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Dr. Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, spoke in a remarkably clear, focused voice. "Feel your power flow and ebb. Let it rise and fill you, but always be prepared to put a stopper on it. Be aware of...

Dr. Strange’s Love by Zev95

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Jamie Olsen hated Mondays, because on Monday morning she had to go back to being boring Jimmy Olsen after having spent all of the weekend as Jamie! Sunday evening had been disappointing. As usual...

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 05 by tawnysuede

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"I'd do anything for my husband, Mr. Valiant," Jessica said as she walked over to the detective. His eyes watched her as if she were moving in slow motion, taking in the sight of her wide hips...

Drawn That Way by UnknownKitsune7

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Dr. Strange’s Love
Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Mom by Zev95 (07/06/14)
4.89 (9)
2.Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 05
Jimmy Olsen gets fired. Long live sissy Jamie Olsen! by tawnysuede (07/15/14)
4.86 (7)
3.Drawn That Way
An alternate version of Jessica Rabbit's most famous scene. by UnknownKitsune7 (06/26/14)
4.82 (38)
4.Like to Watch You
Alexis finds out that she really, really likes to watch. by LadyAntebellum (06/30/14)
4.77 (30)
5.Community College Experience Ch. 03
Britta and Annie admit they have feelings for each other. by MTL17 (07/07/14)
4.71 (14)
6.Easy Rider
Katy Perry has an adventure on the back of a Motorbike. by Noj (07/07/14)
4.71 (31)
7.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 16
The ladies go to Disneyland & return in fairytale dresses. by baranbrat (06/24/14)
4.69 (32)
8.The Batman Beaten Ch. 02
Batman can't get Poison Ivy out of his head-Does he want to? by CumulusRex1 (07/14/14)
4.65 (23)
9.Britta: The Anal Anarchist
In this bottle episode the Greendale girls go even further. by terminatrix92 (07/15/14)
4.64 (14)
10.The Batman Beaten Ch. 01
Poison Ivy has compromised the Batman. Will he like it? by CumulusRex1 (07/11/14)
4.64 (36)
11.Bad Wife, Good Sub Ch. 06
A new celebrity to seduce. by Tappy_McWidestance (06/23/14)
4.61 (23)
12.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 17
Penny & Leonard Get Parts on Castle & Things Get Wild by baranbrat (07/03/14)
4.57 (42)
13.The Batman: Downfall Ch. 09
Batman gives Harley what she needs. by DriftWood75 (07/16/14)
4.57 (14)
14.Petticoat Junction
Saving the Shady Rest. by shaggy77 (07/17/14)
4.55 (33)
15.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 73
"Blind Item" gets a new star. by hollywoodjim (07/11/14)
4.52 (23)
16.2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 02
Max wakes up to find someone in her bed. by MTL17 (07/17/14)
4.50 (32)
17.Sasha Fierce vs. Solange
Sasha Fierce: teaching little sister. by McKaylaMaroney (07/10/14)
4.50 (10)
18.Joining In
Cobie Smulders watches, joins ScarJo, Hayley Atwell threeway. by Robertdoc (07/15/14)
4.46 (13)
19.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 18
Fantasy Dares Turn into An All-Out Orgy. by baranbrat (07/14/14)
4.46 (37)
20.Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 02
Faith charms Paige into submission. by MTL17 (06/26/14)
4.45 (22)
21.Hayley Pleasures a Fan
Hayley Williams entertains a fan after a concert. by fapdotop (06/30/14)
4.41 (22)
22.Enslaving Elliot Ch. 10
Jordan is tired of two of her fuck toys on/off relationship. by MTL17 (06/21/14)
4.40 (15)
23.The Office S3E23: Pam's a Bitch
Karen dominates Pam after the beach incident by Stories_From_the_TV (06/29/14)
4.39 (23)
24.The League S1E4: Andre's Revenge
Andre steals Pete's thunder with the concierge girl. by Stories_From_the_TV (06/22/14)
4.38 (8)
25.A Friend with Wonderful Benefits
Lanie helps out her best friend. by LadyAntebellum (07/02/14)
4.33 (18)
26.Everybody Loves Raymond - Debra Gets Sick
Debra gets sick. by shaggy77 (07/04/14)
4.30 (69)
27.The Thin Line Pt. 01: Olivia
A hot, sexy, dangerous night with Benson and Stabler. by JoeiCassidy (06/27/14)
4.30 (10)
28.A Green Morning
A sexy morning in with Eva Green. by Robertdoc (07/02/14)
4.25 (12)
29.When Amazons Submit
A typical "sparing session" at the Fortress of Solitude. by DavidNord (07/03/14)
4.23 (31)
30.Silence Is Glorious
Kate Beckett is found relieving her horniness in the toilets. by SDLRob (06/24/14)
4.22 (27)
31.Without Shepard Ch. 06
An overstressed Liara dreams and reminisces. by BlueOpticNerve (07/20/14)
4.17 (6)
32.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 30
Amy Pond begins her new life as a slave at the Olivan. by Kurokami (06/28/14)
4.12 (16)
33.The Shower Display
Rick Castle watches his daughter in his shower. by SDLRob (06/24/14)
4.12 (57)
34.For Team USA
Alex Morgan raises awareness for U.S. Soccer. by TheBigLove126 (06/28/14)
4.11 (36)
35.I Wanna Cum
A groupie is invited back after the show. by feliciasexopants (07/06/14)
4.08 (12)
36.Enterprise Ch. 04
T'Pol confesses her feeling. by KenGore (07/14/14)
4.07 (15)
37.X-Men: Raven's True Blu
Sometimes peace and happiness come in the strangest ways. by Tara_Neale (07/15/14)
3.92 (13)
38.Tuesday Night with 'Friends'
Watching 'Friends' while falling asleep. :) by collegegurl72 (07/17/14)
3.86 (14)
39.Why I Never Stalked Tatiana Maslany
Just a little Orphan Black fan friction with the series star. by smutnut (07/09/14)
3.67 (6)
Trey Songz has been having an affair... by Roleplay_LouiseUk (07/09/14)
3.60 (10)