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Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus
by Capstick

Jenny, our beautiful blue-eyed blond from our earlier adventures, was so excited! She had always loved the circus since she was a small child, and never failed to go whenever it came to town. She was now on the Children's Hospital mailing list because of the large contribution she made from her game show nightmare. She learned early that the circus was looking for volunteers this year, and that the salaries earned would benefit the hospital, along with a portion of the proceeds of the circus.

Jenny arrived at the tent entrance promptly at eight on the day listed in the newsletter. She was directed behind the tent, where all of the trailers were parked. The office trailer was right in front, as promised. There was a line of people in front of the door. Everybody seemed to share her excitement.

The line moved quickly, and in no time she found herself facing a heavyweight man with bushy eyebrows, eyeing her over a lit cigar. He wagged it, doing a credible impression of Groucho Marks. "Please tell me that you're here to volunteer, am I right or just dreaming?"

"Oh yes! I saw the write-up in the newsletter, and thought that it would be a blast. I was thinking maybe I could take tickets, or work a concession booth. Whatever I could do for the kids!" said Jenny.

"With your looks! Waste you on tickets! You think I'm that stupid! I'm thinking big top, main floor, feature attraction!" He stood up and made extravagant arm gestures as he spoke. "You're going to be a feature attraction! People will love you! No, they will worship you!"

Her jaw dropped. "I don't have an act or anything. I would be lost. I wouldn't have the first idea about what to do!" said a flabbergasted Jenny. "Leave that to us!" answered the man in a booming voice. He threw his arms up in the air. "We are experts at this! Bright lights, sold out shows, newspapers, television, we have it all. He was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. His energy and excitement started to rub off on her.

"Quick, sign here!" He thrust a pen at her, and pointed to the bottom of a contract that he pulled from the drawer. "We need to hurry! Show starts in an hour!" She quickly scribbled her name at the bottom, having no chance to read the small type. He draped a big arm over her shoulder, and hustled her out the door and over to the back entrance of the huge main tent.

"Sonya, where are you!" He shouted, as he swept Jenny inside. "I found just the girl you were hoping for! A dark skinned, middle-aged lady burst into the room. "Vat do you vant now! Don't you know show starts..." She paused as she noticed Jenny standing there.

"Let me introduce Jenny," he said, giving a graceful bow. She smiled, clasped her hands together and said, "Al, you old devil you! Ver did you find such beautiful woman!" She walked up and gave him a loud kiss on both cheeks, and grasped Jenny's hand.

"Come along dear, ve must hurry, the peasants are arriving for za show! She swiftly led her back into the tent, and down a narrow hall. She was dressed in a long flowing dress with a colorful floral print. She seemed to float ahead effortlessly. She had dark wavy hair, which hung down to her narrow waist. She wore a scarf as a kind of hat, tied back behind her head. She looked very exotic and mysterious.

Jenny was swept along into a small dressing room, adorned only with a vanity and mirror, along with two chairs. There was a large make-up kit open on the vanity, along with brushes and sprays. "Get undressed quickly, we need to get you into your costume!" Flustered, Jenny started to unbutton her blouse. "I told the man that I've never done anything like this before. I can't sing or dance and I have had problems with being kinda clumsy in the past. My friends are always making fun of me!" She draped her blouse over the back of the chair, kicked off her sandals, and wiggled out of her tight jeans, glad she had chosen to wear modest underwear today.

Sonya opened a closet door revealing dozens of colorful costumes hung neatly on a horizontal bar. She quickly thumbed through them, and selected a bright orange and black garment, which she slipped off the hanger. She turned back to Jenny. "Zis is a body stocking dear. The undervear has to go!" Seeing Jenny's look of shock, she said "Don't vurry dear, you vill be covered head to toe. Now, let's get your face on. Have a seat."

