The challenge is open to any Literotica Author who wishes to participate. You can join the contest at any time and your previously posted stories will still be counted into the final tally.

1. You get one point for posting in any of the below 26 Literotica categories (only Novels and Novellas and Chain Stories have been excluded). A collaboration will be counted toward both contributing authors, but no one author is allowed to have more than 3 collaborative works counted in the contest.

Audio Poetry
Audio Stories
Erotic Couplings
Erotic Reviews
Exhibitionist & Voyeur
Gay Male
Group Sex
How To
Humor & Satire
Interracial Love
Lesbian Sex
Loving Wives
Mind Control

2. You get a 5-point bonus for every 10 categories you post in and a 15-point bonus for posting in all 26.

Thus, if you post in 15 categories, you'll get 15 points for each category, plus a 5 point bonus for posting in at least 10 categories for a total of: 20.

If you post in all 26 categories (in addition to being pretty fucking cool) you would have 26 points for each posted category, 5 bonus points for your first 10, 5 bonus points for your second 10, and 15 bonus points for all 26. Your total would be: 51.

3. Only stories posted after 01/01/01 but before 01/01/02 are eligible for the contest.

4. There will be an IMMUNITY challenge each week, initially based upon the TV Show Survivor. After the show ends, another weekly challenge will be devised. Any author who posts and correctly guesses the player voted off Survivor for the week, gets "immunity" from a category of their choice. The immunity counts as an "entry" and thus, if you had 10 immunities you would be eligible for the 5 point bonus. There is no limit to the number of immunities you can win.

5. If you post a story in a category you have declared an immunity in, you get a single bonus point, but that story will not count toward other bonus points. (Thus, if you've declared immunity from "Incest" and then write an incest story, you get the two points - one for the immunity and one for the story - but you only have credit for 1 category toward the 5 or 15 point bonuses).

6. You get one bonus point for a story which is awarded an "E."

In the categories of "foreign" and "audio" stories, submissions may include translations of stories posted prior to 01/01/01 and/or stories posted in other categories for the contest as long as the TRANSLATION takes place after 01/01/01.

In the event of a tie for first place, a vote of participating authors will be organized at a later date.

For “immunity” challenges, time limits will be posted with the weekly challenge.

The participants list will be updated as new authors join.

There is no additional criteria for the eligibility of stories based on any subjective issues of quality or content. If a story is accepted and posted by Literotica, it is eligible for the contest. Period.

Please note, you get NO extra points for posting two stories in the same category (i.e. you get ONE point for incest even if you've posted 10 stories there). And only your first story posted in a given category is eligible for the "E" bonus point.

Tentative Prizes: Each of the five top placers will get a “goodie package” of assorted Adult Toys and Videos. First place, in addition to their box of goodies gets $200.00 USD. Literotica will supply all prizes.

Rules may be updated or more clearly defined at the contest continues.