The Best Erotic Stories.

The Slut
by little miss blair

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* * * * *

Well, this was a first for me. My neighbor, Beverly Johnson, had talked me into a 7 day vacation in Las Vegas without our spouses. I was reluctant to even bring it up to my husband Bill since we had never went on a vacation apart in our 10 year marriage. In fact I didn't think he would be very receptive to the idea. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't object and more amazed when he suggested it may spice up our marriage. Not that anything was really wrong in our relationship. But, in 10 years, we had never been apart.

Beverly and Bob, our best friends, were in a similar situation of sorts. They were together even more than Bill and I. They owned a small business and worked together every day. She jokingly suggested to her husband that if she didn't get away from him for a week she was going to kill him.

So it was all set. We were going to drive to Vegas, leaving on a Friday afternoon and not returning until the following weekend. Seven days to play is the way Beverly put it.

Beverly even went shopping one whole day just to buy a wardrobe of clothes to wear in Vegas. She tried to talk me into doing the same but I thought it was a waste of money. I had plenty of clothes and, unlike Beverly, I dressed pretty conservative. I didn't think I would look any more glamorous in new clothes as she had suggested.

Anyway, the drive to Vegas was pleasant. We talked about everything under the sun and it was relaxing just to be with her.

I had never been to Vegas and the lights amazed me. I never saw such lights in my life. I felt the excitement as we drove down the famous strip to the hotel where we had reservations.

When we arrived at our room I thought a mistake had been made. It was a beautiful suite. Beverly assured me this was what she had reserved. She said we don't do this often so we might as well go first class.

We didn't even unpack our bags. It was 10 pm but, unlike our home town, no one sleeps in Vegas. Or at least not all at the same time. We immediately went downstairs to the Casino and started playing the slot machines. It was something new for me but I quickly got the hang of it.

The waitress continued bringing us free drinks and by 4am we were close to drunk. We were also dead tired. By 4:30 in the morning we were sound asleep.

"Get up sleepy head," I heard someone say. "It's time to get out of this room and party."

"Good god Beverly. What time is it?" I murmured.

"It's 10am, she answered. "Time to get up and out of here."

As I rolled out of bed my head was splitting. I wasn't much of a drinker but the drinks the night before seemed to go down like water. Now I had huge hangover.

"I'm sick," I said to Bev. "I can't go anywhere."

"Your not sick," she said. "I've got just what you need to get you going."

She handed me a large glass that appeared to be tomato juice. My mouth was extremely dry and my body felt dehydrated. Something cold and wet was appealing. I took several big gulps before I realized it was laced with booze.

"That's a Bloody Mary," Bev exclaimed. "The Hair of the Dog as Bob calls it. It should give your body some equilibrium." She laughed at her statement because she knew she didn't know what the hell she was talking about.

Surprisingly it did make me feel better. Bev had ordered a whole pitcher of the drink and I had another as I showered, dressed, preparing for a day on the town.

Was I ever surprised when I walked out of the bathroom. There stood Bev, fully dressed, or sort of dressed, because the skimpy outfit she was wearing didn't leave much to the imagination.

"Jesus," I blurted out. "Are you going out in public dressed like that?"

"Like what?" she asked mockingly. "Your the one that's going to be different from everyone else. With a body like yours it's a sin for you to cover it up the way your dressed. You look like the preacher's wife for christ sakes. I told you you should have bought some new clothes for this trip."

I felt a little hurt by her remarks but shrugged it off. I just knew she would feel out of place in the clothes she was wearing. She looked positively slutty. I had to concede one thing. She had the body to wear those kind of clothes.

Since we, or Bev mostly, had made such a point about clothes I was especially conscious of what everyone in the casino was wearing . I was beginning to think she was right. Not everyone was dressed like her but everyone that had any kind of body was dressed pretty skimpy. And, amazingly, they all appeared to be comfortable with it. Now she had me thinking I was an overdressed fuddy duddy.

We caught a cab for downtown to a restaurant someone had suggested to us. And, to my amazement, we were drinking more Bloody Mary's with our brunch. For feeling so lousy an hour ago I now felt great.

Well, I guess wonders will never cease. After an afternoon of Bloody Marys, a shopping trip for clothes for me that Bev talked me into, here I stand in the most revealing clothes I ever wore in my life. My husband would be utterly amazed if he saw me now, I thought to myself.

Surprisingly, I felt comfortable in them, but I didn't think I would feel comfortable with people looking at me . I took comfort in the fact that no one I knew would see me.

Bev came out of the bathroom. "Now that's a real outfit your wearing," she said. "You look like the sexy bitch I knew was hiding under those clothes of yours. Your going to turn some heads tonight. Now don't it feel good to let go and feel a little slutty?"

