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The Steam Room
by Mhaile

Every once in a while a bead of moisture would trickle down Maddy's ribs, along the nape of her neck, drip down the contours of her smooth legs. She was happy she had chosen a morning workout at the gym and a visit to the large steam bath instead of going on the waterfront tour taken by most of the other women at the convention. The hotel's gym and spa seemed a much more indulgent option. In about an hour she would have to find the energy to go for the massage she had booked to finish off the morning with.

For now she was content to lay naked on a slab of groomed slate. The steam room seemed hewn from the black rock, as if she was enclosed in a cavern deep in a mountain. The only illumination came from a distant skylight above. Maddy liked how the rock, darkened by the wetness of the steamy air, made her skin look almost white in contrast... almost more naked than usual somehow. Before lying down she had leaned against the wall and watched droplets of condensed water trickle down her belly and seep between her shapely thighs, tickling the sensitive skin on either side of her pussy lips. Watching the water drip from her soft, white skin to the hard, ebony surface was making her inner moisture collect and seep as well. Alone in the cavernous room, she was tempted to let her fingers play, but was aware someone could walk in at any time.

She chose to lay down for a warm, wet snooze instead, rolling up her soggy towel and placing it under her head for a pillow. At least there was no need for modesty, she thought, sweeping her dark, wet hair back against her scalp. Feeling the strength of the smooth, wet rock against her bare flesh was sexy enough. It was like being cradled in a big, warm, wet cocoon. Content, she drifted off into a light sleep.

Was it a noise that caused her to open her eyes? Maddy wasn't sure, but she sensed that she was no longer alone. Keeping still, she peered through the steamy air with discreetly narrowed eyes, not wanting to disturb her peace by acknowledging another person's presence.

Her heart leapt when she discovered the invader. A young woman was sitting right beside her feet, close enough to touch her. Similar to Maddy in size, she was petite and slim yet softly contoured... with pale, almost alabaster skin, decorated with a few freckles here and there. Her shoulder-length light brown hair, wet from the steam, was swept back behind her ears. She leaned casually against the slate wall with one her legs drawn up, head back, eyes closed, as if she was not aware of Maddy at all.

Maddy's discreet gaze was drawn to the girl's breasts, nicely proportioned for her slim frame. Each breast curved gently to a prominent apex, adorned by a light pink, almost translucent, little nipple. Underneath they settled full and round, projecting nicely from her ribs. Amazingly perky for breasts so wonderfully natural, Maddy thought dreamily.

How Maddy had yearned for breasts like that when she was younger. Her undersized chest had once been the source of much self doubt and feelings of inferiority. Eventually she had come to realize that breast size was not important. She now accepted her shape, had learned to delight in the sensitivity of her nipples, made more prominent by the lack of soft tissue surrounding them, and in her lean, yet curvy, muscular frame.

Still it didn't stop her from admiring a woman who was nicely endowed. If Maddy was given a chance to go back for a refit, she would definitely order a pair like this pretty girl's. Although she had only confessed it to a couple of people, she had long had the urge to caress and fondle breasts just like these, feel their softness rub against her skin. She had actually imagined touching more than breasts... and being touched... here and there... as well. Despite the heat of the steam room, Maddy felt a surge of warmth ripple through her groin.

She closed her eyes, suddenly aroused, feeling exposed, realizing the girl had a complete view of her naked body if she chose to look. Maddy's arms and legs lay relaxed on the rock surface, so not much detail was hidden from the girl's gaze. Perhaps she has already looked me over! The thought was strangely embarrassing and tantalizing at the same time. It was her choice to sit there, Maddy reasoned, so let her look if she wants.

Maddy took another peak. The girl still had her eyes closed. Then a dare came to mind, which is usually trouble because Maddy knew she could not resist a dare, especially her own. Keeping her eyes closed as if asleep, Maddy shifted slightly, spreading her legs apart. Now there was nothing left to the girl's imagination.

She lay still, willing herself to keep her eyes closed, not sure what she was waiting for. She enjoyed the arousal the situation generated, however. She could feel her nipples begin to swell, tingling as they stiffened in the moist air. She imagined the girl was watching them grow. She imagined the girl licking her lips as she admired Maddy's pussy lips and her short, trimmed pubic hair. Perhaps she can see my own dew gathering, thought Maddy, reveling in the wonderful, wet, oozy feeling building inside her.

She didn't really expect anything to happen, so when she felt the smooth fingers land on her foot her body recoiled inside! It was a delightfully soft caress, tracing up over her ankle bones and onto the inside of her calf. Somehow Maddy kept still despite the initial shock. Omigod, she's touching me, Maddy's mind exclaimed, and she's not stopping! Indeed, encouraged by Maddy's seeming acceptance, the girl's hand slid up onto Maddy's knee then skipped to her other leg and traced a similar path down.

