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Unexpected Encounters
by Patrick

I was 19 when I got married, and stayed that way for the next 18 years until my husband Bill had a sudden, unexpected heart attack and passed away. I guess it was a happy, if not altogether an exciting or adventurous marriage, but perhaps that was due in part to the fact that I fell pregnant very early with my son Jason, and by the time the concentration on raising him had eased, we'd fallen into a pattern of loving almost at a distance. Bill concentrated more and more on his work, and when Jason was old enough for School, I took up a career too, so we just sort of lived together in comfortable peace.

Oh, there were the few odd occasions when I really felt like I wanted to break out and do something daring, usually when I met up with my old School friends and heard of some of their wild sexual adventures, and once, when I'd had a few too many to drink at a party, I did get into a rather overheated kissing session, with one of Bill's work colleagues. It took me weeks to get over the guilt of having enjoyed feeling another man's hands on parts of my body that only Bill had touched, and even longer to stop wishing that someone hadn't come along and interrupted!

When Bill died I was in shock for quite a long while, but I was able to use my work to help me over it, and Jason by then was sufficiently grown up that I didn't have to worry too much about how he was dealing with it. He was 17 at the time and immersed in all the sorts of activities that boys of that age are involved in, sport and girls, girls and sport - or at least that's the way it seemed. But he was very caring and considerate about my welfare, and after a while began dropping hints that I was too young to simply shrivel up now Bill was gone, and that I ought to go out and find myself another man, but nothing was further from my mind, still it did give me a huge boost in confidence when I had to go to official work functions and he used to give me the wolf whistle and tell me how gorgeous and sexy I looked and how all the men where going to be drooling over me all night long. Well a couple did. But they were well known around the office as predators, so I gave then a wide birth.

So now it was 3 years later, and I was 40 years old and Jason a rather strapping college student of 20, still living at home and still giving me the occasional wolf whistle, which I appreciated, but didn't place too much importance on. Then I was asked to go and represent the firm at a three day conference out of town, and Jason was effusive in his encouragement that I should go. So I did, only to find after driving for six hours to the venue, that the conference had been cancelled at the last moment and rescheduled for the following month. It was a long and frustrating drive home, and I'd been unable to reach Jason on the phone to let him know that I was returning, so I wasn't all that surprised when I drove into the garage to find the house seemingly deserted.

I walked in and dropped my case by the kitchen door and walked across to put the kettle on for a coffee, when I heard a strange moaning sound from the other end of the house. Curious rather than scared, I wandered down the corridor, the thick carpet completely muffling my steps, and I realized the sound was coming from the partially open door of Jason's room. Thinking that he may have rushed out and forgotten to turn off his radio or TV, I was about to push his door open completely, when I stopped dead in shock. Standing where I was, I could see clearly into the room and into the mirror on the wall, and neatly framed in that mirror was one decidedly naked son, kneeling on his bed behind an equally naked female, sliding his cock rapidly in and out of her.

The girl was half turned away, so I had no idea who it was. I only knew that I shouldn't be there seeing this, and my shocked mind immediately ordered my feet to carry me as far away as possible as quietly as possible so they wouldn't know I had been there and seen anything. But my feet refused to move! and worse still, my eyes refused to move too! I found myself staring fixedly at the mirror and the action it revealed, watching my son's cock, glistening with juices sliding forward and backward as the female shuddered and shook and moaned. I realized that she had quite a stunning body, trim and taut, with magnificent firm breasts that Jason would lean forward and cup and fondle every now and again before straightening and taking hold of her hips and powering his cock into her. It was the hottest, most erotic thing I had ever seen, and I could feel an amazing fire building up inside my own body.

Without even realizing it, one of my hands came up and started to play with my breasts, and the other slipped beneath my short skirt and started to stroke my very wet pussy through my pants. I knew it was crazy, but I couldn't seem to stop, I was watching my son have sex and I was masturbating right along with him, staring at his gorgeous cock plunging in and out and wishing it was plunging in and out of me. That realization was a huge shock, and there was another one to come. The female finally twisted around slightly and flung her head in the air, causing her hair to fly clear of her face and I gasped. Although her eyes were closed and there was a wild, abandoned, expression on her face and she was murmuring encouragement, urging Jason to "Fuck me hard and deep. Make me cum Jason, oh yes fill me up with your juices", there was now no doubt who she was!

