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The Pleasures of Beth
by FuzzyB

This story is the beginning of an erotic novel that I was encouraged to write by a friend of mine. Many of the events in the story actually took place, although a few are figments of her libidinous imagination, and mine. Beth is a real person, but her name has been changed as she would be recognizable otherwise. Some of this is a fantasy, but an awful lot is not. Enjoy!

* * * * *

I - By way of introduction

Beth is standing alone in her washroom. Water drips from her body as she dries herself with a huge, fluffy bath towel. She stands naked in the subtle light of a dozen candles scattered about the space, each throwing its light upon her body. Light flickers and highlights her nudity as much as her comfort with her body. Her golden hair trails across her back and shoulders, down nearly to her waist. In the background is the gentle jazz of George Benson wafting about the apartment, snaking its way into her space. The door is open; she is alone, for now.

It has taken many years for Beth to realize who she is and what she wants from her life. She has worked at many careers, the latest being the owner of a small curio and gift shop on the main street of a small coastal British Columbia town. The store keeps her busy, but not so much that she cannot enjoy her many pleasures. It also offers her the wonderful opportunity to travel and to explore.

In her heart, Beth is a girl of simple taste. She is, however, a woman of complex desires and lusts. In her thirty or so years she has learned about her needs, and has come to accept them. This would not have been possible had she not met the right man, at the right time, for her recent marriage to Martin has brought much happiness. That Martin is more than ten years her junior at only twenty-three is only part of the explanation.

Martin offers her the stability, the safety, that she needs to explore. Of course, at that age, his youth also offers its own rewards in their marital bed. That Martin understands Beth’s needs, and shares them with her is central to her happiness and in its own way, to his as well. But this tale is about Beth and her explorations, discoveries, joys and surprises. It recounts the many pleasures of Beth.

Beth continues to dry herself. Gently caressing her taut legs with the roughness of the towel. She carefully dries her tummy and then lower to her pubic mound with its light, triangular puff of hair which appears to point down to the treasures below. She is truly a blonde and her pussy confirms this fact. The hair is as light and delicate as cotton candy at the summer fair. You can clearly see right through it to her flesh below. The area around her pussy lips, from the clitoris down, is cleanly shaven and giving a clear view to the thick, sensuous lips at its entrance. Her legs are strong and well-proportioned, her thighs tight with muscle and perfect for the magnificence they support.

The flicker of light dances across her body pausing at her full, round breasts. They are substantial, soft and giving and capped by large nipples peeking off to the side ever so slightly. Her areolas are the softest pink almost the same colour as the nipple. Her nipples are easily aroused and as they harden they take with them most of the surrounding areola which also stiffens. A whiff of air, a slight touch, or maybe just a thought and they are instantly firm and calling attention to themselves. She takes a breast in her hand and brings it up to her lips. Her tongue snakes out quickly and gives the nipple a lash of wetness, and a quick kiss. No time for more. Yet.

Beth has a body that writers of yore called voluptuous, describing a woman lush with sensuality, soft in all the right places. Everything about Beth’s body screams out for attention. Her skin is supple and appears well looked after. She is proud of her looks from the golden mane to the toenails painted a dark crimson.

All her life Beth looked for the one person that would make her happy. A man that could look after her both emotionally, and physically. She had been married once before to a man that, while he provided shelter, food and some affection, was not the one she needed. She had married young and it only lasted a few years. He was not for her, nor she for him, and they divorced only five years after the marriage.

Beth had met many men, but had rarely opened her heart, much less her legs to them. She dated, she kissed, she kept looking not knowing that there would ever be happiness for her. That is until she met a young man, Martin.

Her relationship with Martin fired almost instantaneous and they quickly became very good friends. The leap to the bedroom was only a short one after that. The romance and gentleness that Martin brought to Beth pleased her. Her surprise at learning that Martin was a virgin was absolute. He clearly knew how to treat a woman, yet to believe he had never had one was difficult. But it was true and Beth set about introducing her man, for that is what she called him, to the joy of sexuality. They never looked back. They soon moved into his apartment, a major improvement over her small, crowded trailer. Martin and Beth were married only a few months later.

