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The Peeping Roomie Pt. II
by PheeBeeGirl

I never found out if my roommate ever knew that I had watched her and her boyfriend that Friday night. If she knew, she never mentioned anything nor acted any differently. Since that long ago Friday night when I was in the bathtub and watched my roommate and her boyfriend have sex, I've continued my weekend ritual of late night, dark apartment bubble baths, in hopes that she would come home with someone and I could watch again.

And it happened. It was about a month from the last time I was the "Peeping Roommate". This time is was on a Saturday night and later than usual. I was just about to get out of the bath when I heard the front door open and some muffled voices. With my eyes accustomed to the light, or lack of it, I was able to see my roommate and her companion enter her bedroom. For some reason my roommate had lit a few candles and I had a better view than last time.

I was shocked when I took a closer look at her companion, it was a she! I have dreamt that I would someday be a companion to my roommate, but I never thought that she actually did women. I knew I was in for a good show tonight.

The two women in the other room started to get closer and as they did, I took the moment to slowly and quietly open my legs under water, for easier access, which I knew I would really need tonight. After I begun fingering myself, I turned my attention back to the two in the bedroom.

Tonight my roommate didn't act first. She let her friend undress her, lifting her shirt off, tantalizingly unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor, and then unbuttoning her shorts and pushing them off of her hips and letting them drop to the floor, and lastly sliding her panties slowly down her legs. Once the panties where off and my roommate was totally naked her friend begun licking and kissing her legs from her feet up to her thighs.

Oh God! this was exciting, and I could tell my roommate liked it too, she shivered as she begun to run her fingers through the other girls hair. How many nights I've fantasized about doing that to my roommate. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was myself doing those things to her. I lapped and kissed at the air, just as her partner did to her. Then her girlfriend slid two fingers right up her tight little pussy; and as she did I did it to myself, thinking that it was my roommates pussy that I was playing with.

I sat there quietly masturbating and watching my roommate and her friend, while her friend was licking and sucking at her cunt when something strange happened. With the candle light flickering on the walls I thought I saw my roommate look into the bathroom. And for a moment I was scared stiff! Holy shit!! She sees me in here!! I held my breath thinking that she'd have her friend stop. I closed my eyes imagining that she'd walk right in here turn on the light and bitch me out for snooping on her. Oh God! Please don't let her do that!! It would be so embarrassing! The seconds slowly ticked by as I was waiting for the bomb to drop. It seemed like hours instead of just a few minutes.

Nothing happened. Things continued in the other room, the friend fucking my roommate with her fingers hard and fast, while licking and teasing her clit. My roommate reached her orgasm with hips bucking and loud moans escaping her closed tight lips. And I was safely left in the bath tub to silently watch, enjoying the forbidden show.

My roommate lifted the girl up to kiss her and to lick her own cum from her lips and fingers. Then she began to undress her friend in the same way she was undressed. Piece by piece, very slowly and teasingly. After her friend was totally naked my roommate pushed her down onto the bed and went over to her dresser. There she pulled out a long and very wide dildo. As she walked back to the bed she leaned down and slowly and teasingly lick her friends cunt and then stopped. She slowly sat up and looked once again toward the bathroom and once again I thought I was dead. She just winked and smiled as she slid the huge vibrator into her friends already wet cunt.

I couldn't even concentrate on what she was doing to her friend. All I could think was that she knew I was here, and she kept on with her sex games. Oh my God! What's going to happen afterward?? Did she like it that I was watching? Was I going to actually act out my fantasies with her after all? I was getting very very excited at just the thought of it, and began fingering myself once again, this time imagining my roommate pushing that dildo hard and fast into my own wet cunt.

And there I came over and over again, just as her friend came.

Once again I sat there in the cool bath water, waiting for my roommate and her friend to fall asleep so I could quietly escape to my own room for the rest of the night. That night something happened that I had wanted to for a very long time.


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