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Through The Keyhole
by BroDoSis

I'm a twenty-four-year-old grad student and my sister Rose is just over 18. We both live at home with mom and stepdad in a really big and really old 2-family house. Rose and I share the upstairs unit which consists of 2 bedrooms, a living room area and a full kitchen and bath. There's a 2nd doorway between Rose's room and the bath. It's a door we never actually use; in fact it was painted shut long before either of us were even born. The door itself is original to the house, with an antique glass doorknob and big old keyhole. Thank god it never occurred to my sister to cover up that keyhole...

About three years ago, my stepdad evicted the tenants they rented the upstairs apartment to so I might have 'a place of my own' to live after college. Well, that place of my own never came to be; my little sister Rose had campaigned fiercely for half the space and beat my parents down. I didn't have too much of a problem with it; Rose and I got along really well and had lived together growing up, so...we laid down some ground rules when I moved back home and we've shared the place ever since.

I never noticed the keyhole in the door between her room and the bathroom; I wasn't living at home when my dad had the upstairs renovated or when Rose moved her stuff up.

She had a big queen bed with a large wooden headboard that almost hid the fact that there was a door there at all. The bathroom side of the door always had bathrobes, towels, etc hanging on clothes hooks that covered the doorknob (yeah, sharing a bathroom with my sister was sometimes a bit of a drag); I guess I knew it was there but it never really registered. Until one day she asked me to help re-arrange the furniture in her room. I bitched and moaned about it but really I was happy to help. We moved her bed up against the opposite wall from where it used to be; there was the door! Still, I really didn't give it a second thought. I hung up a full length mirror on it for her; she said the door looked stupid there, and the mirror mostly hid the door for a second time. But not that keyhole.

Just a few nights after that, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I opened the bathroom door and before I could flip on the light switch I noticed a laser-thin beam of light entering the darkened bathroom from the other bathroom door--from my sister's room. I stopped dead in my tracks. Hey...I thought to myself. I wonder...I left the light off and walked over to the keyhole. Bending down, I placed my eye directly over the small opening. I felt a shock of devilish delight as I scanned the entirety of my sister's bed, directly facing me across the room. Rosie wasn't in it, but I could see all four corners, all of her stuffed animals and the end table in the corner.

Wicked thoughts entered my head and I found myself squeezing my dick through the towel I was wearing. 'C'mon, Pete; you wouldn't peep in on your own sister, would you?' I asked myself. 'You know Pete,' I replied, 'I think I just might!' Before I could continue with this inner debate, Rose crossed in front of the mirror and quickly out of sight again. My heart stopped and I couldn't breathe. Then, once again, she entered my line of sight. Well, the inner debate was over. The verdict was in: I was peeping on my sister!

No question: Rosie was a hottie. She was wearing white cotton panties, a white tank top and was clearly bra-less. That had never been a big deal; her generous 36-C boobs were something I always teased her about when we were younger, but I saw her in extra-casual mode around the place all the time so seeing her bra-less was nothing new. But there was something about seeing her this way, through the keyhole...I couldn't take my eyes off of her gorgeous cans. She grabbed a hair brush from her make up table and began brushing out her long blonde-ish hair in the mirror I had hung on the door. I was terrified that I might be found out...she was about 5 feet away! She would see me staring! She would know! But no. She had no clue. She just kept brushing her hair with a distant look on her face.

When she gathered her hair back to pin it up for the night, it looked as though her tits were just inches in front of my face. After years of keeping my brotherly cool, the man in me could finally stare right at those beauties and not catch hell. My hand went for my cock again. I looked down across her flat, tanned teen-aged stomach and found a new sight to obsess on: the panties that covered her pretty little cunt They looked so soft and clean and barely concealed the treasure within. I could make out the shape of her pussy lips and her inner thighs were flawless. When she sat down on the edge of her bed to click on the tv, I watched her titties jiggle and continued jerking my cock. She spun around and sat cross legged on her bed facing the television, and I scanned her long, lean, 18 year-old legs as they passed my view. She was completely oblivious to the fact that someone was watching her every move. I was furiously working my dick. WOW, I thought. What have you stumbled across here, dude! I turned on the shower and got in. Jerking off furiously, I tried for a second to think of anything other than my sister's beautiful tits, luscious legs and the crotch of those panties. I failed and went with it.