Their relationship was one that each had been looking for but had been unable to find. Each thrived in the other’s happiness. Their frank and honest approach to the relationship paid dividends early. Their conversations opened up many doors in their relationship and each soon discovered a soulmate in the other.

How it happened neither recalls, but it eventually became clear that both were interested in sharing their love with other people. They discovered that each wanted an open marriage and soon set about making it happen. What made the arrangement possible was the trust and honesty that each shared. Ultimately, both Beth and Martin knew who they would be going home with. But in the meantime, it was share and share alike. Together, and sometimes apart, they explored passion, sensuality and an unrivalled sexuality.

Beth had discovered herself with Martin. She began to believe in her beauty, her passion, and in her ability to please a lover. Her confidence grew with each passing week. With each new exploration. With each new conquest. This is the story of her evolution into the passionate and loving woman that she has become.

II - Her afternoon at the lake

It was almost a year before Beth convinced Martin to finally take her camping up to Hidden Lake. Some thirty miles from town, Hidden Lake offered some of the most picturesque views of the local mountains yet was no more than a mile or so in diameter. The road into the area was quite rough, and the last half mile was accessible only with a four-wheel drive vehicle. Well hidden and virtually inaccessible, the lake had wide beaches of soft sand, lots of open, grassy areas and was truly ideal for a romantic getaway.

"And it was about time," thought Beth, "he’s been devoting himself to his work so much that I barely remember him having a day off."

This was to be time for them. Just them for once. Of course, things are never that simple. Though Beth had made all the arrangements to be away for the three days, Martin had been unable to completely disconnect.

They had arrived around ten in the morning after a bumpy two-hour drive and it was only just after noon when the beeper went off.

"Beeper?!" Beth was shocked that he had even brought it. "What are you doing with that?"

Martin’s apologies were sincere, his explanation detailed. A new product line that he had been trying to expand into had become suddenly available but he needed to be in town to sign the contracts or there was no expansion.

As Martin expected to be back by the next morning, Beth decided that she would stay in camp and enjoy some quiet time to herself. "Besides," she thought, "I’ve some interesting new toys I want to try out." With a quick kiss and a wave, Martin headed back into town leaving Beth to her own devices.

Meanwhile, back in town, a good friend of the couple wondered what to do with his weekend. Paul had known Beth for about six years and Martin since just before the wedding. From the very first time they had met the attraction between Beth and Paul had been almost electric. Over the years the two developed a deep and understanding friendship. That Paul was married meant that little had ever developed between the two, but the sparks were always there, just below the surface.

During the first few years of their friendship they had played little word games, flirted and done almost everything but to actually speak the thoughts each was having. One day while Paul gave Beth a ride home after a meeting she placed her hand upon his thigh. The touch was shocking, and magical. Paul had not been able to respond. The touch had left him almost speechless. Beth had taken this as a signal that he was not ready. In pulling her hand away she had looked him in the eye and said "I am so good!" in invitation, yet without commitment to action.

He knew what she had meant. He was taken aback for a moment, then somehow came back with his own verbal parry… "I’m good enough to appreciate it!"

That pretty much set the tone for the next several years of their friendship. One would hint suggestively and the other would counter just as well. Over time this became a game they would play, pushing ever so slightly further each time. The game was slow, but always exciting. Beth discovered her confidante. Paul was someone with whom she could share her worries, detail her exploits and even her fantasies.

Paul too had found a friend he could trust explicitly. It brought some much-needed excitement to his life. Sure, he was successful, but not all success is work. He had made his own admissions to Beth; she had been a willing and interested partner in the conversations. One day Paul had taken his own step forward when he casually mentioned that he had sent Beth some strong and positive thoughts while she was facing a particular challenge. One night after a community meeting at her townhouse, she had quizzed Paul about these so-called thoughts he has been sending. It took a bit of cajoling, but Paul finally had told her what he had been thinking.