I wanted to tell her she was right, it did feel good, but I said nothing. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of admitting I might have been, oh hell, no might about it, I was wrong.

We had tickets to a Wayne Newton show starting in half an hour. I didn't like Wayne Newton but it's sort of like the thing to do when you go to Vegas.

Surprisingly, the show was good and we both enjoyed it. Afterwards we went to the bar for a drink. Several drunks, no not several, a lot of drunks put the hit on us and I was never so glad to be with Bev. She was extremely adept at putting them off and I felt myself feeling safe with her. I thought that was weird, feeling safe with another woman, the way I felt with my husband.

I heard Bev asking the bartender about places for us to go to have a good time. A band was playing so I couldn't hear most of the conversation. It didn't matter. Our now, unnatural relationship, would dictate her handling our agenda and I would follow along. I was aware of this phenomenon and I could even pinpoint where it started. When she picked out and approved every piece of clothing I bought today, right down to the panties I was wearing. And for the first time, tonight, I ever appeared in public without a bra, a point she was so adamant about.

I shrugged all of this off because I felt comfortable and I liked feeling safe and comfortable.

"Lets go," she ordered. "Bartender gave me a couple of tips. Were going to really make a night of it. Are you up for it?" "Sure," I said. "Lead on."

"Where are we going Bev?" I asked as the cab sped down the strip away from the bright lights.

"Somewhere I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity," she said whimsically. "You'll see when we get there."

The cab turned off the main thoroughfare into a dimly lit driveway. We stopped in front of a night club, classy enough to have a doorman. As the man helped me out of the cab he did not hide his lustful look at my swaying, unencumbered breast and my exposed thighs. For a brief moment I, uncharacteristically, appreciated his leer.

As he held the club door for me I walked into a long empty hallway, the walls covered with pictures of partially clad, beautiful girls. I waited for Bev who was paying the cabbie.

"'Bev," I blurted out when she walked through the door. "Look at these pictures on the wall. What kind of place is this?"

"It's a classy strip club," she said coyly. "Something I've always wanted to see. Haven't you ever been curious about what attracts men to places like this?"

"No I haven't," I spoke bluntly. 'And I don't feel curious now. Will we be alright in here?"

"Don' you worry about it," she said assuredly. "We'll be just fine. And pay attention. Maybe you'll learn something you can take home to your husband."

I laughed nervously as we entered the main floor of the club. It was dark inside. As my eyes adjusted, mostly to the smoke, I could see there were 5 separate stages, a spot light on each stage. There were plenty of tables, only about half taken.

A Maitre'd approached us. "Would you lovely ladies like a table," he blubbered. A table for 4 perhaps."

"There's only two of us," Bev told him. "And we don't want a table. We want two seats at the far stage."

"Yes ma'am," he said as he turned to lead us to our seats. "There's a two drink minimum," he advised us as we sat down. "A waitress will be with you shortly."

I thanked him as I looked around the room. We were the only women customers in the place!!!

I was extremely self conscious and I could feel every eye in the place looking at us. If we had sat at a table back in the dark it wouldn't have been so bad, I thought. Why did Bev want to set right at the stage where everyone could see us?

Only three of the five stages had strippers dancing. No one was dancing at the stage where we were sitting. The music stopped for a moment and all the dancers disappeared. But only for a moment. Suddenly another song began. Up on our stage a beautiful blonde appeared, fully clothed in a long white dress.

As she swayed to the music her attention was on Bev and I. Even when she wasn't looking directly at us I knew she was dancing for us. She looked directly at Bev and licked her lips seductively. I heard a low moan coming from Bev, causing me to turn and look at her, I saw the same lust in her eyes the doorman had displayed when he eyed my large breast.

This was a side of Bev I didn't know about. It scared me. I've known her for several years and never a hint. I sat quietly and watched her as she and the stripper played a little game between them.

The stripper now turned her attention to me!! Wearing only a g-string, she lowered herself about one foot in front of me and spread her legs. For a moment I was mesmerized by her crotch. I couldn't move my eyes. When I finally looked up, there hung two beautiful tits with long, hard nipples. Now she was licking her lips for my benefit. I looked away, turning my head towards Bev. She was licking her lips also!!!!

I wanted to leave. I felt hot, not hot like heat hot, but hot like panties getting wet hot. I didn't want to feel this. I'm Miss comfortable, Miss don't change anything because I like the way things are in my life. I didn't want this new feeling, especially something as depraved as sexual stimulation between women. I'm 33 and happily married and nothing is going to change that.