Maddy held her breath, eyes tightly shut, as the hand left her. There was a brief sound of movement and then her left foot was cradled by a pair of soft hands and lifted from the rock. Two sets of fingers, alternately holding and caressing, leisurely explored the shape of her heel, the sole of her foot, her toes, gently kneading as they moved from one spot to another. The warmth of the wet fingertips gliding over her wet, tickly skin sent rivers of joy up Maddy's leg. Mmm... fuck that feels good! I guess I get my massage a little early, she thought, happy to surrender to the girl's caresses.

A hand slid up her smooth calf muscle, raising her leg as it moved. The other hand cradled her ankle, elevating her foot. Suddenly the sole of her foot came into contact with the most heavenly soft flesh she had ever felt. The girl's breast! She's caressing my foot with her breast! The girl stroked the tip of her stiffening nipple down the length of Maddy's sole then slid her pillowy softness along Maddy's instep, over her toes, down the outside of her foot. Maddy was finding it hard to breathe. If the girl's aim was to make her hopelessly aroused she was succeeding. Warm and yummy before, Maddy's pussy now began to ache with desire.

The girl continued the breast caress until her nipple grew fully erect, tickling Maddy's toes with its stiffness. Oh God I'd like to nibble on that little bud, thought Maddy desperately, sucking in a breath. Her other foot was next, receiving the same gentle finger massage and then being treated to the softness of the girl's other breast. There was no rush to the girl's movements. It was as if she had read Maddy's mind, knowing she liked to be teased into slow surrender.

There was more movement as her foot was placed back on the rock. A moment later soft lips kissed her gently above one knee and then the other. Maddy moaned out loud as the lips kissed a little further up her thighs. Surely this is a dream! It can't be real! Maddy's mind struggled to grasp what was happening. But the white-hot glow in her groin felt real enough... and was growing hotter as the girl kissed her way up Maddy's legs!

Maddy didn't have to open her eyes to know the girl was moving over her. She was about to peek, fascinated by the thought of the girl's breasts hovering above her, when the girl lowered herself, deliberately gliding her soft globes up Maddy's thighs. Maddy moaned at this new breast caress, wet skin sliding over wet skin. Again and again the exquisite sensation teased Maddy's legs, nipples catching and rubbing their way up and down as the girl slowly moved higher and higher over her.

Maddy gasped in new delight as the girl suddenly placed one of her soft breasts against her pussy, teasing her labia ever so briefly with her nipple. The thrill of it made Maddy jump. She shifted her legs wider, arching her pelvis, willingly inviting more... but the girl had moved on.

A soft kiss landed just above Maddy's belly button, then another and another, working upwards. When the girl suddenly suckled Maddy's right nipple into her mouth, a long and deep-throated "Ohhhhhhh" squeezed from the depths of Maddy's arching body, her mouth wide open. The pleasure of the delicate suction burned into Maddy's chest, taking her breath away. She could no longer keep her hands still. Reaching up she slid her hands down the girl's slim back, around her narrow waist and up her ribs. Just as the girl's tongue found her other nipple, Maddy's hands found their target.

The girl's breasts hung soft and round above her. She traced their delightful fullness with her palms, tested their weight, lifting and gently squeezing. Egged on by Maddy's touch, the girl's tongue lashed at the nipple imprisoned between her lips, sending electric-like jolts that made Maddy's pussy nerves tingle. Maddy's fingers found the girl's nipples, marveled at their firm shape and tweaked them gently in reply.

Feeling the girl's swollen buds between her fingers made Maddy hungry to sample them. The girl responded instinctively to her desire, rising and moving further over her. Maddy opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of the most succulent pale pink nipple she thought she had ever seen, dangling like ripened fruit above her mouth. The girl let out a soft sigh and then moaned as Maddy drew the stiff pink bud between her lips. She could have died happy at that moment. What delight to feast upon such a soft, quivering breast... such a delicacy! First one sensitive peak in her mouth, then the other, and back again. She was intoxicated by the slowness and leisure of this discovery, reveling in each unrushed mouthful... in each wet kiss.

The girl found Maddy's hands and one-by-one pinned them gently against the black rock above her head. There was a soft "pop" sound as she pulled her nipple free from the wet suction of Maddy's busy mouth. For the first time they made eye contact. The girl's dreamy gaze penetrated to the depths of Maddy's desire. She lowered her face and gave Maddy's lips a light, quick lick then pulled up slightly and smiled... a warm, friendly smile. The girl had beautiful, light pink, lips, the color of her nipples... and gorgeous teeth, even and bright white, like a row of pearls. Even more stunning was her long, graceful neck... a feature that immediately gave Maddy a vampire-like urge.

