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The Raven
by blue_eyed_5ft_angel

It was something I said I would never resort to: *A Dating Service*...I chuckled.

It had been almost two years since the divorce and my architect business was keeping me way to busy. I didn't have the time nor the inclination to jump into the 'bar' scene. Besides I had my teenage son to be concerned about. I needed to be more discriminating with my choice of woman now.

I reluctantly submitted my bio to the online service. It was much easier describing what I wanted in a date than it was describing myself. Being a realist, I wasn't looking for Ms. Perfect. Just a sensuous creature with raven hair, green eyes and some intelligence.

It was finally Friday and I came home dragging. It had been a long troublesome week.

I flipped on my computer before heading to the shower for a quick one.

As the pulsating water gently beat against my aching body I found myself thinking about the interior decorator that was my last appointment today.

She was of medium height with long flowing jet black hair dressed in a conservative blue gray business suit, small firm breasts filled out her tailored white blouse, the top three buttons undone exposing her sweet round cleavage. The skirt hit her about six inches above the knees with a side slit exposing shapely athletic thighs. A pair of three inch black heels with thin straps gracing her ankles finished off her outfit.

She had patiently waited in the reception room for close to an hour.

When I finally walked out to greet her she was engrossed in a Cosmopolitan magazine wearing a delicate gold rimmed pair of reading glasses perched on the bridge of her cute little nose, legs crossed, her small foot gently bobbing up and down causing her shapely calf to flex.

Unnoticed, I walked right up to her, "Ms. Hayley." I said, startling her.

"UUhhh...Yes...Mr. French?" She responded, fumbling to remove her glasses, uncrossing her legs, springing to her feet, only to have her legs collapse out from under her.

I grabbed her by the arms, catching her before she hit the hard Spanish tiles, gently seating her back down in the chair.

"I'm so sorry," She said, her face flushing a soft pink as she began apologizing. " I'm afraid I've been sitting to long with my legs crossed."

"No problem Ms. Hayley. It is I who should be offering thee apology for having kept you waiting so long. I'm sorry, I'm Don. Nice to meet You." I said offering her my hand.

Now giggling she responded, "Well, let's just call it even then. Thank you for catching me. And please. Call me Michelle..." She added bending sideways in her chair coming up with an attaché case, extending her other hand for me to shake as she rose to her feet.

I took her soft yet strong hand giving it a sound shake before motioning her into my office.

In her portfolio she had photographs of interiors she had designed for other clients. Discussing my company's needs, I found her to be very knowledgeable. I was quite impressed. A woman with both talent and looks.

We had been advertising for a qualified decorator for this project for some weeks now but to no avail. I believed our search was over, although I told her I would call her on Monday with a decision as I didn't want to sound to anxious. We had not negotiated a cost yet.

"YOU HAVE MAIL"....echoed through the air as I stepped from the shower, grabbing a towel from the bar. I dried off while walking out to the computer, wrapping the towel about my waist before I sat down, positioning my mouse over the 'go to mail' and clicking.

"Hmmmm," I said out loud with surprise. I had a response from the dating service, a "match". I clicked 'email' and the window opened...

Hi Don...

I read your bio. You sound like a very interesting man. Looks as though we share similar interests. I too have my own business and love to sail. And do not think the bar scene is for me either. I am athletic, physically fit, 5'6" with black hair and green eyes. And would love to meet you. Email me back if you're available this weekend. I may have a big job coming my way and won't be available myself for a while.





Well, well...I thought. She didn't have much to say but what she did, I liked.

I got a response right off to her. I had plans to go sailing on Sunday. So I invited her to join us emailing directions and location of my sailboat at the Marina.

God, my first blind date since High School. I felt like a school boy.

The other phone line rang. It was my son saying He hoped I would understand, but he had an out of town field trip with his church this weekend which he forgotten to inform me of.

I reassured him it was not a problem.

