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The Plane to Tahiti
by Bill

Finally after all our chats, our planned trip to Tahiti was finally taking place. We met at the airport and my breath was taken away by your beauty. It was so good to finally meet you in person and to be taking this trip together. Our hands shook as we met and we gently kissed one another. Your lips were so very sweet and your body was so soft. We nervously laughed as we boarded our plane and was settled into First Class.

The flight attendant served the chilled wine and delicious fruit from the Islands - Kiwi, pineapple, grapes, bananas, and even some strawberries from the states. I saw the teasing look in your eyes as you took a strawberry and fed me. Your fingers lingered on my lips as I ate and I gently licked the juice from them. You closed your eyes and could tell that the act excited us both. Oh yes, this was really going to be an enjoyable and fun trip for the two of us. We continued to feed one another and sip the wine as our fingers lingered longer and longer on each others lips. When you sucked one of my fingers into your mouth, I thought I was going to have an orgasm right there.

After the plane departed we were served more wine and pheasant delicately prepared. You moved closer to me as we ate. I could feel your warm body so very close and it gave me peace for I could feel your love touch me in such a wonderful way. Our hands found each others and this added to our physical communication. After dinner, we covered ourselves with a blanket and settled down for the 12 hour flight.

You laid your head on my shoulder and I put my arm around you. I kissed your hair and it smelled so nice from the shampoo. You moved closer and laid a leg over my lap. My hands caressed your beautiful legs and took off your shoe and rubbed your foot. You moaned and this caused me to become aroused. I know you sensed it for your leg rubbed against my arousal so gently and so sensual. I caught your eyes twinkling and wondering if you were thinking the same as I was.

My hand went further up your leg to the inner thigh and you caught your breath. I gently massaged the inner thighs and could feel the wetness through the silk panties. I knew then that this was going to be a great flight. And reached around to your blouse and unbuttoned it one button at a time. The beautiful bra matching the panties was there for me to touch. You reached down and gently unzipped my fly. I heard you giggle a little. Perhaps you had had too much wine. ;-)

The lights were turned low and the other passengers settled down to sleep. The flight attendant asked if we needed anything with a knowing smile on her face. I said leave the bottle of wine and I think we had everything else we needed and we all laughed. You gentle rubbed my erect cock as I took off your bra - all this taking place under the blankets of course ;-)

Soon we were completely naked under the blanket and you came over to sit on my lap. We kissed deeply and hungrily for there was no waiting for the plane to land before we had each other. You straddled me and placed the tip of my cock into your wet pussy. And gently settled down on me to let it slide into you. We kissed deeply to muffle our moans of delight. You moved up and down on me with such sweetness. Knowing we had a long trip, we savored the slow rhythm of our bodies. So much desire and passion had built up in our chats and now we were actually together. But neither of us could hold off much longer. Both our bodies started trembling and I felt myself growing inside of you. We kissed even deeper for we did not want to wake the other passengers. The wonderful release took my breath away. I held you tight and stayed inside of you. You continued to move to release multiple orgasms over and over again.

Finally we were still. Both of us thinking of ways to please the other on our week in Tahiti. We reluctantly put our clothes on and fell into a peaceful slumber. The flight attendant brought us fresh coffee and juice as we awoke and put something into your hand. I saw her lean over and whisper in your ear "Welcome to the mile high club dear" and smilingly slipped away. You now have the wings she gave you with that inscription.

And that ended our flight to Tahiti.


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