The girl lowered herself, allowing her nipples to momentarily tease Maddy's nipples, then laid full against her, softly suckling and kissing Maddy's neck, as if knowing that's what Maddy wanted to do to her. Oh, what heaven, Maddy's mind cried. The girl's smooth body settled against hers, legs against legs, belly against belly, breasts against breasts. "Oh God," Maddy sighed out loud, when the girl's mouth found the other side of her neck, causing warm internal shivers.

Thankfully the girl released her hands. Their bodies quickly became a symphony of wet, slippery movement, skin sliding over skin, fingers exploring, caressing moist curves and hollows, hungry for more. Maddy's lips took their turn on the girl's slender neck, her tongue tracing the curve up to her chin, her kisses eliciting moans from the girl's delicate throat.

The girl moved her head back down to Maddy's breasts, suckling her tingling nipples once more. Maddy entwined her fingers in the girl's wet hair, holding her lips to her chest, groaning and arching in delight, wrapping her legs around the girl's waist.

It was then Maddy saw him. Omigod! When had he come in!! Across the room, through the steamy air, sat a man... a tall, dark-haired naked man! He was sitting on the edge of rocky shelf opposite them, openly watching their entire performance.

With some alarm, Maddy realized it was the man who had been working behind the counter when she came in. She remembered admiring his well-cut physique. He had the tell-tale smooth, muscular arms and legs and all-over tan of a body builder. She had particularly noticed his teeth, beautifully even, with incisors that jutted forward just a bit, good for nibbling, and extremely kissable. She had imagined running the tip of her tongue over his sexy pearly-whites. He was a fine male specimen.

Here in the steam room her focus was on another feature, however. Clearly turned on by what he was watching, the man's beautifully circumcised cock stood fully erect between his open thighs. His balls hung below his impressive phallus, in full dangle-mode from the heat, two large, juicy orbs nicely outlined in his stretched, hairless sack. The small thatch of pubic hair at the base of his cock had clearly been trimmed. What a mouthwatering sight, thought Maddy.

Already madly aroused by the naked frolic with the girl, Maddy was not sure she could get more turned on. But when the man casually gripped his cock in his hand and began slowly milking his wet shaft in appreciation, she experienced new heights of desire. He's masturbating while he watches us, she thought in heavenly amazement! I guess he doesn't mind what we are doing! The thought of the man's milky cum spurting out as a result of their girl-on-girl union fanned Maddy's sexual fire.

Deciding it was her turn to be on top, Maddy lifted and rotated. The girl instinctively understood and moved onto her back, relaxing her pale body against the plateau of black rock. Purposefully, Maddy slipped her feet onto the stone floor, standing but maintaining her constant caresses, moving to face away from the male intruder, bending over the girl, intentionally giving the man a clear view of her ass from behind.

Maddy's eyes took quick inventory of the girl's stretched out body. She could only wonder at the joy of having breasts that kept such perfect, soft form even when the owner was laid out. She let her fingers trail lightly from the girl's slender neck between these lovely peaks, admiring the girl's firm belly, her belly button. Maddy followed her fingers with her eyes, discovering a small thatch of trimmed curls perched above beautifully pouty, smooth-shaven pussy lips. Maddy felt a thrill inside as her fingertips danced through the short, soft hairs... golden brown against the girl's white skin. The girl gasped when Maddy brushed her fingers down her pussy lips, which glistened tender pink where the hood of her clitoris peeked out.

Maddy gently parted the girl's legs, caressing the insides of her firm thighs. There was no resistance. The girl willingly opened herself up, pussy lips parting, inviting attention.

Not just yet, thought Maddy. There was a method to her madness. She took the girl's hand and placed it on the inside of her own thigh, encouraging the girl to caress her there. The girl gladly accommodated, sliding her palm lightly over her skin, up and down. Each time her hand moved up Maddy's slender thigh it rose higher, getting teasingly closer to the apex, building Maddy's anticipation. Maddy knew the man across the room had a complete view of this. He could see the girl's hand sliding up and down one thigh and then the other... sliding up towards her pussy lips. Maddy wanted the man to see the girl touch her there.

Her body jumped when the girl's fingers finally made soft contact. Moaning with delight, Maddy returned the favor, stroking her smooth-shaven labia, then dipping her fingertips gently into the girl's open well of pleasure. My God how slippery she is, marveled Maddy, knowing her pussy must be equally wet. The girl was investigating at that moment. Her fingers parted Maddy's warm, wet lips, circled her slick opening gently and then glided up over her clit.