He asked if he could have a rain check on the sailboat outing before he hung up.

Looked as though it was going to be just Micki and Me... Hmmm...

"YOU HAVE MAIL" sounded out again..

Wow, that was quick, an answer back from Micki already!

Hi Don..

Thanks for the invitation. See you on Sunday!

Hugs, Micki

I chuckled as I read her brief message, gracious and to the point, I liked that...she was affectionate yet not overly so. I was looking forward to Sunday already.

I answered my other emails, chatted online a bit and checked the three day weather report before shutting down the ole computer and heading off to bed.

I remembered when I thought computers were a opinion had changed over the last few months.

Settling into my comfy king-sized bed, I breathed a sigh of relief. A big weight had been lifted off my shoulders at the prospect of Ms. Hayley meeting our decorator needs. I drifted off as the grandfather clock in the entry sounded for the eleventh time.

I was awakened by the noisy chirping of a recently hatched family of sparrows nesting high in the willow tree outside my bedroom window. Leaves were rustling as gusts of wind swept through the branches causing the suns morning rays to flicker, bouncing shadows off the walls as I opened my eyes to greet the day.

Ahhh... This is going to be a great weekend for sailing, I thought as I rolled out of bed feeling the breeze wash over me as I swung open the french doors leading out onto the balcony.

I stood there, breathing in deeply the varied aromas floating through the neighborhood; the sweet fragrant blossoms on the Magnolia trees which majestically lined the street, the musty smell of the neighbors newly mowed lawn, the pungent scent of marigolds blooming in the planter boxes attached below the windows of my house and the faint aroma of frying bacon...

As I walked back inside I heard the neighbor calling her children in to breakfast.

I was not much of a breakfast person myself. By the time I finished my morning workout, showered and readied myself for work, there was no time to prepare a meal. A protein bar on the way to the office usually got me through until lunch time. And it seemed as though I was always taking clients to lunch.

How I looked forward to the weekends. My time to relax and catch up...

I spent the morning cleaning house and preparing paperwork for next week, knowing I would have no time tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon I went down to the Marina taking supplies to my boat, freshening it up and readying it for my date. I wanted everything to be just perfect.

God, I felt like a nervous teenager anticipating his first date, anxious... right down to the butterflies in my stomach. I was laughing as I walked into the house.

I made myself a sandwich, grabbed a bottle of beer and settled down in front of the computer.

''YOU HAVE MAIL".... The generated voice sang out startling me.

My heart raced. God I hope it's not Micki canceling our date! I nervously clicked on her email message..

Hi Don,

Don't mean to be a bother, but I forgot to ask, "What can I bring?"

Hugs, Micki

I emailed a reply right back to her. Saying all she needed to bring was a smile and her swimsuit.

After playing a few hands of spades and losing badly, I decided to watch a college basketball game on television before going off to bed.

I awoke to the beautiful ringing of distance church bells. What a pleasant sound they made. I anxiously sprang out of bed, heading into the bathroom with a spring in my step. "Well, today is the day!" I said reaching into the shower, turning the hot water faucet on.

I returned to the bedroom to quickly make the bed, pulling the sheet and comforter up, fluffing the pillows before returning to the bathroom.

"Ahhhh" I sighed, closing my eyes as the gentle stream of water flowed over me. My thoughts drifting to the last time I had a woman onboard my sailboat.

It started out as a wonderful day. The ocean was calm and clear. The air temperature was perfect, the water was a bit cool, but made the cuddling after our swim feel perfectly acceptable. I really thought we had something special developing between us. I chuckled as I turned the water off stepping out of the shower. She should have told me she was allergic to strawberries before I served her those Margaritas. Not a very good ending to an otherwise enjoyable date. She itched the entire way back to shore.

I dried off wrapping the towel around my waist while I brushed my teeth. My thoughts now shifting to my date with Micki. Maybe I should ask if she has any allergies? I laughed out loud.