In the months that followed, I found my self slowly and subtly changing my schedule so that I might be in the bathroom when Rose was in her bedroom, wether early in the morning or later at night; even during the day if she were just hanging out. I had to be careful, though--this was a goldmine I did not want to ruin. I suppose I felt guilty about it from time to time when thinking about it too much, but the intense boners I got when gazing through that keyhole erased all sense of shame from my mind.

Most of the time I saw nothing much--Rosie sleeping, completely obscured by blankets; Rosie talking on the phone with her new boyfriend Kevin; Rosie watching TV or doing homework. But I got a charge out of these harmless scenes, too. My sister's body continued to invade my thoughts. I wasn't dating anyone and found that whenever I masturbated, the fantasy woman was always her. I tried to think of former conquests, but I couldn't. In my dreams it was Rose fucking me. Rose sucking me. Rose beating me off. It got slightly difficult just to interact with her at home as we normally would; memories of the secret forbidden shows played over and over in my mind. It would soon get worse.

Many more sneak-peeks sessions came and went; still most of them consisted of really mundane scenes of TV watching, homework, or an empty bed. But I was obsessed. My first big treat came in the second month. One Friday night, my parents were out of town, and I was going out with some friends. Rosie had invited Kevin over to watch a movie. She asked me when I might be getting home, and I was no fool; I knew that that meant there might be a little hanky panky going on that night. This was too good an opportunity to miss. I checked out with my friends a little early and headed home.

As I crept into our apartment, the tv in the living room was all snow; I saw a half eaten bowl of chips on the couch, some empty beer bottles, a plastic rental-video box...and one of Rose's blouses was on the floor. Jackpot! I pounced into the bathroom. Looking through the hole, I couldn't believe my eyes. There, right before my eyes, were Rose and Kevin, petting like mad! Her stereo was on and I couldn't hear the two of them but they were really going at it. Rose's bra was hanging off one shoulder, one soft round tit clenched in Kevin's hand. He was sucking hard on her nipple; her eyes were closed and head tilted back. With her left hand, Rose was jerking Kevin off; his pants were pushed down to about his knees and he was hard as a rock. He was pressing into the crotch of Rose's still-buttoned jeans with his free hand.

Now I knew that my sister wasn't a virgin; in fact I had to help her out of a jam with an ex a year before and she confided in me about the entire relationship. But the fact that she was really enjoying this, her hand stroking up and down on this kid's surprisingly big cock really kind of shocked me. And turned me on. The look of animal, sexual need on her face was intense. And I finally got to see her perfect pair of tits naked and aroused. Watching her beat this guy's meat as if her life depended on it was just killing me. I knew I would be using this memory for my own jerk-off fantasies regularly. But in my mind, the dick she would be pumping would be mine.

Suddenly Kevin got all stiff; he released Rose's nipple from his mouth and made a face like he was in agony. Hot cum flew from the head of his dick and onto Rose's jeans. Some of the goo oozed onto her fist as she finished him off. Kevin lay back, breathing heavily. She wiped her hands with a towel she seemed to have at the ready (the little minx new it would come to this!) and quickly got up and put a t-shirt on. She wiped his cum off her pants.

They made out some, chatted a bit and Kevin said he had to go, no doubt to go brag to his friends. The whole 'high school' vibe of the session was kind of cute; but I couldn't help feeling that Rosie was hurt that Kev didn't stick around too long after messing up her jeans. It was the look on her face I had seen before that perhaps only a sibling could see. I shot out the back door in the kitchen and down the backstairs. I waited about 10 minutes before coming up the front and into the apartment. Made a lot of noise as I entered, so as to give her plenty of notice that I was home. I noticed the empties and Rose's discarded blouse were gone; she was nowhere to be seen. Acting naturally, I walked into the bathroom to piss, taking a quick looky through the keyhole.

