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We've Only Just Begun
by Softly

Sharon Rock, movie star, is a candle lit at both ends. Stunningly beautiful, bright, tough, street wise, dedicated, and highly sexed, are all accurate descriptions of her. She works hard and she plays hard. At present, she is not on location filming a picture. So, she is rigidly following her planned activities, as she has done every day for the last two months.

After breakfast, which she finishes by 7:30 AM, she reads, memorizing the script of her next movie, and begins to form an idea of her portrayal of her character for two hours. Then she works out or runs for two hours. Lunch; and back to the script and then she will run again.

As you may or may not know, she stands five feet six, and weights one hundred and forty-two pounds. In photos she sometimes looks a tad heavy, but in person you just can't take your eyes off her. Picture a body with 36 C breasts sloping in to a tight 20 inch waist, back to a 38 fanny held up by perfect legs. On top of all this is a face that directors refer to as "perfection."

It is three PM on Friday. Sharon stubs out her cigarette while standing next to her computer with sweat running down her face. Her running suit is showing several areas of wetness. She phones her husband Marvin, who is at work.

"Marvin, how does tonight and tomorrow look concerning your schedule? I have got to get out of town, and get a change of pace. I am going stir crazy."

"Sharon, there is just no way that I can break away until next weekend. I am tied up tonight, Saturday, and all day Sunday with the convention down in San Fran."

"Damn it Marvin, you are always busy. Well, look, lets do this. I will ride with you on the company jet to San Fran and then continue somewhere else for a little excitement. We can pick you up Sunday evening, that all right?"

"Sharon, I know that there is no arguing with you. So, yes, that will work out. Be careful what you set up, honey." Marvin sat back in his chair. Putting his hands behind his head, he closed his eyes, and pictured in his mind what lay in store for his wife.

Using her screen name, "Campus Bell", she had corresponded with men in several cities, Marvin knew. They had no idea that she was anything other then a friendly housewife open to an affair. Tonight one of them, or maybe more, was going to have a meeting with the "friendly housewife," that he or they would remember for the rest of their life. For Marvin knew, and they would find out, that Sharon wanted more sex then any man could provide.

"What to hell, as long as she gives me all I want, let the other guys keep her busy." With that, Marvin continued to prepare for the convention.

Meanwhile, Sharon had decided that she would go to Las Vegas. It was a short flight from San Fran. She would not be noticed because good looking women were a dime a dozen there. She ran through her list of contacts in the area. "Hmmm", she thought to herself as she picked up a picture she had downloaded a few weeks ago, from a "Ted." "Look at that Bod! Wonder how long he can go?"

Sharon brought up the Las Vegas swingers site again. She read Ted's ad again. "DWM seeks women, ages 22 to 45, to meet for drinks, dance, and maybe more. Can be very active." Then she saw it. She had missed it before. "Have some friends, if a woman needs more attention."

"Ohooo, that does look good," Sharon concluded as she wrote an e-mail to Ted.

"Ted, I will be in town tonight. I could meet you about nine thirty. I am new to all of this. Here in Seymour, Iowa, there is not much for a girl to do, so I crave some excitement. My husband thinks that I will be at the teachers convention. I would like to meet your friends too. Please send me your address. I will take a cab there. Holly." "Ha, Ha, Ha, that should be a good enough cover story to set up some fun," Sharon thought as she headed up the stairs to shower.

Ted Johnson, hollered out, "Holy shit, men, good fortune has smiled at us again." As Billy and Gus gathered around him, he pointed to the message on the screen. "Have the camera guys set up in that house over on Van Hover Street. Billy, you call Tom and tell him to have three of the biggest cocks he can hire at the place by nine.

Ted typed out a reply to "Holly." "Hi, Holly, So glad that we can finally meet. I am so excited that you are coming. As you suggested, I did tell some friends that you would like to meet them too. We should have a real nice time. My address is 13466 Van Hover St. See you at 9:30. Ted."

