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Volunteer Jenny
Helps the Circus Pt. II

by Capstick

"Quick dear, let's get you out of that costume!" said Sonya, as she took hold of Jenny's hand. Many of the performers had gathered around the backstage area to watch her performance, and gave her a nice hand as they scurried back to her changing room. Jenny felt several pats on her rump, as she passed quickly down the narrow walkway!

"This is NOT what I had in mind! I want to go home now!" she cried, as soon as the door to her dressing room had shut. Sonja turned and gave her a solemn look. "Dear, that's just vat the boss vants you to do! If you quit now, then he gets to keep all the money charity money! He vant's you to quit! He told me this backstage vile you ver out performing. Apparently it vas in the contract you signed!"

Jenny shook her head, realizing she was in a terrible position. At the game show, she had jeopardized their mortgage. Now she would be taking away money from innocent children!

"I vil leave you alone for a minute, dear. Go ahead and get out of that costume, Here's cream you can use to remove the makeup. Vatever you decide vill be OK vith me. I'll be back in five minutes." Sonja turned, and left the room, pulling the door shut behind her.

Jenny slipped the stocking down over her wide hips, and reached around to grasp the tail. She winced as she slowly removed the plug from her ass, feeling great relief as if finally slipped free. She finished slipping her legs out, and tossed it into a clothes hamper in disgust. She saw bright red welts criss-crossing her bare ass in the vanity mirror, though most were already beginning to fade. She slipped into a cotton robe, which was hanging from a hook on the door, and sat down in front of the mirror, her bottom still smarting from the riding crop.

"Why does this always happen to me!" she cried to herself, as she slowly wiped the makeup from her face. She stared back at her pouting lips and glum expression in the mirror. Visions of an old movie floated in her mind, where a pauper child held his empty bowl up in a charity kitchen, asking if there was any more food, please, as tears rolled down his cute little face. "Oh, crap!" she said, throwing the hand towel down on top of the tiger costume, making her mind up to proceed.

The door opened, and Jenny turned her head around. Sonja peeked in. "So vat did you decide, dear?" she asked. "You can tell that jerk to stop counting his money!" said Jenny with determination. "I'm going to finish the day, no matter what!" Sonja smiled broadly as she entered the room, followed by a young, athletic looking girl with short blond hair.

"This is Sally, from the Flying Meranda's" she said, motioning to the attractive young girl, who held her hand out to Jenny. "We loved your show!" she said with a twinkle in her eye, handing a package to Sonja. "The guys want you to do a stunt with them. I brought one of my extra costumes for you to wear." She was wearing a tiny blue bodice, which closely followed her curves. It had thin shoulder straps, which tied together behind the neck. It flattered her small bust-line quite nicely. There was a matching skirt, very short with slits up both sides, and a flashy fringe. Fishnet stockings and blue slip on booties completed the ensemble. "I'll see you in a few minutes!" she said as she turned, and zipped back out the door.

Sonja set the package down and opened it, saying, "I am so proud of you dear! Al vill be just furious! It serves him right though, the greedy bastard." She handed Jenny a pair of fishnet stockings, with wide black stay-up bands. She didn't remember seeing the bands on Sally's costume! Shrugging her shoulders, she slipped them on. They pulled up to within an inch of her crotch, and hugged her legs tightly. Next she was handed a blue silk bottom piece, which she stepped into and tried to pull up. They wouldn't slide up over her hips, despite being made of stretchy material. Apparently Sally was much more petite then Jenny!

There were ties at the sides, which Jenny loosened. She then pulled the small strip of material up tight between her legs, and re-tied the sides as securely as she could across the top of her waist. The scant material was now wedged tightly into her crotch, between the lips of her pubes and the cleft of her ass. She reached down and spread the material out, covering her privates as best as she could. She slipped the skirt up over her hips, and removed the robe she had been wearing.

Sonja handed her the bodice, which she worked over her arms, and pulled up and over her head, working it down beyond her full breasts. Taking hold of the loose strings, she brought them up behind her neck, stretching shiny blue triangles of material tightly over her cleavage. Sonja helped her to tie the straps together, as she examined her reflection in the mirror.

Both the sides and the tops of both breasts were exposed, bulging out beyond the constraints of the small amount of material. The skirt fit comfortably because of the side slits, but they gapped open on both sides, revealing the stocking bands and the bare skin of her hips under the skirt! The ties of the underwear were sticking out at the top of the slits.

