The Best Erotic Stories.

White Slaves Pt. I
by FarGalaxy

Xena could hardly believe her luck when she saw the pond. She had been traveling for four days through the foothills, trying to reach the Camroot River. Now she had found one of its tributaries. Best of all, the stream widened into a stone basin that was sheltered by two large shade trees. The warrior princess set her pack down on a low boulder and trotted to the inviting pool of cool, clear water. She knelt down eagerly and dipped her hands into the water, unable to remember a time when it felt or tasted so good as she drank it down.

When her thirst was slaked, she filled her waterskin and looked around. A grin crept to her face as she spotted a coney running back into the reeds. Later, she stretched out on the bank of the grotto as the sweet smell of the cooking meat wafted into the air. Xena went over her travel plans for tomorrow as she started her meal.

The merchant's guild in Willow River had paid her in gold to escort an emissary back from Dunwich, a city-state on the Berlandic coast. The merchants were opening trade negotiations for the first time since Dunwich had declared war with a rival nation across the Blood Sea. Talks had been stalled when the last two diplomats had failed to reach Willow River.

Xena had doffed her weapons harness, although she kept them within arm's reach. She toyed with the buckles of her armor as she stared longingly at the pool. It had been a week since she had left the inns of the valley, and the grime from the trail felt detestable. This was a very nice place to stop and relax, but she knew that any other traveler, human or not, would reach the same conclusion. She assuaged her doubts by placing a blade by the water's edge as she undid the final clasp, then plunged into the water.

She came up gasping, her nipples painfully erect from the pool's chill embrace. She submerged again and dove to the deeper part of the basin, skimming above the glittering sand on the bottom. She swam to the shallow end and reclined on the gentle slope that jutted out over a twin pool downstream. Refreshed and fully content, she sighed lazily and stretched her lithe form out to bask in the summer sun.

Xena was right about the pond's attraction to weary, thirsty eyes. She probably wasn't aware of how her naked, sensuous body added to the appeal. The scout, a man younger than Xena by better than five years, carefully eased the branches back into place as he circled closer to the edge of the water. Apparently, the strange beauty was so intent on pool that she forgot to check his side of stream when she arrived. He had been getting ready to move on to the next outpost along the border when he caught the scent of a cooking fire, followed by the splashing of a bather. Mindful of an ambush, he had made his way back to the stream.

He had gasped aloud when he saw the flash of skin and swirl of long hair beneath the surface of the pool. He ducked back into the woods, recalling stories of wood nymphs, maidens of the forest who would cause blindness in mortal men who were so brash as to gaze upon their flawless, naked bodies. But he had seen a pack and leather boots by the fire, and recalled that all the eternally young beauties in the stories were robed in gossamer gowns and fine jewelry. Curiosity had gotten the better of him as he ventured a peek.

The girl broke the surface of the water like a graceful dolphin, her head thrown back and dark hair streaming down her spine. He gasped again, this time with subdued admiration as she rose fully out of the water. The woman's face was the beauty of the sea under a full moon. Her eyes were the same soft blue as the open sky above. Her skin was nut brown from her journeys, just as his was. He noticed with astonishment that she bore several scars over her body, and the flex of powerful muscles and the feline grace of her movements betrayed her as a warrior. But still, even though her hands were not soft, he could see that her touch was as she brushed her hair back, and her full, firm breasts and long, tapered legs would have made Princess Esmerelda herself furious with bitter envy.

The thought of the princess snapped him away from the girl's tantalizing image. He had no clue what this strange -- and very exciting -- woman was doing here. She could be the escort dispatched from Willow River, or she could be the one behind the sinister disappearances that had been plaguing Dunwich. With that grim thought, he drew his sword and strode toward the pool.

The maiden was gone.

He whirled around in a panic. She was nowhere on the opposite bank. He approached he pool, scanning the bottom as he made his way downstream. The other pond! He ran to the edge of the small waterfall and peered into the reeds lining the bank.

He felt a powerful wrench and found himself tumbling over the edge. He caught a glimpse of the girl, standing in the hollow of the falls, just before he splashed into the pond. His momentum drove him straight to the bottom, but before he could gain his balance he was hauled clear of the water, and gazed into blue eyes that were slitted with anger.

Xena cursed herself for being three different kinds of fool as she pinned the young soldier down against the rocks. She cocked her arm back, ready to deliver a killing strike. Before she could follow through, she noticed that the fight had gone out of him.

"Mistress! I am a ranger of the Dunwich militia!"

