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"Are you bringing a friend?" It was Karen. Her voice was soft and inviting as always. "Yes, it's Jerome. We've been talking about doing this for ages. It'll be wonderful." Dwight answered...

The Office Ch. 01 by Karenistic

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Virginia had by now finished her first glass of wine and was well into the second and was becoming less and less inhibited with every sip of wine! Virginia, seated between Alex and Allen, pushed her...

Angler's Delights Ch. 10 by Long Strongdaily

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Most people never realize how beautiful the world really is. They spend all their time locked in concreted jungles without ever getting to see the beauty of our world. Well that's not how I am. I...

Mother Earth by Sean Renaud

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201.Impossible Love Ch. 03
Still in love with a completely selfish prick (with pics). by 0Consequence (11/13/08)
4.01 (156)
202.A Woman's Journal (Month 01-02)
Middle-aged woman experiences a sexual awakening. by HarleyFatboy1 (08/31/11)
4.00 (750)
203.The Office Ch. 01
2 athletic men, 1 nubile secretary, a night in the office. by Karenistic (08/05/08)
4.00 (465)
204.Going Dogging?
Mature lady takes on two. by TomW50 (12/29/06)
4.00 (439)
205.Next Door Window
She didn't know I could see her at night in her room. by ArteestX (09/09/09)
4.00 (402)
206.Vicki's Desires
Vicki's internet affair leads to a real life fantasy. by Joancdnj (12/05/07)
4.00 (255)
207.Angler's Delights Ch. 08
Wife gives Allen a try. by Long Strongdaily (09/11/99)
4.00 (220)
208.Sketches of a Married Man
An illustrated story of a true loving wife. by Middleagepoet (11/25/09)
4.00 (174)
209.A Woman's Journal (Month 15)
A middle-aged woman experiences a sexual awakening. by HarleyFatboy1 (05/27/12)
3.99 (155)
210.Between Friends Ch. 01
Female wrestling match brings out hidden desires. by ransom3 (09/07/05)
3.98 (382)
211.A Woman's Journal (Month 16)
A middle-aged woman experiences a sexual awakening. by HarleyFatboy1 (06/27/12)
3.98 (178)
212.When The Eagle Flies
Legend says if a virgin graduates, the eagle will fly. by Black Tulip (07/31/04)
3.98 (165)
213.What Lies Beneath Ch. 04
Husband sends his exhibitionist wife to Germany for training. by thegooddoctorg (09/20/13)
3.98 (112)
214.Change is Good Ch. 02
Married couple make friends to share playtime. by techsan (06/18/05)
3.97 (242)
215.Quite a First Impression
I Give a Very Unexpected Presentation a la Marilyn Monroe. by HarleyFatboy1 (08/03/11)
3.97 (179)
216.Eros and Psyche: A Greek Myth
The love between a god and a mortal. by cellophanesmile (07/23/07)
3.97 (137)
217.The Artist's Model
Young man comes to model for female artist. by Svenskaflicka (05/13/05)
3.96 (566)
218.A Woman's Journal (Month 03)
A Middle Aged Woman Experiences a Sexual Awakening by HarleyFatboy1 (09/07/11)
3.96 (416)
219.Queen B: Who is Queen 'B'?
Is the world ready for a superheroine with curves? by rampant404 (10/30/11)
3.96 (277)
220.Face of Love
Artist falls for model. by Bakeboss (03/07/10)
3.96 (142)
221.Bride of Sacrifice
Egyptian temple woman is offered to a God-Beast. by Akito01 (04/02/05)
3.95 (345)
222.Traffic Violations
A woman's speeding leads to an unusual punishment. by HarleyFatboy1 (08/03/11)
3.95 (318)
223.A Week to Remember Ch. 01
Pleasure for one, betrayal and future possibilities. by Chris Cross (05/13/05)
3.93 (506)
224.A Girl Can Dream
A lesbian encounter. by Zorel (09/09/06)
3.93 (368)
225.Modelling Mary Ch. 02
Discovering even more etchings of Mary. by Kevsta (06/03/09)
3.93 (226)
226.Between Friends Ch. 04
Erotic wrestling increases in frenzied intensity. by ransom3 (08/07/06)
3.93 (104)
227.Angler's Delights Ch. 10
Horny wife takes on both Black twin brothers. by Long Strongdaily (09/11/99)
3.91 (296)
228.What Lies Beneath Ch. 03
Husband sends his exhibitionist wife to Germany for training. by thegooddoctorg (09/19/13)
3.91 (100)
229.By Chance or Destiny?
Chance meeting lead to steamy shower for two. by pulaski (01/23/03)
3.90 (951)
230.Daily Grind
Toys brighten naughty secretary's workday. by darkgoddess2478 (09/11/05)
3.90 (385)
231.Between Friends Ch. 02
Wives wrestle again hoping to deny erotic feelings. by ransom3 (09/18/05)
3.90 (163)
232.Paper Jamb
It took some special help to get that copy machine unjammed. by Algonquin Twit (12/27/10)
3.90 (136)
233.Queen B: Royal Jelly in a Royal Jam
The final showdown between super-booty and super-boobs! by rampant404 (02/16/12)
3.90 (136)
234.The Panty Perils of Me 02
Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy1 (02/21/13)
3.90 (136)
235.A Woman's Journal (Month 13)
A middle-aged woman experiences a sexual awakening. by HarleyFatboy1 (04/13/12)
3.90 (127)
236.Mother Earth
How I survived a wildfire. by Sean Renaud (03/28/09)
3.89 (117)
237.The Panty Perils of Me 00
The further adventures of Ms. Harley by HarleyFatboy1 (12/28/12)
3.88 (260)
238.Henrietta's Disappointment
He had to prove he wanted her. by Bakeboss (05/13/10)
3.88 (171)
239.The Panty Perils of Me 04
Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy1 (05/10/13)
3.88 (104)
240.A Lunchbreak
Mark rushes home to her bedroom for lunch. by jthserra (12/31/04)
3.87 (645)
241.Jill Ch. 07
Jill's daughter enjoys her mother's stud. by lckscknfck7 (04/13/12)
3.87 (213)
242.My Whispers to (an Orchid Replies)
The greenhouse gets even hotter. by jthserra (08/28/04)
3.87 (140)
243.The Demon Tattoo
Incubus tattoo creates chaos. by Master_Vassago (04/18/03)
3.86 (345)
244.Michele and Buster: A Tranny Tale
Tranny Michele meets Buster for sexy fun. by MicheleNylons (08/17/08)
3.86 (114)
How a girl from China got her American. by FICTION_WRITER (04/13/12)
3.85 (181)
246.Of Anna 333
A love triangle for a new age. by Akito01 (04/06/04)
3.84 (259)
247.Hentai Hotties: The Test
An Amazon Princess must pass her rites of passage. by Sean Renaud (07/01/09)
3.84 (196)
248.Gold Digger's Requital
The price she must pay to get what she wants. by xelliebabex (05/09/13)
3.84 (122)
249.Short Clingy Skirt, white panties
I wear a short, black, clingy skirt. by Luvs60smusic (09/19/13)
3.83 (202)
250.What Lies Beneath
Husband sends his exhibitionist wife to Germany for training. by thegooddoctorg (06/11/13)
3.83 (186)
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