Bev now has her hand under her skirt touching herself shamelessly. The stripper, now laying on the floor, her legs spread openly to Bev, was hunching her pussy teasingly, as if begging for Bev to bury her face between the strippers thighs.

"Bev. Bev, what are you doing," I whisper loudly to her. "Lets get out of here. C'mon, lets go."

"Shut up bitch," she hissed at me. "Shut the fuck up."

I couldn't believe my ears. I jumped up and ran out of the club. When I got outside I told the doorman to get me a cab.

"Where's your girlfriend?" he asked as his eyes roamed up and down my body.

"Just get me a cab," I snapped at him.

Suddenly a cab appeared. I jumped in the back seat giving the driver the name of my hotel. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as the hurt of Bev's words echoed in my ears. She was so full of lust for that girl she turned on me. I was stunned. I was hurt.

All kind of thoughts crossed my mind as rode the elevator up to our floor. Should I pack and try to fly out tonight? Should I just wait until morning? At the moment I wasn't even considering the option of staying. As I arrived at the suite I felt so tired I knew that i would have to wait until morning to get out of here.

I was awakened by noises and voices coming from the bathroom. I assumed it was Beverly but, not being sure, I moved cautiously across the room. The door was slightly ajar and from my angle I could see the huge mirror on the wall. I was appalled. There, sitting on the commode seat, was Beverly. Kneeling in front of her was the stripper from the club. I couldn't believe it. The stripper was licking her, her long tongue buried in Bev's womanhood.

"Lick me bitch," I heard Bev bark out. "Eat my pussy you goddamn slut. That's it cunt, eat Bev's pussy."

I could see Bev shudder. I knew she was having an orgasm. Now another, and another.

I felt the heat between my legs. This was wrong and I wasn't going to allow myself to be drawn into it, I told myself. But I didn't move. I watched as Bev bucked her hips up to meet the invading tongue. She was grabbing the stripper by the hair and pulling her face and mouth hard against her. I knew I had to stop watching, stop the leaking of my pussy, and most of all stop these terrible thoughts going through my mind.

I returned to my bed, pulled the covers up over me, and pretended to be asleep. My panties, the panties Bev had picked out for me, were soaked. I was horrified at myself. Horrified at the thought that I wanted to touch myself, to finger myself.

Several minutes went by. I heard both of them come into the room.

"I have to go baby," I heard the stripper say. "It's been fun. If you want to make a real night of it before you return home just give me a call. My number is on the card I gave you.

I peeked out from under the covers and saw them kissing. One of those slow, tongue in your throat kisses. Finally Bev walked her to the door and she was gone.

Bev returned to the room and crawled into her bed.

"Hey Julie, Julie. Wake up. Hey, I'm talking to you!"

"What do you want Bev?" I mumbled. "Why are you waking me?"

"Listen. I know you told the front desk you wanted a cab to be waiting for you at 8am. They also told me you were checking out. I know you're mad and I know why you're mad. But I'm not going to apologize. I was doing something I've wanted to do for a long time and you were total ass about it. You're certainly welcome to stay. You're still my friend. I hope you remember that when you try to explain to our husband's why you came home early. But what I really hope is that you change your mind and stay. It's up to you. Good night."

I was stunned. She wasn't going to apologize!! She thinks all of this is my fault? Was she right, I wondered to myself. Was I being to judgmental? After all, even I sorta succumb to the Vegas mystic. I have the wet panties as proof of that.

I finally drifted off to sleep not knowing what I was going to do in the morning.

"Wake up girl. Lets go get some breakfast." Bev was shaking me, interrupting a weird dream I was having.

I looked at my watch. It was 11 am. Well, so much for flying home. I guess she thinks I changed my mind. I can't believe I overslept.

Well, she's acting normal, like nothing happened between us. She was right about one thing. I would have had a hard time explaining why I came home early and left her here. Maybe it's for the best that I stay here.

We passed each other in the room, her coming from the shower, me on my way to take one.

When I returned to the room she had my clothes laid out for me. The day before when I purchased my new clothes they were five distinctive outfits. She had mixed and matched, seemingly picking whatever was the most revealing. I never questioned her choice.

Once dressed, I never felt so slutty. I don't know why but I felt an adrenalin rush, an anticipation of excitement I knew I would have going out in public like this. Especially during the daylight hours.

"Now that's how I want you to look," she said appraising me. "I want you to look like a sexy bitch. You like it too, don't ya?"

"I don't know what I feel Bev. I feel strange at the moment. Lets just leave it at that."

"Fair enough," she said. "Lets go eat."

It was 3:30 in the afternoon and we were sitting at our third bar of the day. I knew Bev was checking out every woman who passed by us.

