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by Talk2024

There's a message on my answering machine and I know it's from her.

I don't know what it was that made me decide to invite her to come with me. I only knew her through the office and we chatted often enough, maybe once a week, but it was always small talk. We weren't really friends.

The company had organised a reward weekend for its top sales agents and I had originally intended on going alone, having just recently split up with my boyfriend, I thought that it might be the best idea. This year, however, the conference was going to be on a cruise ship, for three days to the Bahamas. Since I had surpassed my sales goals by 50%, I was able to bring someone along with me, and at the last minute, I called her. I guess it was because she had once suggested that we might vacation together that I even thought of her at all. Anyway, she was so excited by the idea of going away that I began to look forward to leaving as well.

At first, leaving for three days, four actually, as we wouldn't get home until late Monday afternoon, was the last thing that I wanted to do. I had so much work that had to be completed that being away from the office was only going to set me back. Even though this was intended to be a "work-related conference," attendance at the various functions was actually optional; after all, it was intended as a reward. Still, I knew that I wouldn't be able to relax as my mind would be stuck on unreturned phone calls, unfinished projects and so on. Even now, I'd rather not think about all the work I have to finish. Joanne's excitement about our little holiday together though was contagious and I began to think maybe I will be able to have some fun.

I had stayed at the office really late on the Thursday night before leaving and consequently did not get much sleep as our flight left very early Friday morning. So by the time we arrived on board the ship and into our cabin, I headed for the nearest bed, the one on the left, and claimed it as mine. Joanne bounced onto the other bed. I only wished that I had the same level of energy.

"I can't believe that we're finally here," she said, bending her legs towards her chest and then stretching them out again.

"I'm exhausted," I mumbled and then yawned as I rolled over onto my stomach.

"You've been working too much lately. It's good that you're here... to relax," she added, getting up for a moment to look through some of the material the cruise line had left on the desk. "Don't they have massage facilities on board? And a sauna?" she asked, leafing through the various documents.

"I'm sure they do. That would feel real nice," I replied softly.

She turned to me suddenly and offered me a free rub right then, if I wanted. Suddenly, my mind filled with the memory of that one time I was in her office and I had mentioned to her that my neck was sore. She then promptly sat me down in her chair and brought her fingers to the back of my head and along my shoulders and gently began to massage the muscles up and down my spine. The memory of that moment alone caused my whole body to just loosen up. This time, however, before I could even say a word, she was already sitting beside me, on her knees, on the bed, as she gently placed her hands on my shoulders once again. Slowly, she worked her fingers into my skin.

"You are tense... just relax," she instructed me as I tried to loosen the muscles all over my body. Her touch was immediately soothing.

"Oh... that feels really good," I said and it did.

I could feel the smile in her voice as she said: "I'm glad that I can make you feel better.

"You know," she added, very slowly, "it might be easier if you were to remove this shirt so that I can really work my fingers into your skin." I leaned up slightly and she helped my to remove the jeans shirt that I was wearing. I had a white T-shirt on underneath.

She then stretched her hands down from my neck, sliding them under the collar of my shirt and rubbed her thumbs deeply onto my skin, across my shoulders.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Much better... real good," I whispered. And for the next ten minutes, she worked quietly as I felt myself about to drift off to sleep on a few occasions. She had now brought her hands from the waist of my jeans up underneath my shirt, slowly stretching her arms forward as she worked her fingers up and down across my back. When her fingers then reached the straps of my bra, she delicately unsnapped it and pushed them aside so that she could rub the entirety of my back unimpeded. She now had her arms stretched all the way under my shirt and had in fact rolled it up half way. She continued to massage her fingers into my skin, slowly and gently, gradually working out the stress from my workweek as I really did begin to relax.

"How does that feel?" she asked finally, her voice indicating that she was done though she continued to massage my back and my shoulders.

"Real, real good," I replied dreamily.

"Is there any other area where you feel tense?" she enquired.

