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The Volunteer Editor Program is Accepting Applicants!

If you are interested in helping writers write better, you can join this program. The way it works is this...your name is added to the list of editors. Writers can choose you from that list. They email you prior to sending their story, describing what kind of editing job they need and in what kind of timeframe. You then email them back letting them know if it sounds like something you are willing to do.

If you do choose to edit for them, let the writer know what format you'd like to receive the story in (.txt, .doc, etc.). They will email you the story in the format you requested. You then read and edit the story as needed, and send it to the writer within the time frame specified. The writer can then look over your corrections and submit the story to Literotica themselves.

Once your name is added to the list, it's assumed that you will reply to writer's inquiries within a reasonable timeframe, even if to say that your editing plate is full. If at any point you decide to take a break from the program, just drop me an email letting me know and I will remove your name from the list. We're grateful for any time you donate to helping the writers, and understand that schedules do get busy.

Before you sign on as an editor, you should read our Submission Guidelines so you know what to look for when editing a Lit story. Also, feel free to skim our Writer's Resources, as you may want to direct your writers to some of the essays to give them help in specific areas

To be a Volunteer Editor, you must be a Literotica Member. If you aren't already a member, click here to create an account.

Once you have an account, click here to create your Editor Profile.

You can use the above link to edit your profile, and also to remove or add yourself from or to the program at your convenience.

* PLEASE NOTE: The Literotica Editor's program exists to help writers improve their writing. It is against the rules to use this service to advertise services, products, or other websites. Doing so is grounds for removal from the site. Also, this system is for the benefit of Literotica authors only. Do not use it to proofread stories that are not for Literotica. *

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