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"What is a conversation?" you ask. I answer, "This is."

A Brief Conversation by 0nlyEditing

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I am the wife in a solid couple. At 37yo I look like a classic "girl next door" with a very wholesome personality to accompany my look, and I am the mother of three. My husband Andrew is 43...

How I Got Started by tirreno12

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1.How to Give Great Rimjobs
A man's guide on how to give men great rimjobs. by MarkLazer (03/18/15)
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2.A Chronological Story Listing
Links to all my stories in the order they happened by SandraMustard (03/07/15)
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3.A Brief Conversation
A quick guide to writing dialog. by 0nlyEditing (03/07/15)
4.58 (43)
4.How I Got Started
A wife tells how she became hot and got pregnant. by tirreno12 (03/07/15)
4.22 (125)