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Via Email
by Kyle513

Dear Literotica readers: the following is a fictionalized exchange of email messages between two men over the subject of one man's discovery of his wife's affair with the other. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Subj: No Subject
Date: 7/22/2000 9:17:58 AM Central Daylight Time
To: KYLE513

Your obscene relationship with my wife is over you fucking piece of shit. You really need to get a life. I'm sure your wife would be thrilled if she knew about all the disgusting things you were up to with my wife....I can gladly bring her up to date if you want...Do you have your own special cell phone and email just for seducing other people's wives?

I hope you're fucking proud of yourself.

* * *

Subj: No Subject
Date: 7/23/2000 8:26:58 AM Central Daylight Time
To: KYLE513

Can I have your Cell Phone # you asshole?

I want to give you a piece of my mind.

You asshole....

* * *

Subj: No Subject
Date: 7/25/2000 10:02:41 AM Central Daylight Time
To: KYLE513

You are a total jerk...just like I thought....Why don't you write me back and own up o what you've down?

I'm still waiting for your cell phone #....

Also, could you please send me your wife's email address so I can share with her all of the warm fuzzies that you and my wife share....

Again, but this time with a capital F, go fuck yourself..

What a classy guy you must be.

* * *

Subj: How Good Was She?
Date: 7/25/2000 9:12:11 PM Central Daylight Time

I tell you what, G (that's what your little slut wife and I like to call you) " you don't know the half of it. So let me just provide a few words of advice and some gentle suggestions. Try not to be too upset that you weren't man enough to get Jenny's pussy wet in the sweet musky way her slit will melt just at the sound of my voice telling her how much I love to fuck her. When you see your wife smile at you in the future, try not to imagine what she looked like smiling at me with thick white strands of my cum glistening on her cheeks and lips and dripping down her chin, just after she sucked my hard cock and then begged me in her best little girl voice -- "please, Kyle, blow your load all over my face".

When you see her slide her panties off next, try not to think of how I slid my cock inch by rock-hard inch deep into the warm wet folds of her cunt and pounded her hard while I played with her fat clit...all in your bed in your house. When you see her from behind as she's walking away from you, try not to think about me fucking her doggy-style like a bitch in heat, with my sperm-filled hairy balls slapping up against her rump, then letting a huge stream of jism go off deep inside her, and then trailing more cum from the purple tip of my hard dick all along the crack of her ass and down into her sweet little rosebud, gaping open just for me to dribble into it.

Do you think you ever tasted some of my semen when she let you have sloppy seconds, G? We used to play a little game " after I would empty my swollen balls inside her twat, flooding it with semen, she'd run home to you, and convince you to lick her out " can you remember the taste of my cum on the tip of your tongue right now?

When you next walk in the master bathroom of your lovely new house and see that big mirror in there, try not to think of Jenny sprawled out on the floor in front of it, legs wide open "just for you, Kyle," plunging two fingers (maybe the one with your wedding ring on it?) deep between the lips of her pussy, watching herself jacking off in the mirror and cumming to the sound of my voice urging her on.

And by all means, try not to think about how much she loved the taste of my salty bitter-sweet cum juice on her tongue, down her throat, and settling in her belly " something I know she never does for you. Oh - by the way - did you know she loves to lick her own juices off my fingers after I've dipped them deep inside her dripping twat?

One last thing " the next time you see your little boy Brian sleeping, try not to think about this " one time while your baby boy was asleep in the back seat of your car, Jenny and I were in the front " so try not to picture me jamming my rod into her mouth, and your sweet little wife running her wet tongue all up and down my shaft, and licking my sweaty balls, while I slammed three fingers in and out of her pussy and smeared her slick juices all around her engorged clit, then sliding one finger up her asshole and jiggling her back and forth like a six-pack " all while your little Brian slept peacefully in the back seat - probably dreaming of you, his daddy, and while his mommy screamed out for her real daddy (that would be me, you limp-dick) to fuck her harder and harder. Anyway " I hope all this helps you feel a lot better about your little discovery.



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