She gathered two handfuls of the youth's tunic and pushed him flat. She straddled his legs and kept his gaze locked with the menacing fire that danced in her eyes.

"The castello advised us that an escort would be arriving from Willow River."

Xena's guard relaxed, though she wasn't satisfied with the youth's intentions. The boy visibly wilted with relief and from the exertion of the brief but violent encounter. Xena noticed that the scout was several years younger than she was. And even though he was as covered with the road as she might have been, he was still very handsome. It seemed strange to her that he was still flushed and short of breath, then she realized with a start that she didn't have stitch of clothing on. She also noticed something long and firm pressing between her spread legs. She didn't have to look down to know it was his cock straining against his trousers, which was all that kept him from sliding into her. His cock throbbed hotly, as if it had a mind of its own and had figured as much.

Xena climbed off of him with a furious shove. Not out of embarrassment, since she was no stranger to men, and not out of modesty, since he must have been watching her for some time and there was nothing left to hide. It was because feeling him there -- so hard, so eager, and, as she surmised with a stolen glance at his powerful physique, so capable of giving her a sound, almost brutal, and very satisfying fuck -- had awakened a hunger in her that gripped at her insides and started a wet, tingling heat in her own loins.

"Where are the others?" Xena realized that she hadn't introduced herself or asked the troop for his name, but she was still trying to stop the butterflies in her stomach.

"I came alone."

"A single troop patrolling outside Dunwich's borders during a time of war? They told me to expect a party of ten, and report to the commander."

"I'm ... I'm not supposed to be here, mistress."

Xena looked at him with puzzlement

"I am traveling to Calimport. I was assigned to the northern unit when I received news that Princess Esmerelda and her entourage had been captured while sailing south to the Sea Princes. I 'm supposed to report to the keep at Dunwich tomorrow."

"Why Calimport? There's no detachment there anymore. It's been an open city for the past three years."

"Yeah, exactly. I was going there to charter a vessel. A mercenary vessel."

"This princess means that much to you?"

"I'm a member of the house guard. I should have been there."

"But why mercenaries? Even with the war, Dunwich could dispatch ships to the rescue."

"They want to wait for a ransom demand. But I have a feeling that they've been captured by slavers. They aren't too big on ransoms, not when they can find a more worthwhile use for captives, if you know what I mean."

Xena did, and hated knowing.

"It's not only for her. My cousin Justin was Princess Esmerelda's personal guard. He had a crush on her and would have done anything to be at her side." The ranger shut his eyes when he thought of what price may have finally been exacted on his enamored kinsman.

"It should have been me out there on the sea. Justin was in love. Esmerelda wanted him, too. But both of them knew that it could never be. Her father reminded them of that, and so did Justin's commanding officer.They found a way around it, though. Since he had distinguished himself as her tutor, he earned a rank in the house guard. Since I had accomplished so much overseas for the war effort, I could choose my own duties. I chose the northern defense protectorate, naming Justin as my replacement. Now they could spend time together away from the city -- and her father. I was along on one of their missions to the Minros Archipelago. I don't think they got a wink of sleep, even though they never left the sleeping quarters."

He smiled slyly at her and she crossed her arms, trying to hide her swollen nipples. She had drifted into a daydream at the mention of Minros. She had heard all kinds of stories of the tropical paradise with lush greenery and beaches that had sand as white as sugar. Her mercenary officers, during a drunken feast after pillaging a rich town, swapped fantasies of banquet halls with endless fountains of wine and ale, steaming platters of food, and hundreds of small, half-naked, brown-skinned girls who had only grown faint wisps of pubic hair and would do any sexual act for the price of asking.

There was a new swordsman who had joined her army back then. He had stolen a few glances at her before he had launched into his particular fantasy of the Golden Islands. His comrades roared at his dream of having two women pour fruit juice over him and giving him a tongue bath. The laughter cut short when he described one of the women. He rattled off all of Xena's obvious charms in language that was lewd and plain.

To everyone's surprise, especially Xena's, whose first reaction normally would have been to make a cut with her sword that would render his fantasy pointless (no pun intended), she returned a smile that was equally lewd and simply said, "Dream on."

Xena never admitted to anyone that she would share that dream.

She wanted to question this ranger further, but could tell his desire had shifted from her to the other half of the rabbit on the spit.

"You're welcome to share my meal," she said. He was reaching for the meat even before she finished. "But bathe first. I'm not in the mood to share it with someone who smells like a mule. Don't feel insulted. That pool's the first one I've seen in miles. The water feels great."