God, I was creating a mental picture of her in my mind and getting a hardon.

"Quit it Don!" My mind echoed, but I could not help myself. Raven hair and green eyes have always been the two features my dream woman possessed. And Micki has both.

Right, and she could weigh two hundred pounds too! I laughed, running a brush through my sandy colored hair, noticing the silver grey appearing at the temples.

I got dressed in a comfortable pair of cream colored shorts and a sea green polo shirt. Slipped on my deck shoes and headed downstairs.

What a beautiful day, I thought as I drove to the Marina with the top down on my Porsche, stopping in the grocery market to pick up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Walking down the narrow plank to the dock where my boat was slipped I couldn't help but notice all the sea gulls squawking and circling overhead, wondering what was drawing them inland.

I carefully stepped over the side of my boat and went below in search of a vase for Micki's flowers. I knew I had one.

"Is anyone here?" A sweet voiced called out from above.

I glanced down at my watch..10am...She's punctual!

And there's the vase! I pulled it out from under the sink and sunk the flowers into it as I mounted the steps leading to the deck, calling out, " I'm Coming..."

As I emerged from the galley, there she stood at the top of the stairs, her silhouetted frame blocking out the blinding sun, rays streaming out from all round her. I couldn't see her shadowed face only her beautiful long raven hair being swept around a bare midriff, and long shapely legs extending down from a pair of white short shorts.

I anxiously climbed the stairs, reaching the deck I extended my arms up handing her the vased flowers. "These are for you Micki..." I said raising my head.

"Ahhhhhh..... thank you...." She answered hesitantly as she gently took them from me.

God her voice sounded familiar. I brought my arm up shielding my face from the light so that I could see her face..

"Oh My God!!" I gasped, " Michelle?"

"Don?! When I read your bio, your emails, I had no idea it was ..." Her nervous voice dwindled off as her face flushed that familiar soft pink.

"Well, this is just...just..." I was speechless.

What were the odds of something like this happening?

She stuttered and stammered," Well...uhhh...Don if you're uncomfortable with..."

I interrupted, "Of course NOT!" I almost yelled at her. "I'm sorry Michelle. I'm just so stunned is all! But pleasantly so." I added.

"Then, please Don, Call me Micki."

While recovering from our initial shock, I gave her a tour of the boat showing her where to put her things before setting sail for the island not far off shore.

The weather was perfect, warm with just enough of a gentle breeze to fill the sails. I was at the helm when Micki excused herself to go below to change into her swimsuit. I watched as her slim frame disappeared down the stairs.

She looked and acted so different from our first meeting, dressing so sensual, yet shy and timid. I found myself attracted to her feminine side....Very Much attracted.

A few minutes later she emerged. Her hair swept back and fastened with a big butterfly clip at her crown, soft wispy curls falling forward over the visor perched across her forehead. She had on a hot pink string bikini with a silky black wrap-around hugging her hips, tied in a loose knot in the front, the ends flowing down between her shapely thighs as she mounted the steps barefoot holding a goblet of wine in each hand.

Her narrow hips were swaying gracefully from side to side while keeping her balance walking towards me, not spilling a drop of our wine.

"Here you go Don," She said with a big smile, her emerald green eyes twinkling as she handed me a goblet adding," I don't think one glass will impair your navigational skills."

We both laughed.

"Thank you Michelle."

"NO... Please Don, Call me Micki," She said correcting me," Looking over to see my expression before adding, "All my friends call me Micki."

"Okay Micki..."I said laughing, feeling very relaxed with her already.

With a sensual smile she grasped an end of her wrap-around and tugged gently until it unfurled from her hips.

She sprawled out onto the deck in front of me.

Oh My God, she was wearing a thong bikini, her cute tanned ass cheeks were poking up as she settled into a comfortable position resting on her elbows with her sweet cleavage peeking from in between her arms, now facing me. Those sparkling crystal eyes gazing up at me as she sipped slowly on her wine.

