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The Time Machine Ch. 2
by Wyden Long

Walter stumbled onto a method to freeze time while trying to design an antigravity generator. He had turned on the power to his antigrav unit for it's first full blown test and had been severely disappointed when it failed to affect the weight of his test load. He was about to turn it off when he noticed that the test clock was not ticking.

He also found that nothing changed in his entire measurable universe except him. He could find no set of known criteria that explained it until he realized that the field only affected things outside a three foot radius from it when it was turned on. A few minutes thought made him realize the value of what he had.

He got into the habit of bringing the blonde from across the hall into his workshop and posing her in various modes of display while he worked. Sometimes she would sit on his desk, always nude, with her knees spread wide to part her pink pussy lips to inspire him. The best part was that she never covered herself up, just let him look as long as he wanted.

He didn't particularly like her, but she was nearby and had a gorgeous body. A few times, he flicked the field off with his pulse switch while he was fucking her, just enough for her to realize what was happening to her.

It was driving her crazy. She was having these weird daydreams that seemed like more than dreams, and every time she had one, she found her cunt full of come. It didn't taste like Max's come, either.

When she had these crazy dreams, the old fart from across the hall was always fucking her, sometimes in the cunt, sometimes the mouth and sometimes the ass. She always found come in those same places after the daydream, but there was no way she could place the blame on him. They would happen while she was cooking breakfast, while relaxing in the tub, or cleaning house. One thing she knew for certain, she was not telling Max. He would find some way to blame it on her!

The dreams showed no sign of letting up. She had to find some way to see what was causing them or if she was completely crazy. She had no idea how to go about it, but she finally went across the hall. When Walter came to the door, she just looked at him. Yes, that was the man she kept seeing during these episodes, but what next?

Walter stood there, completely at ease, waiting for her to formulate her question. He had no reason to cause problems for her, she was just the closest good-looking woman to his apartment, so she got selected.

"I, I, did you, have you..." she trailed off, not knowing what to say, but needing to get to the bottom of it to save her sanity. "May I come in?" she finally managed, knowing that Max would be away for several more hours.

"Sure. Come on in. Beautiful women are always welcome here."

She didn't much care for his smirk, but first things first.

"Would you care for something to drink?"

"No, I..well, okay. Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Not if you take your clothes off first."

"Oh! I'm getting out of here!"

"It's just a little joke. Yes, I mind if you smoke, but only about as much as you would mind taking your clothes off in front of a stranger. I only say it that way to show degree of caring, not to make some stupid attempt to seduce you."

"Boy, you sure had me going there for a minute. I guess I'm pretty up tight right now about something I was hoping you might be able to help me with."

Walter brought her a tall gin and tonic.

"Thanks." She settled back into the chair, slightly more relaxed after his sly humor and the familiarity of the drink in her hand. It did not occur to her that he had given her her favorite drink, including the unusual brand of gin. She had other things on her mind at the moment.

"I don't know how to say this, but I'm been having some disturbing experiences, lately, that you seem to figure into somehow, and I was hoping that you might be able to shed some light on them."

"What kinds of experiences?"

"They are very hard to describe."

"Well, are they antagonistic, rewarding, adventurous, excruciating or what?"

"In a way they are rewarding, but so strange that I can't accept them."

"Strange in what way?"

"It's hard for me to say to a stranger."

"Oh. Then if you're like most people, it must have something to do with sex."

"Yeah. That's why I have a hard time telling you about them."

"What is the worst thing that happens to you if you tell me?"

"I don't know. I guess I would be embarrassed. These things are pretty personal and I'm not accustomed to sharing my personal experiences with other people, especially men."

"Which is worse, being a little embarrassed or not knowing why you are having these experiences?"

"I've got to find out the story about these things, so I guess I'll tell you. I keep having things like daydreams or visions where you and I are having sex." she blushed.

"Sex? You and me? Seems pretty strange, all right. What kind of sex?"

"You know, just sex."

"No, it helps if you tell me exactly what kind of sex."

"Well, regular sex and also in my mouth and in my ass."

"Huh. It does sound strange, doesn't it? For what it's worth, I've been having the same sort of experiences. I was really delighted that you came here today, because there was no way I could come to your apartment and ask such questions. You would have had me thrown out."

"You have! Golly! Yeah, I guess you're right. Max would have killed you for asking a thing like that. What does it mean?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe just seeing you in the hallway once in a while has caused me to use you as a model in my fantasies and they are somehow projecting into your mind as well."

