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So this is your first time to deliver a spanking, and you need a little help. First and foremost only use your hand for your first few times. If you get a little excited or enthusiastic using an...

How to Spank by Joseki Ko

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While I was pondering a bit about another how-to, I stumbled onto the idea of one about how women could be sexy (or sexier) toward men, and also, avoid being unsexy. Now, as I've stated in some of my...

A Sexy Guide by SteelAndSilk

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I know you've seen a billion of them on here; "How To Give A Guy Great Head," "How To Please Him," etc. I thought I would add my two cents because there are some things I haven't seen on here, plus I...

Blowjob 101 by engaged_88

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201.How to Spank
A little advice on administering a good spanking. by Joseki Ko (02/03/04)
4.26 (154)
202.A Sexy Guide
An outline on being sexy for your man. by SteelAndSilk (10/31/11)
4.26 (147)
203.My Blowjob Technique
Oral vixen shares a few secrets. by Hullo_nurse (10/07/00)
4.25 (1216)
204.7 Tips To GETTING Good Head
How to get your girlfriend to love giving head. by Katthrynn (01/13/06)
4.25 (683)
205.Story Tags and Searches
Making Literotica work for you. by wishfulthinking (07/15/05)
4.25 (206)
206.Blowjob 101
A tried-and-true guideline for women. by engaged_88 (04/29/07)
4.24 (270)
207.How to Suck a Cock
Techniques to become a good cock sucker. by sandyvalleylad (11/27/11)
4.24 (198)
208.Survival Guide: The Real Blowjob
How to give the ultimate blowjob. by WilliamT (06/24/05)
4.24 (189)
209.Combatting Clenching
How Mistresses ensure parted cheeks. by lesliejones (05/27/08)
4.24 (139)
210.A Failure to Communicate
Discussing sexual desires with your partner. by MagicaPractica (12/31/08)
4.24 (114)
211.How to be a Slut for Your Guy
Ignore at your own peril: get your man hot for you! by BatsandGlamour (10/20/08)
4.23 (207)
212.Go Bare Down There - A Girls Guide
Getting the smoothest intimate shave. by perplexer (01/09/08)
4.23 (142)
213.How to Fuck Me
This is how you get her off. by DireLilith (03/07/07)
4.23 (112)
214.Lactation & Pregnancy Facts
Make your pregnancy/lactation story more believable. by Wordgoddess (01/27/05)
4.21 (221)
215.Affairs for Dummies
A tongue-in-cheek guide to affairs. by Evolution20XX (04/28/08)
4.21 (179)
216.How to Cum Like a Racehorse
...and other secrets of enhanced sexual performance. by BatsandGlamour (04/07/02)
4.20 (547)
217.Manual for Playing Skin Flute
This textbook would increase enrollment. by AndiAnders (10/30/01)
4.20 (200)
218.The Poodle's Take On Anal Sex
Women: consider this rainy day activity. by frustratedpoodle (03/20/04)
4.20 (161)
219.Cuckolding Manual Ch. 01
Guide for dominant wife & sub husband. by erotictim69 (09/18/03)
4.19 (434)
220.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 3
A How-To for the ladies only. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.19 (186)
221.Homemade Pussy Device
How to make an artificial vagina using a plantain banana. by ErnstBlofeld (10/26/01)
4.18 (945)
222.How to Panty Your Husband
One wife's advice on adopting a fem-led marriage. by happywife82 (09/03/12)
4.18 (182)
223.Fellatio Fun
How to please your lover. by redrider4u (06/07/03)
4.18 (101)
224.Cock Suckers Club President
How to give the best head ever. by greeneyedkity913 (04/06/05)
4.17 (289)
225.Bedtime Sex Positions
Revisit some of the best. by FriskyVirgin (05/16/07)
4.17 (192)
226.What Men Want Ch. 03
Why cheaters cheat. by almost (04/23/03)
4.17 (115)
227.Getting Her In Bed
For Men in a Relationship. by Goldeniangel (03/18/05)
4.16 (236)
228.Ass Play
Leslie Blue's beginner's guide to engaging in great anal sex. by LeslieBlue (10/10/05)
4.16 (232)
229.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 2
She gives the specifics. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.16 (188)
230.Eating Pussy Is Important
Women need their pussy eaten. by ainu2 (08/18/09)
4.15 (246)
231.Sexting Ch. 01
An Introduction: how to send hot sexy texts to your boyfriend. by byakkobayliss (10/27/09)
4.15 (119)
232.The Real Story
Construction and use of fucking machine. by Puppygirl (11/24/05)
4.14 (240)
233.A Bottom Play How-To
Tried and true learning of anal sex pleasures. by Halo_n_horns (04/14/05)
4.14 (231)
234.How To Skinny-Dip
A practical guide for nude fun & safety. by Chicklet (07/10/02)
4.14 (191)
235.Honey, I Have a Headache
30 REAL reasons a woman doesn't want sex. by ElaraCollins (04/14/12)
4.14 (128)
236.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 1
Seduce and enjoy married men. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.12 (396)
237.8 New Tips
Tips on how to GET good kitty licking fun. by Katthrynn (01/08/07)
4.12 (299)
238.Realistic Incest In Stories
How to write realistic incest stories. by 1337_G1RL (03/02/06)
4.12 (214)
239.The Blow Job Ch. 1
An introduction to the art of fellatio. by Beecee (10/10/00)
4.12 (175)
240.Toys 4 Us: Women Only!
Adult toys can help women find complete pleasure. by sexygodess06 (06/01/06)
4.12 (102)
241.How to Fuck Your Wife In the Ass
He did it, and you can too! by BatsandGlamour (04/25/02)
4.11 (3311)
242.A Good Pet
My thoughts on being a good pet. by Angel.Boi (10/20/02)
4.11 (123)
243.Cock Enlargement
One way to get over the problem. by Ijusthadtotry (12/11/02)
4.09 (455)
244.Deep Down
A guide to getting deep...deep throat, that is. by Chicklet (02/23/03)
4.09 (241)
245.Anal Toys for Men
How to buy an anal toy for a man. by south_florida_bicur (03/27/04)
4.09 (214)
246.Blow Jobs: A Woman's Guide...
How to give great oral to your man. by Harley Quinn (09/18/01)
4.08 (1055)
247.How To Lick Pussy
A descriptive guide to orally pleasing a woman. by Grifters (03/30/04)
4.08 (701)
248.D.I.Y Handjobs
How to blow his minds - head and cock. by FriskyVirgin (05/19/07)
4.07 (134)
249.How To Pick Up A Woman For Sex
Navy SEAL tells all. by Seal 6 (09/01/00)
4.05 (434)
250.Three Way Stimulation
This is a hot way to peform oral sex on your lady. by magic_tantra (01/31/05)
4.05 (188)
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