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You see I am a victim of impulse The sound of my own breathing Deafens all When the beat of my heart Hits a rhythm Only the other Recognizes First the senses The eyes, the mind, the...

A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl

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How come when you said the vows you said them lovingly with a smile? How come when you broke them you did it angrily with a scowl? How come this difference from there to here? How come...

How come by JWren

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*This poem is pure fantasy and all poem character are 18 yearsand above* Fuck baseball! What's every young, hung, red-blooded son's new American dream? Having Mom's slurping lips 'round...

The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex

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1.A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl (08/05/14)5.00 (9)
2.How come by JWren (08/06/14)4.75 (8)
3.The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex (07/31/14)4.44 (9)
4.Cybersex Before We Meet by patientlee (07/31/14)4.43 (7)
5.The End Of The Crush by Magnetron (08/10/14)4.43 (7)
6.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.40 (20)
7.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.38 (8)
8.You by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.33 (6)
9.Pun'King by HoneyAdored (08/05/14)4.25 (8)
10.Today, I crave... by AJQuick (08/19/14)4.25 (8)
11.A Sweet Fuck by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.17 (6)
12.Balls by Magnetron (08/14/14)4.14 (7)
13.Mingled by todski28 (08/24/14)4.00 (6)
14.Maria Says by Hypoxia (08/12/14)3.50 (6)