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Volunteer Jenny
Helps the Circus Pt. VI

by Capstick

Jenny and Sonja left the stage, drawing a standing ovation. Many of the men in the stadium were holding lighters aloft, chanting for more! The ringmaster took center stage, and began to wrap up the event, thanking everyone for attending. He also urged everyone to stop at the Children's Hospital booth to make a small donation for the kids. It was a record day for the charity!

The cast had gathered in the hallway backstage, and was busy congratulating each other for their performances. It was a fun experience for Jenny, as she felt very much a part of the experience. They were all so nice to her, giving her big hugs and pats (some of the men were a little too friendly, she thought!). She had no memory of her performance, only a feeling of satisfaction thanks to some whispered commands from Sonja.

They finally made it back to the dressing room, and closed the door against the hustle and bustle of the backstage throng. Jenny let out a big sigh, having successfully finished the ordeal relatively unscathed (wait till she saw the pictures though!). Her street clothes were waiting, along with a beautiful arrangement of roses! She couldn't help but smile, as she read the nice card that accompanied the flowers.

"Za crew asked me to invite you to za party tonight!" said Sonja. "They have never invited an outsider before! It's quite a compliment. Can you come dear?" Jenny started to make up an excuse for not attending. She had far too much excitement for one day already! Her mind went momentarily blank, and she looked around in confusion, having lost her train of thought. It seemed that Sonja was speaking to her, but she could not quite make out her words.

Jenny saw Sonja waiting for her to respond, with a quizzical expression on her face. Then she remembered her kind invitation. "I'd love to come! What time should I be there?" She was very excited to be able to meet the whole cast! "Show up at eight o'clock sharp. Here's a map, and another pill. I vant you to take it before you arrive. Take a cab though, don't try to drive!" Jenny nodded in agreement, paying close attention ti her instructions. She tucked the pill and directions away in her purse, and finished dressing.

She hurried home, making a quick emergency appointment with her hairdresser. She was feeling adventurous, and allowed him a free hand with the styling. She ended up coifed and curled, with her long blond hair tied back in an elaborate bun. Wispy tendrils of hair hung seductively down over her forehead. She was very pleased with the results, and tipped him generously.

She arrived home as her husband returned from work, and gave him a brief recount of the days adventures (her memories of the event were strangely quite G-rated!). They shared a quick dinner together, and she told him about the party. He was disappointed not to be invited, though he understood that it was for performers only. She called for a cab, explaining that she may want a drink or two, and didn't want to worry about driving the car home. He offered to drive, but she didn't want him waiting up for her on a work night. She showed him the map, so he would know where she was.

She picked out an elegant blue gown to wear, which brought out the natural blue in her eyes. It was conservatively styled, though hardly prudish. The fabric was exquisite, and was cut to a comfortable length, allowing her freedom of movement. She slipped on her favorite set of underwear. The bra was sturdy, giving her lots of support with its wide straps. The material was heavy enough to prevent any embarrassing nipple exposure through her clothes. The panties were simple, full cut white cotton briefs. She topped it off with a set of natural pantyhose and matching pumps.

The cab arrived right on time, honking from the driveway. Jenny ran into the kitchen, and gulped down the little blue "relaxing" pill that Sonja had supplied. She gave her husband a quick kiss, and ran out to the cab. The party was in an upscale neighborhood on the west side of town, and in about fifteen minutes, the cab pulled into a long circular driveway, leading up to a large, ivy covered home. She must have been early, as only a few cars were parked out front. A young man was there to open her door, and lead her into the large, ornate foyer. Jenny was starting to feel the effects of the medication, as everything was starting to feel soft and fuzzy around the edges.

Sonja greeted her warmly at the door. Again Jenny watched, as she appeared to be speaking to her from a distance, the words not quite clear enough to make out. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding dear," said Sonja, as she led her by the arm up a back staircase, to an upstairs bedroom. "You didn't need to get all dressed up. I have an outfit for you to wear!" Jenny looked puzzled. "I must have forgot what we discussed" Sonja moved behind her and started to unzip her dress. "Don't you remember telling me how you dreamed of being a groupie for the performers? By the vay, ve don't call them groupies. Ve call them circus sluts"! You're the lucky girl tonight!"

Jenny was quiet, as she struggled to remember the earlier conversation. "Tonight dear, you are za cocktail waitress. You vill get to flirt vith the performers, vile you are serving them drinks, and vatever else they might vant, if you catch my meaning! Now lets get you ready"

Sonja clapped her hands together, and Jenny jumped to sudden attention. She was standing naked in the small room, with her clothes draped over the back of a chair. Sonja stepped over to the closet, and selected a garment off a hanger. "Let me help you vith the maid costume" she said, moving behind her. "Raise your arms up over your head, and suck your tummy in."

