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I don't mind being overshadowed. Parts of me only live to be covered. If I die in a traffic accident Or wash up on some stony beach My mother won't be able to identify my body without fluttering...

Required by stlgoddessfreya

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Containers "I studied biology," I start,      stroking the secret skin behind your ear. "I know," you sigh, cheekbone digging its divot into my sternum with each breath...

Containers by stlgoddessfreya

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You're like red wine, tannin rich, pucker up my mouth, sharp on my lips. Cinnamon and sandlewood, make me roll the lips back and suck the hood. You're Grey Goose, thrice distilled, clean as a rain...

Drunk On You by AMoveableBeast

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1.Required by stlgoddessfreya (01/26/15)5.00 (9)
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3.Drunk On You by AMoveableBeast (01/14/15)4.71 (7)
4.Sleep well my love by Linda_Lee (01/20/15)4.71 (17)
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8.My Man Is by avrgblkgrl (12/29/14)4.25 (8)
9.Mary Had A Little Cunt by MishaPearl (01/11/15)3.78 (9)