"You know what would be perfect?" she mused. She didn't wait for an answer. "If we could find some woman for the afternoon, have a good time, take a nap, and then go out later tonight and do it all over again."

Why did she say "we" I wondered. Did she think that because I stayed in Vegas I not only approved of her new found lust but I was willing to participate in it? I didn't say anything. No use starting something again. I can always excuse myself and leave her to her new whims. Besides, I want her to have a good time. And having sex with another woman isn't like she's cheating on her husband, I rationalized.

My train of thought was broken by Bev punching me in the leg under the table. "Look over there Julie. Those 2 women are looking at us. What do you think?"

Without being too obvious I slowly turned and looked at them. Both of them were beautiful. One looked our age or a little older. The other couldn't be more than 18.

"They look very nice,' I said staidly. 'But what are you going to do with two of them."

"I'll think of something," she replied coyly. "Wait here. I'm going over and talk to them."

I watched as Bev slipped off of the bar stool and walked across the room. i wondered why I never noticed how firm and round her butt was before. She sure is sensual, I thought to myself. I felt that familiar heat rush over me again. It's this town, I told myself. Brings the sinful side out in you

As I sipped my drink Beverly continued her conversation with the two women. She finally returned to our table.

"Lets go," she said. "Were all going back to our suite."

"What do you mean all of us?' I asked. "I'm not part of this Bev. I understand what you want to do but I don't want part of it. I'll wait here. When your through call the bar here and I'll come back to the room."

"No Julie, you don't understand. They think they're going with both of us. They might not go if you don't come along. . C'mon. You don't have to do anything. Just come back to the room and keep the younger one company. You can do that can't you?"

"Okay, okay. Don't say I never did anything for you. I should make you apologize for the way you talked to me the other night, I said jokingly."

"Never," she said mockingly. "You are a slut bitch while were in Vegas. She squeezed my hand fondly as I slid from the stool. Her hand touching mind was as close to a apology I was going to get and my mind accepted it.

"Julie, this is Michelle and her daughter Sarah. Girls, this is my friend Julie."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Mother and daughter? Wow, I thought. Only in Vegas.

We caught a cab back to our hotel and went directly to the room. Bev had me break out a bottle of wine and pour all of us a glass. Bev and Michelle were already kissing and feeling each other up. The daughter Sarah kept looking at me but when I didn't make any move towards her she sat silently sipping her wine.

It wasn't long until Bev had Michelle stripped down to panties, thigh high stockings and high heels. I couldn't push the ache from my body or the thoughts from my head. She had the nicest set of tits, full and round. I watched in fascination as Bev sucked on one while pinching and pulling the nipple of the other.

They lay down on the bed, Bev finally shedding her blouse and skirt. They were kissing passionately, all the while fingers roaming over each others bodies until they found their final destination. Now Bev, the aggressor, was fingering Michelle's pussy in ernest. Michelle, moaning and writhing under Bev's caresses appeared to be heading for a quick orgasm. I heard her grunt, her body tremble, and watched as her panties filled with cum.

"Jesus" I breathed. My body was suddenly on fire. I was fighting with all of my being. My pussy was soaking wet . I looked at Sarah. My eyes widened. She was slumped in her chair, her legs wide open, fingers under her white cotton panties busily masturbating herself. She looked so much younger than her 18 years, especially wearing white knee socks and penny loafers.

Sarah's eyes left the two moaning women on the bed and looked directly at me. She swiveled in her chair, her legs spread wide just for me. I could see her fingers under her white panties sliding in and out of her pussy. I heard her say something to me.

"What?" I murmured.

"Are you a mommy?" she asked.


"Well you can be my mommy," she whispered loud enough for me to hear. "Come her mommy and lick Sarah's pussy. Come on mommy. Make Sarah feel good."

All reason left me. I slid out of my chair to the floor and crawled towards her on my knees. Without thought, just pure lust, I buried my face in those wet, cotton panties. I felt her fingers entwine in my hair as she pulled me tightly to her. With her other hand she slowly pulled her panties aside and, instinctively, my tongue slipped inside her succulent cunt.

For some reason I felt natural, being on my knees in front of this teenage slut, submissively servicing her to the ultimate pleasure, a female orgasm. I wanted her to cum in my mouth and told her so. "Cum in my mouth, little girl. Cum for me."

It didn't take long. As my mouth filled with her pussy juice I suddenly felt, for the first time in many months, an orgasm well up and burst deep inside me. I wasn't even aware my fingers were buried in my own pussy.

"Keep licking me mommy," she moaned again. "Cummmiinnnnnggggg."

She was a fountain of juice, now filling my mouth and coating my palate and throat. I could only gurgle as the second orgasm rattled my body.