A loud "Oh!" escaped Maddy's throat at this intimate touch, an oozy, weak feeling sweeping down her legs and up into her groin. Her own fingers delicately explored the girl's moist silky seam, momentarily teasing her hardened, swollen nub. "Uuuhhhmmm..." the girl grunted, arching at the sensation.

They openly caressed each other's pussies. Maddy was amazed at the gentleness of the girl's touch, how her fingertips seemed to know where to go... how to tease her perfectly. It was the girl's turn to gasp as Maddy slid a finger into her opening, shallow at first then deeper, exploring the folds, the rippled inner surface, the quivering internal muscles, the intense heat of the girl's slippery hole. She was fascinated by the sight of her finger, then two fingers... slowly disappearing into the girl's dripping well.

Maddy groaned deeply and her eyes fluttered shut as the girl replied in kind, inserting two fingers slowly and easily up into her pussy, prying gently inside her, sliding in and out. Oh God, yes, that's it, yes, yes, yes! Maddy knew the man must be watching this... the girl's fingers slowly fucking her in full view from behind... and that the sight of it would drive him insane with lust. Try not to come now, Mr. Perfect Cock! Don't you wish her fingers were your cock? Oh fuck that feels good!

With one hand braced beside the girl's head, Maddy lowered herself and kissed the girl full on the lips. Their kiss was hungry, tongues swirling, playing, licking teeth that nibbled back, aggressive yet tender at the same time. The intimacy of the moment left Maddy breathless... a passionate kiss with this fantasy woman... while shamelessly finger-fucking each other, teasing each other's clits, hopelessly headed for mutual orgasmic union. Maddy could feel it coming. The girl was now firmly strumming a fingertip over her bud, as if to make it happen, and the muscles Maddy's groin and legs began to lock. With a loud gasp Maddy broke their embrace, rose up and pulled away.

Not yet! Not yet! Maddy gasped for air, her pussy aching and clutching in pleasure, fighting against the point of no return.

She climbed onto the rock shelf over the girl, facing the girl's feet, straddling her head with her knees, then laid down against her, her pussy several inches from the girl's face. For the next few minutes they were fused in naked embrace, kissing each other's smooth legs, rolling one way and then the other, rubbing breasts and nipples against each other's skin, hands stroking and caressing and seeking, relishing the slow journey to climax. Maddy, consumed by the building pleasure, had no idea if the man was still watching or even still there, nor did she care at this moment.

Eventually their kisses found each other's little thatch of pubic hair. Maddy could stand it no longer. She rose up onto her knees, positioning her pussy above the girl's head, poising her mouth over the girl's wet crescent. It was time to taste her, to drive her mad. With a quick movement her tongue licked down into the girl's seam, over her clit, sampling her salty juices. The girl cried out, muffling her cry by raising her head and plunging her face into Maddy's pussy, tongue slithering into Maddy's hole, hands clutching her ass. It was the last rational memory Maddy had. She was vaguely aware of reaching back to tease the girl's breasts and nipples as she licked and swirled and sucked and fucked the girl's pussy with her lips and tongue.

Maddy willed herself to maintain her attentions, but it was extremely difficult. The girl's lapping was ripping her in half... the girl's tongue a hot knife of pleasure cutting into the deepest parts of her. It was probably when the girl sucked Maddy's clit into her mouth, like sucking a ripe cherry off a stem, that she lost all touch with reality. She did not hear the girl grunt, nor feel the muscles in the girl's legs seize as she reached her own peak. Maddy was gone, exploding, disintegrating, splitting into pieces... coming into the girl's mouth... the girl coming violently into hers.

There was a hard-breathing, wet pause after their shudders and groans waned, bodies immobilized by the joy of their mutual delight. In post-orgasmic haze, Maddy felt as if her whole body had come, the room's condensation mixing with her sweat, oozing and dripping from her head, her nipples, her back, her legs.

She had almost found the energy to move when two large hands gripped her hips. What!? From behind! She had just enough time to glance back and discover the dark-haired man kneeling behind her before she felt his cock nudge and then push between her pussy lips. Her sopping wet hole offered no resistance to his fat probe, which slid inside her ever so slowly... as if the man was relishing the sight of it entering her. Oh fuck, more exquisite joy! The sensation of that circumcised dick entering her, filling her, spreading her!

The man grunted as he began to fuck her, picking up the pace with each thrust. Fresh moans erupted from Maddy's throat. She glanced between her legs, watched the girl raise her head and begin to lick the man's balls each time he bottomed out. At the same time she pressed a finger up to Maddy's post-orgasm-tenderized nub, teasing it as the man's cock slid past. It was too much. Maddy fluttered off into paradise again... and again...


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