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The Pizza Girl
Pt. II: New Career
by Amy Davis

The telephone rang waking me out of a very sound sleep. My mom came into my room to tell me it was Ms Jackson the owner of Momma's Pizza. As I came back into consensus's remembering the events of the previous night. What started out as Alice's first pizza delivery turned into a new sexual awaking for Alice.

Hello Ms Jackson, this is Alice, I said.

Alice seeing you last night and knowing you would like to try a career at modeling I think I have a shoot you might want to think about. Now this is just one assignment so you might not want to quit your day job just yet. We both laughed as Ms Jackson gave me a name and address of a friend of hers who was putting together a catalog of erotic toys. Now I had to think about this opportunity. Although she wanted to be a model, she did not think modeling sex toys would be something she could share with her friends or family. On the other hand she did not think her mom or dad would see the catalog and this could be a start.

Alice went to the address that Ms Jackson gave her and opened the door to A&J Enterprises. Hi I am Alice Fisher and I was told to come here for a modeling job. The receptionist was a girl my age with short brown hair and glasses. She excused herself and went to get Anne Baker the person who was coordinating the modeling session. I sat down waiting and found some catalogs on the table to read. These catalogs had pictures of sex toys and lingerie in them. There were no pictures of people in them just items. I was wondering why they would want me if they did not use real people.

Anne Baker came into the front office and introduced herself to me. She was a woman in her mid twenties with her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail under a blue baseball hat. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt that revealed her the outlines of her firm 38D breast. The tight white shorts also gave a great fit for her firm ass. Her I was checking out this woman as someone I wanted to fuck. It has been only a few hours ago I had my first lesbian experience and now I wanted more.

Alice, it is good to meet you Jennifer told me a lot about you. Jennifer was Ms Jackson, I was assuming. Gee you look great, just as described. Now you do have proof of your age, right. Yes I told her, pulling my driver's license out to show I was over eighteen. Good she said let me show you around and explain what I want to do. You notice my catalog on the table, didn't you? Well I sale sex toys like the ones Jennifer was selling last night. Well in the past I had just the items in the catalog with no people with the items. I want to do a new catalog but this time has people using the items, as they are being design to be used. I don't want a picture of a woman holding a dildo I want a picture of her using the dildo. If I am selling lube I want to show the lube in use. Do you understand? I agreed with her.

Now this is were you come in I have on last item that I want to show and Jennifer told me how masterful you were with the strap-on dildo. The dildo I have is called the Cherry Popper. It is designed to be used to pop a young girl's cherry. This is something a mother or sister would use to teach a young girl the joys of sex without the damagers of STD or pregnancy. We are now at a point where we don't need a man for everything in our lives. Now the storyline I want to use is a older sister demonstrating the joys of sex to her younger sister. Now something special I want to do is realism. I want to have a before and after pictures of the girl's hymen being broke.

I am sorry Anne but I am not a virgin I lost my virginity a few years ago. I told her.

That is okay, as I mention I understand you are great with the strap-on. I want you to be the fucker like last night. The other model is Tammy. I have already had a nurse inspect her and she is still a virgin and her mother has agreed to do this session.

Her mother I asked. How old is Tammy?

Tammy just turned 16 and she is waiting in the studio for you. As we entered the studio it was filled with people. There were men adjusting lights a woman wearing a nurses uniform and a young girl I was assuming to be Tammy along with her mother.

Anne started to take control of the room and told the men to leave as soon as the lights were just right. She had a camera setup along with some boxes of dildos. On the boxes was marked in large red letters the words Cherry Popper. As the men left the room Anne introduced me to Tammy and her mom Jackie Miller and explained the script for the shooting. We were going to start with Tammy sitting on the bed looking at a porno magazine I come into the room and she starts to ask me questions about sex. I then proceed to point to the pictures in the magazine and then to her own anatomy. I then pull a Cherry Popper box from under the bed. I then strap it on and proceed to pop her cherry. During the shoot the nurse will stop and see the progress the dildo is having on Tammy's hymen and take close-up photos of the change. I am then taken over to have my makeup done. Sally the make up artist had me strip because they needed to do my whole body. It really tickle when she was applying make up around my pussy, especially when she did my asshole. I then watched as they shaved Tammy's pussy giving her that fresh virgin look. Anne was taking pictures of young Tammy's fresh looking pussy. She had the nurse inspect her one more time and photograph the intact hymen. Jackie, Tammy's mom set back and let everything happen, it seemed that this wasn't Tammy's first photo shoot. Tammy has been in the modeling business for six years now and is quit the professional, she told me.

Okay we are ready on the set, Anne yelled out. I walked over to Tammy and told her good luck. She looked at me and said I understand this is you first job. Remember to follow Anne's direction at all times. I don't want to get hurt. This was modeling I thought to myself how can anyone get hurt. Then I remember this was a virgin I was talking to. She was afraid I was going to fuck her hard. Well that is what I was suppose to do, I thought to myself.

