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"Nothing's been the same since New York," gasped Natasha Romanoff, shuddering as the firm hand met its target once more. "Well that's literally the understatement of this century." Maria Hill...

An Avenger's Promotion by terminatrix92

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Brooke Tessmacher was more nervous than she'd ever been in her life. So nervous she almost stayed home, almost sent a text with some lame excuse to explain her absence, almost chickened out when she...

Assmacher by MTL17

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Felicia lived in an Empire Suite in the Carlyle, the luxury hotel where Marilyn Monroe had had her tryst with JFK, thanks to some secret tunnels. Peter guessed knowing that was how some real estate...

Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 03 by Zev95

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101.An Avenger's Promotion
The Black Widow rises, while another falls between her legs. by terminatrix92 (03/26/15)
4.69 (13)
Brooke Tessmacher becomes Brooke Assmacher. by MTL17 (02/11/15)
4.69 (16)
103.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 03
Battle at City Hall and a threesome... by SierraLeeAuthor (12/02/14)
4.69 (70)
104.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 03
Peter, MJ, and Felicia try phone sex. by Zev95 (05/08/14)
4.68 (57)
105.Let's Be Batman Pt. 05
Our lucky Batman is captured by the Joker and rides a Harley by BatmansDick (10/05/14)
4.68 (84)
106.Let's Be Batman Pt. 02
Batman is trapped by Poison Ivy. by BatmansDick (10/02/14)
4.68 (99)
107.Let's Be Batman Pt. 33
Silver Banshee comes to claim Batman's soul. by BatmansDick (12/21/14)
4.68 (37)
108.Let's Be Batman Pt. 17
Copperhead tries to assassinate our hero. by BatmansDick (11/06/14)
4.67 (46)
109.Big Hero Sex Ch. 03
Honey wants Hiro to give her a gift of his own. by Zev95 (01/19/15)
4.67 (49)
110.That 70's Show: The Slumber Party
Donna hosts a sleep-over by shaggy77 (11/03/14)
4.67 (57)
111.Bad Wife, Good Sub Ch. 06
A new celebrity to seduce. by Tappy_McWidestance (06/23/14)
4.67 (42)
112.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 16
The ladies go to Disneyland & return in fairytale dresses. by baranbrat (06/24/14)
4.67 (42)
113.The League S1E2: Vaginal Hubris
Sofia dominates and seduces Jenny in a bathroom by Stories_From_the_TV (05/28/14)
4.67 (30)
114.Thirty Days of Wedding Night
Zatanna decides it's time for her and Bruce to get married. by Zev95 (11/14/14)
4.67 (30)
115.Community College Experience Ch. 03
Britta and Annie admit they have feelings for each other. by MTL17 (07/07/14)
4.67 (18)
116.JAG Revisited Pt. 10
Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/Manetti & Clay by baranbrat (03/01/15)
4.67 (18)
117.Six Days
Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron returns to Zanarkand. by Clunkety (07/30/14)
4.67 (12)
118.Let's Be Batman Pt. 16
Batman tries to help Wonder Woman as she battles the Cheetah by BatmansDick (11/03/14)
4.66 (53)
119.The Road to EGOT Pt. 01
New Start with Victoria Justice. by ManUnited1086 (02/24/15)
4.66 (44)
120.Ultimate Comics: The Bangers
Spider-Man stops a mother-daughter crime spree. by Zev95 (05/28/14)
4.66 (38)
121.Korra and Asami's First Time
Legend of Korra fan fiction with Korrasami lesbian sex. by korrasami (01/04/15)
4.66 (29)
122.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 17
Penny & Leonard Get Parts on Castle & Things Get Wild by baranbrat (07/03/14)
4.65 (52)
123.Taken in the Night Ch. 02
Bruce Wayne wants more of Barbara Gordon. by Zev95 (05/04/14)
4.65 (46)
124.X-Men: The Beginnings of Corruption 02
Jean, Rogue, and Emma try glory holes by Zev95 (04/06/14)
4.65 (34)
125.Mischief Makers Ch. 06
Passion, heartache, longing and uncertainty. by Diezi (08/14/14)
4.65 (17)
126.Emma's Return Pt. 02
Emma Watson and Holly Willoughby get out of trouble. by donut_plains (02/19/15)
4.65 (17)
127.The Road to EGOT Pt. 08
An evening with Ariana Grande. by ManUnited1086 (03/10/15)
4.65 (17)
128.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 18
Taylor tells Carrie's story. by TheBigLove126 (03/17/15)
4.65 (17)
129.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 77
An "Unforgettable" night with Poppy Montgomery. by hollywoodjim (09/18/14)
4.65 (48)
130.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 79
HJ gets more than headlines from HLN's Robin Meade. by hollywoodjim (02/25/15)
4.65 (31)
131.The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 02
Daryl and narrator connect and make a decision. by DonnaLeeGreene (05/28/14)
4.64 (14)
132.Mischief Makers Ch. 08
Renewing, building and testing bonds. by Diezi (09/09/14)
4.64 (14)
133.Mischief Makers Ch. 11
Team prepares for battle as the double's plan unfolds. by Diezi (10/21/14)
4.64 (14)
134.Let's Be Batman Pt. 01
Guy finds Batman's suit and has a run-in with Catwoman. by BatmansDick (10/01/14)
4.64 (103)
135.First & Last
Kitty Pryde enjoys meeting a time-traveling Jean Grey. by Zev95 (08/09/14)
4.64 (25)
136.Let's Be Batman Pt. 27
Tommy finds a new partner in Black Canary. by BatmansDick (12/05/14)
4.64 (47)
137.Wonder Woman: The Beastmistress
Diana's first encounter with the sorceress Circe. by Ksennin (05/10/14)
4.64 (22)
138.Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06
Rachel talks Brooke into being her bitch. by MTL17 (08/12/14)
4.64 (22)
139.The Bigger They Are Ch. 04
AJ dresses up Beth in sexy lingerie. by MTL17 (08/28/14)
4.64 (22)
140.The Club Ch. 02
The Prey Returns. by JessikaN135 (08/17/14)
4.64 (11)
141.The Hunter's Companions Ch. 17
An epilogue: everything comes full circle. by SinisterSpiders (08/05/14)
4.64 (11)
142.Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 04
Maryse remembers conquering Trish's fat ass. by MTL17 (12/14/14)
4.64 (11)
143.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 80
Kendra's on top, so's HJ. by hollywoodjim (03/20/15)
4.63 (38)
144.Inner Black Swan Ch. 03
Mila convinces Hayden she's a top. by MTL17 (06/08/14)
4.63 (19)
145.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 16
Taylor recalls an adventure during her year away from Dan. by TheBigLove126 (09/29/14)
4.63 (19)
146.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 10
Things Get Sorted Out and the Sex Begins and Continues by baranbrat (04/21/14)
4.63 (81)
147.The Perils of Technology
A mix up results in some sapphic fun in the Castle home. by SDLRob (02/18/15)
4.63 (54)
148.Auto-Genesis Pt. 01
A troubled futanari teen gets help from her mother. Kind of. by nightshadow (01/06/15)
4.63 (94)
149.Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 01
Emma Watson's personal bodyguard gets even more personal. by Clubsoda79 (11/30/14)
4.63 (131)
150.Let's Be Batman Pt. 29
Attack of the 50 foot Giganta! by BatmansDick (12/11/14)
4.62 (32)
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