Rosie was in t-shirt and panties and sat on her bed looking like she was waiting for something. Or listening for something...I took a leak, flushed the toilet, then flicked off the lightswitch--but went back to the keyhole. Rose was reaching across her bed and into her nightstand; to my utter amazement she pulled out a huge penis-shaped dildo! She was waiting for me to crash so she could take care of her unquenched lust! The session with Kevin had gotten her hot, but whatever reason she had not let him bring her off. Holy shit! The light was still on in her room! Bonanza!

Rosie laid against her headboard facing the keyhole. Confident that I had gone to bed, she spread her long smooth legs and started rubbing the head of the fake cock around the crotch of her white cotton panties. Her eyes instantly closed and a cute but devastatingly sexy little smile showed on her face. The dildo was huge, probably 12" long; it was a realistic replica of a penis but had exaggerated veins and contours all over it. As she rubbed the head into her pussy through her undies, her breathing started to get louder. I watched her chest heave against the t-shirt and one nipple looked so hard you could hang a coat on it.

Then she started running the cockhead up and down the cleft of her cunt in long strokes. She bit her lower lip as a small wet spot appeared where she was stroking it. Soon my pants were around my ankles and I was in heaven, stroking my hard dick with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. Then my dearest wishes came true: she put the big dick down and slipped off her panties, exposing to me for the first time her sweet little vagina. It was perfect. Soft, light brown hair surrounding the pinkest pussylips I'd ever seen, slick with her juices. Soon she was sliding the dildo around her lips and over her clit, finding the angle needed to penetrate.

This thing was a monster; this wouldn't be easy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing: my little baby sister was about to fuck herself with a huge dildo and I had the best seat in the house! She stopped breathing with a gasp and started pushing, pushing, a little more, a little more; she was taking short, sharp breaths and arching her back, her big round titties straining against the material of her shirt. I was hammering at my cock harder than ever. Finally, it was in. As she began the old in and out, her face looked so peaceful and beautiful.

Through my own lusty workout, I was getting the impression that a good fucking was what she really wanted after all; but that Kevin just wasn't the right guy. For a terrible second, I thought she was looking directly at me; then I realized she was watching herself in her mirror. Even hotter! Rosie fucked herself for about 10 minutes, never removing her shirt and still depriving me of seeing her entire body nude. But this was the show of a lifetime and I was working it (and my cock) for all it was worth. We came at almost the same time; but I couldn't control myself. I really fucked up. As she lay quivering on her bed, dildo sticking out of her cunt, arms by her side, I shot my wad and forgot the towel I had planned to use to catch the mess.

I couldn't turn the light on; she might notice that through the keyhole. In the dark, I couldn't see where my come had landed; I had to guess where it was and hope I wiped it all up. I wasn't sure, but I think I might have made some kind of noise when I came, too. I high-tailed it into my room and quickly pretended to sleep. I'd have to try to get up earlier than her to check out my mess.

The next morning I couldn't find a thing. No come. Nothing. Hmmmm....Maybe I did hit the towel? I'll check the laundry later, I thought. Showering, I replayed the wonderful memory of my kid sister Rose and her massive sex toy while I lathered up my cock. Life is good.

I saw Rose later the next night as I returned from the gym. She was sitting on the living room couch, wearing her robe. More than a fair amount of leg was showing from the opening in her robe, but Rose didn't seem to notice (care?). I stole a few glances when I thought it was safe. I told her I found it strange that she was in on a Saturday night; she thought it was weird that I was in, too. We chatted a little more and she (a little bit abruptly) told me that she was going to lie down. I asked her if she were feeling OK but she told me she felt fine, just a little tired. After a minute or two, I crept into my peeping spot.

There she was, sitting on the edge of her bed mere feet in front of me brushing her hair. Her robe wasn't tied; it started to slowly open and she let it. Why shouldn't she? She was alone in the privacy of her own room...Woah--her robe was now completely open at her sides. As she stood she let it fall to the floor. Rosie, completely nude. My waiting had finally paid off. What a bod! I felt like the luckiest man on earth as she turned around on tip-toe to check out her perfect ass, as I was sure countless other girls do; but little did she know she was allowing her big brother to check it out, too.