"Close your eyes first," he said. After all, he was not yet comfortable reaching so far into her erotic life to feel confidence. "Now imagine you are laid upon your bed, spread-eagled and absolutely naked."

"Go on," she said, "I like where this is going."

"Now it is dark but there is light coming in from the street. Your eyes are blindfolded and you cannot move, somehow."

"I like this."

"I come up to the bed, approaching between your legs…." He was shocked at how forward he was being. In for a pound, he decided.

"You feel my presence coming up between your thighs. Closer. Closer. You know exactly where I am going."

"You bet I do!" Her breath was coming a bit faster.

"I very carefully extend my tongue towards your pussy and starting from the very bottom of your lips I slowly drag the width of my firm, wet tongue up between your cunt lips, enjoying your very essence of your sex, until I reach your clitoris. There I press even more firmly and finish my lick in the midst of your mons." Blushing, he stopped, and looked for her reaction.

"That was incredible," she said. "I really, really felt that tongue."

He noticed a quiver in her voice as she spoke. She seemed to be sitting with her thighs tightly together somehow. "I can’t believe I just said that," he told her.

That was his first real step towards sharing Beth’s erotic secrets. A step that he never regretted taking but one that always scared him just that little bit, and made his heart pound each time he remembered the moment. Her most positive reaction also provided him with many a fantasy for the lonely nights he sometimes had to endure. Alone.

With no plans for the weekend, Paul was undecided about digging into some of the next week’s work that might offer him an extra day off if he could complete the project ahead of schedule. He was a moderately successful architect and worked out of his home. This gave him an incredible flexibility but often kept him tied up working late into the night.

Recalling that Martin and Beth had headed out to Hidden Lake, and feeling slightly naughty, Paul decided to drop in on the lovebirds for a few hours on that afternoon. Of course he would leave them alone for the night, but why not a visit and a swim first? That it would take all day was perfect for him. Off he went south to the lake and a surprise visit to his friends.

The drive had taken almost three hours. Paul drove a recent-model sporty car that was definitely not four-wheel drive. The road was slow, the ruts too large, but Paul had made up his mind and once that had happened, little could get in his way to change it. Unbeknownst to Paul, Martin had passed him on the pavement just before the dirt road began.

Beth had been alone for an hour. She had made herself a light lunch, gone for a swim and debated quiet time with a new erotic mystery she had brought along just for this trip. "First," she thought aloud, "a quick wash in the lake —and I’ll do my hair, too."

Paul had almost arrived at the campsite but the car just would not be able to make it all the way. He decided to walk in the last half mile. Carrying a knapsack containing a bottle of red wine and a bit of fresh exotic fruit, he set off to cover the distance to the lake.

The trees began to thin as he got closer to the lake. Paul could just see the crystal clear blue water through the trees; the clearing soon came into view. He could hear splashing and thought that Martin and Beth were having a swim. He thought he’d surprise them by sneaking up unexpectedly. What happened instead was that he was surprised. He could make out that the splashing was coming not from Martin and his wife but rather just from Beth. And she was naked!

Beth was washing her long, dirty-blond hair and the sounds were coming from her repeatedly rinsing and splashing about. Her could see her magnificent body glistening as the pure lake water rolled down her bare skin. Over her breasts. Down her tummy and between her thighs. There are rivulets of cool water dripping from her pronounced pubis. Paul could not believe his amazing fortune!

He had always admired Beth but had always believed it was in secret. He had gazed longingly into her cleavage as she leaned over his desk to explain a particular point, or to ask for specifics about an idea he had proffered. Paul could not believe that she did not know where his gaze was cast. He had become quite certain that Beth not only knew he was watching, but that she would wear clothes and do things to make it easier for him. For instance, one time she had been working at the kitchen table on some project or other. He had been sitting across the room on a low sofa and upon looking up he had noticed that her legs were parted —just enough to give him a clear view to her pussy. And it was pussy he saw —no panties obstructed his view. Thinking back afterwards Paul realized that she had removed them when she had left the room to get something from the bedroom. While he looked at her, Beth had caught his eye and noticed the direction of his view but had shown no reaction. But he had known that she was aware.

