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Uncle Mark & Janice
by Spanker Sam

Janice stood in the small patch of woods just off the clearing. She had asked Uncle Mark to stand close by. He had laughed at her, chiding her for being scared of everything. By Janice didn't care. She had been holding herself for the last mile or so and her bladder would allow her to hold back no longer. At 18, Janice still loved the long walks she took with her Uncle. Even though Uncle Mark was only 10 years older than she was, he always acted so much older. But they had fun together. Janice looked around to make sure there were no animals waiting to spring at her.

Then she called out to Uncle Mark. "Uncle Mark are you still there?" Hearing his laughter, she smiled. Then she placed her back up against the tree as she pushed her jeans down over her hips. She had hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panty when she heard a rustling noise. The noise seemed to be getting closer. Jerking up her jeans, she ran for her life. And she ran right into Uncle Mark. He had been standing with his back to her.

"Uncle Mark! There's something back there. It was coming right at me."

Uncle Mark picked up a big branch. "Maybe it was a bear or even a mountain lion. You pulled down your pants and they smelled your honey-pot. I guess they were coming to get a lick."

Janice punched him in the arm laughing. "If mom heard you talking like that to me she'd break your head."

Uncle Mark grabbed her and pulled her close to him. "If your mom knew that here little girl loved to be watched while she peed, she'd spank your pretty ass."

Janice blushed a little as she kissed her uncle full on the mouth. Uncle Mark had been watching her pee since she was 17. Ever since the time she burst into the bathroom while staying at his apartment. He had just gotten out of the shower. Janice had been holding herself waiting for him to finish. But nature's call was strong. The choice between peeing on herself and being embarrassed by him seeing her was an easy one to make. Janice burst into the bathroom, jerked down her pants and squatted on the toilet.

Mark and Janice had been close since the day she was born. Janice was a chubby kid and as she grew older she didn't lose her weight. In Fact, she was considered a fat kid. She ate all the wrong foods and drank sweets like no tomorrow. Her face was pocked with acne; she had buckteeth and wore glasses. But she was Mark's sweetheart. He took her everywhere and was her knight in shining armor.

Mark had been in the midst of drying himself. He looked at the young girl as she plopped down on the toilet. He heard her small grunt, the loud hiss of her piss hitting the water and then her long sigh of relief. Mark could see directly between her thighs and couldn't help but notice the hair on her pussy. When Janice looked up at him she couldn't help but notice that his dick was hard. She had been holding her pee for what seemed like hours. And even she was surprised that so much came out it seemed to go on forever. Her eyes stayed glued to Uncle Mark's dick.

And when a drop of pre-cum fluid dripped from the tip, she sighed and licked her lips. "Careful girl, don't let your actions get you in trouble." Janice had taken a water pill and that was part of the reason so much had come from her pussy. Uncle Mark laughed at how long she had peed. "If I were dying of thirst, you would certainly fill my needs. I didn't know a girl could hold so much."

Janice had grown accustom to Uncle Mark's comments. In fact they got along well enough to talk about everything. Mark knew that she played with herself. He had heard her often enough when she spent the nights at his apartment. But seeing her sitting there with her thighs open and hearing her piss splash in the bowl had him hard as steel. And she never took her eyes off his dick.

"Get up! Hearing you pee makes me have to pee too. Come on Janice, wipe it and leave."

Janice got a mischievous smile on her face. She opened her legs wider. "Let's see how good a shot you are?" When Janice threw her legs open Mark couldn't help but see her pussy lips open wide. "I mean it Janice. I got to go." She laughed and opened wider. "Come on! I bet you can't miss me. I bet you $20 dollars you hit me instead of the water." Mark looked at her. She wasn't going to move. He had seen her like this before. "You owe me $20 dollars."