I had complete and total access to view every inch of her gorgeous teen body--inches away from my face! In fact, her pussy was soon almost perfectly lined up with the keyhole. I could see her little pink lips pouting out from the mound between her thighs. Music was softly playing in the background; she started to move her hips a little and reached up and grabbed her tits in both hands, pinching her little brown nipples. She looked really turned on; maybe she had been with Kevin earlier in the day and needed some more 'self-service'. She was staring at herself in the mirror with an intense look of lust. After a few minutes in front of the mirror, she crept onto the bed and produced the big dildo. I felt as if my head was going to explode.

This time, she fucked herself from behind on her hands and knees, inserting a pinky finger into her little brown butthole every few minutes. In moments, the dildo was dripping wet, slick with Rose's juices. She really got into it, sticking her pretty teen ass high in the air as she fucked herself silly. We came together again; this time I spewed into a face cloth I grabbed from the sink. Rosie laid down on her stomach, dildo still protruding from her lovely pink slit, and appeared to fall asleep. This particular session was the first time I admitted to myself that I wanted to fuck Rose. Who wouldn't? But, I rationalized, wanting to and actually doing it were two different things and I could think about it all I wanted, but I could never do it. It would never happen. I tried to resign myself to that fact over the next few days, beating my meat and dreaming I was my little sister's dildo.

The very next time I had a chance to sneak a peek in on one of Rose's bedroom sessions I got a real surprise. It was about 10 pm on a Friday; she had come home from the local mall with bags of clothes and mentioned something about trying them on for size before bed. As she walked down the hall to her bedroom, she said goodnight, meaning she planned calling it a night directly after. Of course, this I had to see! My luck was getting better and better; it seemed as if I were catching her getting off on herself more and more...This time it was a very different; a real revelation! Tonight, the first thing I saw when I assumed my position was Rosie completely decked out in beautiful lingerie.

I mean the whole works: black lace bra and thong panties, garter belt and stockings. She must have decided to give it to Kevin after all! She was a vision any man would die for. For a minute, I thought I was actually going to come in my pants without even touching my dick! Her big boobs looked ready to explode. Her long, lovely legs looked sleek and deadly, accentuated by the high heels; she turned away from the mirror and bent down to straighten the seam on one of her stockings and I got a close-up of her asshole, barely covered by the thong. She walked back and forth across her room, checking herself out in the mirror, moving painfully out of my view with each pass.

With shaking hands, I carefully removed my cock from my briefs. Having had a good look at this outfit, she started to go through her shopping bags and pulled some other items out. while she removed the tags on a fresh pair of panties and sheer black teddy, I went all the way and took off my underwear. This was going to be good. Real good. I had to be naked for this. As I watched my sister remove the black thong, to my absolute amazement I noticed that her pussy was completely shaven! Smooth as a baby's butt.

Her perfect pink lips were completely exposed for her big brother to inspect. Deciding against trying on another pair, she stood in front of the mirror feeling her newly shaven cunt. She obviously loved it. God, I wanted to feel that; to taste it....She spread her pussy lips and checked them out in the mirror, giving her little pink clit a few rubs. A not-so-quiet 'Ooooooohh' escaped from her lips and she visibly trembled with pleasure. The she walked 'off camera' again; when she returned to the mirror she was wearing the skimpy black see-thru teddy and her hands went straight for her tits. They didn't stop there; soon she was sitting at the forward edge of the bed and feeling every inch of her body, running her hands all over herself. Up and down her legs, her over her crotch, her ass, through her hair.