And today it was the same situation, but a thousand times better. Paul wondered if he should make a noise or cough to let her know there was someone approaching. That way she would be able to cover up and not be embarrassed. Right! Embarrassed! Not the woman who had flashed her pussy right at his face that day. He decided to watch, and to enjoy.

Finished with the rinse, Beth carefully made her way to the shore and a waiting beach towel. She had set up the huge bath sheet, a portable CD player which now crooned quietly, a picnic basket and a tall, frosty drink. Her walk was proud, upright, with breasts thrust out. The large nipples rose like jewels above the ample flesh of her boobs.

Paul felt his groin reacting in response to the sight. His cock stirred in its prison. He watched.

Beth sat facing the sun with her back to the water. She leaned against a short canvas beach chair. Her sunglasses reflected the sky and trees in front of her. Paul was confident that she could not see into the shadows that enveloped him. He watched as she spread a fresh layer of sunscreen all over her naked skin. Her hands moved purposely and quickly, though she slowed appreciably upon reaching her breasts. There, she was positively languid in her pace. She cupped each boob in turn, carefully kneading as she applied lotion. Clearly she was enjoying the sensations. Once she raised a nipple up to her mouth and gave it a long, wet kiss. Wow!

Soon, a hand dropped to her thighs and slid up to her pussy. From his angle, Paul could see every little movement. He could not have been more than seven or eight metres away and the light was perfect for his voyeuristic efforts. Beth’s hand pressed tightly against her pussy for what must have been minutes. She cupped her mound tightly, threw her head back and opened herself up to the sun —and to Paul. She reclined against the small chair and slowly slipped her index finger into her pussy with her hand still clutching at the space between her legs. The finger gently wandered back and forth along her slit. All the while her hand kept a tight grip upon her pussy. Paul heard her breath growing more rapid. Her chest heaved and her breasts rose perceptibly as the index finger increased its tempo and range. It dipped again and again into her wet cunt as she masturbated more openly now.

Paul wondered if he was doing the right thing. Should he not go back along the trail and alert her to his arrival? That was when she suddenly jammed her two middle fingers deep into her cunt. "No way! I’m here for the show," thought Paul.

Beth grabbed at her breasts with one hand as she thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt with the other. This was not the first time she had enjoyed this routine. All at once she gave a startled cry. Her body shuddered and shook, then went rigid with pleasure. It was her first orgasm of the day. It would not be her last.

As incredibly erotic as the moment was, it was to get even more exciting for Beth’s secret gallery. She was trembling slightly and her hand was still between her legs, gently kneading the soft flesh above her clit. Beth was on vacation, and nothing was going to slow her down right now. Not work! Not problems with clients! Not even a big sale. No. Today, she was going to have orgasms. That was it!

Meanwhile, Paul had found a stump that seemed intended as the perfect viewpoint for a voyeur. As he watched, his own hand dropped to his crotch. He hesitated. The last thing he wanted was to make a noise that Beth might hear. If nothing else, it would stop the show he was enjoying so very much. He soon realized that the music, plus her attention to her own passion meant that she was unlikely to hear a thing, besides, his cock was very insistent. Paul slowly, painstakingly, unzipped his jeans; he was especially quiet with his belt buckle. He slowly unfastened his pants standing there in the woods overlooking Hidden Lake.

Paul was not a prude, but he had never actually been naked out in public like this. It was a rush that only served to make him even harder. His hands were shaking as he slid his pants to the ground. They only shook more as he did the same with his boxers —bright yellow with cartoon characters all over them. He wondered how bright the colour actually was… and decided he had better hide them under his jeans on the ground. Just in case, he thought. His cock stood out proudly. Thick, strong and pounding with his blood. The big vein underneath pulsed and made his rod jump slightly each time it pumped. Could it get harder?

He continued to look on as Beth seemed to relax for a moment. First it was a sip of her drink, then she reached into the picnic basket. Paul realized that she was about to have a bite to eat. His disappointment was genuine. Here he was, big cock in hand, heart pounding, all ready… and she had stopped the show. This is not going so well, he thought, almost out loud. But he watched, his penis softening slightly in his hand.

