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Volunteer Jenny
Helps the Circus Pt. III

by Capstick

"They weren't very nice people!" complained Jenny, as she returned to the dressing room with Sonja.

"I'm sorry dear, but they are great performers!" she answered. "You vill like the next lady, she is very friendly." Jenny turned.

"I thought I was done! What do I have to do now!" Sonja started pulling clothes out of the closet. "Nothing like before dear. You vill simply vork with za hypnotist.

"Oh no no no! I'm not going to let some stranger hypnotize me!" said Jenny, hands firmly placed on hips. "Don't vorry dear! I am za hypnotist! I was going to surprise you. Besides, you vill just be my assistant. I am hypnotizing people from the audience!"

"Oh, well I'm sorry. I'm just a little leery about being taken advantage of again!" answered Jenny. She started taking off the trapeze show costume, as Sonja began pulling some lingerie out of the vanity. "This should all fit you very nice Jenny, I vent from your street clothes sizes." She handed Jenny a new package of Opaque white pantyhose.

Jenny slipped out of the fishnet stockings, and threw the tiny costume into the basket along with her tiger suit. She sat down, and slipped on the pantyhose. She was glad to note that they were not sheer to the waist, though she certainly was not planning for any more exhibitions today! Next she slipped on the white lace bra. It was very flattering, nicely accentuating her cleavage. It also had nice, sturdy straps, she happily noted!

Next was a white slip, pretty enough to double as a dress, though too risqué for her to ever consider wearing in public. It felt like pure silk, as she slid it down over her body. It hugged every curve. The neckline was scooped just enough to hint at the edge of the lace bra underneath, and show off her abundant cleavage. It was mid-thigh in length.

Finally she slipped on the conservative dress Sonja had picked out. It was pure white, cut with clean lines for a contemporary look. It was of a sturdy material, with a high neckline, and a hemline down to her knees. The dress was not new, but was certainly clean and presentable. Jenny felt much better wearing real clothes instead of another scandalous outfit!

The shiny white pumps Sonja handed her were certainly far from conservative. They had much higher heels than anything she owned, though they certainly flattered the turn of her ankle. There was an ankle strap to hold them in place. She took some tentative steps, and felt awkward, though at least they were her size.

Sonya opened a small pill bottle, and handed Jenny a tiny blue pill, along with a glass of water. "This vill help you to relax and feel more at ease dear, my assistants find them very helpful." She stood watching, till Jenny placed the pill in her mouth and took a deep swallow of water. She then finished the rest of the glass, realizing how thirsty she was. "Thanks, I needed that!" she said, as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Sonja kneeled down in front of her, and started to freshen up the makeup. "You vill be vith me on stage, along vith someone from za audience. All you have to do is swing the ball in front of them. I vill let you know ven to stop. Then step aside as I do my act." She slipped some showy white earrings on Jenny, and admired her handiwork, turning her face side to side by the chin. "You have such a beautiful complexion dear! Vat's your secret?" Jenny blushed, and looked down. "Just good gene's I guess!" she answered, clearing her throat (a mental image rose unbidden of last nights "treatment" with her husband!).

She showed Jenny a gold chain made of small, delicate links. Attached to the chain was a clear, multi-faceted crystal ball, smaller then a golf ball. "I vill demonstrate. Get face to face, just like this." She faced Jenny, from a distance of no more then three feet away, looking directly in her eyes. She raised the chain up over her head, and began a slow, captivating side to side arc. "Now you try," she said, handing the end of the chain to Jenny. "That is very goot, dear!" said Sonja, as she mimicked her actions. "Now you can keep the bauble in your pocket until we need it later." She turned away, and Jenny stored it away.

"Does hypnosis really work?" I always thought that it was mostly a hoax," asked Jenny, as she watched Sonja slip into another long, colorful dress. She felt very calm and peaceful inside, and yet totally clear-headed. It seemed that everything had slowed down considerably, and all of her earlier trepidation and concerns just melted away. "Wow, no wonder your helpers like those pills," she said, forgetting all about her earlier question.

Sonja bent down, and looked searchingly in her eyes. She smiled sweetly, and patted Jenny lightly on the cheek. "Let's get going, they should be ready for us." She helped her up off the chair, and led her by the arm, as they left the room and entered the hallway. Jenny felt rather dreamlike, as she floated along next to Sonja. She felt as if she was almost disconnected from her body, as she saw the backstage performers track her movements as they passed by.

Out into the darkened arena they walked, as a spotlight found them, and started to follow along. Jenny smiled and laughed, pointing her arm up to it and waving, as they mowed along. The applause in the arena didn't register with her as they approached a raised stage, which had replaced the netting she had fallen into not that long ago.

Up a short flight of steps they passed, to reach the top of the platform. They joined a man already there, who was seated in a straight-backed chair placed in the center. There was a long table to the side of the stage, with many different items and stage props on it. Sonja held her arms up to the crowd, and they began to settle down. "Please, my good friends, I must have complete silence to concentrate."

A hush fell over the arena, and Sonja placed an arm around Jenny's waist, walking her over to face the man. She slid a second chair over, and helped her take a seat. She was close enough to the other mans chair to brush his knees. "Vat is your first name, my friend?" asked Sonya.

"Frank." he answered softly, into the microphone she held.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Frank. This is my assistant, Jenny." He smiled and nodded to her, his eves traveling down to her chest, and quickly back up.

"Jenny, if you could show Frank the bauble now, we can get started." She reached in her pocket, pulling out the glass ball. As she held it up between them, and put it into motion, the spotlights started to sparkle off the myriad of cut faces of the crystal, causing a rainbow of colors to play across her vision. She stared enraptured at the swinging ball of crystalline fire she held, focused only on its movement back and forth.

"I vant you to take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Let the tension drain from your shoulders and neck." Sonja spoke the commands in a clear, soothing voice. Even though she was addressing Frank, Jenny found herself following right along with her commands. "Relax your arms, let them lay heavy in your lap. Feel your hands uncurl, as the tension drains away. Breathe deeply in a calm, relaxed manner. All of your concerns and worries have flown away, leaving you in a calm, peaceful place. In your mind, you now can hear the slow tick, tock of a clock, in rhythm with the sparkling ball. As the ball begins to slow, you will feel time also slow, and your consciousness will begin to slip away, leaving you in a gentle, safe state. Feel it drifting away now, on a gentle spring breeze."

And with that said, Jenny slipped into a deep trance, right along with Frank. Her arm dropped down and came to rest in her lap. Sonja reached down and retrieved the crystal necklace, slipping it back into her pocket.

To Be Continued...


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