My legs were stiff and tired from the long day's flight and from sitting in airports, waiting through flight delays. I thought nothing of her request for me to remove my jeans as I eagerly awaited her soothing touch along my thighs and calves. I lay there now in only my T-shirt and my panties, having discarded my bra now as well. Again, she asked that I lay out flat on my stomach. Since Joanne was also wearing a pair of rather tight jeans, she removed hers as well so as to make easier for her to bend forward when she stretched out her arms. I had yet to see the erotic nature of what we were engaged in doing: one scantily clad woman massaging another, touching her body and slowly stripping off her clothes. I was lost in another pleasure, the pleasure of relaxation and sex was not on my mind.

"Oh yes," I moaned, feeling an almost immediate release as she rubbed the palms of her hands along my thighs, down from my ass and back up again, using her thumbs to ease the tension out of my legs.

Soon, she changed position, no longer at my side but now crouched at my feet, facing me. She worked her fingers slowly and gently along my calves. It wasn't long before my legs were soft and loose and free of any tension but her touch felt so good that I didn't want for her stop. Slowly, she ascended my legs once again, the tips of her fingers streaming across my thighs, reaching right to the edge of my panties. A shiver went through me as I felt her fingertips make contact with my ass.

She sensed my reaction to her touch as she whispered, "Once I work the last remnants of tension from your buttocks, your body will be stress free." I could detect a slight nervous quality to her voice as she said this but I only sighed with pleasure at the idea of being stress free. Joanne then reached forward and grasped her fingers around the waist band of my panties and pulled them down, drawing them slowly over my thighs, down to my feet and away.

I was too busy concentrating on being relaxed and stress free to think about what it might mean that I was now naked from the waist down and that she was going to be, for all intents and purposes, fondling my ass. I was lost in the sweet sensation of relaxation. I wanted to feel her hands on my ass. I wanted her to touch me. Still, my heartbeat accelerated as she lay her hands, palms down, onto my bare buttocks.

She rubbed slowly, with only her fingers at first, feeling the contours of my ass, sliding, rubbing with the tips of her fingers into my skin, touching and rubbing.

"Our bodies are very similar," she said, her breathing markedly jagged as she caught her breath in between in each word she spoke. "Thin... bodies - small,... round... ass," she continued. I thought that I could feel her breath against my buttocks and I was certain that she would be able to hear my heart thumping. Involuntarily, my fingers gripped tightly onto the pillow on which my head rested.

She continued to trace slow, seemingly contemplative circles all over my ass, massaging, or now, truly fondling my ass. I didn't mind, though, it felt good. Again, I felt as though I would drift off to sleep.

I was brought out of my reverie for a moment when I felt Joanne sliding one finger down along the crack of my ass, brushing across my anus, almost down to my pussy.

"Do you like that?" she whispered.

My body tensed for a brief instant as I tried to figure out the meaning of her question. Joanne slid her hands down from my ass and along my thighs and she instantly sensed a tightening of my muscles there.

"Your thighs could use a bit more loosening up," she said. "Lie on your back for me," she requested and I then rolled over. Though my lids were shut, I could feel her eyes staring at me, staring between my legs. At this point, however, I was only intent on feeling; my mind was now incapable of interpreting what her staring might mean.

"Release the tension," she whispered to me as she placed her hands directly onto my thighs, gently pulling them apart. I attempted to slow my breathing down, reduce my heart rate as I drew in deep breaths. "That's good," Joanne said in admiration, her eyes fixed on my chest, watching my breasts rise and fall.

It then became very quiet in the room. I listened as she slid her legs back and lay forward on her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows as she rubbed the palms of her hands up and down along my thighs. Slowly, her fingers ascended my thighs, rubbing into the flesh of my skin until the tips of her fingers were touching at the edge of the hairs surrounding my pussy. I could feel her hot breath against my skin. I was so relaxed.

And then I heard her moan softly as she whispered, "Oh yes." I then felt a warm, wet touch against my clit and then a sharp tingle up my spine. It felt nice and relaxing.

"Mmm, oh yes..." she repeated, this time a little louder, and with more passion as she pulled herself closer between my legs and opened her mouth wider. She extended her tongue further as she licked one long, soft stroke up from under my clit and over.

