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The Painslut
by Valiant

The phone rang. Three times and stopped. She had been expecting it since the message earlier in the day, but that did not stop the jolt of sexual electricity that flared through her body. She had to fight it or it might consume her.

The email had read 'Be ready tonight'. That was all, but she knew. She was to be bathed and shaved and ready to present herself to him when He arrived. The three rings had said that His arrival was imminent. She went through her preparations in her head. She had bathed and shaved, but she had cut her pussy. She knew He would not be happy with that for two reasons. The first was that she had been careless and the second was that He would have to be more careful.

The keys to the flat were in that secret place outside that only she and He knew. She wondered if He would punish her; deep down she hoped so. She had dressed in her leather harness. That was the current "uniform" for her. The leather straps framed her breasts. Not large breasts, but ones he liked and ones that took pain...the pain she loved. Other straps went between her legs rubbing against her pussy. A pussy that already felt warm and wet. Lastly she placed the cup of tea beside His chair, hoping it would not be cold by the time He arrived. That was difficult, but being His pain slut was not meant to be easy.

Satisfied she took her position, standing with her back to His chair, legs about 18 inches apart. She put on her blindfold, clasped her hands behind her back and waited.


It seemed like ages, but was probably only a few minutes before she heard steps outside. Although she was expecting Him there was always the fear (and anticipation maybe) that someone else....a stranger....might be there instead.

The outer door opened and then the inner. She breathed quickly....her heart racing. She strained to smell Him, to hear His breathing, to be sure it was Him. Her dog accepted whoever it was and that was a good sign, but not enough. She heard movement, a sound that might be His chair taking weight, the clink of china (His cup?) and then nothing.

She knew the suspense was intentional. She loved it and hated it at the same time. She longed for his touch and approval, but she loved the torment too. Then something touched her shoulder. She knew!!! It was Him, her Master. Only He could touch her that way, inside and out. Was it love she felt? She didn't know. She suspected it might be more than love, something more intense, something deeper that joined their souls.

She felt his breathe in her shoulder. She longed to feel his teeth, but instead he licked her and whispered in her ear, "How is my pain slut?" She knew it was a rhetorical question and did not answer. She felt his eyes inspect her. She hoped he was pleased. He tugged at her leather straps. She felt him pinch a nipple He muttered unhappily "Not tight enough." He pulled on the harness. The straps between her legs cut painfully into her pussy, but she remained quiet. He expected her to be quiet.

She heard him sit down and say "Show me!" She knew he wanted her to bend down and grasp her ankles and in doing so show her ass and pussy to him. He loved both, she knew. In fact she knew He loved all of her, that was why he could affect her the way he did. The pain He gave was through love. It gave him no sexual pleasure, but He loved her and she loved the pain. At other times he was so gentle and close to her, in a way that she felt intuitively how he cared for her, how he loved her and how he could not hurt her.

In this relationship hurt was not equal to pain. Pain was part of her needs and his gift to her. In return he thrived, vampire like, on her pleasure. A symbiotic relationship with each supplying the other and satisfying their needs in return. Hurt was deeper, hurt would be malicious, hurt would be deprivation of care and attention. In Ds the usual definitions of words break down and become an understanding between the two individuals involved at that point. The definitions change over time and understanding.

She heard him grumble. He had seen the cut. A large cut on a pussy lip. Now he would have to be careful when he penetrated her as he would eventually otherwise she might bleed badly. "Careless slut" He said and smacked her right ass cheek hard. She gasped and bit her lip. Feeling the pleasure course through her she wondered if she had cut herself intentionally in order to provoke him.

"Stand up" He said and she did.

"Turn around"

"Remove the blindfold"

For an instance she was blinded as the sun poured through the window, then she could see His face. She looked carefully, trying to see his intentions.

He knew the answer before He asked, but He thrived on hearing her answer and knew what it did for her. He asked, "Do you submit totally and absolutely to me?"

She struggled with the words. She knew what she would say, but the feelings they triggered were immense. Finally lifting her voice above a whisper she said, "Yes Master I submit to you totally and absolutely. Do with me as you wish for I know that you love me and will only do what is best for me."

He just smiled, stood up and kissed her forehead. His head dropped to her shoulder and he bit. Hard enough to bring that feeling she craved, but not too break the skin or draw blood. She knew she would have another mark to wear with pride for a week or so. As her knees weakened and the waves of pleasure and desire engulfed her, she wondered how many more marks she would receive that day?


As he stood behind her she trembled, part anticipation, part sweet fear. She knew he would test her limits.......he always did, but that was what she needed.

His hand grasped the hair at the back of her neck, firmly but not harshly. It pulled her head up and back as he said "Let's go!!" he walked her from the room towards her bedroom. She knew better than to speak...their communication was at a deeper level. As she entered her eyes passed over the toys she had laid out....just as she knew he liked. She had taken care...checked three times and still she feared that something would be wrong...she so wanted to please him in all she did.