She was my next door neighbor Anne, my happily married next door neighbor Anne, my deeply religious happily married next door neighbor Anne! and I couldn't believe it. She was bucking and heaving and shuddering and shaking and calling out louder and louder, urging Jason on, and it was clear she was close to cumming, and loving every minute of it! then I glanced up, and found myself eye to eye with my son, staring intently at each other through the mirror, both totally conscious of the other's presence. Perhaps it had been the gasp I let out when I realized it was Anne, that had drawn his attention, but he was now staring straight at me, not in shock, but with a huge grin on his face. As he realized I was now aware that he had seen me the grin became even wider, and quite deliberately he let his eyes wander down over me, stopping at the hand that was still stroking my breasts, then moving on to the hand that was lodged beneath my skirt playing with my pussy.

I froze for a moment, but then his eyes came back to mine and he ran his tongue over his lips from one side to the other and back, in an exaggerated movement of someone anticipating a glorious feast, and I shuddered. Then, in time with his cock stroking into Anne's demanding pussy, his tongue began to flick at me through the mirror, telling me silently that he was fucking me too, and the fire seemed to explode inside me. Then he was mouthing words silently, and at first I didn't understand, then he repeated them, and they impacted on me like a grenade! "I want to see you" he was saying over and over again until he was sure I understood, then his eyes dropped deliberately to my hand beneath my skirt. It was like I was on remote control, he was giving the instructions and I was carrying them out, because my hand dropped from my breasts and lifted my short skirt waist high, and my other hand tugged the material of my panties aside, revealing to his eyes, my red and swollen and very, very wet pussy lips, and his eyes widened along with his smile and he licked his lips again.

This was totally crazy, but I didn't seem to care. I was more aroused that I had ever been in my life, then Anne let out a wild scream and started to heave and shudder, and Jason's attention snapped back to her as he rammed his cock harder and faster into her, and the spell was broken, the remote control was broken, and with a cry that was totally lost in Anne's very loud orgasm I reeled away and staggered off down the corridor, pushing almost blindly into my bedroom. Feelings of shame and anger and all sorts of other emotions were running through me as I sank to the bed, lifted my hands to my face and began to cry. But even that was not to be, the smell of sex on my hands from my overheated pussy was almost overpowering, so I quickly tore off my clothes and dashed into the shower and ran the hottest water I could stand, followed by the coldest I could stand, wishing and willing all the thoughts and feelings away, until I was finally drained emotionally and physically. Tying the towel around me I slowly walked back into my bedroom and slumped onto the bed, burying my face in the pillow, trying without much success to erase the visions and the feelings that I'd recently experienced.

I think I almost fell asleep, but at the last moment I sensed movement and half turned over to look at the door. Jason was standing there looking at me, a slightly uncertain smile on his face. He swallowed slightly, "Anne's gone" he finally said, "I thought you'd be away until Monday or I wouldn't have..." he lifted his hand in a slight gesture.

I didn't respond, just looked at him, and slowly he moved across the room towards me. I was amazed at how much he looked like his father at a similar age, slim but muscular with that beautiful, proud cock shafted out in front of him lifted upwards slightly and bobbing as he walked, and I couldn't take my eyes off that cock, god, how long had it been since...

I wasn't even surprised that he was still totally naked, and still totally aroused, it seemed perfectly natural. I did notice that his beautiful cock wasn't still glistening with juices, so he'd obviously showered after Anne had left, and I smiled softly inside at that simple consideration. He seemed to take forever to move across the room to the bed, but that was just the time distortion that seems to take place when you're in that state of sexual arousal, but a million thoughts flowed through my head as he approached, thoughts of his father, thoughts of the pedestrian relationship we had fallen into, thoughts of that party and the thrill of being touched by someone else, thoughts of Jason and Anne and the wild sex I had watched them sharing, and I licked my lips as he finally reached the bed and sat on its edge. By this time I had rolled onto my back, my head raised slightly by the pillow, and we stared silently at each other.