As soon as our orgasms subsided, I lay on the carpeted floor in front of her, totally exhausted. The last thing I remember, her slipping her foot from her penny loafer and placing her sock clad foot over my mouth. Oh god, I also remember how sweet the smell of her sweaty foot.

I awoke to the television blaring in our suite. For a minute I couldn't remember why I was sleeping on the floor. Then it came flooding back to me.

"Oh god," I groaned to myself. The guilt and shame was almost unbearable. I knew the tears were welling up in my eyes but I choked backed the cry I needed. I couldn't let Beverly see me crying. She would just yell at me.

I lifted myself from the floor and sat down in the chair. I heard Bev singing in the shower. i was glad for a few minutes alone.

My blouse was covered with cum juice. I stood up and looked in the mirror. God was I mess. The taste in my mouth had now turned bitter. My tongue was white, still covered by Sarah's thick discharge.

How did this happen to me, I wondered. I've been a straight laced girl my whole life! For Christ sake, my dad was a minister!! Here I am in Vegas licking a young girl's privates.

But I know how it happened. It presented itself I and succumb to it. I was weak. In one weak moment I turned into the slut that Bev wanted me to be.

I'm so hungry, tired and sore. Two and half days in Vegas and I'm almost a wreak. I'm just not used to this pace. And I'm sure not used to the drinking I've done.

Bev came out of the bathroom looking fully refreshed. "Hey sleepy head. It's about time you got up. Look at you. Your a mess. And I know how you got that way," she said slyly. "You were turned on girl. I thought you were going to shake apart when you had that last orgasm. Your a real slut," she said proudly.

Where are you getting ready to go?" I asked meekly. "Your not going out again are you? I'm so tired I don't even know what day it is. I've lost track of time."

"It's Sunday night," she said. "Bars and casinos will probably be slow tonight but I thought we could go out for a little while. We can come home early and sleep till noon tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"I have to have something to eat Bev. And I'd like something cold to drink that doesn't have booze in it. Like a big coke or pepsi."

"You want a steak?" she asked. "How about I order 2 steaks and drinks from room service. You can take a shower while were waiting."

"Okay. Medium well. Don't forget a large soft drink with lots of ice."

The shower felt good. I was beginning to feel alive again. My body wasn't what I was worried about. It was the conflict in my mind. Guilt and pleasure. Like now. The water shooting on my tits. I could feel my nipples growing from the spurting water beating on my chest.

I heard room service as I dried myself off. A good steak and I'll feel better. I was starving.

It was 11pm when we finished our meal. Bev was ready to go. I really wanted to stay in but I knew I couldn't go to bed after eating a big meal like that. I began getting dressed.

"I almost forgot" Bev said. "Sarah left something for you."

There on my bed was Sarah's little cotton panties. I could see they were still damp from her juices.

"Put them on, Bev softly ordered. "You'll feel sexy in her cum soaked panties."

"I can't wear them," I said meekly. "They're too small. Besides, they're soiled."

"You can get them on,' Bev said as she picked them up and handed them to me. "Go ahead."

I pulled them on but they were extremely small and tight. I could feel the back slide right up in the crack of my butt. The front of them barely covered my mound. Just knowing her juices were mingling with mine sent a shiver through my body. I was slipping over the edge again.

As we went down the elevator we decided to stay in the bar and casino here in the hotel. I didn't think we could get in any trouble here. The crowd was pretty thin in the casino. I guess because it was Sunday. I played the slots while Bev played blackjack.

And then it happened. As I was in the ladies room checking my lipstick a beautiful but inebriated woman of about 38 came in. I said hello nicely and continued checking my makeup.

As she came out of the stall she asked me if I were for hire. I didn't know what she was talking about and told her so.

"How much do you charge?" she asked again.

"Charge for what?" I asked bewildered.

"To eat my pussy bitch!" she hissed at me. How much do you charge to eat a woman's pussy."

It suddenly dawned on me. She thought I was a hooker.

"I don't charge anything," I said nervously. "I'm not a hooker."

"Well if you don't charge you must do it for free," she said. She grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me into one of the stalls.

"Let go of me," I screamed at her. She was strong and had me in the stall, door closed, before I knew it. She put her hands on my shoulders and started forcing me to my knees.

"Please, let me go," I pleaded with her. I'm not what you think." It's like she didn't hear a word I was saying. She had her skirt up and pulled my face into her crotch. She wasn't wearing any panties!!

She pulled my head so hard into her crotch my nose slid into her crack. My nostrils were filled with the familiar smell of pussy.

"Lick me bitch," I heard her order me. C'mon, lick my cunt you goddamn slut.

