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Unexpected Encounters Pt. II
by Patrick

For the first time in my life I was awakened by the feeling of a thick, hard cock sliding into my moist pussy. In the brief time it took for my mind to overcome it's normal post sleep fogginess, my body was responding eagerly and powerfully to the thrusting cock, lifting off the bed to receive the steady thrusts, and as my eyes opened I found myself staring into the smiling eyes of my son Jason. I started to giggle like a teenager, "Wow, didn't you get enough last night?" I asked.

He increased the speed of his thrusts as a wide smile lit up his face, "Mmmm, Mom, I could never get enough of such a beautiful, sexy woman" he answered, then laughed, "Anyway, I wanted to make sure there was no backsliding, no guilts or remorse, and the only way I could think to do that was to start the rest of our lives the way I want it to be - naked, and deep inside you!"

"Jason!" I exclaimed, "You can't really mean that, why I'm old enough to be your mother!"

That sent us both off into peals of laughter that temporarily put a halt to our lovemaking, but it wasn't long before the laughter turned to moans of delight, and the moans of delight turned into cries of ecstasy as his beautiful cock lit the same fires inside my pussy that he'd lit the night before, and I knew that I didn't ever want this to end. Crazy though that may be, I wanted my son's cock in me as much as possible, and I told him so, opening up and revealing the depth of my frustrations over the years, telling him how much pleasure he was giving me, telling him that he'd probably created such a sexual addict that he might live to regret it, a remark that made him grin and do some wild twisting movements with his cock that almost sent me off the planet and had my juices flowing copiously over his rampaging cock.

"Mmmm, I can't think of anything better than having a permanently horny mom" he whispered, "Beautiful, sexy and horny, wow! What an unbeatable combination"

I laughed, "I don't know where on earth you got this beautiful and sexy idea from....but I do like it!"

He grinned down at me, "Actually it was Phil that first brought my attention to it when I was just 16 years old, he came to my birthday party you might recall, and afterwards all he could do was rave over this incredibly sexy woman that was roaming around. That's when I really started seeing you as a woman, not just a mom, and seeing the effect you had on any man that came around. I actually used to get jealous when you paid too much attention to dad's friends, and that used to get worse whenever Phil came around and drooled all over the place, not wanting to leave most of the time. I usually had to force him to leave so I could lock myself in my room and fantasize about you"

I laughed with him at the image that brought to mind, but part of me was totally aroused at the thought that other men had been noticing me all that time, and he quickly sensed that as I lifted more strongly onto his cock and begged him to fuck me hard, and even as he responded, pounding his hot cock into my writhing pussy, he was teasing me, " excites you that Phil has the hots for you, perhaps you should close your eyes and imagine it's his cock plunging into you" he whispered hotly, and I was surprised at the tone of excitement that appeared in his voice. I snapped my eyes open and stared at him, and there was a curious expression on his face, and a sparkle in his eyes that hadn't been there before, and he was pounding his cock into me faster and faster, and I realized with momentary shock that the very idea of Phil fucking me was turning Jason on. So much so, that within moments he let out a wild yell and started to cum, pouring his hot juices into me, filling me up and sending me into a wild spiral of intense pleasure, and I responded eagerly, thrusting back, stroking and scratching at his naked torso, kissing and tonguing his ears and his mouth, urging him on and on and on until he collapsed exhausted on the bed.

It was a good ten minutes before either of us could move, then I lifted onto my elbow and looked down at him pensively, "It really got you going, thinking of Phil and I together, didn't it?" I asked.

He flushed slightly and dropped his eyes away, then with a deep breath he brought them back to stare into mine, "Yes" he whispered, "I think watching you and Phil have sex would be the hottest thing imaginable....and you do like him, don't you?"

It was my turn to be a little flustered, I hadn't quite expected that degree of honesty, "Well, of course I like him" I stammered, "But that doesn't mean I've ever wanted fact it's never entered my head, and as for you watching...well.." and I flushed even deeper.