He started towards the privacy of the reeds.

"Stay where I can see you."

The young man glanced at her warily.

"I know what a naked boy looks like," she said, totally aloof. "And I want you where I can be sure you won't sneak up on me in the bushes again."

The ranger flushed with embarrassment, then set his jaw calmly as he stripped.

Xena allowed a smirk as he turned away, the hot fingers of her gaze lingering on his ass. Rank did have its privileges.

"What's your name, ranger?" she called out.

"Milan. And yours?"


Milan's eyes widened with recognition, then he flushed as he felt his heart quicken and his penis swell when he realized who had been pressed naked against him.

Xena wanted to laugh, but something touched her about how he kept his gaze even with hers, even though so many emotions were running through his body and mind. One thing for sure, this guy could keep his cool.

"Have something to eat, Milan. We have to get moving."

The ship with the bright yellow sails docked smoothly, barely making a sound as it came against the pier where the sheik stood. The sheik was a man in white robes piped with golden thread. A single, huge diamond rested in a silver pendant that adorned his turban. The passenger of the schooner was a an obese middle aged man clad in a dark caftan. His own turban was as plane as his other garb, but on his hip rode an ornately jeweled dagger.

"Greetings, Tahir Arrani , Master of the Bandar Guild of Assassins."

"Well met, Hafez Makhi, Lord of Corsairs," the aging hit man returned the elaborate bow.

"You're just in time, dear friend. Raiding has gone well this season."

Makhi's pirates roamed the waters of the Blood Sea. Pickings had been slim, with more merchants turning to Dunwich's navy and the marines of the Sea Princes' fleet for protection as the war dragged into its second year. That was until Makhi's bold plan unfolded. They stood atop his solution to their problem now. The dock was not on firm land, but perched on the edge of a giant carapace. The cunning pirate had captured one of the zaraten, a race of gigantic seagoing creatures that were the size of an island and roamed the warm waters to the south. Makhi had established a fortress on the back of the mammoth turtle and docked his pirate fleet in the hollows of its shell. Arrani was one of the few people who ever knew the whereabouts of the floating citadel. Even if anyone could find it, they would have to sail through barrages from the catapults and ballistae that ringed the stronghold and the face the five hundred buccaneers that manned them. Makhi planned to take Calimport, the city guarding the mouth of the Camroot River, then sail his raiders up the river and deep into the mainland.

"So, I hope it is good news, you bring my friend."

Arrani smiled grandly. "Yes. The guild will pay you with new weapons. The blockades are much easier to run these days. And the khans to the east have a weakness for your fair-haired wenches that lets me set my prices ridiculously high."

Tahir Arrani was the sheik's link to the slave markets of Bandar. Makhi had been raiding the coastline not only for treasure and provisions to sell to mercenaries of the Blood Sea War, but had been earning huge sums with the sale of captured youths. The harems and brothels of the shady port cities were never full enough to please their greedy proprietors.

"Come, let us dine and celebrate good business."

They went back to his palace. The marble floors and columns were a welcome replica of the guild house where the two had started. There was a banquet of fresh fruits, meats, and warm bread spread out before them. As they were seated, Makhi nodded to his eunuch guard, who ushered in the latest spoils of the raid on the coastal cities.

Seven women, with hair like spun gold and alabaster skin, stood in a line before the two. They were completely nude, as was the custom for the host to display his wives and concubines for his guests. In Makhi's case though, it was his sales pitch to his best customer. Arrani was transfixed by the voluptuous young slaves, who were drugged with the resin of a bitter herb that robbed them of their will and replaced it with animal passion. They wore the collars of apprentice slave girls, with their hair pulled back by silk barrettes so that the buyer could examine their faces closely for blemishes or signs of misuse. Makhi's personal concubines had prepared each one, oiling and milking their skins, shaving and perfuming their womanly charms for the act of love.

Arrani looked to his host for approval, who smiled and nodded his assent. He held his platter up for the slave boy. Instead of placing his dish there, he spit his unswallowed mouthful of food into the teen's hand and staggered to the girl in the middle of the display. He reached out with a greasy, trembling hand and hefted one of her large breasts. The areolas of her tits were huge and shell pink. He reached between her strong thighs with the other hand, running a ringed finger between the cleft of her plump labia. He only became aware of Makhi's voice when the eunuch guard pressed a scimitar under his chin.

"I said," Makhi intoned with renewed patience, now that he had the assassin's attention once more, "that that one is for final sale only. She is the daughter of a noble, so her hands and feet are not toughened from labor."

