am the pizza girl that really delivers.


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