"Well, stop it! It isn't nice to break into someone else's mind like that."

"I don't think I have any control over something like that, besides, you can't blame me for noticing how desirable you are."

"I gue--"

At this moment, Walter flipped the switch. He took a long time to size up the situation and to plan his next move. He had not thought very far ahead concerning the effect his actions would have on her. Maybe it was time to think a little.

For starters, he lifted her skirt and removed her panties. He loved the smell of warm panties, straight off the crotch with the little soils of a woman's busy day. After stuffing them in his pocket and rearranging her the way she had been, he turned the field off.

"--ss I.." She started to finish the word she had started, but began to realize that her bare ass was now resting on the cushions of his couch.

"Oh, my, it's happening again!" she blurted.

"What is it?" he offered.

"Oh! It's too embarrassing. I can't tell you!"

"If you want to work this thing out, you must tell me everything. If you don't tell me, you'll have to tell somebody. I guess you could tell Max or you could go to a high priced psychologist who would just listen as I'm offering to do. Take your pick."

"I guess you're right. I can't tell Max and I can't afford a shrink, so I'll try to tell you. I, I was just sitting here and suddenly it feels like I'm not wearing any panties."

"Were you wearing any when you came in?"

"Certainly! What kind of person do you think I am?"

"I hardly know you yet, but I wouldn't think you were a bad person if you preferred to not wear panties. I think it is nobody's business but your own. Who am I to pass judgment on you for anything?"

"That's right, but most people don't think like you do."

"That's a fact!"

"What kind of work do you do?"

Walter explained that he was an electronics genius who worked out of his home, designing products for big companies to produce.

"Would I know of any of your products?"

"I doubt it. They are mostly used in high precision industrial automation."

"Wow, that's fa---"

He hit the switch again and removed her bra before switching back on.

"--scinating... There! It happened again. Now it feels like my bra is gone."

"Does it just feel like these things are gone, or are they really missing? Clothes don't just evaporate, do they?" He sort of hated himself for teasing her, but he felt he was just paying back a lifetime of teasing from members of her sex.

It was fun to watch her squirm around, feeling herself here and there to verify that she was indeed sitting there with him, nude under her flimsy dress. He liked the idea a lot, but kept his emotions out of his face and voice.

"Are they really gone?"

"I'm afraid so" she blushed. "You'll have to excuse me. I'm not used to this kind of thing."

"Please don't apologize. There seems to be nothing you can do about it, and I'm not bothered in any way, so let's just talk it over some more and see if we can come to a solution." The solution he had in mind would "come", all right!

"Ok, I'm sorry. I'll try. It's just so hard."

"Just describe to me the complete details of all the incidents you remember and I'll sit here and listen quietly. Try to remember if these incidents have been happening more often or for longer times, or with greater clarity."

"You know, you're right! At first, it was little things like I would answer the door and there would be nobody there, but I was dripping.." her voice trailed off.

"Semen?" he offered in a professional sounding voice.

"Yes" she muttered in a small voice.

"Don't be afraid to go ahead and tell me the details. I'm not embarrassed by things like this and there is no need for you to be embarrassed, either."

Somewhat heartened by his speech and by getting over the first threshold, she continued a bit more candidly.

"Then I started losing my panties and bra, just like now. I kept finding semen all over my body. Sometimes in front, sometimes in back and once in a while in my mouth."

"How did this affect you?"

"How do you think? How would you like to be doing the dishes and find your panties around your ankles and your mouth full of come?" she blurted out. "Oh, excuse me. I didn't mean to talk that way."

"Wouldn't it save time if we just used the words we both ordinarily use instead of "semen" and "front and back"? It would be easier for me and maybe for you to.

"Oh, all right! I've been getting fucked a lot, lately, by someone who looks just like you, but I seem to black out or something because I don't remember hardly any of it, and I'm scared!"

"Does this ever happen while Max is with you?"

"Yeah!" she paused in wonder. "It has. It has even happened while he was fucking me, so I guess that means I can't be blacking out, doesn't it?"

"It does unless you think Max is knocking you out, letting someone else fuck you, then knocking you out again to finish his fuck. Doesn't sound too logical to me."

"Whew!" she sighed with relief. "It's nice to know I'm not entirely losing my mind.

"Now go on and try to remember whether the scenes are becoming more real."

"They are! Just yesterday, I dreamed that I was sitting on a desk while you worked, and I was nude and you had a finger in my.."



