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The softness of the curve In the small of your back The smallness of your back That curves into The softness of your cheeks And the top of the valley Where they begin To curve

Daydreaming by Oldbear63

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My lover lays beneath me, green eyes lidded by lust, unseeing but searching, back arching as I slide into her, "Ohhh" She says simply. Knees rise on their own accord, taking me deeper, ...

Ohhh by Magnum69

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I chanced to come by When I heard you sigh So I looked to see what you were doing Your poetry book Getting barely a look And was not what was causing the cooing I snuck up like a cat ...

Watching Honey Study by Oldbear63

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1.Daydreaming by Oldbear63 (09/04/14)4.83 (6)
2.Ohhh by Magnum69 (09/08/14)4.78 (9)
3.Watching Honey Study by Oldbear63 (09/07/14)4.67 (6)
4.'O'logy by HoneyAdored (09/04/14)4.40 (15)
5.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.40 (10)
6.Mingled by todski28 (08/24/14)4.14 (7)
7.Sunday Sermon by Obsydyan (09/04/14)4.14 (7)
8.Bear Mess by HoneyAdored (09/09/14)4.00 (7)
9.Morning by Magnum69 (09/08/14)3.90 (10)
10.To My Illicit Lover (revisited) by Grinrain (09/15/14)3.86 (7)
11.Cum cravings by Lovelicker2 (08/26/14)3.67 (6)
12.Rite of Passage by NapoleonSolo (08/28/14)3.50 (8)
13.The Cocksucker by Alex451 (09/09/14)3.17 (6)