Then, somewhat tentatively, he placed his hand on my bare leg just above the knee, and I shivered slightly at his touch, feeling electric currents flowing from his hand right up my body, intensifying the liquid warmth that had been progressively creeping through my breasts and my pussy. Our eyes were locked together, but no words were being spoken, there was only the sound of our breathing, loud in the silence of the room. Then his hand moved slowly higher, lightly caressing the skin of my lower thighs on one leg before hopping smoothly across to repeat the process on the other leg, but never venturing higher than the hem of my towel. It was both a game of tease and arousal, and a challenge. He was silently telling me he wanted me, and equally silently asking me to respond, to let him know what I was thinking and feeling. I let my eyes roam over him, enjoying his tight muscular chest, his strong arms, and his strong legs, but most of all enjoying the sight of his beautiful cock standing ramrod straight up from his black matt of hair and his heavy balls. He looked huge in the half light of the bedroom, but I'm sure that was an illusion of my fevered mind as the hunger began to grow in me.

I shook my head slightly with the realization that it hadn't been just the three years since Bill had died that I'd been without a man, it had been much, much longer than that, and a shiver ran through me. But still I didn't move and didn't speak, just stared deeply into Jason's hot eyes and enjoyed the light stroking of his hand.

He swallowed, and took a deep breath, "Please Mom, Please" he whispered, slightly hoarsely.

Slowly, as if in a dream, I lifted my hands to the top of my towel and unhooked the knot, then let my hands fall back to my side, and an almost agonized expression came over his face as he looked at the thrust of my breasts beneath the towel and licked his lips, but still he didn't move, still he raised his eyes and gazed longingly into mine. There was a whole conversation going on between us in the silence, each movement, each half gesture as clear and vivid as any words. He wanted me, and he knew I wanted him, but he didn't want to take me, he wanted me to give myself, for some reason it seemed to be important for me to take the responsibility of taking things further. In a way he was giving me the opportunity to call it all off, and I appreciated that, but it wasn't what I wanted. By this time the fire was so hot within my body that I was sure he must be able to see sparks shooting through my eyes.

So once again I lifted my hands and took hold of the top of the towel, and with our eyes locked firmly together I drew the towel aside, slowly unveiling my breasts and my pussy and the rest of my naked body, and letting the towel flop to the bed beside me. Even though his eyes never moved from mine, it was the most erotic feeling to deliberately reveal my totally naked body to my son. Only Bill had ever seen me like this, totally naked, totally open, totally vulnerable, and the feelings of arousal and excitement were so intense that for a moment I think I stopped breathing. Then Jason's eyes left mine and slowly swept down my body, and they widened slightly as they fell on my still firm, uplifted breasts with my rock hard, perky nipples that Bill had so loved to lick and suck. Then on down over my almost flat stomach, and I was so glad that I'd maintained a regular exercise regimen over the years, I knew my body was still firm in all the right places. He groaned loudly as his eyes fell on my pussy with it's neatly trimmed thatch of black hair almost, but not quite, concealing the ripe, slightly puffed redness of my pussy lips glistening with wetness.

Then his eyes were back on mine and his face was flushed, "Wow, Mom" he whispered, "I always knew you were the best looking mom in the neighborhood, but I didn't appreciate how absolutely magnificent you were until now"

His words were like warm honey dripping onto my self esteem, and I felt myself flush with pleasure. Then his hands started to move, slowly and lightly at first, seeking out every corner of my body, "Such beautiful breasts" he whispered, "Such fantastic nipples, so tall and hard, I've never seen anything like it, Oh Mom, if you only knew how often I've thought of you and imagined you and wanted you"

Then his lips were on my breasts and his tongue was swirling around my nipples, and I was writhing and moaning beneath him, my body totally on fire from his hands and lips, my mind totally on fire from his words. I felt his fingers slide between my legs and start to stroke my flaming pussy lips, and my whole body lifted from the bed as a small explosion ripped through me, and suddenly my own hands were beginning to move, caressing whatever part of his body I could reach, his back, his shoulders, his chest, and finally his hard, throbbing cock, and I moaned aloud as I reached that and cupped and stroked it, and felt him shudder too, "Oh yes, mom" he whispered again, "Oh god that feels so good, mom" and he lifted his body so I could slide my hands down and cup his balls. Mmmm they were so big and heavy, so full of juice, and I knew that soon I'd be full of that juice too, and I shivered with delight.