"I'll buy her right now!" the trembling guild master said as he reached for his pouch.

"Afraid not, old friend," Makhi said benevolently. "The padishah has made an offer already."

"I'll offer double whatever he did."

"The weapons shipment?"

Arrani balked at the thought. He had bought entire barges full of slave women for half that price. But his eyes rested on the maiden, who had slid down to the furs that were conveniently placed in the center of the audience hall. Her eyes were almond shaped, like the elves of the Freehold woodlands, her lips full and parted moistly as she wrapped her arms round his knees. He had no chance to resist.


Makhi cackled delightedly and beckoned to three of the women for himself.

Princess Esmerelda was only faintly aware of the man's hands on her breasts as he sucked each one of her nipples. As if in betrayal to her own body, they hardened underneath the bearded mouth. She seemed to view her own rape as if she were watching it from her bedroom window in Dunwich Keep. The voice that whispered into the old man's ear, telling how good his lips felt, was that of a waterfront whore trying to please a wealthy customer. The tongue that trailed down the side of his neck, tasting his salty sweat and the heat of his desire, belonged to a woman who had been deprived of a man's pleasure for long years. She watched the fat, hairy man press his engorged penis against her smooth thigh, the heat of it was urgent and barely containing his seed. The strange woman captured his head between her hands, began to suck on his outstretched tongue like it was a ripe plum, tasting the flavor of the morsel he had just eaten.

Arrani rolled his eyes with lust as the harem girl softly kneaded his scrotum and blew a sweet puff of breath into his open mouth. She swung her long, powerful legs over him and swallowed his drooling cock. He licked at the glistening, quivering folds of her pussy, mouthing the tender insides of her thighs and slipping the tip of his tongue experimentally into the pink pucker of her ass. Esmerelda moaned and stroked his cock firmly as he snaked his tongue farther in. She crawled forward on all fours, her legs spread wide as she looked over her shoulder at him.

The master assassin stroked his cock with anticipation as he stared at the dripping pussy. He glanced up at the other girls, who were rubbing their crotches as they watched their companion work on their guest. He motioned to one, a youngster who had just crossed into womanhood, to kneel in front of him. She knelt and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking at Esmerelda and licking her lips with longing. Arrani commanded Esmerelda to play with herself, then pulled the teenager's head to his waiting shaft.

Esmerelda leaned against a pillowed couch, the fingers of both her hands plunged into her pussy and anus as she watched the girl fellate the leering man. A drop of saliva drooled out the side of his mouth as he huffed with the girl's exquisite rhythm, and the young harem wench stretched her tongue out to catch it before she returned to her oral labors.

Arrani pulled her head away and motioned for her to lay with her head between Esmerelda's knees. He put a hand around Esmerelda's waist, his belly pressed against her smooth back. The slave girl stroked his cock as she flicked her tongue across Esmerelda's clit. She gave Arrani's cock an appreciative suck before she guided it into Esmerelda's wet vagina.

Arrani let out a hooting groan as he sank his cock into her. Esmerelda looked into his eyes, ran her tongue across her teeth with unrepentant lust as she wriggled her hips and met his thrusts. The old man couldn't keep the pace long, and after a dozen thrusts he bucked twice as he sprayed his semen inside of her. As he pulled out, the slave girl licked the seed from Esmerelda's shaven pussy lips. Eager to feel the master's thrusts for herself, she wiped the spent juices from inside Esmerelda's pussy and smeared it between the cheeks of her own ass, slipping two fingers inside her rectum, then knelt prostrate before her master.

The assassin found himself gripped with lust greater than anything he felt before as he eyed the small girl's waiting pucker. He spit on his cock to lubricate himself and pressed the head of his shaft into her waiting ass. He was probably too big and she was not loose enough, but the harem girl's lust would not be denied. She pressed back with the strength of her supple body and he penetrated her sphincter with a lunge that caused him to bite down on his lip. The girl screamed and rubbed her clit furiously as she pumped on his fat cock.

Esmerelda was kissing the assassin deeply, her hand at work between her legs, too. Arrani shouted out with release as his seed spurted into the girl's bowels. The three of them collapsed back onto the furs and lay panting from their carnal exertions. The other harem girls soothed them with gentle massages and cool washcloths as they waited for their turn with the master.

Xena and Milan had reached border by nightfall the next day. He had hidden his uniform beneath a set of flat black garments. They were on the oceanside cliffs, with Calimport one day away. From there they could enlist a mercenary crew and start hunting the marauders. Xena looked from the edge of the cliff to the lights of Calimport. She was delaying her mission greatly, but she had an especially bitter hatred of the slave traders in the east.