Mark grabbed his dick and aimed. Being hard made it difficult to get the flow started. Janice watched the head of his dick. The hole expanded and his stream shot out. It splashed all over her legs. Janice howled in laughter. "I don't have a dick and I can aim better than that." Mark choked off his stream by grabbing his dick hard. His next shot splashed her stomach and inner thigh but most of it went into the bowl.

He was shocked when Janice stuck her hand out and let it splash her fingers. She looked at him and smiled as she touched her wet fingers to her mouth. "Not bad Uncle Mark. Good taste, but a lousy shot. You owe me 20." Mark stood with his mouth open staring at the young girl. "Janice you just tasted my piss." Janice burst out laughing. "Uncle Mark, I've been tasting my piss since I was 14. Yours taste much better than mine does. Must be all that water you drink."

Mark couldn't believe his eyes or his ears. He had just pissed thru his niece's legs. Not only that, he had splashed her stomach and thighs and watched her taste his golden elixir. "I'll find out how good a shot you are later. Right now get out and let me finish." Janice made a big thing out of wiping her pussy clean and pulling up her panties and pants. Her short fat legs were the color of brown sugar.

But she had the hair of a grown woman covering her young pussy. They had gone to the museum that day and Mark had made Janice drink a lot of water. He had always chastised her about the amount of sweets she drank. So when they were together, water was her drink. Later that night as they watched TV, Janice turned to him. "Time to show you how well I can aim Uncle Mark." He had hoped she would have forgotten. The event of this morning had left him full of guilt. After Janice had left the bathroom, Mark had jerked off thinking about her. But she was his niece and he wasn't supposed to have thoughts like that about her.

"Uh, maybe we shouldn't do this Janice? After all, I am your uncle. This is like incest." Janice looked at him. "Scared I'll win another $20 dollars. You never struck me as a quitter. But if you're afraid of losing I'll understand." Janice knew that if she played on his manhood she would win. She had done this often to get her way.

Standing up, Mark grabbed her hand and pulled her in the bathroom. He pushed his pants and drawers down and sat on the toilet with his legs open wide. "I can't give you a better target than this. See I made it real easy for you." Janice smiled at him. "Close your legs more. I don't want you to say I cheated or you made it easy for me to win." Mark felt his dick grow hard. He knew that this was wrong but he couldn't help himself.

All day as he watched her walk around he had kept the image of her hairy pussy in his mind. He could still hear the splash of her piss and that excited him. Janice stood before him and unzipped her jeans. She pushed them down and stepped out of them. Then she pushed her panty down and stepped out of it too. She stood about a foot from him and spread her legs. Mark's eyes went down to her pussy as Janice got ready.

Reaching down, Janice pulled her pussy lips apart. Mark could see the pink wet skin inside. Janice's pussy was soaking wet. She slid her fingers along side her clit and pulled her pussy open even more. Mark could see the tiny pee hole. When she didn't pee right away he looked up at her.

"If I win, I don't want 20 bucks." Mark swallowed to get his mouth wet enough to talk.

"What's the bet?" She smiled a devilish smile.

"If I don't splash any piss on you I win right?" Mark nodded his head up and down.

"If I win, I get to pee all over you." Mark's dick shot to attention.

"You want to pee all over me?"

"If I win, you lay in the tub and I get to pee all over your body. Is it a bet, or are you still chicken?" Mark swallowed again.

"And if I win?" Mark watched as Janice's fingers moved up and down her slit. She was rubbing her pussy right in front of him.

"If you win, then I'll lay in the tub naked and you get to pee all over my body. I could see how hot you got when your piss hit my leg. Did you jerk off when I left the bathroom? I sure did!"

With a voice that sounded like dry wood rubbing together he answered. "Deal!" He glued his eyes to her pussy. Janice rubbed her slit slowly knowing that he was watching her every move. Then she closed her eyes and moaned. Mark heard the stream start. It was a loud heavy stream of golden liquid that shot from her tiny pee hole. But it went directly between his thighs without touching his skin.

