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What Did You Do Friday Night?
I Got Laid

Based on the movie GO
Part I: Ronna & Manny

by Traci Spencer

Disclaimer: I did not come up with the characters personalities or descriptions. GO is on video on Tri-Star/Columbia Home Video and is rated R and a very funny movie, I recommend you to see it.

* * * * *


I was working at the cash register on December 24 and it was boring as hell. Some crack whore was really confused about coupons. I just stood there and registered her items she had bought.

"Paper or plastic?" I asked.

The crackwhore was checking her coupons while she had her little girl in the other hand.

"Paper or plastic"I asked again but she refused to answer.

"PAPER OR PLASTIC?" I asked in a furious, annoyed voice.

"Both." The crackwhore said.

I started to put bleach and some steak in a bag and the crackwhore stopped me.

"You can't do that, it's poison." She said.

I then took out the bleach and wrapped it in plastic and put it in the same bag with the steak.

"Don't think your something your not, I used to have your job," the crackwhore said while looking at me.

"Look at where it got you," I said for a comeback.

After I was done with crackwhore, it was time for me to end work. I went in the backroom of the store and Simon was on the phone and Claire was watching TV. I then heard Claire whisper.

"Don't." Claire whispered.

"Why not?" Simon asked.

"Because she has been on it for 14 hours." Claire replied.

"Oh well." Simon said. Simon then walked over to me with his mistle toe.

"Ronna..." Simon said.

"NO." I said.

"Why not? Christmas is a time for giving..." Simon said.

"The answer is still no." I said.


"I'm getting evicted tomorrow."

"They wouldn't evict you at Christmas time, then you would be ho-ho-homeless."

"Oh well, mistletoe?" Simon said having the mistletoe hang out at his penis as I walked away.

I went outside and Simon was still bugging me.

"Please Ronna. My best mates are going to Vegas and I never been, I've been told it's incredible. I'll pay you cash upfront." Simon said with the cash in his hand.

"Deal." I said as I took the cash out of his hand. "I'll give you an extra $20 for a blow job!" Simon yelled.

So I went back to work and was working with Claire and Manny. It was during our break time and we decided to get high in the freezers. Manny, Claire, and I had smoked a joint. While we were smoking, we played a game called Dead Celebrities where you had to name a celebrity that was dead under that letter. I said Malcolm X and Claire and Manny got all mad at me.

"That's like a rule, you can't name anyone under the X name." Manny said as he looked at me with his stoned eyes.

"He's famous though, and he's dead." I said.

We all argued and then our boss pulled the juices out of the way and asked us who was going to be up front. Manny, Claire, and I went back to work.

There were these two preppy guys but very hot guys waiting in line while I was registering their good that they had bought.

It was nothing but Orange Juice.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR STUCK IN CHICAGO?!" This tall blonde gentleman said on his cell phone, "damn it, now we can't have any fun." He said to a short brunette male. They were whispering about something and then the blonde gentleman asked me if the British guy (Simon) still worked here.

"He's in Vegas for the weekend." I said.

"Well, umm the British guy usually hooks us up with you know anything about that?" The blonde man said. I looked over to make sure no one was around.

"How much?" I asked.

"20 /20...there is this big party..." The blonde gentleman said as the brunette gentleman gave me this invitation to a rave party.

"Mary X-Mas Superfest..." I said as I looked at the invite.

"See, our friend is stuck in Chicago and he usually pulls through for us, so if you can do anything, please, get us 20/20 hits of Ecstasy."

"Give me your name and number and address and I will see what I can do." I said with a smile.

"Kick ass." The blonde guy said smiling.

"So are you gonna buy all this OJ or what?" I asked.

"We sure are." He said.

Later that night, Manny, Claire, and I went to Todd Gaines, which was Simon's dealer to get the 20 hits of Ecstasy. I went to his apartment building and asked him if I could come up. He said sure and he letted me in.

His apartment was really messy and some brunette girl was leaving.

"Be good..." Todd said to the girl as she was leaving, "So, Ronna, I take it this is not a social call is it?" he said.

"No it isn't, I need a favor."

"Wow Ronna, I didn't realize that we were such good friends. You know I get head before I give favors."

"I need a 20/20 of Ecstasy."

Todd then came up to me and kissed me and asked me to take off my shirt. I had on a black shirt with a red spaghetti strap shirt underneath with a black bra. I wear a 36C bra and Todd motioned me to turn around.

I turned around very slowly and I felt so uncomfortable. All of a sudden, Todd turned down his stereo.

"HOW WOULD YOU FUCK ME?!" Todd yelled.

"Todd, I would never fuck you like that...there is this big party and I guess this guy's brother got stuck in Chicago and can't come through for them with his ecstasy. So please? Just this once?" I asked.

" owe me big time, Ronna." Todd said as he was sorting the ecstasy out.

I watched him sort the ecstasy out as he was talking to me.

"This is not the crunchy herbal rave shit, one fun ride per head banger, if not followed, you will be frying eggs at the hospital, is this understood?" Todd said in a serious voice.

"Yes." I said.

"OK, 20/20 is $300" Todd said.

"All I have is $250, please accept it. It's like a down payment. I will come back with the rest of the money when they show up." I said.

