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Volunteer Editors

How To Use This Program to Improve Your Writing!

Here's how to get started:

- Please read our Submission Guidelines. Keep these in mind when submitting any piece to Literotica or to our editors, as submissions that don't follow our guidelines will be rejected. Also, feel free to skim our Writer's Resources for help in specific areas.

- Once you've read the Guidelines, browse or search for an editor using the form below.

- Once you've found an editor you like, send them a polite, friendly message describing your story or poem. Be sure to include an email address so the editor has a way to reach you.

- The editor should contact you with a yes or no answer within 72 hours. (If you don't hear back after a reasonable time frame, email us with the editor name so we know to check with the editor to make sure they're still interested in editing.)

- Once the editor has agreed to take the submission, send your work to them in one of the formats they note in their editor profile - .txt, .rtf, .doc, or pasted into an email.

- The editor will email you the edited copy of the story. Be sure to read it through and remove any notes he or she might have made before you submit it to Literotica. It is always nice to give credit to the editor at the beginning of the story if you're pleased with their work. A simple "Thanks to EditorsName for editing assistance with this story" at the beginning or end of the story works well.

Please note: editors at Literotica are volunteers, and are under no obligation to take on any story editing request they receive. If an editor says they can't take on your piece for any reason, don't take it personally. They receive many requests, and can't always fit then in. You can use the program to look for another editor.

We've created a forum on our Bulletin Board specifically for our Volunteer Editors, readers, and writers to share information regarding the editing process. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the editor program in this forum, and to give advice and provide comments to other writers editors as well.

We can all benefit from sharing our knowledge and experiences. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us. Thanks again!

* NOTE: The Literotica Editor's program exists to help writers improve their writing. It is against the rules to use this service to advertise services, products, or other websites. Doing so is grounds for removal from the site. Also, this system is for the benefit of Literotica authors only. Do not use it to proofread stories that are not for Literotica. *

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