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The Showoff
by Gabriel

My husband has a big family and he's popular with the teens because he's a avid rock climber. He takes them out climbing and they love it. One night, the night before they were to go climbing, he had one of his cousins over so that they could go out the next day early. We happened to be having sex when the knock on the door came because we hadn't expected anyone for several hours, and I jumped up and grabbed the first thing I found which happened to be a pretty short summer dress, to open the door. I had intended to jump in the shower immediately after opening the door, so I didn't bother with panties.

His cousin is 18 years old, so when he showed up with wine coolers I was somewhat surprised. He came in, sat on the sofa and offered us drinks. We chewed him out for drinking and took them away from him, but we decided that at least WE could drink them so we did. I started to get pretty tipsy after my first three and completely forgot about the shower. We sat on the sofa watching TV with hubby's cousin sitting at one end, hubby sitting on the other. The only seat left was between them.

The sofa is pretty large so there was plenty of room between us. I put my feet up almost touching his cousin's feet and laid my head in hubby's lap. I didn't think or even worry about the fact that my short dress was now riding my hips because of the way I was lying down. I completely ignored or forgot the fact that I wasn't wearing panties and that I was displaying myself to hubby's cousin.

I became aware only when hubby's cousin said something to my hubby and turned his head towards us. I saw it in the corner of my eye that his eyes dropped to my exposed pussy and ass, which were blatantly there for him to see. For me it was an instant turn-on. I didn't try to cover up because it would have been weird all evening afterwards, plus I really didn't want to cover up. I was feeling very hot because of it.

I noticed that he shifted himself to face us more, and he kept stealing glances. I also shifted myself inconspicuously by putting one leg a little higher than the other, thus opening myself more. We were like that for about an hour until I made the mistake of feigning sleep. When I did that I tried to turn over by bringing one leg over first then the other. Unfortunately, hubby noticed immediately that my legs were wide open and that I wasn't wearing panties AND his cousin was looking at my pussy, and he quickly covered me up, while apologizing to his cousin and blaming the alcohol.

That's all that happened, but it was enough to get me off for many months to come.


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