Soon, I thought, the dildo will make it's appearance. And there it was. But this time she didn't use it on her cunt to get off. She rubbed it across her tits and, with both hands, slid it into her mouth. Fucking her face with the huge dick, she pulled it out every so often to lick every inch of it with her hot tongue. It was so god damn big I was impressed that she got the whole thing in her mouth. As I watched her I imagined (naturally) that it was my own stiff prick slipping in and out of her moistened lips. I thought I would go completely insane soon. My hand was flying up and down my cock. My sister was the sexiest girl on earth. I looked down to make sure my towel was ready and....she had walked out of my sight again. Still beating off, I thought I heard a noise in the hall, but I ignored it. I didn't care what it was; I was lost in masturbatory lust.

'Well, well, well...Hello, big brother.'

I froze in utter shock. Dick in hand, totally nude, I wheeled around to see Rosie, standing in the hallway, staring me straight in the eye. I was speechless. 'I...Rosie.... I.....I'm sorry...My god.....You're my sister, I shouldn't have...Oh, my God....' I was totally busted. I couldn't look her in the eye.

She was very consoling. 'Pete. Ok...It's OK! Pete! Why don't you just follow me and we'll talk about it. C'mon,' she said softly.

'Woah. God. Let me get some shorts on, then I'll...' I started. But she stopped me mid-sentence.

'C'mon. Don't worry about that right now. Come with me.' She held out her hand and my dick shrank as I followed her zombie-like to her bedroom. Still panty-less, I couldn't take my eyes off of her shapely 18 year old ass and the way it moved in her thong as she walked in her heels. She led me by the hand into the bedroom and sat me on her bed. It felt very strange to be sitting on my little sister's bed naked, but Rosie seemed very calm and relaxed. I was looking at her gorgeous boobs through the sheer teddy. Her nipples were hard. I caught myself and looked up quickly into her eyes. She smiled at me.

'Petey! Relax! Really! It's Ok! Calm down!' She put her hand on my shoulder. 'Ok?'

'Ok...' My long cock was laying across my lap like a wet noodle. I covered it with my hands. 'Ok'. I tried like hell to get my thoughts together.

'Look, I know you've been watching me.' Her other hand found its way into my lap. She pulled my hands away from my dick. I felt an electric current flow through my body as she looked directly at it. She leaned in closer and pulled me towards her. 'I know you find me sexy, Pete. I know you want to fuck me.' She began running her finger tips over the length of my cock as she spoke. 'Ever since I found your cum on the bathroom wall...I could hear you that night, too...The next day I looked through from my side and I saw into the bathroom, and I knew...You were always staying up waiting for me to go to sleep first...' She explained it all. My cock stirred at her touch. It felt good. But...

'But Rosie; I don't know if this is right...In fact I know it's not...I feel terrible that I took advantage of you--'

She interrupted me again, lightly stroking my dick. 'I liked it, Pete. I liked it. In fact I've never been so turned on in my life, knowing you were watching me. It's not wrong. This is not wrong,' she said, looking down at my brand new hard-on. 'Do I look wrong to you?'

'No Rosie, you look fantastic.' I was really getting into the hand job my sister was giving me. My animal lust was picking up right where it left off minutes ago. 'I've been thinking about you 'that way' for weeks.'

'What way?' she asked. She looked at me intently, spreading her legs to expose her smooth pink slit. It was glistening wet. 'Tell me.'

'Like I want to...To have you...' She took my hand and put it high up on her inner thigh. 'Like I wanted to fuck you.' There. It was out.

'Let's do it, Petey. C'mon. I don't want that dildo. I want the real thing. I don't want that punk Kevin or anybody like him. I want to have sex; but I want it from you. From my brother'. She let go of my cock and slid herself up in the bed, leaning up against the headboard. Her high heels were still on. She squeezed one tit in one hand, opened her legs and stroked her inner thigh with the other. 'Fuck me.'

With Rose's body exposed before me, inviting, and my rock hard dick stimulated into the stratosphere, thinking was impossible. I slid towards her; she laid down a little bit lower and spread her legs a lot wider. As I mounted her, she said 'Show me how you do it, Petey. Show me how a man should fuck a woman. Show your baby sister.'

