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The Road Trip
by TBK

It was too hot of a day to be traveling from Phoenix Arizona to El Paso Texas with no air conditioning; especially with a newborn child and a three-year-old. I had asked my wife earlier if she would like to stop during the day and continue on with the trip later that night when it was cooler, but she insisted we drive on. When I turned my head to look at my lovely wife, I felt a sense of pride as I saw my newborn son suckling my wife's breast. As I turned my head to look back at the road I suddenly realized how long it had been since my wife and I had made love. The image of my wife's creamy white breast was ever present in my mind. I imagined my mouth suckling my wife's breast, cupping her breast so carefully in my hand, gently massaging her nipple until it was hard and firm between my thumb and forefinger.

Somewhere in the haze of my daydream, I heard a woman's voice say, "What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, nothing," I replied, as I turned my head to smile at my wife.

"It doesn't look like nothing to me," she said as she nodded toward my crotch. Sometime in my daydream I had begun to rub my cock through my pants. The outline of my semi hard cock was clearly visible on the inside of my thigh.

"Been a long time" I said as I continued to rub my dick.

"Too long" she said as she leaned over the front seat to put our now sleeping infant in his car seat.

I had noticed earlier this morning when my wife got dressed that instead of her usual summer attire of shorts and a tee shirt, she had put on a nice summer dress. I reached up to pat my wife's ass as she was bent over the seat and much to my surprise; I patted bare skin. She wasn't wearing any panties under that summer dress! I felt my cock jump in my shorts.

Having secured our new son in his car seat, my wife settled into her side of the front seat, locking her door, she propped her back up against it. She gave me a funny little grin, "Like what you felt?" she asked, as she put one foot on the seat between us and the other foot on the floor. I stared at her now exposed pussy. My hand reached for my cock again. "Oh" she said, "I love it when you rub your dick, it gets me so wet." With that she started rubbing her clit in short, fast, round circles. I watched her insert her middle finger in her love canal, pull it out smeared with her love juices and proceed to rub her clit even faster. By this time, it was getting incredible difficult to watch the road and watch my wife's hand playing with her pussy. I groaned and asked if we could stop on the side of the road. She lazily replied, "Honey, it will be too hot if we stop and beside the kids will wake up." She was right, of course, but right now all I was thinking about was shoving my rock hard cock into her wet, juicy pussy.

"Hon, why don't you let that one eyed monster out of your pants and let me watch you jack off?" she asked innocently. I couldn't get my zipper down fast enough. I felt a little pre-cum slip out, just as I pulled my cock out of my pants. I rubbed my pre-cum over the head, and started jerking on my dick fast. "Slow down, just a little, or I'll cum too fast," she said breathlessly, "I want to enjoy watching you for awhile."

"Did it excite you to see my breasts?' she asked huskily. With that she pulled down the top of her sundress and out sprang her luscious, milk heavy tits. She massaged them and pitched her nipples until they were hard and milk started dripping out of them. I about came in my hand. "Oh, Hon, let me rub your pussy just for a minute", I groaned. "Looks to me like you have your hand full already," she replied. "Tell you what I will do though, I'll suck your big cock if you'll finger fuck me till I cum," she whispered. As she was saying that she repositioned herself on the front seat of the car and firmly planted her hot mouth on my dick and stuck her cute ass up in the air. I managed to get my hand up under that dress. I felt for that hot, wet clit that I had wanted to touch so badly. She quivered when I touched it and her juices really started to flow. I wriggled my middle finger up her love hole, while massaging her clit with my thumb and started to pump in and out of her in a hurry. My cock was so hard, I didn't think I was going to last very long. I felt the beginning stir of my cum in my balls and knew it wasn't going to be long now. "Faster, please faster," she begged, "I need to cum really bad."

I know we must have looked like we were having car problems as our car sped up and slowed down in rhythm to my pumping hips, but I really wanted pump her mouth just like I wanted to pump her pussy. "Honey, I'm going to cum," I groaned. "I want you to swallow it all, PLEASE. Just then, her pussy wrapped securely around my middle finger as she started to climax. "I'm cumming," she said with a mouthful of cock, "Oh God, I'm cumming. Just then, my cock let go with a bucketful of cum, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," I yelled. She slurped and slurped and never spilled a drop of my hot cum, as I slowly removed my middle finger from her pussy.

"That was really hot," she said as she grinned at me. "Maybe we ought to take road trips more often," I said, just as we passed the sign that read El Paso 69 miles.


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