Then finally I broke my silence. Lifting his head from my breasts and looking deep into his eyes I whispered, "Please Jason, make love to me, fill me up and make me live again, please", and I spread my legs wide, his fingers immediately slipping inside my pussy to rub sensuously against my swollen clitoris.

Then he was moving, lifting himself over and above me, and I took his hard cock in my hand and stroked it lightly as I guided it to the entrance to my pussy. Rubbing the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips, teasing myself as much as I was teasing him, filled suddenly with the realization that another cock was going to fill me, my son's cock, and I shivered and cried out, "Yes, yes, Jason, fuck me, oh god, fuck me", and even as I cried out he thrust forward, burying his whole cock in one stroke deep into my hot, heaving pussy, and I immediately exploded, and kept on exploding as he held his big cock firmly in me.

As that first wild, and totally unexpected orgasm began to fade, Jason began to move, drawing his cock right back until he was almost popping out, and my body lifted automatically, searching for his cock, a whimper coming from my throat as I feared he was going to leave me, but then he thrust forward again, hard and fast, almost bouncing me off the bed as he plunged his hard cock deep into my pussy. Over and over again he repeated the process and my body shakes got wilder and wilder, god this was incredible, nothing like I'd ever experienced before. He was lifting my legs high and spreading them wide and pounding his rock hard cock into me, his hands stroking and fondling my tight ass cheeks, his fingers occasionally brushing over my ass hole, causing me to jump and jerk even more. His lips and tongue were busy too, licking and sucking on my breasts and nipples, driving me even wilder.

"Oh yes Jason" I was screaming, "Yes, yes, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, oh god this is so good, oh Jason, fill me up, fill me with your juices, cum into me, oh god I want you so bad, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

And he did, harder and faster, pounding his big cock into me, yelling wildly back at me, "Oh yes, mom, such a fantastic body, I'm fucking you like I always wanted, like I always dreamed of, oh god you are so beautiful, I don't ever want to stop fucking you, oh mom, mom, mom, I can't hold on, Mom, I'm cumming, I'm CUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGG"

I felt his raging, thrusting cock swell and swell and swell inside my tight pussy walls and I gripped him hard to milk him, then his cock just seemed to burst and spray gallons of hot liquid deep into my body, and I cried out in ecstasy. Gripping his tight ass cheeks I urged him on as his cock filled me with his juices, and explosion after explosion ripped through my body, basting his cock with my own hot juices.

I don't know how long that went on, the whole world disappeared in that searing heat as we poured our juices into and onto each other. I know at one stage he pulled out and I felt his hot juice splatter onto my breasts, but then he was back in again, plunging and thrusting, twisting and turning, turning my pussy into a whirlpool of feelings that I'd never experienced before, and I slowly drifted off into a haze of multi colored lights.

When I finally came back to reality, Jason was lying alongside me, still trying to bring his breathing back to normal. I lifted onto my elbow and looked down at him, smiling, "Well, you certain proved to be a surprise package" I said teasingly, "No sooner is my back turned and you have half the neighborhood in your bed"

He flushed a little, but grinned right back, "Well, about Anne" he said, and I reached over and pressed my finger against his lips.

"You don't have to explain anything, she's a very attractive woman, and anyway, it's none of my business" I said, then grinned impishly, "Of course I have the normal woman's curiosity about how and when"

He grinned and reached up and started to caress my breasts, "Well, it was a couple of years ago" he said, "John had asked me if I'd drop by and do some gardening for him to earn some pocket money as he no longer had the time to keep it neat and tidy, but when I got there, he'd been called away and only Anne was in. She showed me where the tools were and left me to it, but after about an hour she called and asked if I'd like a cold drink and I accepted. I walked into the kitchen and was quite stunned to see that she was wearing very tight and very brief shorts that really showed off her fantastic ass, and a very thin T Shirt that left no doubt at all that she wasn't wearing a bra, and even though I tried real hard not to stare, I couldn't help myself, and the more I stared the more turned on I got, but she didn't seem to notice at all"

