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The Torment Part I
by Douwonder2

She woke up slowly, dreamily, in her favorite position. Belly down, face snuggled into the pillow, she could feel the warmth of the sunlight streaming through the window caressing her bare skin. The wetness between her thighs reminded her of the incredible dream she'd had... of Him, as always. As she became more alert, she started to stretch... which is when she began to realize that this wasn't an ordinary morning. Feeling the resistance in her arms and legs, her eyes flew open, only to meet an unnatural darkness.

As panic began to set in, she heard a deep, low chuckle from beyond the foot of the bed. "So, my little one, you are finally awake. Good, because I have many things planned for you this morning," said the well-known voice. A shiver wracked her body, bringing goosebumps to her exposed flesh. Over the course of their relationship they had discussed many things, including some of her darkest desires, but she had never believed that he would follow through on them. She was about to find out just how badly she had misjudged him!

Surreptitiously, she attempted to test the bonds holding her. "Now, now my dear. We'll have none of that. I tied those knots myself and you will be freed when I say so, not before." She opened her mouth to question him, but quickly he shushed her. "You may not speak or ask me any questions. Just follow my directions and you will be fine." The blindfold seemed to make her hearing more acute and she could hear his weight shift before he took the steps that brought him closer to her. She felt him stroke her skin lightly with his fingers, beginning with her hands, bound above her head to the headboard. Running them down the length of her arms, he detoured up to tickle her ear and caress that special spot on her neck.

He murmured appreciatively as her body began to quiver and moved on to cup the delicate undersides of her breasts. Working his hands beneath her, he was pleased to feel her nipples harden at his touch. Leaning closer, she could feel his breath against the back of her neck as he twisted and pinched her sensitive nipples, causing her to gasp in a combination of pain and pleasure. Again he chuckled, "You seem to be getting excited, but I've only just begun." With that, he ran his hands quickly down her sides, causing her to jump as much as her bonds would allow.

He continued on, firmly massaging the backs of her thighs and calves, tracing his finger along the sensitive arch of her foot, tickling her. As she squirmed in reaction, he grasped her hips, firmly pulling them up and forward, using the slight bit of slack left in the ropes around her ankles. Tucking the extra pillow beneath her, she could feel her legs spreading further apart, exposing all her attributes to his view. He playfully gave her elevated rump a smart slap. "There, I think you'll be comfortable like this... I know I will be!"

Stepping away from the bed, she could hear him moving about the room opening drawers and rustling paper. Wrappings, bags, she couldn't tell. She could feel him placing objects on the bed near her. The darkness was creating a special form of anticipation. Her imagination was racing and her breath was coming quicker. As if sensing her rising excitement, he became suddenly still. She strained to hear him, to detect some sound of what was coming next.

Her first hint was an odd whistle, followed by a sharp crack on her firm white bottom. The pain quickly followed and she gasped from the shock of it. She could feel long, soft strands trailing sinuously over the curves of her ass and then another quick crack. This time, a moan escaped her, but whether of pain or desire, even she was not sure. Twice, three times the flogger fell again and then she felt the warmth of his hand caressing her abused rear.

"You did well, little one. Your ass is a beautiful shade of red and your pussy is dripping." This last in a pleased tone, as his hand slipped between her legs to feel the warmth of her drenched pussy, throbbing with excitement for him. This time the moan was definitely one of desire as he flicked her engorged clit and slipped his fingers deep inside her. Trembling, her body strained against her bonds, trying to arch against his hand and find the release he was building to a fever pitch. Just as she was almost there, he moved his hand away and began kneading her still-sensitive backside.

The bed dipped, indicating that he had joined her there and then she heard a faint hum. Her eyes widened behind the blindfold as she realized what the sound meant. She had never used a vibrator before, but had a feeling she was soon going to learn whether she wanted to or not. She felt him run the tool across her sensitive skin... along her sides, across her back, over her arching butt. She felt him take a deep, involuntary breath as he spread her buttocks and ran the vibrating wand down the cleft, hesitating momentarily at the tiny puckered hole and laughing as she tried unsuccessfully to wriggle away from him. He soon moved down to her wet snatch and maneuvered the vibe so it rested against her tingling clit.

Then he leaned down and began licking and sucking her in long, slow swipes of his skillful tongue. Not satisfied with the near-orgasmic reactions this was causing, he moved up to tongue her darker hole and randomly nip her round butt. The unexpectedness of these actions caused her to buck and squirm, writhing against the ropes holding her firmly in place. By now she was gasping for breath, moaning and sobbing for a release which he had not yet allowed her. Setting the vibrator to a lower hum, she felt him running it through the juices soaking her and then slowly, teasingly, he began to insert it into her waiting hole. With the direct stimulation gone from her clit, the fullness in her pussy had her feeling as if she was on the very edge of a screaming, mind-ripping orgasm. But, much as she tried, she could not attain that feeling of nirvana.

She felt him shift on the bed and opened her mouth to beg for her release, only to find that he had anticipated her reaction and his thick, stiff cock was waiting at her lips. She could taste the precum on the tip of his rigid member as he thrust it deep into her mouth. His own control was beginning to slip as she heard him growl, "Suck it, bitch. You know you like it deep inside your throat."

He began to slowly fuck her face, holding her head between his hands and driving himself deeper and deeper into her throat. She opened her mouth wider to take him in and relaxed her throat muscles to avoid choking. Soon he was rapidly sliding in and out of her mouth, her nose buried in the hair on his groin, his balls slapping against her chin. Her tongue lapped at the shaft and gently circled his sensitive head, while she applied suction using her cheeks and throat muscles.

He reached down and began pinching her breasts, then she felt something cold and hard grab her in a tight grip. He had placed clamps on both her nipples! He slowed his movements and allowed her a moment to become accustomed to them. Then, with renewed vigor, he began pounding his cock into her mouth, while tugging on the clamps.

The combined sensations of the low speed vibrator and the pain/pleasure centered in her tits began to send her over the edge. Growling and whimpering deep in her throat, the sounds were muffled by his huge rod, but the vibrations were felt by him and only served to increase his excitement. Quickly, he withdrew, leaving her still unsatisfied, twisting in her bonds with unfulfilled frustration.

"Oh no, my dear. We aren't going to be finished this quickly. There is so much more I want to do with you." She knew the torment was just beginning...


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