Jenny was amazed at how quickly Sonya transformed her looks. In no time at all, her eyes were highlighted with bright colors, and whiskers had been drawn across her cheeks. Her full lips had been made even more prominent with ruby red lipstick and highlight pencil. Sonja handed her the costume, which weighed next to nothing. "This is never going to fit! Don't you have something bigger!" cried Jenny. "Slip it on dear. It's one size fits all. Hurry up!" She answered, gesturing for Jenny to hurry with her hands.

Shyly, Jenny turned around and slipped off her bra, releasing her heavy breasts. Her nipples stiffened as they were exposed to view. Keeping her back turned to Sonya she slipped off her white cotton briefs. She was still very uncomfortable with her shaved pubic area, which she was keeping only at her husband's insistence! She quickly stepped into the legs of the stocking, and stretched it up to her hips. She saw the colors now form into a tiger stripe pattern, and the costume and makeup now made complete sense.

As she forced it over her hips, a tail affixed to the back of the costume fell out to the floor, dangling from her butt. She peeked over her shoulder, and saw the material closely conform to each globe of her ass. She could feel the costume slip tightly between the cheeks, and hug tightly up and over her pubic mound. Something hard and slippery was at the base of the tail, and pressed up between her legs.

She continued pulling the stocking up her torso, and finally stretched it up and over her breasts. The stocking was strapless, and she saw why she couldn't wear her underwear with it. There was much more cleavage exposed then she was comfortable with, as she struggled in vain to pull it up higher. She looked down to see her breasts swelling out of the top comically. Sonja grasped her upper arms, and turned her around to face her.

"My god, vomen vould kill for that body!" Said Sonya, the admiration apparent in her voice. "I think some glitter vould be the perfect touch though" She opened a drawer in the vanity, and pulled out a white jar. She unscrewed the lid and set it down on the vanity top. "Come over here, dear."

Jenny walked up, and was stunned as Sonja quickly grabbed the front of the stocking, and pulled down till both breasts swung free! She then let go of the material, letting it snap back under her exposed breasts. Picking up the jar, she reached in and scooped out a large glob of clear gel, which she proceeded to spread all over her upper body! Jenny was speechless, as she felt her slick breasts being thoroughly squeezed and rolled back and forth, with her nipples being gently tweaked till fully erect, standing out good half inch. She worked it over her shoulders and back, and down each arm.

"There, you look vonderful darling!" Sonja grasped the front of the costume and stretched it back up over her hard nipples. Jenny looked in the mirror, and saw her reflection glittering with gold dust, accentuating her deep cleavage. She also saw that the material had been stretched out, increasing her exposure. She could see the edge of her dark areola barely peeking out. She grasped the top herself, and pulled up firmly. When she let go, the whisper thin material appeared to snap right back in place, except that the stocking had pulled tightly up against her pubic mound, and she could see the definition of her pubic lips reflected in the mirror.

Before she could utter a word of complaint, Sonja wrapped an arm around her waist and hustled her out the door, back into the hallway. As soon as the door opened, Jenny could hear the roar and cheering of a large crowd close by. As they approached the arena, circus performers were running around back and forth, all dressed in bright costumes.

She jumped as someone pinched her butt, and turning she saw a gaily dressed clown wink at her and run off, honking a large horn. He almost ran into another man who was approaching, dressed in a fancy black tuxedo. He turned dramatically as he passed the women, and tipped his top hat to them. "Jenny, I'd like you to meet Henri, our lion tamer!" The man grasped her hand, and leaned in toward her, bending at the waist to kiss the back of it. His head was now on top of her cleavage, and Jenny feared that he was simply checking out the view! When his head finally raised, she noticed he was quite young, and had long black hair tied back in a ponytail. Beneath the stage make-up, she could see that he was very attractive.

"I am humbled by your beauty! You are the most exquisite women I have ever met, let alone had the pleasure of working with!" He said, quite formally. Everything was happening so quickly, that she didn't know how to respond. She felt foolish standing in front of him. "Jenny has volunteered her time to benefit the children's hospital, and we knew that she would make a perfect tiger! Said Sonja, sensing her discomfort.