"You look mavelous, dear!" said Sonya as she lightly caressed Jenny's bare midriff. "I vish I could keep my tummy this flat. Ve must find Sally now! She grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door, down the hall back towards the auditorium. They approached three people, standing beside the entrance to the arena. There was a young man, dressed in a tight bodysuit of the same material as hers. He was very muscular in stature, and ruggedly handsome. Sally was there also, with another young lady dressed in a similar, though less revealing outfit.

As Jenny approached, they turned around to greet her. She noticed they all shared a strong family resemblance. The name "Flying Meranda's" suddenly clicked, and she realized that they were a family of trapeze artists! "Hurry up Jenny, we're running late!" said Sally, as they jumped through the entrance together. The applause picked up as soon as the crowd saw them, and the ring announcer began his introductions. They trotted out to a large net, which had been suspended in the center of the arena, at about head height. Jenny hurried along after them, holding her arms tight to her chest to prevent her breasts from slipping out of the brief top. She hoped that she wasn't recognized from the earlier stunt.

They ran up to the net, where a ladder was mounted, which extended straight up one of the tent support poles. Jenny craned her head up, and saw a platform mounted high above the stadium floor at the top. The young girl grabbed the ladder, and started climbing effortlessly, straight up. Next was Sally, who stopped after a few rungs, and looked back down at her. "Come on Jenny, don't worry, we'll take good care of you!" Jenny felt a hand on her back, as the man smiled and said "Ladies first, miss! I'll catch you if you fall!

Jenny took a deep breath, and grabbed a ladder rung, starting to climb up the ladder after her. "Remember not to look down!" said the man, giving her ass a playful smack as she rose up above him. She followed his advice, and looked straight up towards Sally. Now she understood why he wanted to be last. She had a view straight up her Sally's skirt at her wiggling butt. Jenny also noticed that Sally had full spandex bicycle shorts on, rather then the small scrap of material Jenny was wearing! She had no choice but to give the man a show, as she struggled to keep up with Sally. Of course, the arena cameraman also closely followed her ascent, providing a large screen view of her progress to the crowd!

As she reached the top platform, Sally reached down and helped her take the final step, and wrapped a steady hand around her waist. She snapped a thin strap around her waist, and clipped it to a tether from the post. "There you go Jenny, that should make you more comfortable!" It did help her to feel steadier, and she felt her leg muscles unclenching.

The other girl grabbed a trapeze bar, which had been suspended above the platform, and fell off in a gentle arc, sweeping gracefully up onto another platform across the arena at the far end of the net. Jenny applauded along with the crowd. She had seen trapeze acts before in person, but it didn't compare to the thrill she was now provided. The man sprung up like a cat, and grabbed another bar. He made a few passes back and forth, taking hand turns and flips along the way. Jenny clapped with delight. He also finished off on the far platform.

Jenny watched with amazement, as both Sally and the man swung off at opposite ends, ending up by joining hands in the middle. They swung together back and forth, doing sharp little flips and changes of position. She marveled at how effortless they made it appear. The man eventually swung Sally back up on the platform next to her, and then on the next pass he also joined them with a graceful motion.

"OK Jenny, you're going to do a quick stunt with me now!" Seeing the stunned look cross her face he quickly smiled and added, "Don't worry, this will be simple. I'm going to swing back and forth a few times to get momentum, and then Sally will release you at the correct moment. All I want you to do is release the trapeze when you feel me grab you! Can you remember that Jenny?" She nodded her head up and down, taking a big swallow. Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest, as she looked up at the trapeze bar Sally was now holding. "Rather then try to swing you up on the platform, I'm going to let go and fall into the net with you. All you have to do is relax and lay back. The net will break our fall quite gently." He bent over and kissed her forehead. "Trust me Jenny, I'll be right with you!" He added, as he snatched a bar and swung off the platform.

Sally brought her forward to the edge of the platform, and Jenny felt the tether begin to tighten against her waist, restraining her. She reached up and grabbed the trapeze bar Sally held, and squeezed her eye's shut tightly. "Now lean forward, the strap will hold you in place" Said Sally in her ear, also putting her hands around Jenny's waist to help support her. Jenny felt her full weight come to rest against the harness, as she leaned forward well over the edge of the platform. She was now watching the man swinging back and forth, building momentum as he went.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Could I please direct you attention to the center platform, high above the arena floor! Please give a big hand for Jenny, our brave volunteer from the Children's Hospital charity." Polite applause broke out as the spotlight left the announcer, and started to swing up in her direction. "For your information, Ladies and Gentlemen, it was Jenny who played the now famous role of the tiger for the Great Henri!"