Enough. I pulled her ass down to my cock and impaled her bald cunt. She was soaking wet and hot inside. My God, it was heavenly. Hot, wet, tight, and clean-shaven, and she moved with me like a pro. Finally! We were fucking! As I drove my cock in and out of her, she grabbed me with her stocking-clad legs and pulled me in. 'Ooooooh, yeah ......oooooooohh....give me that thing! Give it to me, Petey! Oh, give me that big cock!' This hot talk got me going harder and faster and she knew it. 'Fuck me! Fuck yeah! Do it, big brother!' All I could manage was a series of grunts. I was too enraptured with my sister's luscious pussy. 'Ooooooh yeah, you do it good Pete. It's soooooo good!' She was really getting off. 'We can do it all the time, Pete. Anytime! Uhh! No more jerking off, Pete! Aauuhh! You can come and fuck my little pussy anytime you want! Ooooh!' I was really slamming her; her words came out in short, desperate bursts. 'No more dildo! I need your big-brother-cock in my pussy all the time, baby! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!''

She came then; I could feel her pussy tighten inside her and she bit my shoulder, groaning as I thrusted. As I kept on pumping, I felt a closeness to Rose I'd never felt. Looking down at her upturned face our eyes met. 'I love you, Rosie,' I said.

Tears appeared in her eyes; she reached around and cupped my balls in her hand. She whispered (it was all she could manage) 'I love you, Pete'.

I felt my come building. 'It's coming, Rosie. It's coming. Oh yeah I'm gonna come!'

'Come on me, baby! Come right on me!' she demanded.

'Where do you want it, Rosie? Huh? Where do you want my come?'

'My tits! Come on my tits!' She whisked up the teddy and exposed her boobies so I could spew on them. The sight of her smiling, loving face looking up at me as she waited for my goo to unload on her bouncing tits did it. I pulled out at the last second an jerked the last few strokes out of my slick cock with my tightened fist; soon my come erupted from the head of my dick and onto her breasts and neck. 'Oh, yeah, big brother, that's what little sister wanted. Oh, yeah! Your hot come feels so good'. I milked the last drops from my member. 'I bet it tastes good too...' She dipped her fingers into the goo decorating her titties and licked the cum off. 'Mmmmmm, it tastes so good...' I sat back panting, exhausted by the huge release, watching her lick gobs of cum off her fingers. Then, another shocker:

A knock at the front door and a familiar voice! 'Peter! Peter? You awake? Can I come in?' It was my Mom!

Rosie and I looked at each other, horrified. We obviously found this exciting, mutually gratifying, and right. We guessed Mom wouldn't agree. 'She's gonna know I'm still awake, it's only 11 o'clock! I have to answer that!' I said as I jumped up from the bed; Rose wiped her chest off with her blanket, and I sprinted for the bathroom to grab some of my clothes. Trying to pull myself together, I turned out Rose's light and shut her bedroom door. 'You're not here!' I whispered as loud as I could as I headed for the front door. 'Coming, Mom!' I yelled.

I opened the door; it was indeed my mom. 'Hi, Pete--is Rosie here?'

'No, Mom. she went out a while ago. I guess with Kevin.'

'Well, no, probably not. It's you I wanted to talk to, can I come in?' She looked a little puzzled that we were still standing in the doorway.

'Oh, yeah, yeah. Sorry.' She sat down on the couch. I was hoping she wouldn't notice that I was wearing a musty, dirty, wrinkled pair of boxers I hastily pulled from the hamper. 'What's the matter?'

'Oh, well, your sister, you see...well, she broke up with her new boyfriend Kevin last week and I'm afraid that she may not be taking it very well. She's been acting kind of strange ever since; you know, kind of quiet, staying home a lot more on the weekends, that sort of thing. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it but she seemed very uptight, like she had a secret or something. I was going to ask you if you'd maybe try to talk to her about it. You're her big brother and I'd like her to think she can rely on you if she needs anything. She may be more comfortable dealing with you. After all, you two live together!' I wanted to laugh; with gargantuan effort I stifled the urge to crack up. My mom was so cute...If she knew what had been really going on around here lately, she'd burn the house down with us still in it!