"I'm going to make a fool out of myself, I have no idea what to do!" She cried, looking back and forth between them.

"You'll be a hit!" He said with a warm smile. He pulled a wide leather band out of his pocket, and slipped it around her neck. He slipped the strap through the buckle, and attached it loosely. He then pulled out a long matching leash, which he clipped onto the collar.

"I will lead you out to center stage with this leash. Try to play-act for the kids in the audience a little. Pretend to hiss and snarl. Pull back on the leash, swipe at me, that kind of thing. It's too loud out there for anyone to hear you, so don't be too concerned. Other than that, just follow my lead once we get started. Now let's get ready, we're on next!"

He led her over to a flap in the tent wall, and peeked inside. She could hear the voice of the master of ceremonies beginning to introduce brave-hearted "Henri the Great," surely the most skilled lion and tiger tamer on the planet! Sonja pushed down on Jenny's shoulders from behind. "Time to get in position dear. Remember, tigers walk on four legs."

She got down on her hands and knee's as instructed, with her heart beating wildly. Sonja kneeled down beside her, and put her mouth close to Jenny's ear, so that she could be heard over the crowd. "Keep your back arched, so that your butt and shoulders are raised up in the air." She patted Jenny's flank with her left hand. "Try to move slinky, just like a cat!" Sonja sat back on her haunches, and pressed down on the small of Jenny's back to demonstrate. She grasped a cheek of Jenny's ass firmly in her hand, and uplifted her hips dramatically.

Jenny gasped as she felt Sonja's hand release her ass, and firmly grasp the base of the tail. She realized that it must have an appendage attached, which extended well inside the suit! She could feel Sonja working the lubricated tip up and down between the upturned cleft of her cheeks, until it was pressed firmly against her asshole!

Henri flung the curtain open, and walked out with arms raised to a loud ovation. Jenny could hear the announcer continue the introduction in an excited voice, but her attention remained focused on Sonja.

"This will help keep your tail raised as you move around" whispered Sonja in her ear, as she smoothly slid the tapered probe into her ass, till it came to rest against a large, smooth oblong bulge. "NOOOO!" Cried Jenny, as Sonja quickly pushed the probe in beyond the plug, and it popped firmly in place deep inside her rectum! "Break a leg!" She cried, giving Jenny's butt a hard smack. Jenny felt a tug on the collar, and she found herself being led out into the lights, to the delight of the audience.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please get hold of your children! As you can see, the Great Henri is now leading the ferocious man-eating tiger into the center ring!" Jenny's cheeks flushed with embarrassment, as she waddled along behind Henri. Her posture caused her hips to sway widely in a very suggestive fashion. The tail was rocking with the motion, which was causing the probe to tickle her deep inside. "As a matter of fact, now that I see the tiger, you may want to cover their little eyes! She heard several wolf whistles breaking out from different parts of the arena, as they moved towards the center ring.

As soon as the crossed into the circle, the arena lights dimmed, and several spotlights lit up, and illuminated both them both in bright cones of light. Keeping the leash in his hand, she watched as he walked over to a pedestal in the center and picked up a long black riding crop! She noticed that the arena had grown very quite, as he turned and slowly approached her position. He gathered the long strap up in loops as he approached, and ended up standing beside her, holding the leash in one hand and the crop in the other.

WHACK! She jumped as he quickly stung her upturned ass with the crop! She brought her hand back by instinct to cover it, and was suddenly pulled off balance by a tug forward on the leash. Quickly putting her arm back down to catch herself, he held the leash high to raise her head, and began to pull her forward, next to the ring perimeter.