Mark couldn't take his eyes off her pussy. Janice opened her eyes and looked at her uncle. When he put his finger under the stream some of her piss splashed him. She was about to object when he put his finger to his lips. She moaned as he sucked his finger. Her stream dribbled to a stop but Janice kept rubbing her pussy. Then she pushed a finger up her cunt and worked it in and out as her finger on the other hand rubbed her clit.

Mark felt his dick throb as he watched Janice finger her pussy. "Oh Uncle Mark, that was so hot. I thought about doing this all day. Every time I went to the bathroom, I had to play with my pussy as I peed." She had been moving closer to him as she rubbed and fingered her pussy. Mark too was slowly stroking his hard dick. He couldn't believe what the two of them were doing. When Janice reached down with her cum covered fingers and touched them to his mouth, he sucked them in. then he felt her reach down and touch his dick. He heard himself moan as her hand closed around his shaft.

Janice had worked herself so that she had straddled his legs. His hand came up and he touched her pussy. "Oh Uncle Mark. I'm gonna cum." But before he could do anything, she sat down. Janice guided his dick right to her slit and he slid all the way in her pussy as she sat down.

"JANICE DON'T!" But it was too late. Mark was helpless as Janice impaled her pussy on his dick. She held him tight as he tried to push her up. "Fuck me Uncle Mark. I wanted you to fuck me since you peed all over me. I wanted to suck your dick in my mouth this morning and drink you." Her words only enflamed him more. "Janice I'm your Uncle. Your mom is my sister. I can't fuck you." Janice was slowly working her pussy up and down on his dick.

"You don't have to Uncle Mark. I'm fuckin you and your dick feels wonderful." Mark was horrified. He had let things go much too far. But Janice's young pussy felt so much better than the other women he had fucked. Janice held him tight and rocked her hip grinding her pussy down on his dick. "Oh Uncle Mark. Your dick is all the way up my cunt. I wish I could suck it while you fuck me. I'd love to suck all your cum from the tip. Fuck my hot pussy. You know so much more than those boys I fuck."

Mark listened to his niece with a tinge of relief. At least she wasn't a virgin. He grabbed her waist with one hand and pulled her shirt off with the other. In actuality, he ripped her shirt off and snapped her bra as he pulled it free. He sucked her tit into his mouth as he began to hump his dick up into her. Janice grunted with each stroke. "OK you nasty slut! You want this dick? Take it! Take it up that pissy cunt! You want to pee all over me? Well, I'm gonna suck this nasty pussy when you do. And when I have to pee, I'm gonna shove this dick down your throat and make you drink every drop." Janice was bouncing up and down on his dick. He was fatter and longer than any dick she had inside her pussy yet. It hurt like hell but she wasn't about to stop or tell him to. "That's right Uncle Mark. Ram that big dick up my sweet pussy. I want you to suck my pussy while I piss. And I'm gonna suck all the hot piss and cum from your big black dick."

Mark felt his dick begin to throb. He was close to shooting his load. But he dare not shoot it up into her unprotected pussy. "Get up! I can't cum in your pussy." He grabbed Janice and pushed her from his lap. She slid to the floor and grabbed his pussy juice slick shaft. With no hesitation she sucked it into her mouth. Mark fucked her mouth even harder than he had fucked her young pussy. Even when Janice began to gag and choke he couldn't stop.

"You wanted to suck this dick slut? You wanted to drink my cum and hot piss? Then suck it! Oh Janice you nasty little slut. You fat juicy slut. Drink my hot cum. And then I'll wash it down your throat with some nice hot piss. I've been thinking about your pussy all day too." She felt his body stiffen and sucked faster as his thick cum shot into her mouth. Janice was no stranger to cocksucking. Being the fat ugly chick, guys went out with her for only one reason. She gave head and let them fuck her. But none of the guys that she let fuck her knew of her piss fixation.

