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Authors Note: This is a chapter in this series primarily based in BDSM practises. If that is not to your tastes please stop reading and find one of the other wonderful stories on this site more...

Possessing Bella Ch. 08 by xelliebabex

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The first day of Jade's new job came with a feeling of optimism. She was up early and spent considerable time choosing the perfect outfit to make a good first impression. She settled on a tailored...

A Long Time Coming Ch. 02 by MissPrimrose222

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Emily Collins sat in her living room her leg propped up on an ottoman, her ankle wrapped in an ace bandage awaiting the arrival of her son, Zachary from the states. She hadn't planned on falling and...

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 08 by mspat

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1.Possessing Bella Ch. 08
The hunter and the prey. by xelliebabex (08/02/14)
4.77 (74)
2.A Long Time Coming Ch. 02
Finding Balance. by MissPrimrose222 (08/19/14)
4.66 (167)
3.A Long Time Coming
New Beginnings. by MissPrimrose222 (08/06/14)
4.53 (218)
4.Zachary & Ciara Ch. 08
Family emergency. by mspat (07/24/14)
4.52 (122)
5.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 05
John goes on a conference trip, and Cass has time to think. by scotjock1 (07/27/14)
4.49 (75)
6.The Boss Lady Pt. 03
More consolation, more discoveries. by Story1986 (07/27/14)
4.47 (147)
7.A Night with Noopur Ch. 02
Hooking up with a coworker from another office at his place. by Irish Moss (07/30/14)
4.45 (42)
8.Obsession Pt. 01
Zoe is determined to have Rob's attention. by Pinkblossom (08/06/14)
4.45 (115)
9.Soldier Boy
Soldier meets best mate's mum. by Bob_6 (07/28/14)
4.43 (143)
10.The Housemaid
In 1886 a Southern housemaid and a college student. by Jay626 (08/17/14)
4.42 (214)
11.Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 04
Girls become lovers, Cassie has eight men. by interqueen (08/06/14)
4.40 (82)
12.An Office Refugee Ch. 02
Making time for Proper sex. by Spectre17 (08/03/14)
4.38 (68)
13.A Humble Stable Boy
Lady Samantha loved him. by qualitywheat (08/13/14)
4.37 (126)
14.To the Nights We Can't Remember
Bar hook up. by sheisfromspace (08/03/14)
4.37 (144)
15.The Boss Lady Pt. 02
Jack continues to console his boss... by Story1986 (07/25/14)
4.37 (230)
16.A Night with Noopur Ch. 01
Hooking up with a coworker from another office. by Irish Moss (07/29/14)
4.35 (68)
17.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 06
Marcus Breaks In and Violence Ensues. by scotjock1 (07/30/14)
4.33 (78)
18.Cassie Needs the Money
Wife turns to porn in order to pay the bills. by interqueen (07/22/14)
4.31 (271)
19.Mrs. Cheng Pays the Debt Ch. 08
A hike in the woods leads to unexpected adventure. by Wifetheif (08/13/14)
4.31 (62)
20.An Office Refugee Ch. 03
A Sunday morning 'fark'. by Spectre17 (08/04/14)
4.28 (46)
21.Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 03
Cassie and Jane turn up at the new studio. by interqueen (08/03/14)
4.28 (82)
22.Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 05
A solution for Jen by JWren (08/03/14)
4.26 (85)
23.Going Unnoticed
Ashani meets a man who takes her as she is. by scotjock1 (08/14/14)
4.25 (115)
24.Unconventional Ch. 02
To tell or not to tell. by Songbird_ (08/11/14)
4.25 (88)
25.Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 02
Wife turns up the heat on her porn career. by interqueen (07/23/14)
4.24 (200)
26.An Office Refugee Ch. 01
The cleaner takes a lover. by Spectre17 (07/31/14)
4.23 (99)
27.Vonique Ch. 03
Darryl loses his cherry. by peterlordflanders (08/03/14)
4.20 (54)
28.Military Man Pt. 01a
Fate brings people together in odd ways. by MrsStealyoMan24 (08/07/14)
4.15 (102)
29.A Virgin's Paradise
Vanshika's beautiful journey of losing her virginity. by southfemmeslut (08/09/14)
4.15 (68)
30.The Foxiest Lady in Alameda County
A loss at the horse track sends Starr on a freaky adventure by DanielMenzies (07/22/14)
4.14 (43)
31.Holiday Whore
Tracy goes on holiday to have some fun. by fun_tracy (07/22/14)
4.13 (82)
White military man meets an Ebony goddess. by Mushrom (08/15/14)
4.12 (137)
33.The Boss Lady Pt. 01
Jack helps his black boss cope with her troubled marriage. by Story1986 (07/23/14)
4.12 (384)
34.Vonique Ch. 01
An ex football player helms a plus-size lingerie company. by peterlordflanders (08/01/14)
4.12 (77)
35.We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 07
A moderately shocking revelation...or two. by theeink (08/06/14)
4.08 (13)
36.Slutty Sue and Her Husband's Coworker
Sue does her husband's co-worker. by raidernation25 (08/01/14)
4.05 (174)
37.We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 05
A close call. by theeink (07/26/14)
4.04 (24)
38.Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 16A
Chapter 16: Interlude by RogueAlan (07/31/14)
4.04 (52)
39.Vonique Ch. 02
Who is Seducing Whom? by peterlordflanders (08/02/14)
4.03 (58)
40.Through the Backyard Fence
Indian wife in the US catches the attention of neighbor by rnumbers123 (08/03/14)
4.00 (123)
41.We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 04
On the run... by theeink (07/21/14)
4.00 (20)
She met the guy of her dreams vs the one in reality. by ApplejuicexD (07/31/14)
3.99 (74)
43.The New Swingers Bull
First time bull asserts himself on a new swinging couple. by finnjones (08/08/14)
3.95 (255)
44.Rod in the Valley Ch. 01
A well hung adonis is immersed into the Valley of Sin. by RodSterling1 (08/10/14)
3.93 (70)
45.I Found My Wife a BBC Lover
Surprise Creampie sex for my white wife with me watching. by wife4blk (08/05/14)
3.90 (241)
46.Submissions of a White Wife Ch. 08
My initiation to slavery continues. by broodmary (07/28/14)
3.84 (167)
47.We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 06
At it again. by theeink (07/28/14)
3.83 (18)
48.APC Ch. 01
Two naive couples set out on an eco-safari in Swaziland. by hubbyhw (08/09/14)
3.66 (129)
49.We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 08
A phone call. by theeink (08/12/14)
3.62 (8)
50.Emily’s Story
Pregnant white woman and her black yoga instructor. by tw_holt (08/11/14)
3.62 (146)
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