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What Matt Saw
by flashlight7.5

"Shit, dude, we're going to be late," Matt spoke as he glanced at his watch.

"All right, let me save this game," Craig acknowledged.

Craig exited out of the video game and Matt got up to fetch his shoes. He and Craig had planned to catch a late night showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and had to pick up three more friends on the way. It was to be their last fling before the five of them all went off to college in just two weeks.

As they trotted out of Craig's bedroom and headed down the hall, Craig's sister, Karen, came up from the stairs and met them in the hallway. Matt caught his breath when he saw her. He had had a crush on her for several years. She was seven years older than him. Her long hair flowed down her back and he couldn't help but stare at her breasts, which had to be D-cups. She had alluring, almost Japanese eyes. When she walked, her hips ticked back and forth like a metronome. She was in shorts and a shirt from the fitness club she stopped at whenever visiting her parents. She was still a little sweaty, and Matt tried his best not to stare at her nipples.

"Hi, guys!" Karen called as the two young men came to a halt before her.

"Hey, sis. Good workout?" Craig called, picking up his walk to the steps almost immediately.

"Yeah, great. You guys goin' out?"

"Yeah. Rocky Horror. We're pickin' up the rest of the guys on the way. Let's go, Matt."

"Yeah," Matt woke up from his daze. "See you later, Karen."

"Sure thing, Matt." She smiled and walked away. Matt let out a deep breath and wondered how Craig could stand it.

Downstairs, Craig told his parents they were leaving, grabbed the car keys, and the two of them headed out the door. They were in the car and Matt was just putting on his seatbelt when he slapped himself in the forehead.

"Fuck!" Matt snapped.

"What?" Craig asked.

"I forgot my wallet in your room. I was sitting in that damn chair and my ass was falling asleep. I'll be right back." He bolted out of the car and ran back into the house.

"Hurry up!" Craig yelled to him.

Matt took the stairs two at a time and bounded into Craig's room. He looked around for his wallet, nabbed it, and turned to head back when he heard it.

It was a soft moaning. It was coming from the bathroom that connected to Craig's room. Matt suddenly remembered that the bathroom connected to the room Karen stayed in when she visited here also. He stood still and listened carefully. The moaning was accented with gasps and grunts. Someone was getting laid in there.

He took a few cautious steps toward the door. He knew Craig was waiting, but he had to see. He had to see if Karen was in there. The door was partially open. He crouched down and peered inside.

The bathroom was steamy. The mirrors were still fogged up somewhat from a recent shower. Karen was there all right. Every inch of her naked, hard body was there for him to look upon. She was leggy and firm, and her breasts were like pendulums as she leaned forward against a cool wall and squeezed a bottle of oil over her smooth ass.

Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing. His cock was swelling. Rushing off to pick up the guys was the last thing on his mind right now. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and watched as his best friend's sister rubbed the oil all over her butt. She rubbed her fingers over her hole and then slowly slid two fingers into her tight ass.

She gasped and held her breath for a moment before her fingers started plunging in and out of her ass. Matt had his pants open and his cock in his hand. He twisted and jerked quickly, trying to match her rhythm.

Karen stopped for a moment to walk over to a mirror on the wall opposite the one above the sink. She again leaned forward next to it and then slid four fingers into her oiled asshole. Matt jerked his cock as he watched her plunge her fingers in and out. Karen looked into the mirror, watching herself in the mirror over the sink. She groaned and gritted her teeth as she watched herself fuck her ass.

"Yeah...Fuck my ass, fuck my ass..." Karen moaned. Matt's hand and Karen's hand picked up speed. Karen leaned forward, pressing her face onto the mirror and tongue kissing her own reflection. She pinched at her nipple with her free hand. Matt couldn't hold back any longer. He came in wild spurts all over the bathroom door as Karen yelped and let out a wild roar that seemed to shake the bathroom walls. Her hips moved in crazy eights and she nearly bent in half as she came.

As Karen slid to the floor, Matt managed to find one of Craig's socks to clean up himself and the door. He stuffed the sock into his pocket and ran downstairs, not even considering whether Karen heard him or not. He was met by Craig at the front door.

"Where have you been?" Craig yelled.

"Sorry, man, I had to take a serious dump," Matt lied.

They ran to the car and were soon on their way. Halfway to the first house, Craig's cell phone rang.

"Yeah? Oh hey! What's up? Yeah, it's the cineplex on Edison. What? Sure, he's right here." Craig held out the phone to Matt.

"Who is it?" Matt asked.

"It's Karen," Craig said. Matt's heart jumped a beat. He reached for the phone and slowly brought it to his ear.


"Hi, Matt." He could tell she was grinning.


"Next time just come inside, and I'll let you jack off on my ass."

Matt heard his heart thumping in his chest.

"Okay," he squeaked.

"See you at the movie theatre," she said and hung up. Matt handed to phone back to his best friend.

"What did she want?" Craig asked.

"She just wanted to say hi," Matt lied again and started sweating.


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