Jenny did as instructed, watching herself in a full-length mirror hanging on the wall. Sonja slipped a black corset around her waist, and began strapping it together up her back. She applied a lot of pressure as she went, eliciting small gasps from Jenny with every tug. Jenny was pleased to see that the corset only framed the bottom of her breasts, allowing them to hang free. As the final laces were tied off, her breasts were thrust out proudly, with her large areola and nipples in prominent display, swaying freely without support. She wished that she owned such a beautiful corset. Maybe they will let me keep it, she thought to herself.

Garter straps dangled down from the waist of the corset, which was cut up high enough to barely cover her belly button, as it tightly cinched her already narrow waist. Her shoulders were left bare, but Sonja helped her into long silky gloves, extending well above her elbows. A black leather choker strap was buckled around her neck. It had a small silver loop dangling off the front.

Next she slipped on the stockings that Sonja handed her. She was pleased to see that they were made of pure silk, with dark seams running up the back of each leg. She loved the feel of the smooth, tight silk, and she began to feel her most private areas begin to tingle with anticipation. She attached the garter straps, and admired herself in the mirror, looking over her shoulder.

Her bare ass looked so sleazy framed by the seamed stockings and tightly lace corset. She bent forward at the waist to accentuate the look, and felt a small wave of pleasure as Sonja ran her hand over her rounded cheeks, following the cleft down to cover her moist sex. She pressed a finger up between her outer lips, and Jenny watched in the mirror as she slowly withdrew her hand, and brought the finger up to her mouth, licking it slowly with her tongue, staring all the while back into Jenny's eye's.

"My, you are the perfect slut, aren't you!" Sonja said with a wicked smile, giving her ass a playful pat. Jenny felt pleasurable warmth spread through her body with the compliment, and she hungered for more, as she bent over even deeper. "Save it dear, there's plenty more to come! Slip this on" She handed her a frilly black skirt. "Oh rats, do I have to wear it? She said, giving her ass another wiggle! "Put it on dear! Just make sure that you give za men lots of peeks!" Jenny gave a little giggle, as she stepped into the short skirt, pulling it up to her waist. It had several layers of fluffy fabric, giving it a full appearance. She noticed with satisfaction that it barely covered her privates, and if anything, made her look even more sexy. Sonja was so smart, she thought to herself. "I don't have to wear underwear, do I?" asked Jenny. "Of course not, dear! Not unless you vant to, that is!" Jenny gave a delighted little hop, and clapped her hands together with glee. "Heck No!" she exclaimed.

She then slipped on a pair of black, high heeled, open strapped sandals, admiring the way her posture was transformed in the mirror. "Now for the last touch. Come over hear darling!" motioned Sonja, as she pulled a silver tray down from the top of the closet. She held the back edge of the bright tray up against Jenny's narrow waist. It had an inward curve, which conformed to her waistline, partially wrapping around.

Sonya pulled two straps, which were attached to the front of the corset, through matching slots in the back edge of the tray, fastening it in place against her waist. Then she drew a delicate chain attached to the front left corner of the tray up through the loop at her neck. She stretched it down to the opposite corner, clipping it in place once she had the tray leveled to her satisfaction.

"Very nice dear, you vill be za perfect slut hostess!" she said, giving Jenny's nipple a slight tweak. Another jolt passed through her body as she gazed at her reflection, feeling the nipple begin to stiffen. Sonja began attending to her make-up, highlighting her eyes, lips and cheeks. She gave her a theatrical appearance, rather then a look you would normally see on the street. She even rouged her nipples, scandalously highlighting and accentuating their look!

"Now go downstairs and start taking orders! The bartenders name is Jeff, and if asked, your name is of course slut Jenny!" She gave her a pat on the butt, and directed her back through the door, and out into the hall. Jenny could hear conversation and laughing coming from downstairs, as the guests must have arrived while she was getting ready. Gathering her courage, she set off down the winding stairs, and felt all eyes fall upon her, as the buzz of conversation dropped to a whisper. Scattered applause broke out as she was recognized, and she blushed deeply underneath the makeup, continuing down the stairway.

She noticed the bartender waving her over at the back of the room, and started to thread her way through back to him. She had never felt so alive sexually, as she moved along between strangers, her heavy breasts prominently on display. Normally the attention she was getting would have paralyzed her with embarrassment, but thanks to Sonja's transformation, the attention was feeding directly into her libido. She felt like a cat in heat, as she swayed across the room, drinking up the attention.