"Oh god, yesss," I heard myself moan. My tongue slipped into her wet pussy, slurping the gooey juice already gathering between her lips.

She began fucking my face, thrusting her hot cunt into my mouth and tongue. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and held on while she rode me to an orgasm. I sucked as much of her cum juice as I could, feeling that familiar, warm, gravy flow down my throat.

Suddenly she pushed me away, straightened out her clothes and left. I stood in the stall for another five minutes and fingered myself to three or four orgasms. I filled Sarah's little panties for the second time that day.

As soon as I left the ladies room I went looking for Bev. I was going to tell her what happened but changed my mind. I was mad because I felt raped, no I was mad because I liked being raped. I was all mixed up. By this time my emotions were a shamble. I just wanted to be with Bev and feel safe.

I found her at the blackjack table and, surprisingly, she was winning. She told me she was ahead by $3000.00.

I began urging her to quit while she was ahead. "That's a lot of money Bev," I said as I urged her to cash in her chips. That will pay for your whole trip."

"It will pay for both our trips, my little slut,' she whispered to me. And at that moment I felt like her slut. And I wanted to be her slut.

"Come on Bev," I whispered in her ear. "Lets go to the room. I want to lick your pussy. I want you to cum in my mouth so bad."

"Your going to lick me, Julie, but not only my cunt. I've been setting on this stool for 2 hours. I've got a sweaty asshole for you to service. How's that sound baby?"

I shuddered in anticipation.

As soon as we walked in the room I was on my knees behind Bev. I pulled her skirt up just high enough to expose her luscious ass. Her panties were buried between her firm, round cheeks. I pulled them aside, and with one sweep of my tongue, licked her from the edge of her pussy to the small of her back. I parted her ass cheeks and, thank god she was right, beads of sweat appeared in the intoxicating cavern of her long sweet crack.

In an instant all traces of sweat were gone, now intermingled with my saliva and creating another, new, stimulating taste in my mouth..

The tip of my tongue found her tiny hole, at first involuntarily tightening to my invading tongue. After several piercing pokes, her anus relaxed and my tongue slid in. It felt so degrading, so submissive, my tongue stuck up my best friend's ass, I came without touching myself. It was more pure pleasure, almost more than I could stand.

Bev was fully aroused. She pulled away from me, sitting down in a chair and spreading her legs.

"Come here slut. Lick my pussy. Lick it slow and deep. Let me savor this moment. Mrs perfect, on her knees, eating my soaking cunt. It's all so surreal. Don't you think so Julie?" she said nastily. "Sarah was right about you. You were born to suck pussy you rotten little slut bitch."

Her words tore through me like an eight inch dick. I was now cumming continuously, not being able to distinguish when one orgasm started and the previous one ended. Sarah's cotton panties were now so soaked I was dripping on the floor. Thinking that Bev may make me lick up my own cum juice brought another wave of pleasure and more juice running down my thigh.

I slowly sucked her clit into my mouth, my tongue massaging it tenderly. Her breathing came in gasp as her hips fucked my mouth rhythmically. Her orgasms filled my hungry mouth, a taste I now relished.

As her orgasms subsided I continued lapping, patiently awaiting the next feeding.

"You remember Laura don't you slut Julie. The young girl that works for me and my husband. I'll bet she'd love to have you tongue fuck her. I don't know if she could be seduced or not. Just think, you could come down to our office, sit under her desk and suck on her all day. And she dresses like Sarah was dressed yesterday. You know, the white sox and penny loafers. You could suck on her sweaty feet. You didn't think I noticed your penchant for that did you? God, there's just all kind of possibilities when we get home. Don't you thing so?"

By now I had cum so many times my body was shutting down. As tired as I was I continued licking Bev's pussy.

Suddenly, without warning, Bev grabs me by the hair and roughly holds my mouth and tongue to her cunt.

"Uuugggggghhhhhhhhhh," I heard her grunt as an intense orgasm swept through her, depositing huge gobs of thick juice into my slutty mouth.

"That's enough for now slut. Go to bed. Tomorrow were going to turn all this sex up a notch. Your going to love it you lovely, slutty cunt. Your going to love it.

Beverly was gone when I awoke. I couldn't understand where she would go without me, I was sort of hurt that she didn't wake me like she usually did.

On the other hand, I was glad for the time to reflect on our trip, our changed relationship, and my total shame at what I had become. When Bev had mentioned the night before about all the sexual possibilities we would have when we returned home it turned me on. Now I know that cannot be, especially for me. I love my husband and could never allow myself to fall into such a degrading life style that has pervaded this vacation.

