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Tribute to a BBW
by BulgyLover

A Big Beautiful Woman who said Yes.

The best sex I have ever had was with a woman you would probably describe as overweight, or to put it more bluntly, fat. She was five years younger than me and at 22 years old she weighed 5 stone more than I did. She was comfortable with her weight though; she wasn't one of those pathetic women who whinge and whine about their being overweight but fail to do anything about it. No, she was fat, and happy with it.

She had a relaxed manner that transferred over into her sex life. Nothing shocked her or caused her to shrink back. I suppose the one thing that stood out above all else was the fact that she always said yes. Looking back, I didn't take advantage of that fact as much as I could have. Oh, to have that time over again! I would do more, and get her to do more of the dirty sex things that she loved so much. She would have said yes to anything. She loved all kinds of sex. She gave great head and loved anal. She was receptive and co-operative. I happily fucked her face, her tits, her cunt and her arse for the best part of a year before we parted and went our separate ways.

I met her at a party and we were pushed together by one of her friends. Actually, her friend pushed me from behind straight into her arms and as I cushioned against her big, warm body she didn't push me away but rather encompassed me in her arms. We began kissing before we had even said hello and that was the start of our intense sexual relationship. She would often lead in our lovemaking.

When we were sixty-nining she would wrap my own hand around my cock which was buried in her mouth, and holding my wrist she would use my hand to wank my cock into her mouth. It was her message to me that she wanted me to wank off into her mouth and all over her face. I frequently did. She knew I liked to see my spunk go into her mouth and as I reached the vinegar strokes (by this time I was doing the wanking with her hanging onto my wrist) she would open her mouth wide and push out her tongue. I would pull back slightly and look down to watch my sperm squirt into her mouth and over her lips and face.

Other times, perhaps when she was lost in her own orgasm from my frenzied licking of her cunt and clit, she would keep my cock deep in her mouth when I came. After we had both calmed down, she would turn round so she could bring her face near mine and open her mouth to show me my sperm pooled on her tongue. With a most horny look on her face she would keep her mouth open while she rolled my spunk around in her mouth and then deliberately, and with clear enjoyment, swallow it all. She knew I loved that. Anal sex was something we enjoyed regularly. Usually I would let her know that I wanted it by nuzzling up to her back and slowly sliding down, licking a long line down her back until I reached her big white buttocks.

Parting them with my hands I would bury my tongue in her crinkled, brown anus, getting it really wet with my saliva. When I came back up behind her, she knew what I wanted and would reach behind herself to grip my cock and direct it to her back door entrance. She took my cock in her rear without complaint and while I was busy fucking into her from behind, she would be busy with both her hands. One vigourously fingering her clit and the other reaching between her legs to cup my balls.

We would work hard to try and cum together, we usually succeeded. She would call out "Yes!" "Yes!" getting louder and more insistent as she approached her own self-induced climax. This was the signal for me to let go into her rear, and I did, enjoying emptying my balls deep into her bowels. Usually, when we made love more conventionally, it was with her lying on her back and me lying beside her, fucking into her cunt from the side with our legs entwined. Again, in this position, she kept busy with her hands, playing with herself and pushing one finger into my own rear orifice to heighten my pleasure.

I could see her large, globular tits bouncing as I fucked into her, and would push hard against her beautiful big buttocks as we came together. Ah, the fun we had. I have a particularly fond memory of her lying on her back, pushing her big tits together and saying "Come on then, fuck my big tits for me." I almost creamed just from hearing the words. She pushed her tits together as I fucked away between her tits with enthusiasm.

Again, she called out "Yes!" "Yes!" purely to encourage me in my efforts. And encourage me it did, I came in long squirts over her neck, chin, and face. She licked what sperm she could reach as she pushed her tits together around my now sticky, wet cock, and asked me "Did you enjoy that then?" She knew I did.

I could go on, repeating incidents of her willingness to please and her acceptance of her own and my sexual desires, but really, it is enough now to say that she was the best and the biggest woman I have ever had.


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