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Uno, Dos, Tres
by C Love

My college roommate, Ethan, was dating this Costa Rican student who had gone abroad to study here. Her name was Carolina, and she was beautiful. She was short, with olive colored skin, and, for her size, huge tits. The two of them used to fuck like crazy, and didn't care if I was in the room or not. Carolina actually preferred that I be in the room, she liked knowing that someone was watching. If I started to jerk myself off while I watched, that was even better. It got her even hotter. She tried to convince Ethan to let me join in, but he'd be against it. He'd always say that the only way I could join in was if she'd let him have a threesome with one of her friends. That would usually piss her off enough to change the subject. A lot of people had assumed that we were having threesomes, since Carolina and I were so close.

One night the three of us returned home from fraternity hopping, and was sufficiently intoxicated. Ethan and Carolina were arguing about a comment Ethan had made about another girl we'd seen while we were out. I'd heard about a million of these same trivial arguments, so I climbed into bed, ready to drift off to sleep. Ethan made one final remark, and Carolina said that was it, and climbed into bed with me, a ploy she'd used before to try to make Ethan mad. I played along, and told Carolina that I'd never treat her the way Ethan did, he just laughed and climbed into his own bed.

It was then that my little soldier betrayed me. The combination of the alcohol, along with a beautiful girl lying next to me with my arm wrapped around her, caused him to jump to attention. Carolina felt my stiffening cock rub against her ass and moaned, "Ooh! Greg." That type of encouragement, of course, just sent my prick into overdrive, and he was fighting to push through my boxers. Ethan heard Carolina's moan, and that apparently had the effect she'd wanted. He said, "That's it," and was climbing under my sheets in no time. With Carolina sandwiched between both of us, we both began grinding, groping and kissing whatever part of her we could get to. I pulled her shirt off, and fondled her breast and pinched her nipples, while grinding my cock against her ass. Ethan had his hand down her pants, and worked them off of her between thrusts from the two of us.

Carolina had pulled Ethan's shorts off, and was working on his shirt. Ethan had begun sucking on Carolina's breast, so I used my free hands to pull off my own shorts and shirt. With all of us in the buff, I grabbed Carolina's leg, and pulled it into the air. This allowed both Ethan and I access to both of Carolina's southern entrances. He poked her in her dripping pussy, while I used my free hand to wipe the precum off of my cock, and use it to lube up Carolina's sweet ass. She started to writhe in pleasure as soon as I pushed my fingers into her asshole. When I pulled my fingers out, and replaced them with my 8-inch cock, she really began to buck. She was screaming something in Spanish over and over, while Ethan and I held on like we were in the Rodeo. She got so excited; we actually fell off of the bed onto the floor. Although I fell to the floor with them, I slid out of Carolina during the fall. Without two cocks in her she calmed down, and seemed to be catching her breath.

Ethan pulled out of her and asked, "So you like to cocks in you, huh?" Carolina was still panting, but managed to say something in Spanish, all I made out was, si, dos, and bueno. With that Ethan pulled her back on top of him, and grabbed her ass cheeks to spread them, as if inviting me to join once again. I kneeled down behind Carolina, and thrust my dripping wet cock back into her ass. Immediately she began to buck and scream again. This time it was a little more controlled as she had both knees on the ground. It quickly increased in pace and intensity, and soon she had hit her orgasm. It wasn't long before Ethan and I followed. He didn't pull out; he just shot his load up into her. I pulled out and left my creamy jism, all over her ass. Then as we lay on the floor, sweating and panting, I rubbed my spunk into her ass cheeks.

Carolina then jerked Ethan and I back to life, then got on all fours and wrapped her lips around Ethan's renewed prick. I kneeled behind her, and grabbed her legs. I lifted Carolina off the ground, and spread her legs. I eased my prick into her sloppy wet cunt. I could hear the squishing sound as I pushed my penis back and forth inside of her. It wasn't long until I saw Ethan grab both of Carolina's ears and start to fuck her face. As his intensity increased, I could feel it in her pussy muscles. I saw his face and realized that he was shooting his load down her throat. When Ethan pulled his cock out of her mouth, Carolina was free to concentrate on me. Not only was her pussy milking the jism out of my prick, but also her high-pitched squeals as I thrust into her, and the way she was driving back into me was bringing me closer and closer to my second orgasm of the night.

I could feel my balls tightening up, and knew I was about to cum, so I licked two of my fingers, and plunged them into her ass. With that, I felt both her sphincter and her pussy contract tightly, and she began to orgasm. As her pussy and asshole proceeded to relax and contract, my sack full of sperm discharged into her. I held onto Carolina, until her orgasm had faded, then we collapsed onto the floor next to Ethan. As the two of us both wrapped ourselves around Carolina under a comforter I pulled off of my bed, Ethan kissed her and said, "Now you owe me a three-way with Christina." I felt Carolina rub her hand on my ass and squeeze it as she said, "That's fine, but if Greg happens to be in the area, we might as well make it four."

I grabbed her right breast and said "Bueno."


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