Thinking about how this must look was enough to make Janice cum. She was on her knees in her uncle's apartment. He was sitting on the toilet with his pants down and she had just finished fucking his dick. Now she was sucking her cum juice from it and he was pumping his hot cum down her throat. Uncle Mark gave her a lot more cum than most of the guys she sucked off. His dick had filled her pussy like none of theirs ever did. But she waited eagerly for what she wanted the most. And he didn't disappoint her.

No sooner did he finish shooting his thick cum in her mouth than he grabbed her and jammed her head down on his dick. "Ok you piss drinking bitch. You wanted to drink my hot piss and now you're gonna. And you had better not waste a drop." Mark felt drunk with power and lust. His dick swelled like never before. Janice couldn't have gotten loose if she wanted to. Uncle Mark had his dick pushed all the way down her throat. She felt him expand and then his piss started to flow.

Knowing that if he let it go hard she wouldn't be able to drink it all, Mark squeezed the base of his dick and let his piss flow out steady. He watched as Janice sucked and swallowed. "Oh yea! Drink it! I'm gonna have you drinking my piss from now on. And I'm gonna suck it from your fat pussy too. You started this you slut and now you're stuck with it. Do you hear me you slut pig?" Uncle Mark had never talked to her like this before.

Janice would have been hurt at any other time. But with his pissing dick in her mouth, all it did was get her hotter. She didn't want him to stop talking nasty to her. She would have told him but she was too busy trying to keep up with his flow. She didn't want to waste a drop. It felt like he peed a gallon in her mouth but Janice didn't let a drop fall from her lips. When he did pull her head from his dick, he pulled her up and kissed her mouth. It was a deep long tongue searching kiss. Mark could taste his bitter piss on her tongue.

He looked into her eyes. "There's no going back Janice. What we did is wrong. But I want more. You shouldn't have shoved your pussy down on my dick. We could have stopped before you did that." Janice felt the heated glow in her stomach from his hot piss. She smiled as she thought that it only adds to all the piss that she was going to make him drink later. Her head rested on his thigh as she looked up at her.

"I don't want to stop Uncle Mark. I let guys fuck me and I suck their dick cause I'm fat and ugly. Look at me Uncle Mark. My face looks like the moon there's so many bumps and holes in it. At least I know that you love me. Even when you were talking nasty to me I knew you loved me. But the things you said had me so hot. I wanted to tell you to keep talking dirty to me but you kept pissing and I didn't want to waste a drop."

Mark had been stroking her hair as her head lay on his leg. "You're not fat and ugly. And I don't want you letting other guys fuck you or you sucking their dicks just to be liked. I'm gonna make you my hot slut. When you walk thru that door you're my personal piece of ass."

Janice couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her own Uncle Mark wanted her. He didn't want her to let other guys shove their dicks in her cunt and mouth. He wanted her to let him do it. She looked up at him.

"Can I still piss all over you?" Uncle Mark smiled down on his nasty niece.

"Baby I'm gonna be looking up into your pussy when that hot stream comes flooding out. And after you cover me with it, I only hope you have enough left for me to drink. Tonight I want you to sleep in my bed. I want to be able to shove my dick in your pussy or mouth whenever I feel like it." That was the start of their illicit love affair. They thought they had kept it secret all these years but no secret stays hidden forever.

In the woods, Mark pulled Janice to him. The years had changed them both. Janice had started to eat properly and drank water all the time. She had begun to exercise also. Her skin had begun to clear and she was much thinner. Mark had also taken good care of his own body. He worked out and had the kind of body girls loved to look at.

They spent most of their time together and that had been their downfall. Jennifer, Janice's mom had always been happy that her brother had taken such an interest in her little girl. But as Janice grew older her attention in Mark seemed too intense. When Janice began to change, when her shape and attitude blossomed into womanhood, Jennifer knew that Mark had a lot to do with it. But the time she had overheard Janice in her room calling out Mark's name was the cincher.