"So, Tell me Don, How long have you been sailing? You appear to be so at ease behind that wheel..." She spoke so softly her voice was almost inaudible under the whipping of the sails.

"Since college actually. I was on the sailing team. That's where I learned. God, Micki, I've loved sailing since day one...Although I've only had my boat for a few months now.."

I found myself just talking and talking. Micki was such an attentive listener and showed such genuine interest by the knowledgeable questions she kept asking. She was such a joy to chat with.

Before we knew it we were at the island. I maneuvered around to the back side. There was a secluded cove there nestled beneath the cliffs...we would have complete privacy and I would not have to worry about the craft drifting out to sea.

"Ahhhhhh." She sighed as I eased us through the narrow passageway...emerging onto a beautiful crystal clear pool being fed by a cascading waterfall.

"Don," She gasped." This is breathtaking," She added as she took to her feet slowly turning around, her wide open eyes feasting on the lush green foliage lining the shoreline and dotting the cliffs.

"Oh My God, That waterfall!" She screamed out bringing the palms of her hands to her rosy cheeks.

I could see her excitement as rock hard nipples protruded from her bikini top and goosebumps covered her beautifully tanned flesh.

"Thank You Don, for bringing me here!" She said her voice quivering with emotion as she threw her arms around my neck, kissing my cheek as she ground her firm round breasts into me.

Keeping one hand on the wheel I wrapped my other arm around her small waist bringing her close, holding her gently.

"You're welcome Micki...I love it here. Somehow I knew you would too." I said as I gave her a reassuring squeeze.

"I need to drop anchor Micki." I said gently releasing my grasp on her. I love how she anticipated my moves, stepping aside as I leaned down taking a hold of the anchor, tossing it overboard.

The water splashed up at us. Micki jumped back.

We both laughed as I caught her in my arms!

"Making a habit of this, huh?" I asked jokingly.

"A habit I could certainly get accustomed to.." She teased back.

"Let me go below and get my trunks on.." I said as I turned towards the hatch.

"No need to Don.." She said as she reached behind her neck and back, pulling the strings on her bikini top, letting it fall to the deck, exposing her beautiful full breasts, then slipping fingertips inside her waistband, pushing her bottoms down to her ankles, displaying a narrow little patch of raven fur as she daintily stepped out of her suit. She gracefully stood up pulling the clip from her hair, allowing her shining black mass to flow down around her beautiful naked body.

"Let's just skinny dip!" She sounded as she dove into the crystal clear water.

I watched in awe as her lean nude flesh cut into the water, those long well defined legs disappearing beneath the surface, leaving only a ripple behind.

I pulled my clothes off and was ready to dive in as I saw her head emerge some twenty five feet from the boat.

"It's wonderful!" She called out, "Come on in!"

I dove into the water feeling my hardon slam against my abdomen as I broke through the surface. I emerged about three feet away from her.

She was already swimming towards me.

"Where did you learn to dive like that?" I asked reaching out to her.

"I was on the swim/dive team in college." She answered with a smile as she took my hand pulling herself into me as her beautiful hair trailed on the surface behind her.

She was not shy at all, wrapping her thighs around my waist.

"You don't mind, Do you Don?" She asked coyly saving her energy while I treaded water.

With each back and forth kick, I felt my manhood rise up gently slapping her in the butt.

Every so often she would let out a sensual little giggle.

We bobbed there chatting away about college, sailing, wines and vacations we had taken. Seems as though we had shared many similar experiences over the years.

Without warning, Micki released her grasp from around my waist. A sudden chill filled the void as she pulled her warm flesh away from me.

"Race you to the falls... Don," She called out as she started swimming toward the shore.

I was lagging behind...watching her sweet round cheeks bob up and down with each stroke.

The shore came up to quickly! She rose out of the water her long black hair flowing down her arched back almost touching her butt. God what a beautiful body. I thought watching her straighten up...

