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The Realisation
by Maxime

She was woken by the hand cupping her right breast, as it gently rolled her nipple between its thumb and forefinger, realising she was awake the hand cupped her breast fully, not hard but firm enough to make the already hard nipple stand prouder, gradually the hand began to wander down her body, over her stomach, down, down, further until the fingers traced the beginnings of her pubic hair,

Thoughts raced through Maxine's mind, trying desperately to recall what had taken place the night before, who was the person pressed hard against her back, whose fingers were now beginning to trace the outline of her pussy lips, her mind was a total blank, she never usually got to the stage where she couldn't remember, had she been drugged and abducted, nothing would come through the fog in her brain. The fingers were exploring her pussy, stroking gently over her clitoris, causing her body to respond to the strangers touch, she pulled her knees up to try and repel the intrusion, only to find by doing this, she had increased the pressure of the fingers on her mound, pushing them further into her now damp hole.

Maxine was about to turn onto her back and face the owner of the hand, but was prevented from doing so by the closeness of the strangers body and the strength of the arm across her, the arm whose hand was firmly cupping her pussy and whose fingers were now exploring the inside of her very aroused cunt.

As if she had no control over her body, her legs began to straighten, giving the probing fingers open access to her wanton hole, her juices were beginning to flow, and she could smell the sexual aroma being emitted from her sex, the fingers pushed open her lips, darting in and out of her wet tunnel, occasional straying up to brush her clit, causing her body to jump in eager anticipation, her lips stayed open awaiting the next insertion of the fingers ,her own hand found its way to her tits pinching the nipple hard, Maxine was suddenly aware of how aroused she had become, she let her right arm reach out to the body against her, she didn't even know the sex of the person who was controlling her emotions let alone the name, she ventured down to the groin area, and pushed her hand between the legs,

She gave a silent gasp and at the same time felt a flood of juice gush out of her cunt, as the hand probing her tunnel pushed three fingers deep into her honey pot, as her own fingers explored the wet folds they had found, Maxine had never had sex with another woman and here she was now on the verge of an orgasm, with a strange woman's hand buried deep in her pussy and her own hand frantically trying to force its way into the hole of the pussy nestling against her butt.

Maxine's juices were flowing freely now, like a small river they ran between her legs, her own fingers had found the inner warmth of the cunt she was exploring, smothering her hand with a warm stickiness, suddenly the hand in her sex pulled away leaving her feeling empty, she desperately needed it back to bring her to the height of pleasure, she ground her fingers hard into the cunt she was probing, hoping she would bring about a return of the intruder to her cunt.

Suddenly Maxine felt the hand again, only this time it was against her arse, gently the fingers brushed her swollen labia, grazing her opening, her juices gushed from her sex, running onto the waiting fingers, the fingers that were now probing her sphincter, surely, they wouldn't dare to intrude there. Maxine felt one finger gently push against the puckered hole, like a worm it gradually invaded her, in it went up to the knuckle before being withdrawn to the tip, slowly at first but gradually getting faster and harder the intruder deflowered her, just as Maxine began to relax and come to terms with it, a second finger was inserted, her arse felt so full yet she realised she was getting very aroused again, her body pushed back to meet the fingers now pushing deeper into her, she let her own hand spread the lips of the cunt she was fingering and move up to the large clit that stood proud from its sheath, stroking gently she felt the body of the stranger begin to respond, Maxine moved her other hand down to her own clit and began a simultaneous rhythm as the fingers in her arse joined the momentum.

Suddenly the world exploded as Maxine had the strongest orgasm of her life, her juices flooded out as if she'd wet herself, was it possible to have an anal orgasm, Maxine felt as if she'd experienced one, everything just seemed to be floating in a different world, after what seemed an eternity Maxine's orgasm began to subside, her fingers must have come out of the cunt she was probing, because her hand was now firmly grasping her tit and her other hand was still embedded in her fanny, she felt the fingers being withdrawn from her arse as her head began to recall the previous night. O

H MY GOD!!! Thoughts raced through her head, she remembered everything now, she sat upright in the bed, staring down at the woman next to her who was smiling broadly, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MAXINE she cooed, you've had your present from your mum, now its time for your dads and brothers presents she said pointing to the two naked men standing at the side of the bed sporting massive erections and wanking, Maxine felt her head being pushed towards the pricks...


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