I just can't understand why I've fell under this spell with Beverly. As much as I fight it, it seems to over power me. I still think the town has something to do with it.

I showered and prepared myself to go downstairs for breakfast. As much as I wanted not to dress in one of those slutty outfits, I succumbed, at least for today, to try it one more time. And as I looked at those now, twice soiled and soaked panties that Sarah had given to me, I slipped them once again up my thighs in their smelly, cum soaked state.

After several hours downstairs, breakfast and playing the slots, I saw Bev walking with a young woman towards the elevator.

I followed behind in the next elevator, knowing I was probably going to be interfering in some sort of sexcapade she had planned.

As I entered the room, Bev turned and spoke..."Julie, where have you been? I've got a surprise for you."

She turned to her new friend. "Laura, this is my slut Julie. Best pussy licker in the hotel. Why, last night she licked my asshole so clean I didn't even have to wash it this morning. Do you need your ass cleaned Laura? I'd be glad to have her do it for you if you want."

"What are you talking about Bev," I murmured softly. "You talk about me like I'm your slave. I thought we were friends." I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. I tried to turn away so they couldn't see me cry.

Bev stepped towards me, grabbing me by my hair, and pulling my mouth to hers. Her tongue darted between my lips, the taste of booze dripping into my mouth.

Suddenly, from behind me, I felt hands sliding around my body, cupping my breast. Laura was pinching my nipples!! I felt the pain and, for reasons I didn't understand, I felt the bolt of sexual excitement shoot through me.

Now both of them had their hands all over me. I was blubbering something to them about stopping but my body was telling them to use me anyway they wanted.

Bev released me and told me to take off my skirt and lay on the bed. They both went into the bathroom leaving me on the bed alone. When they came back to the room I couldn't believe it!! Both were wearing huge fake cocks strapped around their waist.

"Nooooooo," I moaned tearfully. "Please Bev, don't do this to me. Enough is enough. I can't do this.

"Shut up bitch, Bev hissed at me. She was on top of me before I knew it. My pussy was wet from their fondling, the dildo head slipped into me easily. As she drove deeper into me the lustful, itching feeling I usually had with my husband came over me. But with him the itch always remained. The dildo went beyond my husbands capabilities. It was reaching my core, and god, oh god, I wanted it to last forever.

"Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I screamed at Beverly. "Deeeeeeeeeper!!"

I had never fucked with such total abandonment. I felt like a dog in heat. I met every thrust of the big dick with a thrust of my own, trying, trying so hard to get every bit of it up inside me.

Bev rolled us over allowing me to fuck the dick myself, and fuck it I did. I felt Laura behind me, doing as she did before, reaching around me to pinch my nipples. The pain was so sweet. Oh what bliss. But wait!!! I felt something trying to invade my bottom.

"Noooooooooooooo," I screamed. "Please, nooooo. I've never done that. Not now. Pleaseeeee."

To no avail. They both held me till Laura's dildo penetrated my ass hole. God, did it burn. Laura was not gentle. She made several thrust, finally burying the huge rubber cock up into my stomach.

I didn't understand it. Withing seconds my body was in rhythm with both of the invading dicks. It felt like I was losing control of my body functions, like I had to piss and shit at the same time. I didn't care. I just fucked both dicks, welcoming each and every orgasm to their fullest. I had never cum so much. Never. The more I came, the faster they fucked me. I was becoming oblivious to my surroundings. I didn't know where I was nor did I care.

The last I remember were the two hard cocks, rubbing together, deep inside my womb.

I awoke at 10 am. Bev was still asleep in her bed. The sheet barely covered her and I could see she still had the dildo strapped to her body. The other girl apparently had left some time during the night or early morning.

I slipped out of my bed and slowly, so as not to awake Bev, lay down next to her, my nostrils filling with the smell of sex that surrounded her body. Being as careful as possible I hunched my body as close as possible until I could push my sore, swollen cunt lips up against the head of the dildo. I ever so slowly pushed forward until I felt the bulbous head slip into me. I slowly rocked back and forth, fucking the first three inches of the huge cock.

"You are such a slut" I heard Bev whisper in my ear. "You like this big cock don't you girl."

"God yes," I moaned. "Please fuck me Bev. Pleaseeeeee."

Her hips moved forward forcing the dildo deep into my cunt. Two or three more thrust and the rubber cock was buried inside of me. I wanted it to stay forever. I could already feel a orgasm welling up in me. Suddenly she withdrew the dick completely out of me.

"Nooooooo," I wailed aloud as I tried to get in back inside of me.

Bev slipped out of bed, laughing at my depraved lust. "Now that your wet and horny lets get cleaned up and get out of here. This town is full of pussy and I'll make sure you get your share you slutty bitch."