"Shit, Ted, do you have any idea what this dame looks like," Gus hollered as he prepared the equipment. "

"Well, yes, I've got her description of herself right here. Five six, one hundred, forty-two pounds, trim, and dark hair. Says, that she once was a home coming queen for some high school," Ted responded.

"Just hope we aren't going to all this effort and get stuck with a pig."

At nine PM, the cameras were hidden, and the crew was in place in the basement. Ted went over the "plot" of the movie he wanted to make, such as it was. "Look these small town girls are scared of their shadow. When she sees my cock, I am sure that she will try to stop this. I'll push her onto the bed, hop on her and start to fuck. You guys come in naked. As one guy gets off, the next guy gets on and fucks her for all he is worth. We have to make this last long enough for an hour movie. Got that?"

"Fuckin ay man," Billy said, as the others nodded.

Sharon's flight was uneventful. She got the crew's motel number, and told them that she did not know when she would want to depart, but she would give them three hours notice. No one paid any attention to her as she made her way to the taxi stand. She lit a cigarette, and hailed a cab. Once inside, she instructed the driver to take her to the Lexon hotel, where she had reserved a room.

After a quick meal, and a shower, she put on her outfit for the night. "Might as well give these locals the complete act of a small town woman trying for some excitement." Sharon thought. "The last two times she had done this, the guys were so excited that they had a hard time getting it up. I hope these locals can give me a good ride. What the hell, this is what you have to do, if every newspaper guy in the country will hound you trying to get a picture, if he sees you. A movie star can't just put her name in the local swinger site, and say its me and I'm horny!"

Her hick outfit was; Red spike heels, red stockings, red garter belt, no bra, red velvet dress, with white pearls, but she retained the large horn rimmed glasses, and had her hair up. She rubbed her pussy a couple times to make sure that her shave got all her bush. She was ready.

It took twenty minutes for the cab to arrive at 13466 Van Hover Street, which was at the end of a street in the South west part of the city. During the ride her finger was slowly running in and out of her now dripping cunt. Sharon noted that there were no lights in any of the homes nearby, and since she could see several for sale signs, surmised that these were new homes for sale. "Good, there won't be any nosy neighbors that will notice my arrival."

Gus, peeking out the window, looked her over as she paid the driver and crushed out her cigarette with her shoe. "Oh, she will do just fine" he whispered to Ted as he walked past him on his way to the basement to observe the action on the monitors with the rest of the crew, which numbered three, in addition to the three studs that were to do the actual fucking after Ted.

Sharon was so aroused walking up to the door that she had an urge to rub herself, but did not. After the first ring, Ted answered, and said, "Hi, I'm Ted...You are lovely." Ted was bewildered by the look in Sharon's eyes, she had a wild, almost crazy look, like Mel Gibson has sometimes. There was sweat on her lips and she was breathing with a pant. As she walk ahead of him into the living room, he noticed that she had a wet spot in the rear of her dress. In a flash, he knew that this woman was here to fuck, and was ready to fuck now.

"Want a drink?"

"Later, later, can we start? Where is a bed?" Sharon said clearly as she looked through the living room doorway down the hallway. Without waiting for his answer, she kept right on walking directly to the bedroom.

By the time Ted entered the room, she had thrown her knit dress in a heap on the chair, and was facing him with her hands on her hips, clad only in red spike heel, red stockings, and a red garter belt. It was a sight that few men have seen, but once seen, will burn in their dreams forever.

No "Playboy" picture can compare to a beautiful, sexually aroused woman, with full lush breasts, great legs, and the look of passion on her face, looking at and wanting you.

Ted hurried to remove his clothes. As his shorts were lowered to expose his thick ten inch cock swaying between his legs, Sharon's throaty voice whispered at him, "C'mon, big boy, lets see if you have any talent with that thing?'