Jennifer had come home from her meeting earlier than expected. Janice was so into fucking her pussy that she didn't hear her mom come in. Janice lay on her back with her eyes closed tight. The dildo worked slowly in and out of her pussy. Jennifer stood at the doorway looking at her daughter. She had seen Janice naked many times. Hell, there was only the two of them in the apartment and being women, they pranced around practically naked most of the time. But she had never seen her daughter like this before.

Janice had her legs open wide. One hand was on her tit pulling the nipple hard. Her other hand worked her dildo in and out of her dripping pussy. Jennifer wasn't shocked at her daughter masturbating. Hell, she masturbated most of the time herself.

With so much stuff going around she didn't like dating too much. No, it was the things her daughter was moaning that shocked her. "Oh Uncle Mark. Drink it! Drink all that hot piss. Suck it from my pussy. I love when you shove that big dick down my throat. Piss all over me you big dick bastard. Make me drink it all." Jennifer stood rooted to the spot. Surely her daughter wasn't talking about drinking her brother's piss. But when she saw the stream of piss shoot from Janice's pussy onto the towel between her thighs she knew she had heard just what she did.

Jennifer tiptoed to her room and quietly closed the door. She sat on her bed shaking. This couldn't be! Not her own brother! And yet she knew it was true. Janice spent time only with him. They ran together, rollerblading, and went for long walks together. Jennifer was determined to confront the two but she wanted to catch them in the act. She decided to follow Janice the next time she went out with Uncle Mark.

Jennifer had her chance a week later. Janice said that her and Uncle Mark would be walking their usual exercise trail. Jennifer knew where it was and decided to track them. She had almost gotten caught when Janice heard her coming thru the brush. Janice had been leaning against the tree ready to piss. She was hiding in the brush now watching the two of them. Mark had pulled Janice into his arms. The kiss he gave her was anything but Uncle like. Jennifer could have walked out then but it was just a kiss and no proof of anything. But what came next was all the proof she needed.

Mark looked around to make sure there were no people around. Then he helped Janice take her sweat pants off. She squatted and smiled at him. Such a wanton slut Jennifer thought. Then she watched as Mark walked to Janice. Only after he had stuck some of his fingers up her pussy did Janice begin to pee. The look on both of their faces reflected the lust they shared. Jennifer was about to walk out when she stopped. Mark was unzipping his own pants. Janice got down on her knees and began to suck his dick. Then he pulled back a bit. He was peeing! He was shooting his piss into Janice's mouth and she was drinking it all.

"I think you two owe me a big explanation." Both people whipped their heads around at her words. Mark's piss splashed Janice's face and hair. They froze as they saw who had surprised them. Jennifer had tears of shame running down her face. She turned and ran threw the woods. When Janice opened the door to her and her mom's apartment Jennifer was sitting on the couch with an open bottle of scotch in her hand.

Mark walked in behind her. Janice sat down on the couch and tried to touch her mom. Jennifer pulled away from her and took another swig from the bottle. Mark got down on his knees so he could look into his sister's face. "Jen, just let me explain?" The slap stung him. He fell back and landed on his ass looking at his sister in shock. Janice grabbed her mom's hand. "Listen to me mom. It's not Uncle Mark's fault. In fact it was what he did that saved me." Jennifer looked at her daughter.

"He saved you by fucking you and making you drink his piss? I'd rather you died." This time it was Janice who swung. The sound of the slap was louder than the one Mark had received.

"Listen to me! Uncle Mark found out that I had become the school whore. I let any boy who wanted to, fuck me. And I can't tell you how man of them just stuck their dicks in my mouth to unload. My nickname used to be the 'cum collector'. Uncle Mark made me stop. When I told him that I loved the attention that the boys paid to me he told me that I didn't need that kind of attention. I told him that I would only stop if he took their place.