Beth was not, in fact, interested in a snack. As she had reached into the basket her mind was only on her big vibrator brought along just for a situation like this. But it wasn’t in there! She realized this almost immediately but as she had always been a resourceful woman, she soon found her substitute. Her hand grasped a long, cool cucumber. "Perfect!" she said out loud. "That will do just perfectly!"

As one hand manipulated her nipples keeping them hard and inviting, the other dragged the big cucumber out of the cooler. Had she been listening she would have heard an audible gasp from the bushes right in front of her. But she was definitely not listening and heard nothing of Paul’s surprise. Her thoughts were only for the 13 inches of that vegetable.

Cool. Fresh. Hard. Her new toy was just the right thing for a summer afternoon at the beach. She placed the cuke between her breasts and squeezed them together around her cock substitute. Her head was thrown back once more —here we go again, hoped Paul.

She rubbed the cucumber across her belly, over her ample bosom all the while feeling its coolness. She felt sparks across her nipples as the cool skin of the cuke touched her. They screamed for attention and she responded by holding a breast to her mouth and sucking noisily on the nipple. Her toy, meanwhile, made its way down her body and across her pubic mound. But it did not stop. It continued onto her thighs to her knees, then came back up to her pussy never staying in one place for long. She slid it along her other leg then back up the inside of her thigh. This time it stopped at her pussy lips.

Paul watched, amazed to be seeing what he had only dreamed about. Only in his wildest fantasies had he seen a woman fuck herself with a toy like this one. He certainly had not expected such an erotic success on a dull and quiet summer day. His right hand held tightly onto his cock. The shaft filled his palm totally. He stroked it very slowly from the base, up to the head, and slowly back down as he watched, mesmerized by the cucumber. Once in a while he would cup his balls in his left hand, gently squeezing them to heighten the feelings in his groin. Once in a while he would stop and let his cock go altogether in fear that he was going to come. A drop of pre-cum shone atop the vermillion head of his dick, previewing what was to come. His stopped his movements quite often, but all the while he watched, amazed at his good fortune. This would give him masturbation fantasies that would last for months! And salads would never be the same again, would they?

The cucumber had reached its destination. Beth’s thick cuntlips mirrored her ample tits in proportion. They were open and dripping her juice from the first orgasm. Her pussy was built for fucking and that was exactly what she was about to do. The long cucumber slid across her clit and down between her pussy lips. She hesitated for a moment then brought the vegetable up to her mouth, swallowing several inches of it. It came out glistening with her saliva and headed right back down to her cunt.

There was no pause, no delay to introduce her new lover to its target. In one smooth motion Beth jammed the cucumber between her cunt lips and deep into herself. She stopped. On her face was a look of shock. Almost! The look was probably one of intense pleasure as the toy completely filled her up. Only the width of her hand remained out of her cunt. There must have been at least ten inches of garden cock inside her! It withdrew slowly, then re-entered with the same force as its first foray. Then again slowly out —and a forceful entry. Her hand alternated between the gentle withdrawals and the sudden pounding. Suddenly, it was all over for the gentle approach and Beth began to fuck herself wildly with the toy, ramming it in and out again and again. Her mouth was wide in a silent scream of passion. Her chest was pressed towards the sky, her boobs flopping wildly with each thrust. Her hips bucked hard against the pounding of the cucumber. Beth continued to fuck herself for a long time like this. Then all at once a wild, banshee scream came from her throat, travelled across the lake and echoed off the mountains. Her orgasm was never-ending. Her body was ravaged by the passion from her cunt. She writhed across the big towel, almost as if in anger. It was passion.

