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Weekend at Betty's Pt. III
by Lucky Bob

After having Betty's pussy for breakfast, I was in the mood to have sex for the rest of the day. Betty seemed to be very relaxed, as I left her in the bed to take a shower.

I was just turning off the shower when she casually walked into the bathroom, excusing herself to use the toilet. With relaxed familiarity, she relieved herself as I toweled off in front of her. Smiling down at her I asked a favor, "Betty, I really don't want to get dressed. Can I spend the day naked?" Betty's warm smile answered without words. And with that, I strolled of to the kitchen to find something to eat.

I was feeling a new sense of excitement, knowing I was going to spend the day naked, and having Betty give me her attention. I soon found a pot of coffee, and a plate of toast, waiting on the kitchen table, apparently Betty had been busy while I was in the shower. Betty soon joined me, and we had our light breakfast. It was surreal to be sitting at the table, across from a very lovely, naked, older woman.

We chatted as if it was the normal thing to do, till Betty excused herself for her morning shower. As she started down the hall, I called out that I was going out to the pool, getting an "ok" in response.

The early morning sun felt wonderful on my bare skin, as did the light breeze. My body tingled with the idea that I was not going to get dressed that day. Strolling around the pool, I took it on myself to clear the pool of leaves, enjoying the effort more so, in the nude. The sensations my body was feeling, put me in a very relaxed state of mind. I became less aware of my nudity, yet very aware of the sensations my flaccid penis gave, swinging about from my efforts. I did have a moment of self-pride, as I knew my manhood was a sight to been seen, when Betty joined me at the pool. And shortly, she did emerge from the house, fresh from her shower, and looking radiant. Her naked form, seemed to glow, from my attention I hoped. Betty did have a towel wrapped around her wet hair, and reaching a lounge chair, used it to sit on. Shaking her head, Betty fluffed her hair into a natural, wild, appearance.

Soon she stretched out and soaked her self in the morning sun. I was in heaven!

We spent several minutes in silence, just soaking in the moment, she on her lounge, and I walking the edge of the pool. I knew I was watching her, and she was watching me, yet it still seemed so teasing. Passing Betty on my way to the other side of the pool, I commented how comfortable she looked.

"Oh, I'm comfortable alright! But I could use some oil on my back!" she replied.

"Well I'm just the person to take care of that!" I heard myself answer.

"My oil is just inside the door." gesturing towards the patio door. As I fetched the oil, I watched as Betty rolled to her tummy, and awaited my return. Sitting down, on the edge of her lounge, I poured a large pool of oil into my palm, and began to rub it into her shoulders. Soon I worked my way to her neck, bringing a low moan of pleasure from Betty's lips. "Oh that feels so good! I heard her whisper. I poured a large puddle of oil, in the middle of her back, and began to work her over again. This time my fingers wandering down her sides, to caress the swells of her breasts. Another moan, and a tremble! Once again I poured oil, this time in the small of her back. With my hands covered in oil, I began to caress the curves of her tight little ass. Bringing forth renewed moans of pleasure!

I had enough oil left on my hands to work my way down the backsides of her legs, and returning to the bottom of her lovely backside. In my efforts to please Betty, I had given myself a raging hard-on, one I needed to use!

Betty was completely relaxed to my touch, and a very beautiful sight to see.

Taking the bottle of oil, I ran a stream of oil from her neck to her round bottom, and dribbled a small pool of oil into the crack of her ass. If Betty suspected what I was up to she showed no resistance.

Rising up, I quickly straddled Betty's backside, coming to rest, squarely atop her firm tan bottom, with my rigid member coming resting in the crack of her ass.

Betty squirmed a bit, only to make me fit better in her crack! Returning my efforts to rubbing the oil into her neck and back, I let the thrill of my balls nestled against her hot pussy, sink in! I let my efforts to rub her neck, create a sliding movement of my dick in her butt crack. Betty rewarded me with a long moan of pleasure, and a slight spreading of her legs. This gave my dick the opportunity to slide deeper into her crack, and my balls were feeling the wetness growing in her pussy.

Lying my body down upon hers, our bodies sliding freely with the oil, I whispered into her ear, "I want in you!"

"Please!" was her terse reply. "Which one?" I dared to ask. "Fuck me in the ass!!" she breathed in a husky voice.

With all the oil in her crack, I knew it would be easy to enter her tight little hole. And with a shift down her body a bit, I felt the head of my prick poking against her anus. Arching her back, Betty gave me the target I lusted for, and with a pop I was in! A long slow penetration, gave us both a cause to moan in pleasure. Betty was burning up! Inside her, I felt her heat consume me, as my balls came to rest in the hot wetness of her pussy. The intensity of the moment soon overcame my control, as I began to pound in and out of Betty's tight ass.

Betty seem to lose her self-control as well, as she began to cry out in her throws of an orgasm. With me soon to follow! I pumped her full of my love juice, as we thrashed on the lounge. In short time I collapsed, spent, open Betty's backside.

We lied together, till my limp prick pulled out of her anus.

Lifting myself off Betty, I sat down on the ground next to her limp form, asking with my eyes, if she was alright. Her eyes told me everything!

Gathering my strength, I offered to carry her to the pool to cool off. Betty, with my help, rose from the lounge, and her arms around my neck, followed me into the refreshingly cool pool.

More to Follow!


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