He didn't want to but I told him I would be back collecting cum if he didn't. He didn't start pissing in my mouth; I started doing it to him. When he saw how much I loved it he just kept it up. He did everything I wanted him to do to me. And he did it all to stop me from going back to being the cum collector." Jennifer looked from her daughter to her brother. "You could have told me Mark." Janice laughed out loud. "You've never been able to control me before. What makes you think you could have controlled me if you knew?"

Mark was astounded. He didn't know where Janice had made this story from but he would have believed it. And from the look on Jennifer's face she believed it also.

"Mom I'd rather be Uncle Mark's whore than the slut I was for those guys. At least he loves me and he makes me take care of myself. Look at me mom. Remember the fat ugly girl I used to be? He made me change. Whenever I wanted to fuck up he spanked the shit out of me. I'm all grown up now. I look good and feel good about myself. And you should be glad for me." Jennifer looked at her daughter.

"You were never ugly and that was only baby fat. You would have outgrown it eventually." Janice lifted her mom's tear stained face. "I love you too mom. And I know you would kill to protect me, even from myself. I was a short, fat, ugly, pock faced girl. The only guys that wanted to be around me were ones with stiff dicks that needed attention. I couldn't tell you and you couldn't have done a thing about it. Until Uncle Mark stepped in and took over I was a teenage cum slut."

Janice knew that the things she said to her mom cut like a knife but she knew that she couldn't let Uncle Mark take the blame. And she wasn't about to give him up. They had been lovers and she wanted it to continue. Jennifer knew that the booze had won control of her. She hadn't eaten all day and the liquor hit her like a stone.

"It seems like everyone has somebody but me." The tears were running down her face unheeded. The nights of frustration and loneliness were taking their toll on her. Janice snuggled close to her and hugged her tight. "Mom you got us." Jennifer would have laughed if she could. "What am I supposed to do? Join a pissing contest. I like my sex a little less flamboyant thank you." Janice looked at her Uncle/lover and smiled. "When was the last time you had a man mom? When did you last feel a strong fat dick sliding up your hot pussy?" Janice brushed her hand across Jennifer's tits. The nipples sprung up hard instantly.

"Did you get made because Uncle Mark was pissin in my mouth or did you get mad cause he was pushing his long fat dick in there?" Janice had spied on her mom long enough to know that mom liked her nipples twisted hard. She pinched the nipple hard and heard her mom moan.

"If Uncle Mark took his dick out would you suck it?" Jennifer had her eyes closed.

"Janice, he's my brother. You don't expect me to suck my brother's cock?" Mark had stood up and Janice reached out and unzipped his pants. She reached in and found his already hard dick. She pulled it out and could see the tip dripping pre-cum.

Slipping her hand behind her mom's head, she began to ease her forward. Mark couldn't help but stare dumbfounded at what was unfolding. He had fantasized about his sister like brothers did all over the world. But he was standing in front of his sister and his niece was bringing her head to his dick. When it touched her lips, Jennifer tried to pull her head away. But Janice held her firm and pushed her forward. It pushed between her lips and Jennifer reluctantly opened her mouth. When her tongue tasted his pre-cum, she moaned and sucked him in.

Janice smiled as she watched her mom suck Marks dick deep into her mouth. She let go her mom's nipple and brought her mom's hand up to wrap around his long shaft. With whimpering moans, Jennifer feasted on her brother's dick. Mark looked at Janice and could see that her eyes were glazed with lust. She was a consummate slut. When she pulled her mom's mouth off Mark's dick, Jennifer continued to make sucking motions with her mouth.

"Do you want it mom? Do you want Mark to satisfy your needs?" Janice was again pinching and pulling Jennifer's nipples. "Yesssss! Oh yes! Please?" Janice had pushed her hand up under her mom's sweater and was attacking her naked tit. She was not being gentle. She leaned in close and whispered into her mom's ear. "Do you want us to take you to bed? Mark's dick would feel so good as he pushes it deep inside your pussy. Do you want Mark to fuck your hot pussy mom? If you want it you have to ask him for it. Open your eyes and look at how delicious his long fat black dick looks. Did it taste good when you sucked it? Tell Mark you want him to fuck you."

