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Volunteer Jenny
Helps the Circus Pt. V

by Capstick

Sonja finally grabbed hold of Frank's shoulder, stopping their routine. She held a hand out to Jenny, and helped her up to her feet. "That vas vonderful, dear! You did very well! Such a powerful jumper you are!" Jenny smiled brightly, glad that Sonja had noticed her effort.

Sonja walked over to the table, and returned carrying a squirt bottle. "You look too hot, dear! Let me help you cool down." And with that said, she started pumping a fine mist of water directly at Jenny's breasts. The thin material immediately turned transparent and clung tightly to her skin. Her nipples stiffened with the cold spray. She immediately covered them with her hands.

Sonja reached out with her free hand, and stroked her cheek softly. "You disappoint me dear. Vy are you hiding yourself from me?" The audience was hooting and hollering, as Jenny brought her arms back down to her sides. "That's better dear, and she resumed spraying her with the water bottle.

"Start turning around slowly dear." She kept pumping away as Jenny slowly rotated in place, making sure that every inch of the slip was thoroughly drenched, bring all of her charms into view. The crowd cheered wildly, as she returned the squirt bottle to the table.

"There now, you look much cooler! Tell me Jenny, do you like to sing?"

Jenny blushed lightly. "Not in public, I'm a little shy for that," she answered quietly.

"Oh nonsense, I'm sure you have a beautiful voice!" exclaimed Sonja to the audience, drawing more applause. "Try the national anthem, dear. I'd love to hear you sing." She handed the microphone over to Jenny.

Jenny cleared her throat, and brought the mike up close to her lips. "Ooh say can you see..." Sonja raised a hand, motioning her to stop. "You need to sing louder then that! Now start over." She lowered her hand, and started pacing back and forth in front of Jenny, listening closely with her head down. "OOOH SAY can you SEEEE!.." Once more Sonja raised her hand to stop. "No dear, you need to project your voice! There should be some depth and amplitude to you tone! Try it again!" and she continued pacing.

"OOOH SAY, can you SEEEEE..." Up went the hand. "I can see that you need some voice lessons. Let's try a simple exercise dear," said Sonja, as she strolled over the table, back turned to Jenny. She turned and approached closely to stand back in front of her, hands behind her back. "Close your eyes..... Very goot! Now keep them closed, and open your mouth...A little wider dear, yes, very goot. Pucker your lips for me! Oh Jenny, you can do better then that! Much better! Now keep your eyes closed, and don't move!"

With that said, she produced a large, black, very realistic looking dildo from behind her back. It was made of solid latex rubber, and even felt realistic in her hand with a prominent crown and veins running down to the thick base. She held it up to the crowd with a flourish, and they went wild, watching it slowly waving in her hand. With a coy smile, she slowly directed it towards Jenny's waiting mouth. As she guided the large black crown in, Jenny's puckered lips wrapped tightly around, and she let out a soft moan, which was picked up by the microphone still in her hand.

"Please dear, let me insert the training aid all the way! Don't fight back. Just relax!" said Sonja, cupping the back of Jenny's head with her free hand. She then slid the penis in deeply, as Jenny's jaw spread open to accommodate the thick object. She stopped the insertion when she felt resistance at the base of her throat, and Jenny's head jerked in her hand, as she gave a muffled gag.

"OK Jenny, try the song again! Come on dear, you'll make me so happy!" encouraged Sonja, maintaining her pressure on the dildo. "OOOO, AAAAYYY AAA OOOO EEEE..." The crowd was rolling in the aisles, amazed at the sight of the gorgeous blond in a wet, transparent slip, moaning and gurgling around the huge black object! "IIIII AAAAA OOO EEEEE IIIII GGGGHHH!!!" Jenny retched and gagged against the head, as Sonja had increased the pressure. "Now that's better! That's how to project! Keep going, don't stop now!" She said.

Tears had started to run down her cheeks involuntarily, as the penis was choking the entrance to her throat, triggering her gag reflex. Sonja started to work the dildo back and forth in her mouth, giving Jenny the mental picture of a man slowly pumping his hips against her! The large head continued to tease the back of her throat with the with each forward stroke. "OOOO AAAAAAA HHHHH UUUUUU!!" croaked Jenny. Saliva started overflowing her lips, as she continued to sputter and gag. The audience was now treated to the sight of thick streams of goo trailing down her chin, and dangling down towards her pendulous, swinging breasts.

"Try humming dear. Suck hard on it, and just humm the song! Jenny wrapped her puckered lips tightly around the shaft, and began humming the tune as best she could. Her cheeks hollowed as she began sucking, and now Sonja began forcing Jenny's head up and down on the shaft, as she held it firmly by the base! "NNNNGGGG UUUNNNGGG MMMMMGGG!!!" She hummed, head bobbing back and forth quickly on the glistening wet black cock! This went on for quite a while until finally, "UUUNNNGGEEECCCCKKK!!!" She began choking, as Sonja forced the shaft deeper yet! She slipped it back out of her mouth, as Jenny started to cough and gag against the intrusion. Sonja wrapped her arms around her in a warm embrace, and patted her butt gently, until the coughing subsided. "You vere vonderful dear. You have made me very happy!"

To Be Continued...


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