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The Storm
by JoyCat

I worked late at the office, was the only one left at 9PM when I decided enough. I had not been aware of the raging storm outside. As I reached the outer doors I saw the thunder, blowing rain and wind, lightening closer than any storm had been. Damn, my car was parked so far in the outer lot... well I made a run for it. By the time I reached my auto, I was drenched through, I fished around for my keys and noticed I had locked them in my car.

The rain was sheeting down so hard I could not see an inch from my face. I stood looking to see if anyone at all was around, but all had left. I turned and began running back to the building when thunder and lightening struck... I felt the current under my feet... I was stunned. Then I saw bright lights, heard the screech of brakes... a car had almost hit me. I stood there frightened and in shock, the car door flew open and a quite tall man got out. He was speaking and appeared upset, but I could not make out what he was saying... my heart was pounding in my ears, my head was spinning.

He approached me, still asking questions... I was unable to answer. He guided me back to his car and gently placed me into the front seat. I rested my head and eyes . My head was aching now, back in the car he handed me a towel and asked if I was alright. I was only able to nod... god I looked like a wet rat, clothes were soaked through, my white blouse was sheer now and clinging to my breast, I didn't notice but my skirt had slid up to the tops of my thighs. Even though I could only catch glimpses of his face I saw his eyes looking very concerned, he was still talking but my lips were unable to speak.

I must have drifted away because the next thing I remembered was being carried by strong arms and gently laid down on a sofa in an unfamiliar apartment. I tried to get up but my head, and legs would not work. He was there telling me its ok, to just rest, something in his voice was comforting, and I was in no condition to argue. I must have fallen asleep, as I woke I heard two male voices in another room.

Then suddenly the tall handsome stranger was back. He was holding a steaming cup saying it was good to see me awake. As he handed me the cup our fingers brushed, and I felt the same current as in the storm. I leaned up on my elbows to sip the brew, and just then noticed I was wearing a large soft robe, and nothing else. He saw the look on my face and began to chuckle slightly. Before I could protest, he explained that he had phoned a friend of his who is a doctor that was the other voice I heard. He told me the doctor had examined me, and hence the robe. He also explained the doctor said I needed rest, and to keep an eye on me for awhile. He reassured me I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

I was feeling better so once again I tried to stand, but legs gave out. He was there to catch me. Now I was embarrassed, he sat with me not removing his arm from around my shoulders, he was almost reprimanding me. I cleared my throat and told him I should leave, I thanked him for all he has done, and told him I would be fine. I just needed to get back to my car to go. I told him I didn't want to put him out any more than I already had. He just looked at me, smiled and told me oh no young lady, the doctor said to keep and I on you and since it was my car that put you in this condition you are not going anywhere in this storm.

I looked outside, the storm was still raging. As I tried to speak, his fingers were on my lips to silence me, then his eyes flashed just as the lightening lit up the windows. He moved his body closer to mine, god what was I doing... a complete stranger. His lips took mine. Ummm, his kiss was tender and passionate. My mind was spinning, I responded so easily to his kiss. He stopped ...looked into my eyes, in a deep whisper proclaimed the storm had brought the woman he has longed for to him. He was so handsome, so sexy...he kissed me deeply this time, our tongues tasting each others lips, mouths, ummm so good. His breathing was short and deep, he lifted me in his arms once more to carry me to his bed. Once there he asked if I was sure of what I was feeling. My eyes smiled, he was able to see into my soul.

He laid me unto his bed, he undressed quickly...what a magnificent man this was. So tall, so strong, his bronzed body glistened, as he approached the bed I saw the largest cock I have ever seen. He had to be at least 8 1/2 " and quite thick, he was getting harder by the second. I must have gasped because he took my chin in his hand and asked again if I was sure, I was so sure, yes I whispered.

He slid in beside me, turned me to face him, and kissed me so sensually I saw only tiny stars. His long fingers undid my robe, I heard a low moan from him as he bent to kiss each standing nipple and caress each breast. I could feel his hard shaft against my thigh, he was making me so wet, so hot, his kisses and tongue were like fire on my skin. He moved his hands down to my mound, I felt his long fingers spreading my cunt lips, his fingers explored me. His mouth found my clit... he started to lick, and suck sliding his tongue from the tip of my clit and delving it deep into my tunnel, and back out just to circle my anus. God, this was so good, my hips were moving to meet his tongue and lips with each gesture.

He moved to between my legs, pushing them farther apart with his own, he was drinking and tonguing me like a man lost in the desert. My juices were flowing dripping back to my bum hole, I felt his finger massaging and begin to enter my ass... I moaned and my body shuddered, his mouth did not leave my wet pussy, his tongue still working its magic. As I arched, his finger slid halfway into my ass... oouuu so tight. My hand reached for him, I needed to feel his cock inside me. He looked up into my eyes, saw my need...he kissed my clit once more. Still holding my ass in his hands, he lifted my legs over his shoulders.

We were both so excited, I was dripping wet, he was as hard as a rock. He placed the head of his huge cock at the outer lips of my pussy, he rubbed my clit, then slowly pushed himself into me. Umm, I felt every inch of him, my muscles were sucking in and squeezing his entire length. We both cried out loud once he was buried deep inside my cunt. I felt his balls against my ass, his thrust were slow at first, then when he was assured of my pleasure, we both began to meet each others movements with deeper, harder thrusts. His cock was so big I could feel him touching my womb, I had never been fucked like this before.

He told me to look at him, he wanted to see my eyes, I complied and melted at the lust and passion I saw in his. He was pounding into me so hard his balls were smacking against my ass. He felt me tense, he slowed to almost a stop and said no do not cum yet, I have other plans still. He lowered my legs still between them ... he kissed and licked my pussy again until I cried out load. He told me to turn over he wanted all of me. He began to tongue my bum, kissing each cheek, licking from anus to clit and back again. He used his fingers on my clit while his tongue pushed its way into my ass.

Ohhh, I was in heaven. He gathered up some of my juices on his fingers, he pressed first just one gently into my asshole, he moved it slowly farther in until it was all the way to the base of his hand. Then he placed a second finger and began to fuck my ass this way. I was so hot, my ass was burning. I felt him licking my bum hole, his fingers now sliding more easily in and out. He raised my hip and placed pillows under me. My whole bottom was his for the taking. He place the head of that hard cock against my waiting ass hole, my moans told him it was time. He slowly let just the head enter my tight tunnel...oouu, so hard, so big.

My ass sucked at his shaft drawing him deeper into me, even though his size was large my muscles continued to pull him in until he was touching me with his pelvis bone. My eyes filled with tears pleasure not pain, he was in me to the hilt. He bent down to kiss my tears away. I let him know I wanted him to fuck my ass. He started to withdraw his cock, my hips bucked back into him, taking him in faster and harder.

He grabbed my hips and began to thrust into my burning wet asshole. He grew inside my ass even more. His fingers reached around me to continue to rub my clit, I was groaning, and dripping all over. He fucked my ass so hard, so well. His cock made the walls of my tunnel quake, I was taking him in so deeply so wet. We made love like this until my entire soul gave in to the biggest climax I've ever known. He was ready to cum with me... after a few more deep thrusts, his cock pulsed deep inside, exploding with gallons of his own passion.

We collapsed in each others arms and slept this way, bodies tangled together. When I awoke it was sunny and bright, he was not in the bed. Then he appeared, all showered, and handsome standing there with a beautiful smile and tray filled with breakfast goodies. Ummm, all was right with my world. He joined me, we ate, talked, and made love for the next few days. This was truly a storm to remember.


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