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"I have a surprise for you, Ellie. Leave the blindfold alone." Ellie Langston started to protest then rested her hand in her step-brother's, allowing Derek to lead her through the empty house. Her...

Azrael by faerieofdesire

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Rejected 10-11-2003 for GHOST OF A Chance- Part 1 Kelly and her father, Don had been in the house all but two days. The weirdest stuff was going on, and it frightened 19 years old, Kelly. Whilst...

A Ghost of a Chance by Dingus Guy

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As the sun fell down the horizon and the moon crept up the night sky, the undead awoke. Warrick Del’Harak was a youngling by vampiric standards, merely 97 years of un-life behind him. He awoke...

A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01 by darkaltar

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Erotic Horror

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
A young woman learns the inspiration behind favorite novels. by faerieofdesire (09/21/12)
4.45 (110)
202.The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 02
Mia's father helps her handle her changes. by SirSinn (03/27/14)
4.45 (102)
203.A Ghost of a Chance
New house, new family, horny ghost. by Dingus Guy (10/16/03)
4.44 (706)
204.A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01
The story of one vampire lord's mastery of sex, and blood. by darkaltar (06/14/04)
4.44 (162)
205.Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 01
College student finds her match, or does he find his mate? by AmbrosiaBlood (02/18/08)
4.44 (144)
206.The First Time
A massage parlour succubus is after more than his cherry. by manyeyedhydra (01/15/12)
4.44 (112)
207.Flesh Pitchers of Prague
Four guys are taken to a special place in Prague. by manyeyedhydra (01/05/08)
4.44 (109)
208.The Horror Beneath Ch. 01
Jessica & her mother are taken by tentacles. by daniellesadvisor (08/24/04)
4.43 (301)
209.The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 01
A strange fungus infects a doctor and her assistant. by SirSinn (02/06/14)
4.43 (171)
210.Shock Radio
Evil across the airwaves. by slyc_willie (10/21/07)
4.43 (157)
211.The Haunted House Club
With vampires, girls can lose more than their panties. by Five_Eight (10/19/07)
4.43 (148)
212.Temple of the Bat-God
Expedition to darkest rain forest goes badly wrong. by Sabledrake (08/29/04)
4.43 (110)
213.Feast or Famine?
Desolated beauty finds comfort in vampire's arms. by athena_by_night (04/13/05)
4.43 (104)
214.A Succubus for Valentine's Day
Succubi make bad Cupids. by manyeyedhydra (01/21/09)
4.42 (240)
215.A Simple Crime
Young policewoman is on the trail of a killer. by L.A. Wicker (07/15/04)
4.42 (187)
216.Ouija Nightmare Ch. 03
The creature takes Fiona & Elaine simultaneously. by Goldeniangel (06/20/05)
4.42 (185)
A demon finds his one true mate. by Rangerbrook (07/14/07)
4.42 (113)
218.Corn Patch
Critters in the Crops. by magmaman (11/28/08)
4.42 (112)
219.Call of the Wolf Ch. 01
He meets a mysterious stranger who changes his life. by Purpleguy1812 (08/08/10)
4.42 (103)
220.Crushed Between Her Breasts
Nancy seeks help to deal with a breast-obsessed office pest. by manyeyedhydra (03/14/08)
4.41 (151)
221.From Dusk Til Dawn
A werewolf finds his mate. by KittenBite (01/10/12)
4.41 (147)
222.The Blood Slave Ch. 01
An unsuspecting Penny is taken as a blood slave. by lollapalooza (08/07/12)
4.41 (130)
223.Satan's Sluts
Back-stage gang-bang gets a bit satanic. by Falcinator (01/25/11)
4.41 (122)
224.X is for Xylem
Never pick up anything that falls from the sky. by Many Feathers (07/15/05)
4.41 (116)
225.A Trance in the Cellar
A spell is cast for pleasure and pain. by flamekitten (10/12/05)
4.41 (101)
She is taken by a werewolf and learns its secret. by dlawson (09/09/10)
4.40 (174)
227.A Discovery
She finds more than she's looking for in cemetery. by Vampire_Lady (10/14/04)
4.40 (166)
228.Darkness Fallen
A demon attacks a bus full of cheerleaders. Yup. by Spassmacher5000 (01/16/10)
4.40 (157)
229.The Alter Ch. 03
The altar finishes with her altering her into hell's whore. by HellcatKitten (03/05/05)
4.40 (121)
230.Wolf Ch. 02
White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_2691 (02/01/08)
4.39 (140)
231.When Moonlight Shines
When nightime falls, his world is turned on its head. by JayCMiller (02/10/10)
4.39 (105)
232.A Demon's Heart
Woman's dreams are more real than she thinks. by Roslien21 (11/16/04)
4.39 (102)
233.The Horror Beneath Ch. 04
Jessica helps rescue a busty girl from the tentacles. by daniellesadvisor (01/10/05)
4.38 (155)
234.Devilish Little Sister
Little Sister is changing...into a sex demon from hell! by TOOL_BOY (11/13/09)
4.38 (116)
235.The Big Black Bed
Politician is shown the VIP room of an exclusive brothel. by manyeyedhydra (05/21/08)
4.38 (101)
236.Fucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 04
The animal attraction Cindy felt was not one sided either, by Babee_girl (02/12/07)
4.37 (145)
Foolish wish at a carnival costs her virginity. by Darla_Darling (10/06/05)
4.37 (129)
238.The Nunnery
Can I sell a damaged house? The ghosts think I should buy. by oggbashan (10/03/10)
4.37 (115)
239.Little Black Ball Ch. 02
She takes revenge on cheating husband. by Seurat (02/22/10)
4.37 (115)
'True' ghost story with a little 'untrue' sex. by chikala (05/24/03)
4.37 (102)
241.Jenny's Curiosity
A naive young woman is ensnared. by val wrangler (10/20/07)
4.36 (151)
242.The Teaching Assistant
Sexy college assistant is a real man-eater. by Segue Cabaret (10/10/05)
4.36 (101)
243.The Devil & Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones makes an erotic Faustian deal. by Sweet_Candi (09/05/03)
4.35 (263)
244.Pro Boner
Lady lawyer defends rapists & gets a special fee. by Betty Johnson (11/24/04)
4.35 (117)
245.The Contest
Andrea faces strange contest on the other side. by Colleen Thomas (01/23/04)
4.35 (102)
246.Enchanted Panties
Kate's panties come to life through a spell and ravish her. by calx86 (05/03/11)
4.34 (181)
247.Vampiric Boobies
The Romanian girl said she had vampiric boobies. by manyeyedhydra (10/23/11)
4.34 (143)
Super-Hero comes to a sticky end. by manyeyedhydra (10/27/07)
4.34 (122)
249.Henry Gray
Two evil men meet someone they didn't expect to see. by madengineer3 (11/27/08)
4.34 (105)
A unique life sentence. by madengineer3 (12/02/08)
4.34 (103)
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