On the dressing table the riding crop and flogger were laid on the left. The vibrator, dildo and butt plugs were in the center and the blindfold and cuffs were to the right. The spread bar was lying at the foot of the bed!

He let go of her hair and went to the dresser. He picked each up in turn seeing that the leather was waxed and the other things clean. He turned!! He smiled!! He was pleased!! She knew now she would get what she craved.

He picked up the cuffs and walked to her. Obediently she offered her wrists in front of her. As he fastened the leather to each wrist she felt her pulse quicken, her breath shorten and her desire rise. He linked them together and returned for the blindfold. This he fastened around her head and the lights went out! His large arms lifted her to the bed. it was covered by a single simple pillows. It had head and foot boards with bars to secure "things" to.

As she lay there she heard him working above her head. He was attaching a short rope and soon lifted her arms up over her head and secured them to the bed. He next worked at her feet...fixing the spread bar to her ankles and then attaching that to the bed. She was like an inverted "Y". She could move but only a little and her sex was exposed to him...her legs open ..her breasts framed by the leather harness.

She waited. She heard him moving, but was not sure what he did. In fact he removed his jacket and tie and went to pick up the riding crop. He walked back to the bed. The first she felt was a light but sharp tap with the flat end on her right nipple. The sensation flared, her nipple erect immediately, her breath lost. He tapped again and it was as though he tapped her pussy...the connection was there!! After about 10 taps a rosy glow spread across her breast and he moved to the other nipple. He repeated the treatment, watching her each instance.

With both breasts afire her next feeling was as the crop slipped between her legs and made contact with her wet pussy lips. It found the way between them and he slowly drew it up and out...trailing across her ready clit. She almost came as he teased her clit and then it was gone.

She smelt it next! Smelt her own sex. She open her mouth in anticipation and was rewarded as the leather end of the crop coated with her own juices was put inside. She savoured it...pussy juice....leather...wax. She sucked it, she wanted to keep it, but he withdrew it and checked it was clean.

Its last task was to torment her clit. He looked at her. "Say thank you after each time" he said. She held her breath and then it came....he smacked her clit with the crop. Pleasure? Pain? She did not know. She did not care. As she gasped for breath she managed "Thank you Master, please may I have another?"

He smiled and administered another.

Again she gasped "Thank you Master, please may I have another?"

This continued for 10 strikes. She was riding waves of pleasure/pain even when he did not strike her. He judged she had had enough and it was time to move on. When the gap between strikes lengthened she knew he had finished, but she wanted more....she begged for more...but as she knew...he would not...he was Master...her she waited *S*


She felt him release the spread bar, but her hands remained tied. He eased her legs together closing the, over her sopping pussy and eager clit. Next she felt his hands under her as he rolled her on to her stomach pivoting around her tied hands.

She lay there waiting until his hands gripped her hips and lifted them so that her knees fell under her. Her ass was in the air and he eased her knees apart...about 12 inches. her face now rested between her elbows on the bed, her sore nipples hanging down, her pussy feeling cool air.

She felt the butt plug as it pushed against her. He had not lubricated it. Instead he relied on her natural secretions and muscle control. He burned...he pushed...she opened...he pushed...she groaned...he PUSHED...he screamed and it was in.

It filled her burning ass. She wanted to shit it out, but of course it would not move. She wanted it to stay as she love the pain.

She heard him move and waited. His next treatment was the paddle. Expertly applied to each ass cheek and the soft inners of her thighs it was torment. Her body glowed as he worked her up. Every know and then he landed a blow directly on the but plug. The pain would shoot through her like an electric bolt.

She did not think she could take much more of this and he knew it too. he whispered to her to rest and as he did so he slipped the vibrator into her welcoming pussy. she was so wet and so diffused by sensation she hardly felt it even when he turned it on at its lowest setting.

Now he left her, ass in the air, butt plug filling her ass, vibrator humming in her pussy and he closed the door.


Slowly but surely she became more aware of the vibrator and the effect it was having on her. Her pain subsided and mixed with the vibrations. she could feel she was nearing her climax, but could not, would not cum without permission.

Her orgasm built, she fought for control. It swamped her, she gasped for breath and then it was gone. He had returned and whipped the vibrator out. She gasped for breath and relaxed her control, but in no time she was full again...he rammed his cock into her.

As one hand gripped her hips helping bury himself deeper, the other expertly released the rope tying her hand to the bed and then gripped her hair. He pulled her up and back by her hair letting her settle even deep and then his teeth found her shoulder.

It was too much....her orgasm, crashed over her and crushed her. She had no control left but her body took over. Her head thrown back her pussy gripping his cock, her body rippled...wave after wave of orgasm as his teeth bit her other shoulder.

She felt him empty inside her, her his satisfaction and almost died of pleasure.

As his climax passed they toppled over, still coupled and with his teeth still holding her shoulder. She was so aroused his teeth were enough and as they lay spooned together wave after wave of orgasm flooded her until he fell asleep and his teeth slackened.

Moments later the happiest painslut in the world slept too.


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