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Bella sailed into the air as Hunter's large dark arms lifted her easily to his broad shoulder. He then turned and carried her onto the small yacht. The uneven roll of the deck brought back memories...

Possessing Bella Ch. 07 by xelliebabex

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Amanda looked into her rearview mirror and adjusted an errant strand of her golden hair. She had just come from the hairdresser and didn't want a hair out of place. She was about to make her grand...

Fantasy Man Ch. 11 by angelicsounds

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Kat was back in her car after handing the kids over to Carmen. She started the engine and cranked the AC into full blast. She was sweating bullets but it was only 70 degrees. She could feel her...

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 04 by CoCoNiy101

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1.Possessing Bella Ch. 07
Bella arrives at Hunter's Lodge. by xelliebabex (07/09/14)
4.79 (72)
2.Fantasy Man Ch. 11
An epilogue of sorts. by angelicsounds (07/02/14)
4.74 (82)
3.Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 04
Resolution. by CoCoNiy101 (07/09/14)
4.63 (89)
4.Paradiso Ch. 03
We meet a beautiful black goddess and take her home. by SlyKink (07/09/14)
4.61 (121)
5.Hostages at the Sorority Ch. 02
I meet Maria. by MsTeacher (07/10/14)
4.49 (53)
6.Zachary & Ciara Ch. 07
The family is back together again (still no sex). by mspat (07/07/14)
4.47 (102)
7.To Love a Wolf Ch. 06
Tell me how you really feel AKA Truth hurts. by sexipoet (07/02/14)
4.47 (90)
8.Sister Nancy of Coxville County
A busty nun succumbs to the Coxville Curse. by SirSinn (07/18/14)
4.46 (136)
9.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 03
John and Marcus come to blows, and Cassie and John date. by scotjock1 (07/13/14)
4.45 (86)
10.Exposing Cindy Ch. 02-03
My husband makes me face my assailant. by cindyexposed (07/02/14)
4.44 (54)
11.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 02
John and Cassie meet again, and her divorce is finalised. by scotjock1 (07/11/14)
4.44 (101)
12.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 04
John gets his revenge, and finally meets Cassie's family. by scotjock1 (07/18/14)
4.43 (99)
She helps train her former Dom's new submissive. by avrgblkgrl (07/04/14)
4.41 (41)
14.Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 03
Jen's on the edge. by JWren (07/06/14)
4.41 (93)
15.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 45
Lynne learns about her surprise, hard nights before wedding. by mich80new (07/15/14)
4.37 (27)
Roxanne and Jarrett. by Songbird_ (07/20/14)
4.32 (142)
17.Yearning to Be Loved Ch. 01
Cassie discovers her husband's infidelity, and meets John. by scotjock1 (07/03/14)
4.30 (157)
18.Rachel's Daddy
by Soft1017 (07/05/14)
4.30 (117)
19.Leilani's Pool Service
Bored in her new life, Leilani gets into the "swim" of thing. by BrettJ (07/13/14)
4.29 (35)
20.Savanna's Seduction
A black teen gives herself to a middle-aged white man. by Lucky Mann (07/14/14)
4.27 (220)
21.Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 04
Jen gets help from her friends. by JWren (07/11/14)
4.24 (99)
22.TGTBT Ch. 01
To good to be true... by hubbyhw (07/07/14)
4.23 (119)
23.Blackmail, Submission, Was It?
Jenny and her daughter's boyfriend. by qualitywheat (07/18/14)
4.21 (180)
24.Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 02
Jenny gets a surprise. by JWren (06/26/14)
4.20 (145)
25.Dubai Tales 02: Faith & Charity
Expat in Dubai and widowed Kenyan maid. by Octoposse (06/23/14)
4.18 (33)
26.TGTBT Ch. 03
Mandingo party fun. by hubbyhw (07/17/14)
4.15 (107)
27.Business Trip
A business trip with a few recreational days turns out fine! by 1970man (07/14/14)
4.15 (61)
28.Military Strength
Couple's fantasy is fulfilled while servicing the troops. by Oatmeal1969 (06/25/14)
4.14 (102)
29.A Taste for Hot Chocolate
A firefighter rescues a damsel and gets a chocolaty reward. by RonDixen (07/13/14)
4.13 (248)
30.Refined Adjustments Ch. 06a
And the weekend begins. by neelu18 (07/01/14)
4.11 (37)
Wife gets drunk and tries something different. by CleoRa (06/24/14)
4.11 (292)
32.Black Stallion
Nina unknowingly attracts a sexy black man. by aznrd (06/24/14)
4.09 (130)
33.Football Buddy Ch. 02
Sometimes getting over someone, is hard other times its easy by Shadowforce1 (07/06/14)
4.08 (39)
34.Cassie Needs the Money
Wife turns to porn in order to pay the bills. by interqueen (07/22/14)
4.08 (171)
35.TGTBT Ch. 02
We're invited to the Mandingo suite party. by hubbyhw (07/09/14)
4.05 (95)
36.Julie Ch. 02
Young wife meets an old affair. by CleoRa (06/28/14)
4.02 (135)
37.Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 08
Sue visits the psychiatrist. by notemale (07/09/14)
4.00 (39)
38.The Foxiest Lady in Alameda County
A loss at the horse track sends Starr on a freaky adventure by DanielMenzies (07/22/14)
4.00 (32)
39.Miss B in Brazil
Bored wife heads for the beach. by RodSterling1 (06/27/14)
3.98 (148)
40.The Boss Lady Pt. 01
Jack helps his black boss cope with her troubled marriage. by Story1986 (07/23/14)
3.97 (230)
41.Holiday Whore
Tracy goes on holiday to have some fun. by fun_tracy (07/22/14)
3.96 (47)
42.The Black Power Virus Ch. 04
The virus spreads to those in isolation. by amb_anonymous (07/16/14)
3.93 (69)
43.Annabelle Ch. 02
Our heroine descends into delicious depravity. by interqueen (06/23/14)
3.92 (88)
44.Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 02
Wife turns up the heat on her porn career. by interqueen (07/23/14)
3.92 (95)
45.Liz and Many Ch. 02
The party continues. by chasingDan (07/18/14)
3.91 (23)
46.An Old Friend
Spring break. by sarahsmith1989 (07/12/14)
3.89 (45)
47.For My Man
Like a Good Girl Does. by Aspen_Rein (06/30/14)
3.85 (46)
48.Vanilla Escape
Two black women hook up with two white men at a sex club. by justboycrazy (07/03/14)
3.82 (71)
A cheating wife story. by Mcbride00 (07/07/14)
3.80 (217)
50.Fuck My White Ass
She loves getting her favorite black stud's cock in her ass. by SweetPrettyAss (07/13/14)
3.80 (104)
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