At the same time as Sharon's back settled on the sheets, Ted was trying to put the end of his cock into her wet pussy. Sharon raised her ass six inches, and as the head of that pole begin to slid down her soaking passage, she grabbed his ass and thrust her ass up at him to ram it home, deep, deep in her .

If Ted was a cowboy and Sharon was a bull, they would have named her

"Tornado." She was in constant motion. Ted prided himself in holding his cumming for ten minutes. Not today. He could not see it, but this woman was doing things that felt like his cock would be torn off at the balls. In just four minutes he bucked and humped up and unloaded his sperm deep into her, just as she begin a high pitched scream, that was so loud that every man there froze, wide eyed. "Yeeessssssss. Ahhhhhh, Ohoooo

Yessssssss! Their bodies slapped together, "slap, slap, slap, slap."

As he rolled off, porn star, Ron Geramey, with his fifteen inch cock, placed his thick body on hers and rammed his pole up her beautiful cunt. If there was such a thing as a championship fucking, this was it, as two superstar fuckers went at it cunt to cock, in a frenzy of moves and countermoves. The smell of sweat, cum, and the scent of her pussy filled the air, as the spotlight outlines the primitive action for all to see.

Ted, catching his breath, while watching the camera monitors, spoke out; "Watch this guys, she is using "Bunts," and "Double bunts" on Ron. He won't last long."

Gus spoke, "Hey Boss, what are Bunts and Double bunts?"

Without speaking, Ted ran some film in slow motion, from the camera which was showing close up shots of Ron's cock running in and out of Sharon's cunt. It was clear for all to see. The "Bunt" was when Ron pulled up. Sharon would slam her cunt upward and bump him when he was at the top of his stroke, and then she would fall so that he pounded into her when he slammed downward, thus running up and down his cock with her pussy twice for every one stroke that he took.

The double bunt was a quick wave of her ass from center to left as he lifted, and then wave right when the cock was plowing back to her deep spots. The effect is like someone has your cock and is yanking it to and fro, as you are trying to get a rhythm.

"I can tell you that she clamps down very tightly as you plow downward.

Damn, that woman is a fucking machine"

The great Ron Geramey lasted but four minutes until he too unloaded his jism into this beautiful woman.

The great Waldo was next. Eleven inches long and nine inches around. Not many woman could take him. He was lean and mean, a fucking machine. Standing tall, he loved to ball a woman so fast that their orgasms were raw sexual affairs, never forgotten. To the music of his primitive grunts came screams Sharon uttered which raised the hair on the necks of the watching men. "Fuck Meeeeee harderrrrrrr, c'mom man, speed it up. Ahaaaaaaa." Sharon cunt was slapping up at Waldo's cock with a drumbeat tempo.

Waldo's would later tell other porn stars that if they think their cock makes them king of the hill, think again, because there is a woman out there that can take all they have without breaking a sweat.

Ted needed an hour of filming, but at twenty five minutes, he was down to his last fresh cock. Pointing a finger at the three crew men, he ordered, "Undress and get in line to fuck that woman."

"She will kill me," Gus whimpered as he watched her fucking the man in front of him.

After the last man was finished, there was a lull in the storm.

With seven tired men sitting in chairs or squatting against the wall, Sharon got off the bed. With a smile playing on the corners of her lips, and the bearing of a General Patton, she placed her hands on her hips as she surveyed the men around her.

The sight of her standing there panting with her gorgeous tits heaving, while wearing the red stockings, red garter belt, with cum running down her leg, was burned into their minds forever, and would become a legend among men as the story was told and retold.

Eyeing each in turn, she let them know exactly where they stood, and what she expected of them. "Good job boys. You did good, just fine. You arranged just what I had in mind to do here. We will take a fifteen minute break, while I douche, lube, and catch a drink. Then, we will get it on a second time. This time, I would like you guys to really speed up your fucking... We've only just begun.

Gus fainted.

I'm Softly, UB2


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