Tammy took her place on the bed and pretended to look through the porno magazine that was lying in front of her. During the make up session I glanced through it. The magazine was called DP and as you can imagine it was about woman getting it in both ends. When Tammy started to look through it she was actually blushing. After a few shots I came by the side of the bed and pretended to talk to Tammy, while Anne photographed us. Okay Alice get the box out. I pulled the box out with the front cover facing the camera. Good Alice, now I want some shots of just the dildo. I pulled it from the box and examine it. The dildo was about 8" long and was about 3" in diameter at the widest part and as small as a tampon at the tip. It started small for about an inch and then it flared for another inch and then flared again. The nurse told me it was especially designed by a gynecologist for deflowering young woman. As Tammy undressed, Anne took pictures of her from every angle. It was my turn to undress and for the first time I felt like I did not have a clue about modeling. Each step Anne kept telling me to stop and hold it. She must have taken fifty shots of me undressing and about another twenty of me strapping on the dildo and lubing it up. Then Tammy was positioned on the bed with her feet on the edge and her butt as close as possible. This gave a great open shot of young Tammy's pussy. The nurse took some more close-ups and then I was instructed to come in. Okay Alice I want you to place the tip just inside Tammy's opening but don't go any further. I did as I was instructed and the Anne started to photograph the dildo from all direction. She even climbed between my legs to get a shot. Okay Alice a little further. I pressed the dildo about another inch and Tammy winced. Great shot Tammy Anne yelled out as she got a close up of Tammy's face. Okay Alice pull out so the nurse can inspect and get a shot. The nurse spread Tammy's pussy lips a part and took a couple of close ups. It has a small laceration lets continued. Again I inserted the tip of the dildo and proceed to insert a little further. This processed continued with Tammy moving from a wince to by the end a scream. I must have started and stopped fifteen times by the time I was through. I finally had the whole thing in her. Spreading her young pussy a full 3" As I removed the dildo on the last time I saw small droplets of blood. Anne quickly moved in for a close up. When the nurse inspected Tammy she said that her hymen was completely ruptured. The last photo was of me and Tammy hugging as if she was thanking me. The whole process took over two hours. When Anne yelled it is a wrap. Tammy rolled off of the bed and got dressed. She thanked Anne and told her that she hoped to work together again in the future. Anne Told Mrs. Miller was told that the check will be mailed to her agent in the morning. I guess I had a lot to learn about the business because I was nowhere close to being the professional that Tammy was.

As I started to reach for my clothes Anne stopped me and asked if I could wait around for a bit. I agreed and put on a white silk robe instead. After everyone left Anne came back into the studio and sat don next to me. Well Alice what did you think?

I looked at her and she could tell I was bored with the whole thing.

You see Alice these things take time and we need to make sure everything is just right.

Yea, but I was getting so horny. I thought I was going to get to fuck her but I was mainly posing and stopping. I really wanted to ram her hard and fuck her.

I know Alice I was getting horny too and there wasn't anything else I would like to see then you fucking the shit out of that little virgin pussy. I would love for you to make her scream out in pain and then bring her to a big orgasm. But we are professionals and professionals don't act that way. Anne reached her hand inside my robe and gently pressed her finger into my wet pussy. I see you are still wet from this session, she said. Then she slide down onto the floor and began to lick me.

I had never felt another woman's tongue on me before. I had a boyfriend one who licked me for about ten seconds and the shoved his cock hard into me like that was all he had to do. But Anne was licking me so gently I had never felt like this before. I closed my eyes and let the robe fall open as Anne licked and sucked on my hot wet pussy. After a few minutes I felt an orgasm starting to build. I grabbed Anne by the hair and pushed her hard into me, grinding my pussy hard against her hot mouth. I came like I never came before, my body exploded and my head kept spinning.

Finally when I was done Anne slide back onto the bed and cuddled with me for a minute. Alice, Anne said. I have a new toy I want you to try out for me is that okay? Sure what kind of toy is it? I asked. Well it is a double-headed dildo that is made from a new material. The manufactures says it will actually grow depending how hot and wet you are.

Anne rolled off of the bed and left the studio when she returned she was completely naked. Earlier when I first seen her I could tell she had nice breast they were big and round and firm and all natural. Her nipples were standing erect almost an inch long. I looked down and her pussy was completely shaven. It must be something about this business I thought that everyone has a shaven pussy. Anne was spreading some lube on a two-headed dildo that was about 12" long and about 1" in diameter.

We had no problem inserting the dildo into each other's pussy; it was a combination of the lube, our pussies being so wet and it was not that big for the two of us to share. Laying with our pussies rubbing each other we proceeded to get into a rhythm as we began to fuck ourselves with the dildo. I could feel it growing inside of me in a matter of seconds and this caused me to get more excited and fuck Anne even harder. Now we were pounding hard on the growing dildo.

Harder I fucked and harder Anne fucked. Sliding up and down the dildo until I felt another orgasm building. Come on Alice fuck me harder with this monster, I heard Anne scream. Suddenly I felt my orgasm staring as I fucked Anne as hard and as fast with the dildo. Anne screamed out as she came also. We laid there with our pussies barely kissing the other. Anne pulled away wanting to see if the makers of the dildo were right and seeing if it had really grew. I was still recovering from what always seemed to be the best orgasm of my life.

OH MY GOD! I heard Anne shout as she started to pull her end of the dildo from her wet cunt. I then became interested in knowing how big did it grow. I looked down as Anne was pulling her end out of her pussy and it must have been as big as my fist. Her pussy looked like it had been stretched open for a gyno exam. I sat up to see what the results of the dildo on my own pussy.

As I looked down I almost fainted. My pussy lips were so far stretched that I thought we might have damaged something. I took both hand and slowly pulled my end out. My side seemed to be an inch wider then Anne's. I pulled and pulled and pulled. By the time it was completely out of me. There must have been 24 inches or more of the dildo sitting on the bed. Look at your pussy Alice, Anne said as it was still stretched from that monster. Anne slid her four fingers easily into me and then her thumb and then her whole hand.

Gosh Alice I have my whole hand in you and there is still room for more. This dildo really works. She pulled her hand out of me and bent over and gave me a soft kiss. Why don't you get dressed and I will have your check waiting for you up front. The next day when I was laying in bed I felt inside my pussy and it had seemed to closed back to its original size. I felt a state of relief knowing there was no permanent damage. This was my third day at work for Momma's Pizza and I have only had on delivery, this is an interesting business.


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