I waited until Bev got out of the shower before I slipped out of bed. While walking to across the room I suddenly realized the soreness of my anal hole. And as sore as it felt I had a sudden urge to be fucked there again. In fact, it felt like the dildo was still inside me. Without warning, I quickly found out why. I barely made it to the commode before natures call gushed out of me. My anal hole felt so huge, seemingly leaving me with very little control of my bowel movement. Strangely, it was just one more thing that sexually excited me.

By noon we were in to hotel restaurant, eating our daily omelet and sipping on Bloody Marys. I barely touched my food, my pussy, my whole body aching for sexual release.

As we ate Bev continually pointed out women and young girls in the dining room.

"Look over there, to your right," she would say. "See that little blonde. Wouldn't you just love to eat her pussy.'

By the time we left the restaurant my panties were soaking. It was like I was in a sexual trance, my body and mind were on one track and that was gratification. And I knew I would only get there through humiliation.

As we walked through the hotel casino Bev's name was paged over the loud speaker. We immediately went to the front desk to inquire. She had a message to call her husband immediately. I waited while she went to use one of the house phones.

When she returned I could tell she was upset.

"Whats the problem?" I asked hesitantly.

"Bill wants me to come home today. He's got problems at the business that he can't handle. I guess were going to have to cut our vacation short.."

"Well we had 5 days" I said trying to console her disappointment.

"Yeah, your right slut. Lets go pack and get out of here."

As we walked down the long hall to our suite, up ahead a young girl about 19 or 20 came out of a room. Even at a distance I could tell she was a sexy little thing.

As we passed her in the hall Bev stopped for a moment, telling me to go ahead to our room. She said she would be there shortly. I didn't question her. I did as I was told.

About ten minutes later Bev shows up our room with the young girl.

"Julie, this is Melody. I told her you would pay her $50.00 if she let you suck on her socks. I told her there wouldn't be any funny business, that you had this strange fetish about white cotton bobby socks.

I looked down at Melody's feet, her white sox hanging sloppily aound her tanned calves like a young school girl. I didn't know what a fetish was, all I knew is I wanted to suck them.

As we all stood just inside the door of our suite I reached into my handbag, pulled out a $50 and handed it to the girl.

"Go ahead Julie," I heard Bev say to me. "This is what you wanted so get with it."

I knelt down on my knee's and removed one of Melody's tennis shoes. I brought the foot to my mouth, my nostrils filling with the smell of sweet sweat. My lip's wrapped around her toe's, sucking that familiar taste into my mouth.

I don't know how long I had sucked on her foot, long enough to soak her sock in saliva, when I heard her yell.

"None of that...I'm not into that! Take your hands off of me."

As I looked up Bev was holding the girls arms against the wall as she forcefully tried kissing the girl, her tongue flicking around the girl's lips.

Instinctively, my hands slid up the girl's legs finding her pussy. Her panties were damp!! My head immediately disappeared under her little skirt and my lips honed in on her sexy mound.

I licked her through her panties, holding her by her firm, round ass cheeks as she continued to squirm away from Bev.

Suddenly the squirming stopped! Soon I heard nothing but moans. I heard Bev's voice, "Do you like your cunt licked baby?"

"God yessssss, she moaned loudly. Her body, her hips were already thrusting my mouth, fucking my face with abandonment.

I heard Bev walk away, leaving me on my knee's servicing this sweet piece of meat. Soon she was screaming loudly as an intense orgasm swept over her, her pussy weeping out her love juices, coating my mouth and tongue.

No sooner had she cum, realizing what had happened to her, she grabbed her tennis shoe and ran out the door. I was still on my knee's when I felt Bev take a hand full of my hair and pull me abruptly to my feet. She forcibly marched me into the bedroom and ordered me onto the bed on my knee's.

I felt her behind me, the huge dildo head barely touching my asshole. "I took care of you today slut, and when we get home your still going to be my slut, whether you have a husband or not. You understand that don't you?"

I tried to think that all this would be over when the vacation ended but Bev wasn't going to let that happen. As bad as I wanted that huge dildo buried in my ass I now knew whatever I had become was permanent.

"Do you understand?" she repeated.

"Yes Bev, I understand. I'm your slut. Please fuck me. I need it so bad. Fuck me, fuck m asshole, pleaseeee."

I felt the long, thick cock slide into me, so filling, so good. As I thrust back against her, she forced its entire length up into my belly. As the first orgasm shook my body, I was already thinking of the dirty little bathroom at the dirty little gas station we had stopped at on our way to Vegas. We would stop there again... Bev's ass would be so sweaty by then...and what ever else she might need of me...


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