Jennifer was consumed. She opened her eyes and her brother's swollen dick looked so good. It had tasted so good when she was sucking it. And it had been so long since a man had really given her pussy a good ride. She wanted that now. She needed it and she would day anything to get it. She looked up into her brother's face. "Take me inside and fuck me the way you fuck Janice. Please Mark. I want to feel you dick inside me."

Mark looked down at his sister. The idea of fucking her was driving him crazy. "If you let me fuck you sis, there's no turning back. And it won't be for just this one time. If I fuck you now, I'll continue to fuck you. And I'm gonna keep fucking Janice too." Jennifer's lust was too strong to resist. "Fuck me Mark. Just fuck me for a long time. It's been so long since I've been fucked."

Janice turned her mom's head to her and kissed her. Jennifer didn't pull away. Instead she gave into the kiss. She was beyond caring any more. When Janice took Jennifer's hand and placed it on her tit, Jennifer began to squeeze and pinch it. Mark, his dick hard as iron, pulled her up on her feet. He kissed her and she dropped her hand to hold onto his dick.

"Tell me that this is what you want." Jennifer looked into his eyes. "I want you and Janice to take me in the bedroom. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. My pussy is so hot. I want your dick up inside me now." Janice stood behind Jennifer and pressed her body against her moms. She reached around and slipped her hands down into Jennifer's pants.

When her fingers touched her mom's pussy she heard her mom gasp and press backward. "Once you walk in that bedroom, you'll do whatever we tell you to do. You have to agree to that mom." Jennifer looked at her brother. "I'll do whatever you tell me to." "NO! It has to be both of us. You'll do whatever either of us tells you to." Janice pushed her finger in and rubbed her mom's swollen clit. "Yes baby! Whatever you tell me to I'll do. What ever you and Mark want me to do, I'll do it."

Mark winced. He knew that Janice had a mean streak. He only hoped that she would remember that this was her mother. Janice pulled her hands from her mom's pants and led them to the bedroom. She turned on every light and the room was flooded with brilliance.

"Undress Uncle Mark mother." With shaky fingers Jennifer stripped her younger brother. When Mark was standing naked, Janice made her mom kneel in front of him. "Suck his dick but don't make him cum." Jennifer sucked his dick slowly but she slurped it and the room echoed with the sounds. Janice whispered into Jennifer's ear. "Now mother, take your clothes off. I want you naked when Uncle Mark pushes his dick up your pussy." As Jennifer removed her clothes, Janice stripped beside her. When both women were naked, Janice lay her mom down on the bed. Mark climbed on top and positioned himself between her legs.

"Beg me to fuck you." Jennifer was moving her ass up and down. "Don't make me beg Mark. Please, just fuck me." As Mark pushed down and the tip of his dick touched her pussy, she moaned and arched her back. But he only let the tip touch her pussy before he pulled it away. "Beg me to fuck you or I'll fuck Janice instead." Knowing that they were bent on her humiliation and wanting to be fucked so badly, Jennifer gave in.

"Please Mark! I beg you. Fuck you sister. She hasn't had a dick in so long. I want to feel your cock in me. Please fuck me." Mark smiled and pushed down. Jennifer's pussy was soaking wet but she hadn't had a dick in her for a long time. When she felt his fat head force its way, in she gasped. "Mark easy. It's been a long time and I'm tight." His laughter as he rammed his dick in rang in her ears. Her scream rang in the room. Janice stood on the side fingering her pussy in anticipation.