That was when I realised exactly what she was doing. I lifted my head in an attempt to sit up, opened my eyes and was shocked to see her leaning forward with her mouth between my legs, her tongue licking.

"What... what are you doing?" I asked, my voice weak with disbelief. Joanne didn't answer me. She only continued to moan softly as she reached underneath my thighs and gripped her hands onto my ass, cradling each cheek into the palms of her hands as she pulled herself closer. I stared in amazement as she pressed her lips against my pussy and then dropped her tongue deep between my pussy lips for a taste. My whole body shook as she held on tight and she began to lick long, slow strokes with her tongue, moaning as she did so, slowly exploring the flesh of my vagina.

It was then that my head fell back and I began to focus on the sensation of having her lick me like this. I was surprised that she was doing what she was doing, but also that it felt so good to have her doing it, licking me. I was then unable to say anything at all. My body shivered with excitement with each stroke of her tongue, my flesh covered with goose bumps. I was now feeling more relaxed than ever before; it was an indescribable feeling. It was like nothing I had ever done before, nothing I had ever felt before, especially as I had no idea that she had these kinds of feelings for me.

It didn't take long for her to quicken the pace, either. Soon her tongue was fluttering all over, up and down, circling and furiously licking all over my pussy and my pussy was steaming by that point. She devoured my cunt, licking so quickly, feverishly tasting and licking, her tongue in continuous motion. I just had no idea that it would feel so good and that Joanne would do this for me.

My heart was thundering and my legs were shaking and I knew what was coming, what was inevitably coming. To my amazement, I heard a soft whimpering sound beneath the constant lapping of her tongue between my legs and I realised that I was moaning and panting, and soon I was also shaking and humping. The mattress began to creak and still Joanne struggled to hold on, her tongue slurping up between my vaginal lips, my wet pussy.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" I moaned continuously now and though it had seemed as though we had been doing this for hours, I know that it had only been a few minutes since her tongue first touched my clit. I could not sense any sign of her tiring and she moaned softly as well as she licked and licked, faster and faster the more she kept at it. By that time, it was all that I had needed.

I thrust my mid-section forward and punctuated each thrust by exclaiming loudly each time, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" How many orgasms I experienced that first time, I could not tell. I came in waves and it felt as though the orgasms would never end. I was astounded by her ability to hold on throughout, her tongue incessantly licking and licking.

My body did come to a rest finally and I collapsed, exhausted, and slowly regained awareness of what had actually transpired between us. The pleasure that I had just finished experiencing seeped from my being and the tension returned. My legs became stiff even as Joanne continued to slowly lick her tongue across my pussy. She then looked up into my eyes but instead of finding a look of gratification, she saw shock on my face. Her smile quickly faded as I crossed my legs together and she pulled herself away. I didn't need to say a single word, the expression on my face revealed all she needed to know.

I didn't mean for her to interpret my confusion with such sternness but I had never had sex with another woman before. Had she deceived me?

"We should get ready for supper. I'll take my shower first," she said as she got up off the bed and quickly made her way to the bathroom. Even as she walked away, I was filled with a mixture of shame and desire as I caught a glimpse of her bare legs but surprised myself as I realised that my gaze was elsewhere, I was staring between her thighs. The crotch of her panties was wet.

I lay there on the bed, naked from the waist down, with my jeans on the floor and my panties at my feet. Then, I noticed that my panties were resting on top of Joanne's jeans and my thoughts then focused on her. All I could think of now was that Joanne was in the bathroom, getting undressed, and how that was oddly arousing. For the first time in my life, I was beginning to feel a sexual desire for another woman.

And as I began to picture Joanne in the bathroom, what she was doing right then, removing her shirt, her bra, lowering her panties to her feet, I unconsciously brought the fingers of my right hand between my legs and touched myself. Suddenly, I imagined that she, too, must have been touching herself, under the shower's spray; the crotch of her panties was wet. I focused on the image of Joanne masturbating in the shower and in no time, I was rubbing my clit so fast that I climaxed again. As soon as I had come, though, I began to feel guilty and wondered about the nature of my desires, even while images of Joanne's nude body kept swirling about in the back of my mind, and I continued to feel aroused.


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