He reached up and started to stroke my breasts, grinning as he found my nipples rock hard again, "But you're thinking of it now, I can tell" he whispered, "I don't think your nipples could ever lie, the idea of having sex with Phil excites you, and as for me watched Anne and I together, can you look me in the eye and tell me it didn't excite you to see us having sex?" his grin widened, "Well...the cat got your tongue?"

I couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled up as he threw that line at me, one I'd used so many times as he was growing up, then I took a deep breath and decided to be as honest with him as he'd been with me. "Ok, so seeing you and Anne together did arouse and excite me, you know that very well because you saw me, and yes, Phil's tall and quite handsome and he looks very virile, and the thought of sex with him does excite me, but maybe that's only because you've turned on a tap that hasn't been running for a long while, maybe it isn't him, maybe it's just the thoughts themselves" I murmured.

He grinned, "And the thought of me watching, does that excite you too?"

An unexpected shudder ran through me, and Jason spotted it straight away, and he leaned down and whispered hotly in my ear, "And then maybe both of us together"

Well that blew me away, and a whole series of shudders wracked my body, "Damn you, what are you doing to me" I almost whimpered, and his hands were all over me, stroking and caressing, arousing and exciting, then his lips and tongue followed suit and I was on fire all over again. then his cock was sliding into me again and I was amazed that it was hard again so soon, amazed, but delighted as I cried out and begged him to fuck me over and over again. If it was possible, the sex was even wilder this time, and all through it I was thinking, imagining, Phil, then Phil and Jason, and I couldn't deny to my inner self that the whole bizarre idea was the most incredible turn on. Then I was seeing Jason and Anne again, and Jason and Anne and me, and I exploded with such fury that I almost tipped both of us off the bed.

When everything had calmed down again, Jason looked at me with a slightly amazed, bemused expression on his face, "Wow, what ever were you thinking about that time?, whatever it was, bottle was sensational!"

I tried to tell him that it was just his incredible lovemaking but it came out sounding false even to me, and we both burst out laughing again, then he leaned down and brushed his lips over my forehead and whispered, "I understand, and I can't wait". Then he was gone, lifting from my bed and dashing off with a frantic cry, "My god, look at the time, I'll be late for practice, see you mom", and the door of my bedroom slammed and I was all alone in the quiet, alone and thinking hot and horny thoughts. I snuggled back under my bedclothes and closed my eyes and tried to catch up on some sleep, but the dreams were wild and vivid and I awoke much later in desperate need of a cold shower...or a hard cock...damn, I'd never felt like this before in my entire life, what was happening to me?

Eventually I did get up and have that shower, but it didn't seem to make me feel any the less horny, and as I dressed afterwards I found myself taking more care than usual in selecting the clothes to wear, I wanted them to be sexy for Jason, I was already anticipating the next bout of love making with him. Right at the back of my wardrobe I found a blouse that I hadn't worn in a long, long time. I grinned as I remembered when Bill saw it in a shop and demanded I buy it because he thought I'd look sexy in it, and the shock on his face when I put it on for the party we were going to that night and he realized that it looked silly with a bra underneath and totally hot and horny without one, because it was almost completely see through. I loved the way it looked and felt without a bra, but Bill couldn't cope with other men being able to see quite so much of me, so I didn't get to wear it that night or ever agai, it kind of got put to the back of the closet and forgotten.

Now I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, Mmmm, my breasts still looked pretty good, still high and firm, and the slightly coarse weave of the net material rubbed interestingly over my nipples and caused them to harden, so with a wicked grin I decided that would be my outfit for the day, and looked forward to seeing the look in Jason's eyes when he got home. To complete the effect I searched out the briefest, tightest shorts I could find. So tight, in fact, that I couldn't wear panties with them without creating noticeable lines, so I went without, and felt even more daring and sexy. I could hardly believe this was the same person that had felt so dead and frustrated just yesterday. I took one last look in the mirror, reached up and lightly stroked my visible breasts and shuddered, then grinned, filled with anticipation of what was to come.