'I'll talk with her, Mom, but something tells me everything's cool with Rosie...She'll get over it. If there's anything I can do to help her out, you know I'll do it.' I said, still surpressing the urge to laugh like a maniac.

Mom got up to leave. 'Well I'll let you go. I've got to go to bed. We'll talk more about this later. I'm sure you'll do the right thing and take care of your baby sister. G'night, Pete'.

She left. I waited until I heard the door to their section of the house closese and ran back to Rose's room. She was gone? I searched the bathroom--nope; then my room.

'I thought she'd never leave', said Rose, now lying on her side in my bed completely nude. 'Please. Let's finish what we started.' She motioned me over to the bed. Finish? I thought. There's more? I guess she really meant all of the things she said while we fucked. 'Mom's such a sweetheart; if she only knew her baby daughter was about to give her son a blowjob...'

'How did you get in here?' I asked as I moved towards the bed. I took in the entire length of Rosie's awesome bod and my cock was starting to get hot again. Her shaved puss called to me.

'I snuck across the hall while you guys were talking about how much I needed help. I wanted to do it in here. Now come over here and let me...' She never finished the sentence; sitting up on the edge of my bed she grabbed my dick in her hand an slipped it into her mouth. My sister was giving me head. Still standing, I instinctively put my hands behind her head and guided her bobbing skull. I had a brief moment to think about what a mean sex drive my teenage sister had, but soon thought once again was impossible. There was only my cock, Rosie's hair and her warm and talented mouth. 'You taste much better than the dildo, Petey. Mmmmmmmm.' She began jerking me off as she sucked. She pulled my dick from her mouth with a loud pop. 'Gonna give me some more of that hot, delicious come?' Then it was back in. I started playing with her tit with my free hand and she began her delicious moaning and groaning. She took my dick in all the way up to the base; I felt my balls swinging against her chin. The practice with the dildo really paid off. She was phenomenal.

When my dick and balls started to jerk and spasm, Rose let go, laid out flat on the bed and spread her long legs as wide as they would go. 'Eat it. Eat my pussy. I shaved it for you, Pete. C'mon, eat my little bald cunt.' So I did. Her juices were delicious; her inner thighs were slippery with the stuff and soon my entire face was covered in it. Weeks ago, I had spent hours straining for a look at this wonderful pink prize and now my face was buried in it. Her shaven skin felt heavenly on my cheeks and my lips were kissing hers as if it were her mouth. My tongue lingered on her swollen clit until I could hear her scream building; then I would quickly insert my tongue inside and tongue-fuck her. I repeated this a few times until she was wildly bucking on the edge of the bed, trying her hardest not to shriek with delight. I wiped my pinky finger across her sloppy gash and inserted it into her anus without warning. 'AAUUUUGGHHHHH!' She exploded into a string of violent orgasms that left her quivering and weak as a kitten, helpless and near comatose on my bed. Hope no one downstairs heard that, I thought as I stood up, penis raging, and prepared to mount her. 'Oh, Petey, I don't know if I can take anymore....' She looked up at me dreamily, stoned on sex. She was teasing; she wanted to see how bad I wanted back in.

'Sure you can. And you'll love it. And you'll tell me how much you love it. And you'll beg for more,' I said as I maneuvered over her helpless hole. My dick sunk in like a hot knife through butter. 'Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh', we sighed in unison as we started to screw again. She was weak but the look of pure pleasure on her face was unmistakable. I was working hard and grunting like an animal. This time it didn't take long. I pulled out at the last second and shot wildly with 3 or 4 spurts of the white stuff. 'UUUURRGGGHHHH!

One shot hit her high on the left cheekbone. 'Oooooooooooooh, yeah', she replied as it ran slowly down her face. She tried to reach it with her tongue. I fell back onto the floor exhausted. We lay listening to each other's panting as it gradually subsided.

When I finally climbed up from the floor and sat on the bed, my little sister Rosie said, 'Hey Petey, thanks for making me feel better about my break up with Kevin. You really helped me out alot. I know you'll always be there when I need you.' I smiled and replied, 'Anytime, Rosie. What are big brothers for, anyway?'


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