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The Time Machine Ch. 3
by Wyden Long

Walter stumbled onto a method to freeze time while trying to design an antigravity generator. He had turned on the power to his antigrav unit for it's first full blown test and had been severely disappointed when it failed to affect the weight of his test load. He was about to turn it off when he noticed that the test clock was not ticking.

He also found that nothing changed in his entire measurable universe except him. He could find no set of known criteria that explained it until he realized that the field only affected things outside a three foot radius from it when it was turned on. A few minutes thought made him realize the value of what he had.

After several other adventures, he got into the habit of stopping time for the blonde from across the hall and posing her in various modes of display in his workshop while he worked. She eventually confronted him to ask for help in understanding what was happening to her.

During the following days, he kept up about the same level of activity as before, but once a day, at various times, he would turn her time on just as he was coming in her.

While rummaging through her things, he found a well hidden diary which he made good use of. It had a complete account of her visions with him as well as admitting that she was starting to get off on them. If he would only let her stay on long enough, she was sure she could get her gun. It turned out that he had been right on about a girlfriend having problems with her boyfriend.

It seems that good old Max knew little and cared less about the needs of a woman. He jumped on, shot his wad and rolled over to go to sleep. She had been trying to get him to go down on her until he told her to shut up and forget it.

So, she wanted somebody to lick her pussy, did she? No sooner said than done. While he was going through her diary, she had been in the process of taking a bath. He had frozen her with two fingers in her cunt to give himself something to look at while he read.

He took her out of the tub, dried her off, and took her to his place. After arranging her on the bed and getting into position, he turned on her time and gave her a cuntlapping that she would remember for a long time. Neither of them said a word. She leaned back, closed her eyes and accepted it. When she went over the top, he thought she was going to tear his ears off with her thighs.

"I don't care if you are old and ugly. You're just a fantasy, anyway, but you sure can suck a pussy."

Without replying, he hit the switch and put her back in the tub. This time, he hid in the closet long enough to hear her mutter, "Damn right! It's about time these fantasies started being more fun for me. Now if I could just get a dildo up my ass while I'm being sucked off.." she brought herself off again with her fingers. He was beating his wang so hard in her closet that he thought he better get out before he spoiled the whole thing.

After that, he began letting her be conscious during the entire fuck. He never spoke a word, even when she tried to get him to, but he tried faithfully to create every fantasy she revealed to her diary. She must have realized there was some connection, because she began writing much more detailed descriptions of her wildest desires. Within his abilities and the constraints of the system, he tried to fulfill them all.

Imagine the surprise of the black football player he had checked out in the locker room, when he found himself down the throat of a beautiful blonde he never saw before. It only lasted for ten seconds, but it was certainly vivid in his mind for a long time.

His neighbor was starting to warm to these vivid fantasies, too. Now that they were being tailored to her inner desires, it would be hard not to.

One day, she came to his door again. "Can I come in?"

"Any time. I was just making myself a cup of coffee. Want some?"

"Sure, just put a shot in it, ok?" he knew that she drank like a fish, but had not worked that into the equation, yet.

"I thought you might like to know that everything seems to be working out just like you said. It has helped me a lot to know what I might expect and to know that one person at least doesn't think I'm crazy. You're nice."

"Gee, thanks" He drug his toe in the dirt. "Are the visions being any easier on you?"

"Yeah, they're getting to be kind of fun. Now that I'm not really scared of them, I can just relax and get my rocks off. That's something I never could do before."

"I'm glad I could help" topping up her shot.

"There's just one thing."


"It's something that has been bothering me, but I haven't had the nerve to ask you. That's why I'm getting bombed on your booze."

"You can ask me anything you want, even for more booze if you want it."

"No. What I want is for you to fuck me to see if it's the same as the dream."

Come into my parlor, Miss Fly.

"I don't mind--if you think it will help."

"I've got to know if I'm entirely making the whole thing up or what."

We went into the bedroom. She looked around. "This is exactly like the bedroom I keep getting fucked in, but I've never seen it before!"

He undressed her and laid her down. With great tenderness, he made long, slow passionate love to her in the exact ways he knew she liked. He licked her cunt and licked her ass. He fucked her in every hole and let her suck his pole. He left come dribbling out every orifice in her body.

"I don't know how you've done it, you ugly old bastard, but you've found a way to fuck me for months. The only thing saving your mangy hide is that I love it! Why don't we move away together and you can fuck me all the time instead of however you've been doing it?"

Well, it certainly sounded like something worth thinking about. He had grown quite fond of her after getting to know her, and apparently the feeling was mutual. Her instincts were better than her knowledge, also. His secret was still safe, but she knew it was him. He agreed to the plan and she went home to pack before Max got home.

He was sitting at his desk, pondering what to do with the time stasis machine when he suddenly saw his shorts lying on the desk in front of him with a note pinned to the crotch.

It read, "We have taken your machine to a safer place. You don't need it any more and you were really fucking up the universe with it."

There was a P.S., "By the way, we took your pictures and panty collection to keep you out of further trouble."

As he read, the note began to smolder, and gradually disappeared.

He and the blonde now have four little blondes of their own. Sometimes he catches her looking at him with a question on her lips, but she just smiles and snuggles up.


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