"Did the desk look like this?" taking her into the office. He had removed all traces of machinery while he had the switch off the first time, so there was only his CAD system and books scattered around.

"This is it!" she squeaked. "I was sitting on that desk." She blushed to remember the scene. If I was into blushing, I would have, too. That had been a great scene.

Keeping up the patter to keep her mind off of implications, I asked "does the other person ever speak to you in these scenes?"

"No, not so far, but they have been getting longer and more detailed all the time, just like you said.

"I read about a situation just like this a while back. A girl about your age was having some misunderstandings with her husband and she fantasized a whole set of experiences about a neighbor she hardly knew, as a way of actualizing her problems. After a few weeks, and some incredibly vivid scenes which seemed to last for hours, sometimes, she found that they went away normally, without any ill effects. The best part was that her problems with her husband were resolved also."

"Really? Why didn't you tell me this before? You're not just making this up, are you? Please say you're not."

"I'm not making this up. Your visions are as real as you want to make them. If it helps you to use me as the person you don't care anything about, I don't mind. I'm sure it won't hurt me. However, if your case is like the other girl's, maybe you should brace yourself for some pretty intense experiences."

"Yeah" she murmured, not wanting to look directly at him. "Did you say that you had been having fantasies about me?"

"A few. Maybe your emotions are so strong they are leaking through the walls of the building and making me see the same things you are seeing."

"I don't know. I've never believed in..

The time seemed right. He hit the remote control and stopped her right there. Making careful note of her stance and position in the room, he took her into the bedroom and proceeded to fuck her pretty soundly. As he was building up to his orgasm, he made sure the switch was out of her sight, but would not be lost in his frenzy and turned her on!

One second, she was standing in his office telling him about these things and how she did not believe in ESP, and the next, she was lying under him getting the shit fucked out of her. She was still trying to get her bearings when he blew his wad into her half awake cunt. As soon as his prick quit jerking inside her, he flipped the switch again.

He took his time getting calmed down. He wanted to take a shower, but was afraid she would notice a change in his cleanliness level, so he only sponged off his prick and took a piss to clean the come out of the tube. Then he placed her in the position she had been before and hit the switch.

"...ESP..." She always took a second or so to wind down after one of these special interruptions in her time frame. Now she stood in his office, a few feet in front of him with his come dripping down her legs, wondering if it had really happened. It was the most real and longest experience he had let her have. She abandoned all semblance of modesty.

"Dammit! It just happened again, only more so!" she yelled, lifting her skirt.

"What happened?" he inquired casually.

"You, or somebody who looks like you, just fucked the shit out of me in a bed, somewhere. See, my cunt is still dripping!"

She spread the lips of her pussy to show him the truth of her words. he knew the truth and he had seen her pussy many, many times, but it still made his cock jump to have her expose it to him like that. She must really be in a dither!

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this!" she exclaimed. "Stand up!" she ordered him. "I want to see if your cock is dripping come like my pussy is!"

"Come on, train!"

He reluctantly allowed her to pull his pants down without too much of a fight and watched disinterestedly as she pulled his cock close to her face and sniffed it for traces of tell tale come. It was the hardest disinterest he'd ever done. He couldn't keep old Rover from lifting his schnozz, though. You let a beautiful woman pull your prick out and fondle it for any reason and see how your disinterest holds out!

She was beginning to calm down a little now, but was still holding his stiff prick in her hand. "I guess it couldn't have been you. Just a second ago, that prick was shooting come up my cunt, but yours is clean. Can I use your bathroom?" he noticed that she was still looking at his stiff prick, but could not tell if it was admiration or whether she was trying to recognize it.

He let her get settled on the pot before he killed her time and went to take a look at her. He had always wanted to see how a woman pissed, but never could get one to let him look. She was straddling a frozen, golden waterfall. It made such a great picture that he got the camera and took a shot before letting her get on with it. This time she was unaware of the event because he had not turned her on during his presence.

She emerged from the bathroom, still pondering the events that had taken place here, or had seemed to. Giving him a weak smile, she said "I suppose you think I'm crazy. Maybe I am."

"I don't think you're crazy. Sounds to me like the same kind of case that I was reading about. If it is, maybe it will be over before long."

"I hope so, but right now it's still getting stronger" she noted, eyeing him as if she thought she should be mad, but not having any way to justify it. She left without her bra and panties.

He added them to his collection.

To Be Continued...


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