I laughed, "Yeah, I bet she didn't"

He leaned down and started to suck on my nipples, causing me to groan, "Stop with the smart comments or I wont tell you the story" he said, grinning. I nodded, pretending contriteness. "Anyway, after a while she said I was stilling looking overheated from all that work and would I like to take a shower, as she didn't want me to get all burnt or anything"

I was trying to contain my laughter as the story unfolded, but wasn't very successful, which earned me a few more nibbles on my nipples, Mmmm I thought, I should interrupt more often.

'She led me to the bathroom, told me where everything was and then left, so I slipped out of my work clothes and into the shower. I didn't even hear the bathroom door open, the first I knew she was there was when her hand reached around and took the soap from me and she said 'I'll do your back'. I was so shocked, I sort of jumped around to face her. That's when I realized that she was stark naked too, and all I could do was stare wide eyed. I tell you, she had the most fantastic body I'd ever seen to that time, magnificent firm breasts, not too large, big, hard nipples, and...gulp...she was clean shave"

I could feel his excitement mounting as he recounted the story, and I reached down and started to stroke his cock, and I giggled. "I've seen her magnificent body, remember?, and I would have to agree, she does have amazing breasts, even I noticed that"

He looked at me a little strangely, "Oh, do women notice that on other women?" he asked.

"Women always check each other out" I answered, " and when I saw her, well, I could hardly not notice, could I"

He flushed slightly, then grinned, "I guess not, and did it excite you, seeing her naked like that, and..."

His question really shafted into me and I felt a flush rising to my face, images of Anne kneeling on the bed naked, her high, firm breasts bouncing slightly as Jason fucked into her came into my head, and with a start I realized that the sight of her had excited me, but I tried to hide that from Jason, and I think I succeeded, as he started back on his story.

"Anyway, she started to soap me all over, and by the time she got to my cock it was rock hard, and she sort of moaned and started to stroke it, and the soap dropped to the floor and was forgotten. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, but I decided that I should strike while the iron was hot, so to speak, so I reached out and started to fondle her breasts, and she started to moan even louder. Then I slipped my hand between her legs and started to stroke her bare, shaved pussy and she started to go wild. Before I even knew what was happening we were out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and we were fucking like crazy. And when it was over, she told me it had been her idea to have me over to do the garden, and would I keep on doing it because she really needed someone to help her from time to time. When she said that she was looking right into my eyes and her hand was stroking my cock and I knew exactly what she meant"

I laughed, "And was it worth it?" I asked teasingly.

He flushed again, then grinned, "Oh yes, she is wild in bed, and she sure taught me a lot"

I grinned and slowly started to stroke his cock again, a cock that had mysteriously hardened as he'd been telling his story, "Well, why don't you show me just what she's taught you" I said in my best sultry voice. So he did! And it wasn't long before I found myself in the position I'd seen Anne in just a few hours ago, kneeling on all fours with Jason pounding his beautiful cock into my welcoming pussy from behind. There was a mirror at the head of my bed so I could see the action, see my son pounding his cock into me, see the agonized ecstasy on his face and on my own, and that made it even wilder, and as I spun into yet another massive orgasm a strange thought flashed into my mind, I wondered if Anne would be as turned on watching Jason fuck me as I'd been watching him fuck her, and that thought sent me spinning right off the planet!

We didn't get much sleep that night, I finally got around to sucking that beautiful cock, something I'd been wanting to do since he walked erect into my bedroom, but something I hadn't done much of with Bill, so I made the most of it, and I'm delighted to say, managed to totally blow his mind - as well as his cock!

Then he sucked and licked my pussy, and even my ass, which was an unusual but highly erotic feeling, before fucking me once again, this time out in the middle of the back lawn where I had to subdue my moans and groans in case the neighbors heard, neighbors like the surprisingly hot, horny Anne. I even found myself looking over at her house as Jason pounded his cock into me, and wondering...


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