He pressed the crop against her lower back as she bounced along, reminding her to keep her spine arched. He then began rapidly tapping under her ass, till he was satisfied with the position she was maintaining. WHACK! Again he stung her ass, and picked up the pace, pulling harder on the leash. She could feel her heavy breasts begin swaying bach and forth against the fabric of the stocking, as she bounced ahead. WHACK! "Ouch! Stop that!" she cried, but he ignored her and continued on. She could barely keep up, as he strode along on his long legs. She now felt the top of the stocking pulling against her nipples, and new that her breasts were about to fall out! She began to raise a hand to pull up the top, but; WHACK! Another blow quickly stung her ass, reminding her to keep up the pace.

Humiliated, she felt both breasts pop free and began wildly swinging back and forth, now unrestrained. He suddenly slowed his pace, and she went to pull up the top. WHAAACK! He stung her harder yet, and her arm went back to her butt instead, and then dropped to maintain her pace. WHAACK! As she then dropped her other hand, again foiled! She realized with horror that he wasn't about to allow her to cover up!

He came to a full stop, and raised up on the leash, which brought her chin and head up higher. Again, he pressed down on the small of her back, and rapidly tapped under her ass with the crop till she was perfectly positioned, ass held high. He then took an elaborate bow, playing it up to the auditorium crowd. They roared in appreciation.

He turned around, and moved her towards the center of the circle, keeping her attention focused with sharp little flicks of the crop against her ass the whole way. There was a round pedestal in the center of the ring, which came up to his waist. It was about as big around as a good size tree trunk. There was a step positioned half way up. They stopped in front of the step, and he hooked the crop under her right forearm, guiding it up until she placed her hand on it. He repeated this with the other hand. WHAAACK! Jenny straightened with the stinging blow to her ass. She was thrust forward towards the podium, her upper body raised in the air, and her weight now forward on her hands. Her breasts ballooned forward between her arms, and he took advantage by lightly drawing the crop gently back and forth across her hard nipples, as the crowd roared their approval.

Now he hooked the crop under her left knee, and guided it up till positioned next to her hands on the step, legs awkwardly splayed apart. She felt him press the crop against her vulva from behind. He began lightly tapping against her mound, which seemed to delight the crowd, as she squirmed back and forth. Finally he directed her other leg up on the step, and then began repeating the process to the top of the podium. As he brought her legs up however, he directed her to squat on her feet, instead of kneeling on her knees. Jenny quickly hugged her legs tight to her chest, effectively hiding her breasts from view.

That didn't last long though, as he stepped in front. He directed her to raise both arms and clasp them behind her neck, with short precise flicks of his crop. At first she hesitated, and was rewarded with a quick stinging snap across her flank. He placed the tip of the crop under her chin and pressed up, straightening up her back, and thrusting her heavy breasts forward. He began refining her posture with quick flips of the crop, further arching her back to accentuate her chest.

He then reached down and grasped her tail, which was hanging off the back of the podium. She let out a soft moan as he gently pulled, slowly increasing pressure till the plug started to come out. He let the tail go slack, and the plug popped back in, drawing a gasp from Jenny. Again he started to pull, this time though he slowly began to circle around the podium. He didn't stop circling as he met resistance, but rather started pulling Jenny around as he continued on! She had to do an awkward shuffle trying to keep up, as her breasts began swinging wildly back and forth.

After four complete revolutions, he suddenly stopped and took another deep bow, drawing another raucous ovation from the crowd. Jenny took the opportunity to quickly pull her top back up, which drew several loud boo's. He turned and took Jenny's hand, helping her down from the pedestal. He kissed her on both cheeks, and whispered in her ear to take a bow with him. They started to walk a complete circle around the ring together, hand in hand, stopping occasionally to bow to the crowd, who were now giving them a standing ovation. He started jogging off the stage, pulling her along with him. Her breasts immediately swung out of her top, and she covered them as best she could with her free hand till they reached the safety of backstage (Of course, he wouldn't release her hand as the ran off!).

To Be Continued...


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