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To begin my little essay, let me say that you will be much more successful and contented as an author if you concentrate more on the former than on the latter.

Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit by BrettJ

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I couldn't believe I was doing it, even as I followed the tall blonde in the black PVC catsuit to the door with "Private" written over the door in tilting red script. I just went to the sex club to...

Writing Realistic Female Dominance by stlgoddessfreya

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What a surprise it was that Monday night when he wrote to me and asked what was playing at the theater. "Why?" I asked, "can you come to the movies?" He did. Tuesday, to see Maze Runner. It...

Maze Runner Movie by Huntressinred

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1.Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit
I explain my ongoing process for writing & selling erotica. by BrettJ (01/06/15)
4.60 (53)
2.Guy's Guide to Casual Encounters
From a woman who has had sex with men from Craig's List. by tanyachrs (01/13/15)
4.57 (90)
3.Writing Realistic Female Dominance
The Three R's to give your femdom scene the detail it needs. by stlgoddessfreya (01/20/15)
4.48 (31)
4.I Challenge You All...
A special Valentine's Day homework assignment. by Tara_Neale (01/29/15)
4.25 (36)
5.Maze Runner Movie
Sex in the Back Row. by Huntressinred (01/23/15)
4.00 (10)
6.Church with Tom
A lovely dalliance with a Gentle Man on a Sunday. by Huntressinred (01/25/15)
3.89 (9)