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He bounced impatiently on the balls of his feet. When was she going to ever going to wake up? He couldn't get started until she did. Ah, there, he saw her eyelids begin to flutter and finally open....

Dinner Guest by patricia51

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Rejected 10-11-2003 for GHOST OF A Chance- Part 1 Kelly and her father, Don had been in the house all but two days. The weirdest stuff was going on, and it frightened 19 years old, Kelly. Whilst...

A Ghost of a Chance by Dingus Guy

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Danny's heart beat faster and he sucked in a deep breath as the gorgeous older woman loomed over his prone form. He was lying on his back on the woman's elaborate 4-poster bed as she straddled his...

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 01 by GeorgeTasker

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Erotic Horror

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201.Dinner Guest
You may have to eat what you serve. by patricia51 (04/30/04)
4.45 (117)
202.Temple of the Bat-God
Expedition to darkest rain forest goes badly wrong. by Sabledrake (08/29/04)
4.45 (110)
203.A Ghost of a Chance
New house, new family, horny ghost. by Dingus Guy (10/16/03)
4.44 (721)
204.When a Witch is Not a Witch
Hot little witch is more than Paul bargained for. by TwistedPlayr (10/24/04)
4.44 (344)
205.Bloody Vampires! Ch. 01
The sexy vampire next door needs a favour. by GeorgeTasker (02/05/12)
4.44 (225)
206.A Simple Crime
Young policewoman is on the trail of a killer. by L.A. Wicker (07/15/04)
4.44 (189)
207.Shock Radio
Evil across the airwaves. by slyc_willie (10/21/07)
4.44 (160)
208.The Haunted House Club
With vampires, girls can lose more than their panties. by Five_Eight (10/19/07)
4.44 (154)
A young woman learns the inspiration behind favorite novels. by faerieofdesire (09/21/12)
4.44 (106)
210.Feast or Famine?
Desolated beauty finds comfort in vampire's arms. by athena_by_night (04/13/05)
4.44 (105)
211.Ouija Nightmare Ch. 03
The creature takes Fiona & Elaine simultaneously. by Goldeniangel (06/20/05)
4.43 (191)
212.A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01
The story of one vampire lord's mastery of sex, and blood. by darkaltar (06/14/04)
4.43 (163)
213.A Succubus in the Shower
A rapist meets one of his victim's good friends. by rylzero (03/17/12)
4.43 (113)
214.Little Black Ball Ch. 02
She takes revenge on cheating husband. by Seurat (02/22/10)
4.43 (112)
215.Corn Patch
Critters in the Crops. by magmaman (11/28/08)
4.43 (111)
216.Call of the Wolf Ch. 01
He meets a mysterious stranger who changes his life. by Purpleguy1812 (08/08/10)
4.43 (106)
217.The Horror Beneath Ch. 01
Jessica & her mother are taken by tentacles. by daniellesadvisor (08/24/04)
4.42 (311)
218.The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 01
A strange fungus infects a doctor and her assistant. by SirSinn (02/06/14)
4.42 (230)
219.Satan's Sluts
Back-stage gang-bang gets a bit satanic. by Falcinator (01/25/11)
4.42 (122)
220.Flesh Pitchers of Prague
Four guys are taken to a special place in Prague. by manyeyedhydra (01/05/08)
4.42 (109)
221.A Succubus for Valentine's Day
Succubi make bad Cupids. by manyeyedhydra (01/21/09)
4.41 (240)
222.A Discovery
She finds more than she's looking for in cemetery. by Vampire_Lady (10/14/04)
4.41 (164)
223.Darkness Fallen
A demon attacks a bus full of cheerleaders. Yup. by Spassmacher5000 (01/16/10)
4.41 (157)
224.The Nunnery
Can I sell a damaged house? The ghosts think I should buy. by oggbashan (10/03/10)
4.41 (116)
225.When Moonlight Shines
When nightime falls, his world is turned on its head. by JayCMiller (02/10/10)
4.41 (108)
She is taken by a werewolf and learns its secret. by dlawson (09/09/10)
4.40 (183)
227.Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 01
College student finds her match, or does he find his mate? by AmbrosiaBlood (02/18/08)
4.40 (146)
228.The Coils of Aenictia
Former solder is taken to the pleasures of their queen. by manyeyedhydra (01/15/08)
4.40 (134)
229.The Alter Ch. 03
The altar finishes with her altering her into hell's whore. by HellcatKitten (03/05/05)
4.40 (120)
230.X is for Xylem
Never pick up anything that falls from the sky. by Many Feathers (07/15/05)
4.40 (117)
A demon finds his one true mate. by Rangerbrook (07/14/07)
4.40 (110)
232.The Big Black Bed
Politician is shown the VIP room of an exclusive brothel. by manyeyedhydra (05/21/08)
4.40 (106)
233.The Horror Beneath Ch. 04
Jessica helps rescue a busty girl from the tentacles. by daniellesadvisor (01/10/05)
4.39 (162)
234.Crushed Between Her Breasts
Nancy seeks help to deal with a breast-obsessed office pest. by manyeyedhydra (03/14/08)
4.39 (154)
235.Jenny's Curiosity
A naive young woman is ensnared. by val wrangler (10/20/07)
4.39 (150)
236.Wolf Ch. 02
White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_2691 (02/01/08)
4.39 (148)
237.From Dusk Til Dawn
A werewolf finds his mate. by KittenBite (01/10/12)
4.39 (146)
238.Fucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 04
The animal attraction Cindy felt was not one sided either, by Babee_girl (02/12/07)
4.38 (150)
Foolish wish at a carnival costs her virginity. by Darla_Darling (10/06/05)
4.38 (130)
240.A Demon's Heart
Woman's dreams are more real than she thinks. by Roslien21 (11/16/04)
4.38 (104)
Man discovers family secret on Halloween. by LadyAria (10/19/05)
4.38 (100)
242.The Blood Slave Ch. 01
An unsuspecting Penny is taken as a blood slave. by lollapalooza (08/07/12)
4.37 (127)
'True' ghost story with a little 'untrue' sex. by chikala (05/24/03)
4.37 (102)
244.Pro Boner
Lady lawyer defends rapists & gets a special fee. by Betty Johnson (11/24/04)
4.36 (118)
245.The Transformation of Man Ch. 01
Powerful man is transformed by a powerful woman. by j3zza (10/21/06)
4.36 (117)
246.The Girl Next Door Ch. 03
Tom suffers the greatest loss of all. by Kingmaker711 (06/04/13)
4.36 (109)
A unique life sentence. by madengineer3 (12/02/08)
4.36 (106)
248.Henry Gray
Two evil men meet someone they didn't expect to see. by madengineer3 (11/27/08)
4.36 (105)
249.The Contest
Andrea faces strange contest on the other side. by Colleen Thomas (01/23/04)
4.35 (104)
250.The Teaching Assistant
Sexy college assistant is a real man-eater. by Segue Cabaret (10/10/05)
4.35 (102)
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