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Two Sisters Pt. II
by Michael B.

All the next week I kept rerunning everything that took place the previous Friday. I could not really believe that I had fucked both Caroline and her sister Martha. After all Caroline was married and had two young girls that Martha watched for her during the day. Both sisters had been different in their sexual make up. Caroline was more outgoing and more verbal while Martha was submissive.

I was hard pressed to determine which I thought was the better of the two. Caroline knew I had another date with her sister coming up on Friday night again. I had already made plans for that Saturday to go see my parents but that came to a halt when Caroline asked if we could get together on Saturday at my place. So Caroline and I agreed to meet at a local mall so we would not be discovered.

On Friday night I picked up Martha and we went and had an Italian meal with a bottle of wine. Of course we found our way back at my apartment . As we were sitting on the sofa talking I placed my arm around her and pulled her closer to me and kissed her gently on the lips. She moved closer and responded by easing her tongue into me. Ever so slowly I began caressing her neck and face. I then felt her move her lips to my neck as she moved a hand down to my growing hardness. She undid my pants and reached inside and started feeling and stroking me as she pulled out into the open. I had my head leaning back when I felt her moved her lips over my hardness and started to lick me up and down until she had me buried in her mouth.

She was gently moving her head up and down milking me with her tight lips. I reached out and place a hand under her dress and started rubbing her until I worked a finger into her hot hole. As she continued her actions on me I began to fuck her with my finger. I slowing eased her panties off so I had complete access to her. I then eased my finger back into her and continued my work on her.

I could feel the tension building and began to thrust into that hot mouth of hers feeling it with a load I had been saving up all week. She took it all with no problem and looked up at me and smile. I stood up and lifted her with me. I removed her dress and bra as she undressed me. I then led her into the bedroom. Once there I eased her up against the wall and started kissing her very passionately. I felt her legs open when I moved closer against her. I bend down slightly and eased myself into her hot cunt causing a moan to escape from her lips. As I began moving in and out of her she began to beg me to fuck her harder. I slid a hand down and began working a finger into her ass. That sent her over the edge and she came so hard I thought she would pass out.

I then place her on the bed and moved up against her spoon fashion. I was feeling her tits as I force myself into her asshole. When I did she came alive and began to beg me to fuck her ass good like last week. And I did just that sending a load deep into her bowels. We laid there with my still hard member deep in her tight asshole. I roughly rolled her over onto her stomach and began to pound her ass again until we both came so hard that we were shaking with delight. Afterward we both washed up and sat on the sofa just holding each other and kissing. Until I eased her onto her back and entered her ever so soft and tight pussy and fucked her until we both came crying out each others name. Shortly afterward I drove her home. She thought I was going to see my family the next day little did she know the family I was going to see was her sister.

After a restful night sleep I awoke about 9:00. I was to meet Caroline at 12:00 at the mall and bring her back her. So I took a shower and shaved getting ready for who knew what was going to happen. I got to the mall and found her where we had agreed to meet in front of the theater. We headed out to my truck and headed back to my place. On the way she said Martha had told her that I was a good lover. Caroline said that she wanted to tell that she knew that too but figured she better not. Not far from my apartment she slid over and place her hand on me and began rubbing me through my pants saying that she could not wait for more of what she got before from me.

I let her in first and followed her into the living room and walked up behind her and reached around and squeezed both of her tits at the same time causing a moan escape from her. She began humping back against me as I continued to mal at her tits through her shirt. I turned her around and kissed her hard on the lips and lowered my hands onto that tight little ass of hers. We began undressing each other while still kissing and feeling each other's body. By this time I did not care what I did I grabbed her and threw her over the arm of the sofa and rammed myself right into her sloppy pussy to the hilt.

As I fucked her I reached around and began to pull and twist on her nipples and tits. The more I did that the more she bucked back against me and begging for me to fuck her harder. I looked down and saw her ass checks bouncing against me. I pulled her up into a standing position and began fucking her standing up from behind. Just as I unloaded into her she came so hard her knees gave out on her and I had to hold her up while she calmed down.

We moved into the bed room and laid down just holding each other and kissing for several minutes until I moved us into a 69 position and began lapping at her pussy as she took me into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob to end all blowjobs. As I was eating her I moved my hands over her ass rubbing it and feeling real good. I eased a finger into her pussy and began to fuck her with it while I ate her out. I pulled it out and moved over her anus just circling it ever so slowing.

I moved it back in her pussy and moved it back to her ass several times before I began to slowly ease it into her tight little hole. She pulled her mouth off my dick and said she had never taken a dick up her ass before. I told her to just relax and let me get her ready. I slowly eased another finger into that virgin asshole and she let a moan and told me that my fingers felt good there. I kept working on her ass until she was rocking back on to my fingers. I reached over and grabbed the jar I had there and began to coat her asshole on the outside and the inside with my fingers. As I did she kept sawing how good it felt. I eased a third finger into her and a loader moan came from her lips. I moved her into position with her head resting on a pillow and coated my dick with the lubricant and placed the head of my cock at her tightest of holes.

I felt her tense up and I reached around and began to rub her pussy. Soon she was rocking her ass back at me as I played with her clit. With a push I felt the head of my cock enter her anus. As it popped in a moan came from her. I stopped for a moment until she moved herself back onto me. I pushed some more and another inch or two enter her. Man was she tight back there. I stopped again letting her get adjusted to the feel.

As she relaxed more and more I was able to get more into her and felt her easing herself back onto me. I took it slow not wanting to hurt her. I gently eased myself in and out until her hole began to loosen slightly for me. As I began getting more and more into her ass she began moaning loader and telling me how good it felt for me to be in her asshole and that I could fuck her ass any time I wanted. That set me off and I started really giving to her now. As I fucked her ass she bucked back and just moaned and pledged herself to me. Finally I felt her ass tighten around me tighter as she had her first anal orgasm , that was all I needed to send me shooting a load into her ass. As I held her in my arms she told me that she had never felt anything that good before in her life.

We rested for a while until she started playing with me and I moved a hand down to stroke her clit. As we played with each other she made it plain to me what she wanted. She wanted to have me in her ass again. I turned over brought her ass up into the air and parted her cheeks and entered her ass with less resistance than before. Caroline began begging me to fuck her ass harder and make her come like before. I reached under her and began pulling onto her nipples making her scream into a pillow she had her head on. I pounded into her so hard her tit's were bouncing back and force with the force of my thrust's. Just as I came up her ass again she cried out too and we collapsed in a heap.

After cleaning up we both had a beer to relax with on the sofa. Caroline was nursing hers while I finished mine and moved down between her legs and started eating her pussy. I licked up and down at first then I snaked my tongue into her and was greeted with a moan from her. "Oh that feel's so good", she said. I ate her until she began to trembling and came so hard she dropped the can of beer she was holding in her hand. I looked up and saw a smile come onto her face as she saw me between her legs. I pulled her down on to the floor and turned her around bent her over the front of the sofa and entered her cunt with so hard that she cried out. I fucked her pussy until we both came and just stayed joined together until I softened and popped out of her.

By this time it was nearly 5:00 and she need to be headed back home. We dressed and I drove her back to the mall so she could head home. As she got out she leaned over and said she could not wait until the next time we could get together and kissed me.

Over the next few weeks it became a ritual of Martha one night and Caroling the next day. Then a weekend came that changed everything. More about that later.


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