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Christina Hendricks strutted through the party, the bustle of people around her creating a blanket of indiscernible sound. It was glamorous and somewhat fancy; everyone dressed up nicely, her own...

Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet by Noj

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"Batman, Batman, are you there? (cough cough) We need your help!" Tommy's eyes shot open and he leaned onto his side. He groaned and looked at his clock: it was early for him, barely 4PM. From his...

Let's Be Batman Pt. 14 by BatmansDick

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Things were going well for Brooke Davis. Her dream of becoming a fashion designer was slowly becoming a reality as she had finally got her website up and her clothes were selling like hot cakes. She...

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06 by MTL17

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51.Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet
Christina meets her well-hung match. by Noj (09/23/14)
4.73 (56)
52.Let's Be Batman Pt. 14
Batman saves the day when Supergirl is split into 2 bodies. by BatmansDick (10/30/14)
4.73 (26)
53.Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06
Rachel talks Brooke into being her bitch. by MTL17 (08/12/14)
4.73 (22)
54.Mean Girls Reunion 03
Lizzy Caplan is masterful. by Robertdoc (11/24/13)
4.73 (11)
55.Three of a Kind Ch. 05
Bella goes home by kissesdownlow (03/09/14)
4.73 (11)
56.Three of a Kind Ch. 07
The after "party", after the club. by kissesdownlow (04/09/14)
4.73 (11)
57.Everybody Loves Raymond: Amy's Ann
A special gift. by shaggy77 (01/29/14)
4.72 (58)
58.Redwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 04
Pay It Forward by RoyceConnors (11/03/13)
4.72 (18)
59.Mean Girls Reunion 02
Tina Fey is offered Mean Girls reunion after Golden Globes. by Robertdoc (11/17/13)
4.72 (18)
60.Fox and Guests Pt. 04D
FFFF Dana Perino gives Tamron Hall a Nuru Massage. by baranbrat (03/04/14)
4.72 (18)
61.Inner Black Swan Ch. 03
Mila convinces Hayden she's a top. by MTL17 (06/08/14)
4.72 (18)
62.Marry The Knight Ch. 03
Harley Quinn learns her lesson. by Zev95 (02/23/14)
4.72 (57)
63.American Mom Ch. 11-12
Francine fucks her college roommate and cock teases her son. by Hardplay (09/12/14)
4.72 (102)
64.The Long Weekend: Sunday Morning
The weekend continues with Harry, Yvonne, Sarah and food! by MeanBlackjack (11/22/13)
4.71 (21)
65.Fox and Guests Pt. 04C
FFFF with Sarah Palin & daughters at Wicked Pictures. by baranbrat (03/02/14)
4.71 (21)
66.In the Court of the Transfer Queen
Britta and Annie are the ones having secret sex. by Marrrrrrr (01/08/14)
4.71 (14)
67.Scrubs: What Are Friends For?
Relax, this isn't a Zach Braff story. Just lesbian anal sex. by Zev95 (08/08/14)
4.71 (14)
68.She was My Neighbor
The meeting of a lonely bachelor and Sara Jean Underwood... by whatthebuck9087 (12/26/13)
4.71 (184)
69.Marry The Knight Ch. 04
Bruce gives Vicki Vale an exclusive. by Zev95 (04/11/14)
4.71 (69)
70.Sif’s Maiden
Sif turns up on Darcy's doorstep. by MTL17 (05/04/14)
4.70 (40)
71.Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Virgin Bride
An erotic fanfic. by blin18 (10/26/14)
4.69 (52)
72.Taken in the Night Ch. 02
Bruce Wayne wants more of Barbara Gordon. by Zev95 (05/04/14)
4.69 (39)
73.Discoveries at the 12th Ch. 03: The Prequel
The first threesome Castle/Kate/Lanie. by SDLRob (06/19/14)
4.69 (39)
74.X-Men: Savage Land Scandal Ch. 05
Emma Frost and Tessa feel the power of mesmerism. by Zev95 (02/19/14)
4.69 (13)
75.Frustrating Ch. 04
Rebekah and Elena cause Caroline some frustration. by MTL17 (06/04/14)
4.69 (13)
76.Emma at University Ch. 02
Adventures with Emma Watson at Uni continue. by Allyrion (03/01/14)
4.69 (68)
77.Nina Dobrev's Christmas Story
Nina Dobrev's holiday looked dull until she entered the mall. by TheBigLove126 (12/13/13)
4.69 (29)
78.Family Night at the Castle
Not your average night in the Loft. by SDLRob (04/29/14)
4.69 (96)
79.The Batman Beaten Ch. 01
Poison Ivy has compromised the Batman. Will he like it? by CumulusRex1 (07/11/14)
4.69 (48)
80.Redwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 09
All Good Things. by RoyceConnors (12/23/13)
4.69 (16)
81.The Conquest of Artemesia
Regular guy dines with, then comforts Eva Green. by ilikeithot6308 (05/03/14)
4.68 (53)
82.Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 03
Poison Ivy reveals herself to Batman, Catwoman, and Harley. by LoveHugeBoobs (11/09/13)
4.68 (118)
83.Tits & Bast
Black Cat and Catwoman fight over who gets the loot. by Zev95 (12/09/13)
4.67 (43)
84.The Walking Dead: Daryl
Daryl Dixon and a new character are captured. by DonnaLeeGreene (03/18/14)
4.67 (46)
85.The Anchorwoman, The Meteorologist & her Son
NYC sexy television personalities on vacation. by NYBoss (01/26/14)
4.67 (85)
86.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 16
The ladies go to Disneyland & return in fairytale dresses. by baranbrat (06/24/14)
4.67 (39)
87.The League S1E2: Vaginal Hubris
Sofia dominates and seduces Jenny in a bathroom by Stories_From_the_TV (05/28/14)
4.67 (30)
88.Sandra Gal - The LPGA Hottie
Sandra treats herself to a massage that stirs her libido. by walterio (02/07/14)
4.67 (21)
89.Redwood Nine: Season 04 Ch. 01
Severances. by RoyceConnors (03/01/14)
4.67 (18)
90.Hotel Limbo Ch. 03
Nicki Minaj, Elizabeth Hurley and Clark are spied on... by AlmostTime (10/22/14)
4.67 (15)
91.Her in My Place
A lucky man wakes up next to Lake Bell. by Maced (10/25/14)
4.67 (12)
92.Marry The Knight Ch. 05
It's that time of year again-Calendar Girl. by Zev95 (10/08/14)
4.66 (44)
93.Easy Rider
Katy Perry has an adventure on the back of a Motorbike. by Noj (07/07/14)
4.66 (41)
94.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 67
A Tokyo Threesome with old friends. by hollywoodjim (11/04/13)
4.66 (38)
95.Let's Be Batman Pt. 09
Wonder Woman investigates Batman's strange behavior by BatmansDick (10/17/14)
4.66 (38)
96.The Prom Date
Anna Kendrick takes a guy to the prom. by musicankane (11/07/13)
4.66 (108)
97.D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 10
Staci finally meet Mark and Gary. Thai Trannys arrive. by Liquor69 (04/27/14)
4.65 (23)
98.Mischief Makers Ch. 04
The team has some 'double' trouble. by Diezi (08/01/14)
4.65 (23)
99.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 15
Dan gets a visitor after moving on. by TheBigLove126 (01/28/14)
4.65 (37)
100.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 02
Peter explores his new arrangement with MJ and Felicia. by Zev95 (04/30/14)
4.65 (37)
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