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Ultimate Massage
by Daisey

It is a balmy evening of 84 degrees. Neither in the mood for sleep, I offer to massage your troubles away.

"Lie down on the bed, face down, hands under your head honey" I purred, "just enjoy the moment". I then move to kneel between your spread legs, taking some massage oil, pouring it onto the palm of my hand and when it was nice and warm, spread my palms out across from your neck to the end of your shoulders, along your arms to your elbows. A nice firm soothing rub, working my way back to the middle of your neck, my thumbs working their way up your neck, fingers on the outside of your neck, kneading up and down.

Hmm, more massage oil, I warm it up and then spread it down the middle of your back. My thumbs work their way down your spine with fingers splayed and kneading your skin along the way. Moving to the sides of your chest, thumbs and fingers working along your sides, up and down, up and down.

More oil? In a circular motion, working my thumbs and fingers at the sides of your waist, down your hips, making their way across to the middle of your back.

Dribbling oil on the base of your back. My palms move over your ass, first one cheek, then the other. While pouring some oil onto your cheeks - you buck a little because it is cool against your skin, but not for long as my hands spreads the oil out, my thumbs working down your ass and down the backs of your thighs, warming you all over. Moving up and down, over and around the outside of your thighs, thumbs lightly brushing the apex of your legs - you buck with the sensation.

Scooting down a little lower between your legs, I pour some oil down the lower parts of your legs. Working my thumbs and fingers into your muscles, around the backs of your knees, along your calves and then making my way up, kneading in circular motions, back past your ass to your back, working my way back up to your shoulders.

I make you roll over and your cock springs into view... hmmm. With your hands behind your head, I pour some oil across your chest. You squirm a little because it is cool against your heated skin. I then rub in a circular motion across your chest, moving over your hardened nipples, rolling my fingers around, pulling gently, then smoothing my palm over them feeling them rigid against my palms.

I pour more oil around your stomach area. Muscles contract by the contact of the oil and my hands on your skin. Hands move around in circular motions, making my way across your stomach, down your hips, along the top of your thighs, the outer edges, down past your knees to your shins. And work my way back up to your thighs - ultimately to your pulsating cock.

Trickling some oil around the base of your cock, I massage it around the base, and work my way up your length. Finger tips lightly feathering over your head, taking a little precum and mixing it with the oils. I then move my hands up and down your cock, stroking you lightly but firmly. Pushing your cock back, my hands make their way to your balls and my thumbs firmly massage them. Your cock is getting harder, so warm and smooth to the touch.

Groaning, your hips buck wanting more. Cradling you in my hands, I push your cock back gently and move down to kiss its length along the underside. I work my way from the base to the top - slowly - making my way to the top and rolling my tongue around the outside of the head, lightly flicking my tongue across the slit, and planting a tender kiss on the head - hmmm.

Moving my mouth down over the top, my tongue down one side - its warm, moist and gliding down your length. My teeth lightly graze down the outside of your cock. You buck, wanting me to take more of you; my hands are working up and down, up and down your length. Mouth and hands moving in unison, meeting each other at the centre, fingers at the same time working around your balls, kneading them.

Your fingers are running through my hair, around my ears and along my jaw, as you watch me. Moving off you, I take one of your fingers into my mouth, sucking on it soundly. The feel of my warm, moist mouth around your finger, a heady sensation.

You are so turned on that you a guttural "grrrrrrr" came from your mouth as you gently push me backwards, turning me over and making me kneel on all fours in front of you. My ass is sticking up and your fingers move along my slit - oh, so wet for you. Moving down you spread my pussy lips, licking from one hole to the other with a slow, broad tongue leaving me shivering. Then little tongue flicks over my ass and then back to my clit while pushing one finger, then two, into my slick pussy - oh hmm.

Squirming, I am now groaning with desire, needing release. Taking your cock into your hand and spreading my pussy lips with your other, you smooth your head up and down my slit. Then push it a little at a time into me. When three-quarters in, your hands move to my hips, and start pumping against me -in and out - in and out.

My hand moves to my clit to stroke it. I can feel you pushing into me. My fingers feel around as you push into me more and more.

You start pushing harder, seeking release. I grab the bed head for better leverage and raise myself and you move your hands around to my breasts and fondle them, bringing me back into your chest, playing with my nipples, your warm uneven breathing against my ear, my neck.

You pump more... more... and then pushing me down, you thrust as deep as you can "grrrrrooooaaaannnnn", we both come to a climax. You are spurting inside me. I am contracting around you. You slip yourself out of my pussy and spread your still spurting juices over my ass, the small of my back, your free hand smoothing it over my skin.

You lay back down and I roll to your side. My hand moving to your cock, sticky from your and my juices. Moving down, I lick around your head and along your length, cleaning up some of your spent juices. You pull me back and pin me back on the bed, moving your mouth to my parted lips and give me a resounding, passionate kiss. My arms move around you and you lay your head on my chest, your tongue flicking at my nipple, your hand roaming over my breast and stomach. We rest, take a breather... ready for session 2?


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