If Dunwich lost its arms deal with the Willow River merchants, she knew where to buy more, and she'd have the money to get them herself!

Milan stretched out on the blanket. They wouldn't risk a fire, but with the full moon they wouldn't need any light. Xena came down from the promontory, taking off her cloak and sitting next to him. He could feel her warmth and heard her sigh as she lay back against the tree. He got up promptly.

Xena walked over to where he stood. She touched him softly on the shoulder, felt him tense up.

"Was it something I said?" she said with more of a sarcastic edge than she intended.

"You're a woman."

"Congratulations, professor, you've figured that one out. What do you mean, 'You're a woman?'"

"The hair, the breasts, the soft skin, that's what I mean!"

Xena was speechless. She had been expecting some sort of confession of male ego, like the ones she had heard from so many men who fretted at having a woman at their side in combat. Not this time.

"Ever since I could walk, I've done it with sword or lance in my hand. Justin was right when he teased me about being slave to a mistress called war. I was once a favorite of the princess, you know? I staved off her advances politely but officiously, talking about duty and the king's trust, and all that. The truth was I was scared - scared of her charm and scared of how helpless I was starting to feel. At least Justin had the courage to try."

"A lot of men I've met would rather charge a phalanx of angry knights than admit their feelings for a woman," she said amiably. "Sad, but there's no shame there. And, yes there is more to a warrior's life than battle. There are some thrills that don't sing with the clashing of steel. There are some passions that aren't borne of fury, some lusts that aren't for blood. And now you want to know them."

"I know what I'm missing," he said, flustered, mistaking the meaning of her padded words. "That's what makes it so painful."

Xena stood before him, resting her hands on his shoulders and looking up, deeply into his eyes.

"Among the Sujel tribes there's a custom. They never marry, but before they go off to war, they hold a ceremony where they each choose a mate. They make love, and ride to battle with the next day. The Sujel are warrior tribes, both men and women, and not many reach old age. But those that survive are always carrying life forward off the battlefield..." She bit her lower lip and hoped that he liked what he had seen enough to take her offer.

"Are you uncomfortable with me?" Xena wanted to know.

"No," he answered.

"Are you uncomfortable that I'm more experienced?"

"Not at all."

"Good. I want to share with you everything I know."

Milan looked at her. He kissed her softly. It was a sweet kiss, a kiss to dream on. The next kiss was a little more than a sweet one, and the next was something else. He heard faint pings as she undid the straps of his armor, and he worked to free her of hers.

They stood before each other naked now. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her body fit perfectly against his, as if she had lived just for this moment, had been waiting and hungering for him all her life. His touch roamed over the silky skin of her back, her ass, and her supple thighs. He felt her lips part slightly, and the tip of her tongue brushed across his lips. He did the same and probed farther to meet hers in her mouth. Her tongue was a playful thing, slipping and wrestling with his. The soft strokes of hers seemed to promise what was to come.

She smiled warmly at him as they eased down to the blanket. They knelt opposite each other, content to stare with silent but unabashed admiration. Milan thought as he looked at her that even though she was older and was a warrior, her face was that of a child now - soft, full of wonder, radiant. Xena eased him onto his back. She knelt between his legs, with her hands resting at the tops of his feet. She slowly ran her hands up and down, up and down his legs. She took his cock in one hand and very gently cupped his balls in the other.

She gave his shaft a gentle squeeze and caressed it lightly with the tips of her fingers. Milan shut his eyes and let waves of pleasure roll over him. She kissed him softly, and kissed his chest his stomach, dipping her tongue into his navel. She felt him begin to arch, recognized the language of his body. She stopped and squeezed his cock firmly. "No, no, not yet," she cooed, "There's more. There's so much more."

Milan let out a soft cry as her tongue ran along the underside of his cock. Her lips closed over the head and she sucked softly. She looked up at him as she slid it deeper into her mouth. She pulled her upper lip down over the top of it and flattened her tongue along the bottom. She bobbed her head up and down, adding wet, wilting suction as she ran her hand over his chest and stomach. Milan felt his hands and feet, then his arms and legs start to go numb, all sense abandoning him except for the soft, moist grip of Xena's mouth and the licks of her tongue. Xena watched his face and felt the grip of his hand, until she found his rhythm and kept at it. She decided not to tease him. She wanted to give him a climax that he would remember for the rest of his life, and knew that taking the edge off his lust would help him last longer when she finally gripped his cock in her pussy, which was already swollen and hot with anticipation.