During all this time Paul had been watching as if his life depended on memorizing the events that unfolded in front of his very face. He wondered "how can she do that? How can she pound herself like that?" But all the time he enjoyed the sight. His hand was pounding his cock with equal ferocity, but he did not see the parallel. He also did not realize that his tempo was matching hers stroke for stroke. All he saw was that vegetable going wildly in and out of his good friend’s cunt. As she screamed in ecstasy, Paul reacted with his own amazing orgasm. He had been holding back for over half an hour now, probably a record for him. He came moments after Beth began to writhe on the beach towel. He shot the first stream of cum ten feet in front of himself. It shot past the trees and landed in the open in a small puddle in the sand. Another stream followed right away with another stroke of his cock, though not quite with the same force. A third stream shot only a foot or two. Paul fell back onto his seat. His cock spat out a few more globs of cum as he leaned back. Spent.

Much as Beth had been concentrating on her own passion, she was not as oblivious to her surroundings as Paul believed. She had realized that there was someone in the bush before she had even taken out her fresh new friend. As she had been finger-fucking herself she had noticed a glint of light from the trees. Hiding behind her sunglasses she was able to stare into the trees and get accustomed to the shadows. Good thing she had bought those expensive hiker’s lenses as they gave her a clear view even in direct sunlight. What she did not know, however, was who it was in the bushes watching her. She had thought, "Hell, I’m on a vacation only for three days. Why the fuck not let a stranger have a show?"

Her decision to take out the cucumber had been only partly because her vibrator was still in the tent on the other side of the beach, too far to interrupt her pleasure. While digging in the picnic basket it had almost jumped into her hand. She had made a quick decision that it was the right tool for the moment. Beth also expected to shock the stranger in the trees into either coming out, or leaving. Either way, she was going to fuck herself and have another orgasm.

Beth had never experienced a situation like this before. While she understood the excitement of watching others in erotic situations, she had never realized how much pleasure she could derive from being the object of the voyeur. Her orgasm had been as good as any in her life —and she’d had lots of them to compare!

Knowing that her audience would be focussed on her cunt as she fucked herself, Beth took a long time to try to discover exactly who it was in the trees. After a few minutes of examining the area for clues she realized that whoever it was had dropped his pants and was naked from the waist down. "Nice cock, too," she noticed. And better yet, he was stroking off in time to her own thrusting.

A bit more movement in the trees, a soft sound of flesh pounding on flesh and suddenly Beth realized that she knew exactly who it was in the trees. That was when she had her orgasm. That Paul had been fucking his hand along with her took her completely over the edge into a massive orgasm.

She took a long time coming down from the erotic high. Beth remained on the beach towel, sipping at her drink. Her legs were askance. She was untroubled by her nakedness and the possibility that Paul was still watching. She wanted him to enjoy the view this time. It took about ten minutes for her to realize that he was not going to let her know he was there. "Poor soul," she thought, "he’s too embarrassed, or maybe scared of getting caught," she realized. That is when she got up and walked over to the tent, naked and proud and only a bit weak in the knees.

Paul figured out that this was his chance to move. He grabbed his pants and underwear and took off a bit down the path. He would come back while making some noise to let her know someone was coming up on her. That way, he could remain anonymous and let her have her privacy.

What Paul did not realize was that Beth had already figured this out. She was waiting out of sight near the tent, just as naked as before. His whistling warned of a person approaching. It was so sweet that he was worried about her privacy. So sweet! But she would show him about the eroticism of camping. As he came around the tent she stood up quickly and surprised him. He squeaked in shock at the sudden appearance —then realized that she was still naked.

"Paul, I know you were watching me," said Beth, "and I loved it!"

"What? No! I mean…"

"That’s okay. I loved it! And you helped me to have the most fantastic orgasm, too."

Somehow, nothing more happened that afternoon. The two friends talked about everything that had gone on before between them, or had almost gone on. They opened up completely about their desires and their fantasies. Somehow though, and it begs belief, they never did consummate their new companionship. They talked of masturbation, of love and lust, and of relationships. Paul was probably still too shaken to take things to the next level; and Beth likely did not want to scare him off by doing so.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking, eating and playing in the water. Somehow Beth’s nakedness never proved important enough to become an issue. It was just natural between loving friends, after all. Unbeknownst to Paul, Beth was already planning for the next round —but when would that be, she wondered?

To Be Continued…

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