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Notes from the author: This story is about three characters: The male and female leads in a TV show and her husband. It contains marital infidelity. If that offends you then do us both a favour...

Acting Out Their Fantasies by RPF69

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After lunch Harm looked at Sarah and tried with all of his sexual persuasion to coax her into to bed, and not to tell of his sexual escapades, but to try and create a couple of new ones, but Sarah...

JAG Revisited Pt. 04 by baranbrat

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When he woke, it was late in the evening. He felt relaxed and well-rested, better than he had in years, except for a slight bit of heartburn. Funny; all he'd had to eat in the past twelve hours was...

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 08: The End by Zev95

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51.Acting Out Their Fantasies
He wants to watch his actress wife rehearse a sex scene. by RPF69 (10/31/14)
4.75 (40)
52.JAG Revisited Pt. 04
Sarah and Harm Continue, adding Annie, Dalton, A.J. & More. by baranbrat (10/30/14)
4.75 (20)
53.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 08: The End
Ted gets the girl in the end. by Zev95 (12/03/14)
4.75 (16)
54.Gotham Girls Pt. 06
Batgirl enjoys a casual fuck with Alfred. by lordroxbury (11/04/14)
4.75 (16)
55.Under The Stars Ch. 04
Darcy and Jane have make up sex. by MTL17 (02/27/14)
4.75 (12)
56.Bigger Brother HBO Ep. 07
Bigger, Bolder... and Uncut. Day 7 Reward Challenge - Vibrator Power - Wee Little by CQtRose (10/21/14)
4.75 (12)
57.Gotham Girls Pt. 10
Selina relieves her boredom with Barbara Gordon. by lordroxbury (11/21/14)
4.75 (12)
58.Let's Be Batman Pt. 09
Wonder Woman investigates Batman's strange behavior by BatmansDick (10/17/14)
4.74 (47)
59.JAG Revisited Pt. 03
Sarah & Harm Continue, they add Bud, Harriet, Bobbi and more. by baranbrat (09/25/14)
4.73 (30)
60.Marry The Knight Ch. 03
Harley Quinn learns her lesson. by Zev95 (02/23/14)
4.73 (66)
61.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 72
Lady Vegas by hollywoodjim (03/24/14)
4.73 (44)
62.Bigger Brother HBO Ep. 03
Bigger, Bolder... and Uncut. Day 3 Heroics and Team Work. by CQtRose (09/27/14)
4.73 (22)
63.Three of a Kind Ch. 05
Bella goes home by kissesdownlow (03/09/14)
4.73 (11)
64.Blown Away Ch. 02
Hugh's tour starts with Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift by MeanBlackjack (03/24/14)
4.72 (36)
65.Mischief Makers Ch. 04
The team has some 'double' trouble. by Diezi (08/01/14)
4.72 (25)
66.Inner Black Swan Ch. 04
Kristen makes a deal with Mila. by MTL17 (11/11/14)
4.71 (28)
67.X-Men: Savage Land Scandal Ch. 05
Emma Frost and Tessa feel the power of mesmerism. by Zev95 (02/19/14)
4.71 (14)
68.Alexis C. - Extremely Dedicated!
Alexis Castle wants to seduce her father. by LadyAntebellum (01/28/14)
4.71 (59)
69.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 70
The lovely lady named McCarthy by hollywoodjim (02/10/14)
4.71 (52)
70.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 75
Making beautiful music with Taylor Swift by hollywoodjim (08/19/14)
4.71 (52)
71.JAG Revisited Pt. 07
Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Skates & more. by baranbrat (12/23/14)
4.71 (24)
72.The Puppet Master Ch. 01
A young Russian comes to Hollywood. by hetup (01/26/15)
4.71 (24)
73.The Conquest of Artemesia
Regular guy dines with, then comforts Eva Green. by ilikeithot6308 (05/03/14)
4.71 (82)
74.Sif’s Maiden
Sif turns up on Darcy's doorstep. by MTL17 (05/04/14)
4.71 (41)
75.X-Men: The Beginnings of Corruption 03
Emma rings in the New Year with a triple fuck of Jean Grey. by Zev95 (12/31/14)
4.71 (17)
76.Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 05
Taylor's captivity in the hive continues. Alicia's begins. by Et2bruttus (11/12/14)
4.70 (37)
77.Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet
Christina meets her well-hung match. by Noj (09/23/14)
4.70 (57)
78.American Mom Ch. 11-12
Francine fucks her college roommate and cock teases her son. by Hardplay (09/12/14)
4.70 (110)
79.Let's Be Batman Pt. 04
Madame Zodiac has our hero at her mercy. by BatmansDick (10/04/14)
4.70 (60)
80.Family Night at the Castle
Not your average night in the Loft. by SDLRob (04/29/14)
4.70 (106)
81.Hollywood's Hot Cougars 03: Kate
Kate Beckinsale gives in to younger man in hotel room. by Robertdoc (10/08/14)
4.70 (23)
82.Let's Be Batman Pt. 36
Wonder Woman is captured by Circe & only Tommy can save her. by BatmansDick (01/18/15)
4.69 (49)
83.Emma at University Ch. 02
Adventures with Emma Watson at Uni continue. by Allyrion (03/01/14)
4.69 (75)
84.Becoming Amber Blank
A star is born. by Seanathon (11/21/14)
4.69 (13)
85.Scrubs: What Are Friends For?
Relax, this isn't a Zach Braff story. Just lesbian anal sex. by Zev95 (08/08/14)
4.69 (13)
86.Taken in the Night Ch. 02
Bruce Wayne wants more of Barbara Gordon. by Zev95 (05/04/14)
4.69 (42)
87.The Massage
A fantasy comes true when a man massages Keira Knightley. by KnottLynnHardey (08/27/14)
4.69 (77)
88.Eternal Hearts Ch. 09
Kylie and Dannii get entangled in tentacle temptation. by Noj (10/20/14)
4.69 (16)
89.Her in My Place
A lucky man wakes up next to Lake Bell. by Maced (10/25/14)
4.69 (16)
90.Marry The Knight Ch. 04
Bruce gives Vicki Vale an exclusive. by Zev95 (04/11/14)
4.68 (79)
91.Drawn That Way
An alternate version of Jessica Rabbit's most famous scene. by UnknownKitsune7 (06/26/14)
4.68 (44)
92.Easy Rider
Katy Perry has an adventure on the back of a Motorbike. by Noj (07/07/14)
4.68 (44)
93.Sandra Gal - The LPGA Hottie
Sandra treats herself to a massage that stirs her libido. by walterio (02/07/14)
4.68 (22)
94.Fox and Guests Pt. 04C
FFFF with Sarah Palin & daughters at Wicked Pictures. by baranbrat (03/02/14)
4.68 (22)
95.That 70’s Show / Kitty & Hyde
Kitty Entertains Hyde. by vicvitale (12/08/14)
4.68 (31)
96.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 15
Dan gets a visitor after moving on. by TheBigLove126 (01/28/14)
4.68 (37)
97.Big Hero Sex Ch. 02
GoGo decides to one-up Honey's gift to Hiro. by Zev95 (01/17/15)
4.68 (37)
98.Let's Be Batman Pt. 02
Batman is trapped by Poison Ivy. by BatmansDick (10/02/14)
4.67 (80)
99.Discoveries at the 12th Ch. 03: The Prequel
The first threesome Castle/Kate/Lanie. by SDLRob (06/19/14)
4.67 (43)
100.The Walking Dead: Daryl
Daryl Dixon and a new character are captured. by DonnaLeeGreene (03/18/14)
4.67 (49)
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