She approached the bar, and moved between two men seated in front, leaning their elbows on the padded edge of the small counter. Jeff was standing behind the bar surveying her with approval evident in his eyes. "Set your tray up on top of the bar here" as he spread the guys drinks apart, and wiped the surface with a clean, white towel. Jenny looked down, but didn't see a way to unhook the tray. Thinking the situation over, she saw a solution. Grasping the front edge of the bar, she carefully raised one leg, and hooked it into the lower rung of the stool on her right side. She shifted her weight onto that foot, and raised her other leg up, hooking that foot onto the rung of the stool on her left. She now leaned forward, till the silver tray settled down on the center of the counter. Her breasts swayed seductively over the platter. "How's this?" she asked him with a wicked grin on her face. Her bare ass was now thrust high behind, with her legs widely spread on the stools. She was delighted to hear gasps of amazement from those closely around her!

She dared not turn her head around, as she felt a tentative hand placed against the tender inside of her thigh. The Barkeeper started to place several items on her tray, as she looked down. Sensing no objection, the hand started to slowly stroke her thigh, up and down, stopping just short of her clean-shaven mound. On the next up-stroke of the hand, she bobbed her hips down and over, making sure that this time he reached her vulva. She sighed through parted lips, as she felt him now boldly slip a finger easily into her well-lubricated vagina. She tightly clenched her pelvic muscles, trapping his finger, and began to rotate her hips in small circles against his hand. She heard comments of delight and encouragement coming from the knot of people who had gathered around to take in the action!

She was brought back to attention by the voice of the bartender. "You can take the appetizers around to the guests now, Jenny." Reluctantly, she stepped down from the stools, flashing a big smile to her new friend. Her pussy was still tingling with pleasure, as the feel of his finger lingered on. The tray hung heavily from her neck, and she scanned the contents. Much of the tray was obscured by her full breasts, but she could see a can of whipped cream, squirt bottles of honey and chocolate syrup, some bananas, as well as more traditional hors d'oeuvre's.

The first few people she passed merely selected a few of the proffered cracker snacks on the tray. They took advantage of the opportunity though, to brush up against her breasts while selecting their snacks! One lady waved her away, snickering as she gave her a "once-over" appraisal. The next two men, however, helped themselves to the squirt bottles of syrup. They squeezed generous streams of the thick, viscous syrups onto her breasts, and began eagerly lapping it up! She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure, enjoying the sensations they were providing. They both began suckling on her nipples, while thoroughly cleaning up the rest of the mess.

Disappointedly, she watched as they straighten up and thanked her, returning to their earlier conversation. She continued making her rounds, her breasts now swollen and glistening. The next group of men must have been watching, as they also went for the bottles, ignoring the snacks. One of the men dropped to his knees though, and disappeared under her tray! She felt him bury his face into her groin, and she widened her stance to allow him better access with his eager tongue! She had two other men at her breasts, each lavishing attention with their hands and mouths at will on them.

All too soon, once again she was released to continue her wandering, next stopping in front of a small group of women. Two selected only crackers, but the third reached out and picked up a banana, which she slowly peeled, all the while maintaining eye contact with Jenny. She ran her tongue around her full lips seductively. She brought the peeled fruit up to her mouth, and slowly drew it in beyond her puckered lips, about halfway down its length. Her cheeks hollowed, as she began sucking it like a stiff cock.

Her eyes never left her. She withdrew it slowly, still in one piece. With a sweet, sexy grin playing across her face, she directed it towards Jenny's waiting lips. She eagerly received the offering, allowing the woman to push the fruit in deeply to the base of her throat. She then picked up the bottle of chocolate syrup, and began stroking the banana back and forth in her mouth. Holding the bottle aloft, she trickled the syrup over it, as she continued the slow, deep rhythm.

Jenny could now taste the sweet syrup on the shaft of the banana, as it played back and forth across her tongue. Much of the syrup was smearing around the outside of her mouth and chin. The lady then shoved the shaft in deeply, and pulled her hand away, leaving the balance of the banana protruding out of her mouth. She leaned forward, and took the free end within her own lips, drawing down until she was pressed tightly up against Jenny, mouth to mouth! She hungrily sucked against her lips, biting down on the fruit, but keeping her lips puckered and pressed up against her. The lady's tongue began playing all across her mouth and chin, and her saliva, thickly mixed with banana pulp, was smeared all across Jenny's face!

The lady forced her tongue into Jenny's mouth, pressing against the remaining shaft of the banana. This drew a small gag from Jenny, as she involuntarily swallowed down on the shaft, causing it to squirt forward. The lady continued to suck it out of Jenny's mouth, again biting down, and smearing the pulp messily around her face, back and forth! She finally pulled away, chewing on the remainder of the banana. She was smiling like the cat that ate the canary, as she surveyed Jenny's appearance. She bent over towards her, and wiped her face clean against the swollen breasts, rubbing back and forth across the firm flesh, as they swayed back and forth!