She was perched on a boulder behind the showering falls as I came out of the water proceeded by my very aroused manhood. I felt her piercing emerald jewels watching my every move. My face was flushing a brighter shade of red the closer I got to her.

Her hand pierced through the blanket of cascading water, gently grasping my arm drawing me inside.

I was overcome with emotion as I pulled her to her feet...I fantasized about this... the waterfall... the eyes...the hair.... Was I dreaming?

"God, You're beautiful Micki," I said before sealing my lips over hers kissing her deeply.

She kissed me back slipping her tongue inside my mouth, grinding her naked flesh against mine.

We made love right there behind the veil of shimmering water.. It was wonderful. She was such a sensual creature. The way she moaned and groaned as I gently moved my member in and out of her warm moist love canal. Her movements were slow and rhythmic, so consistent with mine. It wasn't long before I felt her walls collapsing around my pulsating organ, her clit twitching against my base as she reached her climax... Hearing her moan, feeling her sweet nectar wash over my cock made me explode, filling her sweet chamber with my hot torrenting seed.

I held her close as our orgasms melded into one before slowly subsiding. Her body was shivering...her soft moaning now drowned out by the showering falls.

"Ahhh..." She sighed." That was exquisite, Don.." She said breathlessly yet in a bashful tone, "I've never experienced anything like this before."

Hesitantly I answered..."Well, to be honest Micki, Neither have I".

We both laughed out loud as we walked hand in hand out from under the spraying falls.

Being naked with her felt so comfortable, so natural. She was so uninhibited about her body. I had never met a woman like this before.

We dove into the water together, swimming back to the boat. She kept looking over, giving me that beautiful smile, adding an occasional wink.

Reaching the boat, she grasped the edge and pulled herself up the side. I just watched in awe, her muscles flexing as she gracefully hoisted a leg up and over the rim. Exposing those pretty pussy lips before bringing her other leg up and over.

"Your turn, sweetie." She said turning around resting her full breasts on the ledge as she extended a hand to me.

Taking it I felt her strength as she backed up, pulling me up onto the deck with her. My awakened cock bouncing off my thighs as I landed.

"Thanks, Micki," I said giving her a hug, pressing my wet, dripping body against hers.

We went below to towel off.

She slipped into a pretty little blue/green sundress and I put on a pair of navy blue shorts.

As she sat there running a comb through her tangled hair, chatting away, I was putting lunch on the table.

"Can I help you Don?" She asked in between her chatter.

"Nope. Got it under control here," I chuckled back. I was enjoying playing waiter and was actually interested in what she had to say, not like other dates I had been on. Where I fed them just to get some peace and quiet.

Lunch was good and my ego was inflated as she kept complimenting how lovely it looked and how tasty everything was.

I explained how being a bachelor for two years had made a halfway decent cook out of me as I grew tired of restaurant food in a hurry.

She helped with the dishes and tidying up before we went up on deck.

The sky was churning with ominous gray/black clouds. They had appeared from out of no where.

"We had better get back to the mainland before it breaks Micki." I said in a concerned voice as I reached for the anchors chain. She gently put her hand over mine, looking into my worried eyes.

"Don, Would we not be safer staying here until it passed?" She asked in a searching tone.

"Well, Yes...But it may mean overnight Micki..." My voice dwindled off. " Don't you have work tomorrow?" I added... although my thoughts were more on pleasure than work.

"Don, One of the benefits of being your own boss..." She said with a grin, her voice dwindling off as she turned heading back down below, returning with a cell phone in hand.

I laughed as I shook my head from side to side in agreement.

"Ahhh..Yes..." I paused," I have one important call to make tomorrow..." I chuckled. "What's Your number Micki? You've got the job...."

She smiled her face blushing as she gave me a great big hug.

Holding her tightly, looking up into the dark, rumbling sky...I whispered, "Thank You God"...


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