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Guys, let’s get real. Very few of us look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, and none of us does as well with women as we’re sure they do. These are facts, and if you think otherwise, stop reading now...

How To Seduce A Woman by Sshafer

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Suggestions for Men or Women Who Want to Be a Great Cock Sucker Cock sucking can be successful or not depending on the techniques used by the sucker. As a preliminary step anyone who wants to suck...

How to Suck a Cock by sandyvalleylad

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Sweetsubsarahh wrote an amazing article on the "how-tos" of anal sex, and in this writing, I am urging anyone that has not read it, to go there right now and get all the pointers you will ever need...

The Poodle's Take On Anal Sex by frustratedpoodle

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201.My Blowjob Technique
Oral vixen shares a few secrets. by Hullo_nurse (10/07/00)
4.26 (1222)
202.Working with Her G-Spot & His Prostate
Orgasm simultaneously for a love earthquake! by LaceySheets (03/26/01)
4.26 (381)
203.Be a Sexy Sucker!
This one's for the ladies, but fellas, listen closely... by SteelAndSilk (05/05/11)
4.26 (149)
204.How To Seduce A Woman
The art of seduction. by Sshafer (12/15/03)
4.25 (189)
205.Combatting Clenching
How Mistresses ensure parted cheeks. by lesliejones (05/27/08)
4.25 (146)
206.7 Tips To GETTING Good Head
How to get your girlfriend to love giving head. by Katthrynn (01/13/06)
4.24 (698)
207.Nipplemania - An Advanced Guide for
Unexplored aspects of nipple training and torment. by slutty_jannelle (12/01/08)
4.24 (125)
208.A Failure to Communicate
Discussing sexual desires with your partner. by MagicaPractica (12/31/08)
4.24 (114)
209.How to be a Slut for Your Guy
Ignore at your own peril: get your man hot for you! by BatsandGlamour (10/20/08)
4.22 (214)
210.How to Suck a Cock
Techniques to become a good cock sucker. by sandyvalleylad (11/27/11)
4.22 (203)
211.Affairs for Dummies
A tongue-in-cheek guide to affairs. by Evolution20XX (04/28/08)
4.22 (179)
212.The Poodle's Take On Anal Sex
Women: consider this rainy day activity. by frustratedpoodle (03/20/04)
4.22 (158)
213.Go Bare Down There - A Girls Guide
Getting the smoothest intimate shave. by perplexer (01/09/08)
4.22 (143)
214.How to Cum Like a Racehorse
...and other secrets of enhanced sexual performance. by BatsandGlamour (04/07/02)
4.20 (551)
215.Story Tags and Searches
Making Literotica work for you. by wishfulthinking (07/15/05)
4.20 (209)
216.Manual for Playing Skin Flute
This textbook would increase enrollment. by AndiAnders (10/30/01)
4.20 (200)
217.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 3
A How-To for the ladies only. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.20 (187)
218.How to Learn to Swallow and Not Gag
Guide to learning how to swallow and not gag. by Clintdear (11/17/12)
4.20 (112)
219.Cuckolding Manual Ch. 01
Guide for dominant wife & sub husband. by erotictim69 (09/18/03)
4.19 (437)
220.Lactation & Pregnancy Facts
Make your pregnancy/lactation story more believable. by Wordgoddess (01/27/05)
4.19 (225)
221.Homemade Pussy Device
How to make an artificial vagina using a plantain banana. by ErnstBlofeld (10/26/01)
4.18 (943)
222.Honey, I Have a Headache
30 REAL reasons a woman doesn't want sex. by ElaraCollins (04/14/12)
4.18 (125)
223.What Men Want Ch. 03
Why cheaters cheat. by almost (04/23/03)
4.18 (116)
224.Fellatio Fun
How to please your lover. by redrider4u (06/07/03)
4.18 (101)
225.Guidelines for Ownership
Comprehensive guide on owning your submissive slut. by Meanderingpoet (07/15/05)
4.18 (100)
226.Bedtime Sex Positions
Revisit some of the best. by FriskyVirgin (05/16/07)
4.17 (193)
227.Cock Suckers Club President
How to give the best head ever. by greeneyedkity913 (04/06/05)
4.16 (286)
228.Blowjob 101
A tried-and-true guideline for women. by engaged_88 (04/29/07)
4.16 (274)
229.Getting Her In Bed
For Men in a Relationship. by Goldeniangel (03/18/05)
4.16 (240)
230.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 2
She gives the specifics. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.16 (190)
231.How to Panty Your Husband
One wife's advice on adopting a fem-led marriage. by happywife82 (09/03/12)
4.15 (190)
232.The Real Story
Construction and use of fucking machine. by Puppygirl (11/24/05)
4.14 (244)
233.Ass Play
Leslie Blue's beginner's guide to engaging in great anal sex. by LeslieBlue (10/10/05)
4.14 (232)
234.A Bottom Play How-To
Tried and true learning of anal sex pleasures. by Halo_n_horns (04/14/05)
4.14 (227)
235.The Blow Job Ch. 1
An introduction to the art of fellatio. by Beecee (10/10/00)
4.14 (177)
236.A Good Pet
My thoughts on being a good pet. by Angel.Boi (10/20/02)
4.13 (123)
237.Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 1
Seduce and enjoy married men. by Softly (10/10/00)
4.12 (399)
238.8 New Tips
Tips on how to GET good kitty licking fun. by Katthrynn (01/08/07)
4.12 (305)
239.Realistic Incest In Stories
How to write realistic incest stories. by 1337_G1RL (03/02/06)
4.12 (218)
240.Survival Guide: The Real Blowjob
How to give the ultimate blowjob. by WilliamT (06/24/05)
4.12 (200)
241.Sexting Ch. 01
An Introduction: how to send hot sexy texts to your boyfriend. by byakkobayliss (10/27/09)
4.12 (123)
242.Eating Pussy Is Important
Women need their pussy eaten. by ainu2 (08/18/09)
4.11 (248)
243.D.I.Y Handjobs
How to blow his minds - head and cock. by FriskyVirgin (05/19/07)
4.11 (135)
244.How to Fuck Your Wife In the Ass
He did it, and you can too! by BatsandGlamour (04/25/02)
4.10 (3384)
245.Deep Down
A guide to getting deep...deep throat, that is. by Chicklet (02/23/03)
4.09 (238)
246.Anal Toys for Men
How to buy an anal toy for a man. by south_florida_bicur (03/27/04)
4.09 (215)
247.Toys 4 Us: Women Only!
Adult toys can help women find complete pleasure. by sexygodess06 (06/01/06)
4.09 (104)
248.Cock Enlargement
One way to get over the problem. by Ijusthadtotry (12/11/02)
4.08 (459)
249.How To Skinny-Dip
A practical guide for nude fun & safety. by Chicklet (07/10/02)
4.08 (195)
250.Blow Jobs: A Woman's Guide...
How to give great oral to your man. by Harley Quinn (09/18/01)
4.07 (1059)
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