I expected Jason to arrive home sometime mid afternoon, but it was well into early evening before I heard the car pull up outside. I dashed into the kitchen and took the salad I'd prepared out of the fridge and put it on the table, and called out as I heard the door opening, "In the kitchen, Jason, dinner's already on the table". I heard a slight scrabble of sound and a suppressed laugh, but thought nothing of it, and turned to face the door as I heard it opening, eager to see Jason's reaction to my outfit. Jason walked in all right and stopped dead with a gasp, his eyes widening as they played over my tight little shorts and my almost completely see through top, then he came tumbling forward as another figure thrust into the room..... Phil!

I lifted my hand to cover my mouth to stop the gasp that burst from me, Phil's presence being totally unexpected. "I'm sorry, mom" Greg stammered, "I should have rung or something, is there enough for Phil? I invited him over to play some music and stuff"

I didn't answer straight away, I was still staring at Phil, seeing his eyes literally devouring my barely covered body.. and feeling heat start to rise in me...remembering our conversation of earlier, and the fact that it was Phil that had turned Jason on to me.. Then I shook the thoughts away, "No, that's ok, I just wasn't expecting anyone that's all, it took me by surprise" I stammered.

Jason was grinning now, looking from me to Phil and back again, somehow sensing the current of electricity that was running between us, "Yeah, I can see you weren't expecting anyone, what a fantastic outfit, where did you get it?"

I blushed profusely, reminded of my near naked state, "Oh your dad bought the top for me a long time ago" I stammered again.

"But I've never seen you in it" Jason said.

I half laughed. "Well, no, I'm sure you didn't, when we got it home and Bill saw it on me he almost had a fit and told me there was no way I was wearing it out to any parties, so it's stayed in the wardrobe"

Jason laughed and walked around me looking it over closely, "Mmmm I can understand why, it would look silly with a bra, and would cause a sensation...all the men would be drooling...don't you think so Phil?" he said, looking around, "come on over, you can't really appreciate it from over in the doorway"

Phil moved forward on feet that seemed to be tied to concrete blocks, his face flaming, until he was standing just in front of me. To be fair, he tried his best not to stare, but eventually lust won out and his eyes burned into my high firm breasts and I felt the nipples harden even further, a fact that was not lost on Jason, "Wow, mom, look at the way that material outlines your beautiful nipples" he said, and to my absolute astonishment reached out and lightly ran his finger over one of my nipples, causing it and me to jump. "Aren't they fantastic Phil?" he said, and continued to stroke them, "Bet you'd like to wrap your lips round these"

I'm not sure who came closest to dying of embarrassment on the spot, me or Phil, but Jason just laughed and kept on lightly stroking them. I reached up to brush his hand away, "Stop it Jason, you're embarrassing Phil" I said, trying to sound stern and forceful. I thought I'd succeeded when Jason dropped his hand away with a light laugh and moved aside, but next moment he was behind me and his hands were encircling me and cupping both breasts, lifting and squeezing them.

"You always told me how beautiful you thought mom was, how sexy, and what a gorgeous figure she had, didn't you Phil?.. do you still think she's beautiful and sexy, do you think she has lovely breasts?" Jason asked, his voice deep and almost throbbing.

Phil couldn't seem to find his voice and was in danger of losing his eyes as they got wider and wider as he stared at my breasts, and at Jason stroking them, then his tongue came out and swept across his lips, "Yes, god Yes" he croaked, "Absolutely magnificent"

His words sent a hot thrill through me, his lustful eyes sent a hot thrill through me, so although part of my mind was in denial, refusing to accept that this was happening, my body was responding powerfully to the verbal, visual and tactile stimulation. It was like I was detached from the situation, a voyeur watching this female being stroked by one man in front of another, and becoming more and more excited by it. And even as I watched, the other man reached out and tentatively brushed his hands over one of my breasts, and I moaned in delight.

