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Ode to a Squirter As heaven sends its waters to green fields And fallow lands across the globing dome, Where plowmen grip their plows toward harvest home And scattered seed becomes autumnal...

Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel

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Red is the color of love Red is the color of blood Red is the color of rose When I see you, Red goes the color of my nose Red is the color of my heart Which skips a beat when I look at you ...

Red by zeefee

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This is not a love poem.  Let us not insult each other By wasting pretty words  Or precious time.  We are not of the same cut  As those romantics,  Those who see...

The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl

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1.Poetic Attraction by MzFly (09/25/13)4.89 (19)
2.Ode to a Squirter by pegleghegel (05/05/14)4.83 (12)
3.Red by zeefee (10/28/13)4.79 (38)
4.The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl (07/03/14)4.79 (14)
5.On the Origin of Language by greenmountaineer (12/27/13)4.75 (12)
6.I kissed the winter from her lips by LesbianMuses (11/20/13)4.73 (11)
7.So Completely by MzFly (01/02/14)4.71 (14)
8.Jack and Jill: The Truth by rexspaulding (05/14/14)4.71 (14)
9.Her Curves by Tx Tall Tales (12/27/13)4.65 (48)
10.Down and Under Your Spell by HoneyAdored (05/14/14)4.64 (11)
11.ripe by butters (02/27/14)4.62 (13)
12.The Monster Under My Bed by AMoveableBeast (04/08/14)4.55 (11)
13.on the eating of soft fruit by butters (05/06/14)4.53 (19)
14.A Dance With The Devil by theoncomingstorm (09/17/13)4.50 (14)
15.Walter and the Naiad by Tristesse2 (12/02/13)4.50 (12)
16.It's All About Eve by HoneyAdored (06/03/14)4.47 (19)
17.Wild Mustache Ride by SusanJillParker (01/01/14)4.41 (17)
18.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.40 (20)
19.Cherry Pop by HoneyAdored (05/15/14)4.38 (13)
20.I Could No More by Momstheboss (09/28/13)4.36 (11)
21.You want some? by Lucy1970Harker (02/18/14)4.36 (11)
22.My Love, My Lust by theoncomingstorm (09/11/13)4.35 (20)
23.On a Blood-red moon night by hornyzombie (04/20/14)4.33 (24)
24.melt by butters (12/23/13)4.33 (12)
25.For the Master's Pleasure by HoneyAdored (05/27/14)4.31 (13)
26.A Resounding No...Again. by SusanJillParker (01/02/14)4.11 (18)
27.What Kind of Man by A_Little_Show (09/13/13)4.00 (17)
28.I Am Yours Master by theoncomingstorm (09/26/13)4.00 (12)
29.Whispered kisses across the skin by UnderYourSpell (10/19/13)3.91 (11)
30.Punishment Divine by theoncomingstorm (09/19/13)3.86 (14)
31.In Slipped A Cock by riverboy (05/04/14)3.54 (13)