"I need collateral he said and something I know you will come back for." He said in a devilish grin.

"OK, I'll have Claire stay here with you and keep you company and I'll definitely come back for her." I said.

I got up and went and got Claire.

"No! I don't want to!" Claire said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because he's A DRUG DEALER." She replied back.

"He's just some guy sitting in an apartment. It will be 45 minutes an hour tops!!" I said.

"No." Claire said.

"Claire, how much shit have I done for you? If I don't get this money tomorrow, then my ass is going to be on the street!" I said.

"You're making me like an accessory."

"Claire, that bracelet you're wearing of mine, that is an accessory, please do this for me or I will never put up with your bullshit ever again."

"Fine.." Claire said in a stubborn voice.

I headed out the car and Manny drove me to the house. We were on a street looking for the house that Adam and Zach told us to meet them at. We got lost.

"Ugg...are you ever going to find it?" I said nervously and in an angry voice.

"Ronna, this is a bad time to say this, but I am horny." Manny said.

"I don't care if you're fucking horny! We need to find this damn house! It's already 7:30 and we can't find the damn house!"

"Please Ronna, I want you so bad, so will you please give me a blow job?" Manny asked me, "and if you do, I will stop and ask for directions, just please, help me out just this one time?"

"OK fine, go to that abandoned parking lot over there and park then get in the backseat."

Manny went into the backseat and I climbed back there with him. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. Manny had a fully erect cock that was 7 inches. I licked his penis up and down and then I licked his balls. Manny started to take off my red jacket and black top and pulled down my bra and spaghetti straps down to my belly and fondled with my nipples. His hands felt good but I didn't really want him that much. I was just giving him this blow job so he would help me out. I started to suck on his cockhead and all of a sudden he was moaning really loud.


I sucked harder and faster and took his big cock into my mouth and sucked away on it like crazy. Just as I was about to take his cock out of my mouth he exploded right there in my mouth. I decided to get take off my mini black skirt off with my black silk panties and started to ride him like crazy.



I was bouncing up and down and all of a sudden I hit my head on the car roof.

"OW!" I yelled.

"What did I push in too hard babe?" Manny asked.

"No, I bumped my fucking head on the car roof and now my head hurts. Let's just quit this so Claire will be happy when we pick her up and stuff ok?"

"OK." Manny said.

Manny and I got out of the backseat and put on our clothes right in the parking lot. After we got our clothes back on, we went to a gas station to get directions. The nice old lady gave us directions and told us to have fun.

We pulled up to the house and it looked abandoned.

"Are you sure this is the place?" I asked Manny.

"I'm positive." Manny replied.

I got out of the car.

"Oh Ronna, don't for get these, you're a pro!" Manny said with a smile as he handed me my ecstasy.

"I'm not a pro; I'm a top-seated amateur." I replied back. I walked in some good looking guy in about his mid forty's had answered the door.

"Rhonda.." He greeted me.

"It's Ronna." I said in a nervous laugh.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ronna ha." he said, "so Adam and Zach tells me you have 20/20 is that correct?" he asked me.

I paused for a moment and I remember him being a cop.

"May I use the bathroom?" I asked.

"Sure go ahead." The forty-year-old man said.

"I'll show you where it is." Zach said.

"No that's OK, your father or whatever gave me good directions to where the bathroom is." I said.

I then got in the bathroom and locked the door and turned on the water. I emptied out the pills and flushed them down the toilet.

They had spilled on me.

"SHIT!" I yelled.

"Is everything alright?" The forty-year-old man asked.

"Fine, peachy keen." I replied.

I then heard him trying to open the door so I picked up the pills that spilled on the floor and flushed them. He had opened the door right when I finished flushing them.

"Bathroom's all yours." I said with a smile and started walking towards the door.

"So Ronna honey do we have a deal or what?" The cop said.

"No, I couldn't get it. That is what I came to tell you."

"I don't believe that, a resourceful girl like you, come on." The cop said while he was touching my face and trying to touch my breasts.

"No really. I couldn't make it, sorry."

"Well Ronna I want to have sex so can we make a deal on that?"

"No, who the fuck are you? Monty Hall? Did you know I am only eighteen? I shouldn't be even dealing since I am so UNDERAGE and ILLEGAL?!" I said.

Adam, Zach, and the police officer just looked at me weird and I started to open the door when Adam opened the door for me.

After I got out of that tight situation, Manny and I went back and exchanged pills which were allergy medicine for ecstasy for Claire and we went to a rave. Manny and I smoked a joint and then we did it on the car. He kept thrusting real hard into me.

It felt really good. After the good fuck, I went into the rave to make some money with left over allergy medicine I had. I made over $400. So I was dancing with Claire and Manny and all of a sudden Manny saw Todd coming this way and so I ran with Manny and Claire just was dancing the night away. Manny then started puking and so I stored him with a bunch of trash cans while I went to get the car.

"Hi Ronna." Todd said.

"Todd..." I said

"How are sales?" Todd said.

"Todd I can explain..."

"You don't need to explain nothing and just for that you are going to have to be my sex slave god damn it or die!"


"Don't lie Ronna, you fucked me! Now it is time for you to get fucked back."

I ran as fast as I could and all of a sudden, a yellow car hit me.

To Be Continued...


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