Jason moved his hands from my breasts and began to stroke down over my ass cheeks and the backs of my thighs as Phil became bolder and started to cup and stroke my breasts, and I began to writhe beneath their joint onslaught, my body on fire. Almost lost in the roaring going through my heard I heard Jason whisper, "Undo the buttons, Phil, Mom really wants you to see her and touch her"

I opened my mouth to deny it, but all that came out was a whimpering moan as his hands lifted and started to unbutton my blouse, pulling it aside to reveal my firm, sensitive breasts, which he stroked softly. "God but their beautiful" I heard him whisper, "So firm and ripe and hot", and I arched up into his hands. At the same time I felt Jason's hands on the clip and the zip at the sides of my shorts, opening them up and starting to ease the shorts over my hips, and I groaned as I felt him take the panties with them and drop them both in a pool at my feet, leaving me totally open, totally revealed, almost totally naked. And his hands were on my naked ass cheeks stroking and caressing, and around to my pussy, brushing sensually over my pussy lips.

Once again his hands moved, taking the open blouse, he eased it from my shoulders, and I was indeed standing there totally naked, with Phil still cupping and fondling my breasts. My body was shaking and shuddering with suppressed excitement as the two men caressed my body, totally wild, totally crazy, but I was loving every moment of it. The meal lay on the table only a few feet away, but was completely forgotten as the excitement began to mount in both of them. I could feel Jason's hard cock pressing into me through his shorts, and I could see the massive bulge in Phil's shorts, and I moaned with desire. Then Jason whispered once more, "Not here, Phil, in the lounge, I want to watch you both make love", with that he took my hand and began to lead me into the lounge with Phil following close behind. I moved as if in a daze, but my awareness of what was going on was razor sharp.

Jason sat me down on the couch and stepped back, and without hurrying began to strip off his clothes, and I watched with a feverish excitement as his gorgeous young body was unveiled again, his cock rock hard and standing straight and tall, and I moaned and licked my lips. Then Phil was standing there, looking a little more uncertain, but feverishly pulling at his clothes until he too was naked, and I sucked my breath in. Wow, he had an absolutely gorgeous cock, thick and long and delicately sculptured at the end, and it was throbbing and bobbing just a few inches away from my face. With a groan I leaned forward and tentatively stroked my hand up and down it's generous length, causing Phil to shudder and gasp.

I looked up at Jason and he was grinning at me, grinning and stroking his cock, "Yes, Mom, it's all yours, they're both all yours, but first Phil, I want to watch you suck his horny cock, and then...a shudder ran the whole length of his body, and his voice deepened...I want to watch him fuck you" he said.

I couldn't believe this was happening, even though we'd spoken of it earlier, and I certainly couldn't believe the way I was reacting, I looked up at Phil's red, strained face, "Is that what you want too, Phil?, do you want me to suck you? Do you want to fuck me?" I asked in a voice that didn't sound a bit like mine. Well if I'd dropped a stick of dynamite down his pants I couldn't have achieved a bigger reaction! His whole body went into a series of shakes and shudders, his cock bouncing around in my hands, and just to steady him down I leaned forward and took his beautiful cock into my mouth, hearing his cry of agonized ecstasy as I did so. Then all other realities were lost as I licked and sucked and fondled his throbbing cock and heavy balls, causing his knees to dip and his legs to shudder. Mmmm he sure had a sweet tasting cock, especially when the pre cum began to ooze from it's tip, and I swirled my tongue around and up an down, stroking him gently with my hands as I did so, listening joyfully to his gasps and moans.

I knew he was pretty close to cumming so I eased back and looked up at him, "Mmmm, you have a fantastic cock, Phil, I can't wait to have it inside me, to feel it filling me up" I whispered, and heard a groan, but not from Phil. I glanced around and saw Jason lounging in the chair opposite, hotly stroking his big, hard cock, and the sight turned me on even more. I grinned at him, "Well, do you like seeing me sucking Phil's cock, does it excite you the way you thought it would?"