Thunderous applause spread wildly across the arena, as the spotlight centered on Jenny leaning out over the edge of the platform. A drum roll began, and the noise slowly abated. All eyes were now glued to her, straining against the tether. She felt Sally's hand lightly patting her butt as the introductions were being made, and now her hand moved up her back to rest lightly between her shoulder blades.

She watched the man flip upside down, with the inside of his knees curled around the bar, holding his arms outstretched as he swung back towards her. She jerked her head around quickly, as she felt Sally pull one of the ties behind her neck loose! Sally now reached around her waist as she unsnapped the harness, quickly snatching the exposed ties to Jenny's panty bottom. Gripping them tightly, she continued to support her as she leaned out over the edge.

Jenny watched the man as he started to head away from her in a large arc. As he reached the bottom of his swing, she felt Sally's hand shift on the ties at her side. They both immediately slipped, and she gasped as her weight suddenly carried her forward and down off the platform. She felt the panties quickly slip through her clenched legs, leaving her fully exposed beneath the short skirt! She clenched the bar as tightly as possible, again squeezing her eyes shut. She could feel the rush of air against her now bare skin, and realized that her skirt had been blown well over her waist!

She felt herself slowing, as she reached the apex of her swing, and suddenly the man grasped each of her ankles in a vice grip. She hung briefly weightless, and remembered to release her grip on the trapeze bar just in time, as they started to swing back down on his bar together. Now she felt her weight being supported by the man, and could sense the power and strength of his coiled body, which gave her some sense of comfort and confidence.

Their swing started to descend and pick up speed, and she realized she would also be suspended upside down! Centrifugal force started working against the loosened ties of her top, and both heavy breasts escaped, hanging down under chin, now completely exposed to the crowd around her! She quickly placed her hands over her breasts, covering herself somewhat (She has small hands and large breasts!). She could do nothing about her dress though, which was draped down over her belly, fully exposing her privates to view. The man was holding her legs apart, giving himself quite a "Kodak moment" as he looked down!

They swung back and forth, gradually loosing momentum, until they were moving in only a short, gentle arc. He let go of his bar, and their forward momentum was enough to allow them to fall the short distance down into the springy net, back first. The tension of the net caused them to be thrown back up into the air, Jenny with her legs askew and breasts bouncing free of her outstretched arms. The crowd noise was deafening, as she remained the highlight of the arena cameraman.

She quickly tied the top back behind her neck, and shifted her large areola under the small triangles of fabric. She was unable to stand on the springy net, as the material was much to elastic, and the holes in the netting were too large. She had to awkwardly crawl on hands and knees after the man, as he approached the edge. She glanced down, and with shock noticed the cameraman directly underneath, following her progress! She hoped her privates were shadowed under the short skirt. The color drained from her face, as he flipped the camera light on, bathing her in a sudden glare from below. She brought her legs together, and waddled forward as best she could.

She watched as the man smoothly flipped himself head over heels off the edge of the netting, gracefully landing on his feet. No way was she going to be able to do that, thought Jenny with alarm! Thankfully he turned back, and waited for her as she approached the edge. She dangled a tentative leg down towards him, and he cradled her foot in his powerful left hand. As she shifted her weight down, he lowered it, causing her to do the splits, with her other leg still grasping the edge of the net! She whimpered to herself, sensing the hot lights of the cameraman over her shoulder.

Now she felt his other hand grasp the inside of her thigh. As he continued slowly lowering her, he slid his hand up, till it cupped her vulva between her splayed legs. She shrieked, and quickly threw her other leg off the netting, falling backwards against him. He slid his hand back under her ass, supporting her sudden weight, and taking full advantage of the position, gave her ass a gentle goose! Once again she shrieked, and jumped forward out of his grip, and also out of her top! She never noticed though, as she quickly ran towards the exit, hands covering her ass, breasts bouncing wildly up and down, matching her quick stride! She was so embarrassed that she failed to hear the applause and screams she was receiving from her new legion of admirers.

To Be Continued...


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