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Top 10 Erotic Poems
{Poems With At Least 10 Votes - Updated 11/8/00}
(see below for explanation of how stories are ranked)

* Number 1 *

Kicking L.S.D. (Love's sweet destruction) - by Endlessly

* Number 2 *

Ode to College Beauty on a Warm Spring Day - by Havocman

*  Number 3 *

The Taste of Us - by Havocman

* Number 4 *

Three Facets of Two - by Havocman

* Number 5 *

A Tribute to Amy - by Tinman

* Number 6 *

My Vision For You - by Indy

* Number 7 *

anything - by Jennifer O. Kinney

* Number 8 *

Oral Exercises - by Havocman

* Number 9 *

Storm Chaser - by Intoxyc8me

* Number 10 *

Passion and Desire - by poetryLady

{Explanation: When you vote on a poem, your vote is given a numeric value between 1 and 5, with 5 indicating a great story and 1 representing a terrible one. All of the votes are added together and then that number is divided by the total number of votes to get the average score. We then rank the stories based on the average scores.

Only poems with at least 10 votes are included in the Top 10. Keep in mind that this is just a ranking of votes -it does not determine a poem's worth. There are many excellent poems that never make the Top 10 list.
We are still working on the technical aspect of this, but we eventually plan to have the whole system automated. For now, we update this list once a week.}

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