"Oh yes, mom, " he whispered hoarsely, "I can't wait for him to fuck you though"

I grinned, "Neither can I" I said, "But want to suck you off when he does"

That sent him jumping and jerking and groaning loudly, "Oh wow, yes mom, will you do that?"

Still holding Phil's cock I slipped from the couch and crawled over to Jason's chair on all fours, then lifted my head and asked Phil if he'd like to fuck me from behind while I sucked Jason. He didn't need to answer in words, his whole face lit up in the horniest smile, and he quickly dropped to the floor behind me. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing and caressing ehm, then his lips and tongue brushing over them, and I moaned in lustful delight. I reached up and took Jason's hands away from his cock and began to stroke it myself.

Then I felt Phil's cock rubbing and lightly probing between my legs and I lifted as far as I could to ease his passage, reaching beneath me with one hand to capture and guide his cock to the entrance of my pussy, and let out a whimpering cry as he slowly slid his cock into me. Oh god, it felt sooo good, and I wriggled and shiggled to take it deeper and deeper, until I could feel his heavy ball sac bouncing against my upper thighs as it swayed from side to side, "Oh yes" I cried out, staring into Jason's hot, excited eyes, "Phil's in me right to the hilt, Phil's fucking your momma". Then I plunged my mouth down onto Jason's cock, taking it deep into my throat until my nose was nuzzling his ball sac too, and I heard his wild cry of delight.

After that it became a haze of incredible feelings as Phil fucked his big cock into my steaming pussy and Jason fucked his equally big cock into my eager mouth. Oh I'd heard and read of threesome's, and I have to admit the thought had always excited me, but I'd never dreamed I would actually be in one, particularly not with my own son, the excitement was so intense that my whole body was threatening to burst.

It was not entirely unanticipated that after the ministration I'd given to Phil's cock with my hungry lips and tongue, he wouldn't last as long, but it was still a huge shock when he suddenly let out a wild yell and started pumping furiously into my pussy, and I felt his cock swell and swell, then explode, shooting his hot cum deep into my pussy. That first jet of hot liquid sent me into a wild orgasm too, and I had to take my mouth away from Jason briefly lest I bite right into his cock. But I was soon back and sucking him even more furiously, and as the last of Phil's juices spurted into my writhing pussy, Jason let out an agonized groan and shot his load deep into my throat, causing me to gag momentarily. But I soon recovered and sucked and sucked and sucked at his spurting cock until he was bone dry. I lost count of the number of orgasms that ripped through me, my body seemed to be in a permanent state of orgasmic bliss, particularly as after shooting his load, Phil's cock surprisingly remained rock hard, and continued to pump into my pussy.

My heart seemed to be pounding loudly in my head, but I still heard Jason's suggestion that they should trade places, and the thought sent a new wave of excitement coursing through me. I didn't have any inhibitions left, all I wanted was more of this incredible sexual pleasure, and I got it! As they moved around and I was sucking on Phil's cock once again and Jason was ramming into me from behind, and I was a screaming, blubbering mess of intense white fire.

We never did get to eat that dinner I'd prepared, we fucked the whole evening away. The stamina of two teenage bucks was awesome, and I was quite astounded that I managed to keep up. Perhaps it was all those years of complacent repression, but I had a fire in me that couldn't seem to be extinguished, and that delighted both Jason and Phil as I fucked and sucked them with great enthusiasm, until Phil finally had to stagger off home, promising faithfully to come again soon. As I stood naked at the door embracing him for the last time, I whispered in his ear that I wanted to see him without Jason sometime, I wanted to concentrate solely on him and fuck his brains out. He left with a huge smile on his face and the beginnings of another erection in his tired and sore cock, and I went back to Jason, still naked on the couch, and began to raise his flag once again.

My goodness, what kind of sexual animal was I turning into!!


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