She thrilled inwardly as she felt him flex and snap like puppet with its strings cut. His sperm squirted into her mouth in a long, thick, scalding streams, coating the roof of her mouth. It was so thick it was almost like paste, and she couldn't swallow much. She could see the lust in his eyes when he saw his seed trickling out the side of her mouth, so she shamelessly let it flow between her lips and down her chin. She gathered his cum with her fingertips then licked them clean, then licked up the semen that remained on his cock, all the while keeping her smoky, passionate gaze locked with his.

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply. He rolled her on her back and gripped her knees, pulling them up and open. He left a trail of wet kisses from her ankles, to her knees, and inside her thighs, stopping shy of her flushed, puffy lips. Milan ran the tips of his fingers gently between them, pleasure of his own filling him as her moans and sighs drifted to him. He slid his middle finger deep inside her, rubbing her clitoris lightly with this thumb. Her breath came in excited gasps, her head rolled back and forth as he sucked one of her large, pink nipples as he worked his hand faster.

Xena grinned with triumph, her eyes squeezed shut with ecstasy as Milan ran his tongue between the lips of her pussy. He took long licks that started at the bottom of her pussy and ended at her navel. He pulled the fleshy outer lips between his, sucking and licking with the wettest of intimate kisses.

"What kind of novice are you, young Milan? I've -- ohhhhhh -- never experienced a man who was as good with his mouth as he was when he had talked me into bed!"

"Justin and I traded notes. I told him how to make the house guard and win the princess's favor, and he told me how to please women. I used to dream of this at night as I slept alone."

"Mmmmm. Even Hercules, as strong yet gentle as he was, couldn't make me feel like this. Ahhhhh! Right there, Milan. Ohhhhh yesssss!"

Milan felt a flush of pride to be compared so with Hercules. He rolled his tongue and cradled her engorged clitoris with it. It was Xena's turn to thrash helplessly as he sucked gently. He squeezed her breasts, stroking her nipples between his fingers. Her teeth clenched and head arched back as a string of explosions ripped through her brain and burned her loins.

Milan climbed up and kissed her deeply, letting the warrior princess taste her own dark, hot juices. Xena grabbed his ass and stroked the young stud's cock with satisfaction. It slid powerfully through her fingers as he groaned his eagerness to her. He was ready, and she knew he would feel well rewarded when he felt, with his cock, how hot and swollen her pussy was from his attention.

She pulled him between her legs and scissored them into the small of his back. They kissed deeply, teasing each other with twists of their hips and squeezing each other's ass possessively. Soon they couldn't stand it any longer and worked their loins together. Milan felt the goose-egg head of his cock nudge the wet lips of her pussy open. He pushed his hips forward firmly. Xena's pussy seemed tighter than he thought it should, and he was afraid of hurting her. Xena drew a sharp breath as her pussy stretched around him. She looked up into his eyes when she felt him pause. She gave him a strange, weak smile and nodded. She stifled a moan as he finished his stroke, which caused a burning, stabbing sensation deep within her as he reached her limit and couldn't fit in any farther. Her eyes flew open and her face filled with animal hunger as he pulled out and thrust into her again.

Milan had never felt anything like this in his life. It was like he was part of her, at her very core, and the daggers of pleasure that shot through him as the lips of her pussy slid down to the base of his cock were lancing into her as well. Inside she was very warm, and the walls of her vagina were so slippery but at the same time clinging to the skin of his cock wonderfully. He saw the muscles of her stomach dance and flinched slightly as her nails raked his back. He thrust faster and her hands locked on his hips as powerful jolts racked her body. She seemed to go weak for few moments, then she wrestled him onto his back and squatted astride him..

"Was this what you were dreaming of when we met?" she purred, sliding lazily along him. She crushed herself against him and clamped her mouth over his, her tongue invading his mouth ravenously. As their sweat- slicked bodies slid over each other, Milan could feel Xena's hard, hot nipples poking into his chest as if they wanted to penetrate him. Their gasps and moans mixed together as they felt an immense wave of lust and pleasure build inside. They locked together and felt the world go into a spin as his cum surged into her womb. They writhed as if they were impaled on the same spear of intense pleasure. Their breaths were like blast furnaces against each other's skin as they shared a few more strokes, wincing with the unbearably delicious friction.

"Sleep, my warrior," she whispered as she felt the warm, soft blanket of slumber wrap around them. "The battle awaits us."

To Be Continued...


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