Jenny quickly returned to the bartender, feeling the mess smeared all over her upper body and face. She stepped around the bar, and he wiped her face off with a clean towel. He gingerly removed the remaining items from the tray, as they were now also splattered with the pulpy mess. There was a small, waist high pass-through opening in the wall behind the bar, which opened to the kitchen and sink area in the back room. She could here the noise of washers and the clatter of plates and silverware coming through the opening, now that she was nearby. The bartender began passing the bottles and plates from her tray through the opening, where another set of hands was taking it away. She jumped, as he suddenly sprayed her breasts with a quick spurt of water from the drink hose dispenser on the back of the bar. He then carefully and thoroughly toweled off her breasts and chest.

Unhooking the chain in the corner of the tray, he pulled it through her collar, and let it fall down. He unsnapped the corset harness, releasing the messy tray from her costume. "Pass it back to the dish boy, Jenny" he said, as he turned to serve someone just walking up to the bar. She took hold of the tray, and held it out inside the opening as far as she could. No one took the platter from her. She bent her head down to the top of the pass through to peek in, and said, "Excuse me, could someone take the plate?" Still nothing happened. Frowning, she bent over all the way, and leaned in through the opening, with her elbows resting on the bottom ledge, hands still gripped to the tray. It was a tight fit, and her shoulders were now scrunched together.

She could see a teenager washing plates at a large stainless steel sink in the middle of the bright room, standing sideways to her. It was part of a long stainless steel work area, with neatly organized cooking utensils and accessories. There were white walls and a spotless quarry tile floor, giving it a very clean look. The boy was wearing earphones, which were plugged in to a personal CD player clipped to his belt. He was wearing a white uniform under a clean apron, tied behind his back. He was bobbing his head along with whatever tune he was listening to, not even realizing she was there.

"HELLO!" she yelled over the noise, as she leaned in further yet and waved the plate back and forth to catch his eye. Unbeknownst to her, she had attracted the attention of the small group of men gathered around the bar, as well as the bartender. Even he had turned around, and was standing there with arms folded, lustfully eyeing her upturned ass wiggling in the air as she attempted to get the attention of the dishwasher!

The boy looked her way, finally catching the motion. He took a step towards her, stretching out his left arm for the tray, keeping his other arm submerged in the sink, supporting something under the soapy water. He was still a foot short from reaching the tray, so Jenny squeezed in through the opening to close the distance between them. Several things happened at once. First, Jenny felt her skirt being lifted up over her bare ass, and she realized the view she must be providing to the dining room guests!

As this realization hit, her bare breasts cleared the ledge, and tumbled out inside the kitchen, much to the boy's delight! Next, she felt the unmistakable sensation of the head of an erect penis being brushed up and down across her privates, finally coming to center poised against her moist vagina! "Whoa!" she cried, as the firm shaft plunged in up to her womb! She was now pinned up against the opening, exposing her complete upper body to the boy in the kitchen, with her breasts swaying with the motion of the cock now buried deep within her.

The boy dropped whatever he had been supporting in the sink with a thud and splash, and walked up to her, wiping his hands off on his apron, She could see his eyes glued to her heaving chest, as he swallowed heavily. His hands were shaking, as he slowly and tentatively cupped her large bosom, massaging her sensitive flesh. He realized she was either unable or unwilling to resist. Gaining confidence, he reached behind his back with one hand, untying the apron and casting it aside with a flourish.

The boy released her breast, and reached down quickly to his belt, his fingers fumbling as he rushed. He snatched his pants open, and dragged out his already erect penis, standing proudly at attention. He grasped the back of her neck, dragging her face down towards his throbbing penis. She grasped his hips to support her upper body, and plunged deeply down on his waiting organ, drawing a gasp of pleasure from his lips. She was drunk with lust, hungrily working the rock hard cock deep within her throat. The man plunging behind her started to spasm, as he locked his hips hard up against her ass, depositing spurt after spurt of his pent up load into her tender cavity.

She clenched her pelvis down tightly on him, helping to milk all the fluid she could. The young boy didn't have a chance of lasting! He was grinding his hips hard up against her face while cupping her huge breasts in both hands, helping to support her weight, as he squeezed and groped. She began to gag, and the spasms in her throat sent him over the edge. He shot his load directly into her waiting mouth, as she helped to extend his orgasm with firm strokes of her tongue to the underside of his shaft, her mouth never leaving his swollen organ!

End of the Show!


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