Mark let his dick hit bottom then he pulled it back until only the head was lodged in her cunt. This he rocked back and forth. Tears of pain ran from Jennifer's eyes. But her pussy remembered how good a dick felt and she was soon trying to get more. "More Mark. Give me all your dick. Shove it up my cunt again. It's so hungry for your cock." Mark kissed her and this time her kiss was desperate. Each time she humped up to get more dick, Mark eased back. He was teasing her pussy and she was going mad. "I can only give you more dick when Janice tells me to." Jennifer turned to look at her daughter. The girl's eyes were glazed and she was fingering her pussy. "Let Uncle Mark fuck me Jan? Please tell him to fuck me. I need his dick in me." Janice took her finger from her pussy and walked to the bed. She smeared the finger over her mom's lips and wasn't surprised when Jennifer sucked it.

"You thought we were sluts when you spied on us. You saw Uncle Mark pissin in my mouth and you were horrified. Well before I let him fuck you, you're gonna ask me to do the same thing to you. If you want to feel that dick fill your pussy the way he fills mine, let me hear you ask me for it?" The thing that her brother had said to her rang in her ears. Once you enter the room, there's no turning back. But she couldn't go along with this. The idea of allowing her own daughter to piss in her mouth was too much.

"Jan I can't. Anything but that, please?" The cold look on her daughter's face told her that she would get no pity from her. "She doesn't want your dick bad enough Uncle Mark. Don't waste it on her, come shove it up my pussy instead." Jennifer turned and looked in her brother's face. Her pleading eyes closed as she felt his weight shift and the head of his dick eased from her clutching hole. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

"Oh Jan! Mother needs to feel Uncle Mark's dick so bad. Teach me to drink from your pussy the way he does. I want you to teach me how to eat your pussy and drink your hot piss." The look of triumph on Janice's face said it all.

"Fuck her Uncle Mark. Show her how good your dick really feels." Even as she said it, Janice was climbing up on the bed and straddling her mom's face. "Lick this pussy mom. I want you to make me cum with your tongue."

The loud moan Jennifer made as Mark sank his dick in her pussy was what Janice heard as she lowered her pussy down on her mom's mouth. Soon her loud moaning as she rocked and humped from the tongue licking her mom was giving her was all that could be heard. Mark fucked his sister with long strokes. He pulled out until his dick was at her lips before pushing it all the way inside again. Jennifer was delirious. Her brother was fuck her, while she tongue fucked her daughter's pussy. And she couldn't stop cumming. She had never felt such climaxes before.

Mark picked up the pace and was soon pistoning his dick in her. It hurt like hell and she was sure that he had torn her pussy. But her screams of pain were muffled in the pussy of her daughter. Jennifer sucked and licked as hard and fast as she could. When she felt Mark stiffen and ram his dick extra hard, all she could do was grunt. He held it deep inside and she felt his hot cum splash the walls of her abused pussy. Then Janice moaned and ground her pussy down hard.

"Drink me you slut. Drink all my hot piss." When the first splash hit, Jennifer tried to close her mouth. But Janice reached behind her and viscously twisted her mom's nipple. Jennifer opened her mouth to scream and choked. She had to try and swallow as much as she could to keep from choking to death. She felt Mark's cock grow in her pussy. Janice seemed to go for a long time. When she finally fell off to the side, Jennifer was gasping and sputtering for air.

"I think you're trying to choke me to death Janice." Janice turned on the bed and wound her hand in her mom's hair. Then she pulled and twisted until Jennifer moaned in pain.

"No bitch! Just teach you who's the boss. Now get on your knees and drink from Uncle Mark's dick. And you had better not waste a drop." Resigned to her fate, Jennifer sucked her brother's dick in her mouth. He fed her slowly like he had done to her daughter that first time. Jennifer moaned as she felt her daughter's tongue lick her abused pussy. She couldn't believe how much her brother made her drink. He seemed to be holding gallons and no matter how much she drank he had more. When he had no more to give her, he pulled her up on his stomach. This time he eased his dick in slowly.

As Jennifer sighed, she felt her daughter's tongue licking her ass. She moaned as she felt the wet tip touch her asshole. Her brother held her close and whispered in her ear. "When you're ready, Janice and I will drink it all from your pussy. From now on, your pussy will be well satisfied.


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